10 Best Fanless Laptops in 2021 – Quite Review

Best Fanless Laptops

Have you ever looked for the best fanless laptops and gotten confused by the numerous available laptops? Don’t worry because you are not the only one who is confused about looking for the best suitable laptops. Many people get more confused in choosing the device.

An inaudible environment is something that numerous people require for productivity. Science has also proven that for many individuals’ quiet works as a perfect catalyst for focus. It is one of the best reasons why many people prefer fanless devices to those with fans. Furthermore, if you are into drawing, writing, data science, and podcasting, then you must require a quiet environment while performing your tasks.

This article will explain the ten best fanless laptops and their pros, cons, and various features. So without any confusion, choose the best laptop that suits you and your work just by reading this article.

Best Fanless Laptops: Buyers Guide


The processor is also called CPU means Central Processing Unit. The processor accomplishes most of the tasks on a device. A faster processor means that applications load very quickly; you can operate several applications at the moment without slowing down the laptop.

If you look at the latest laptops, it offers four cores that support battery management and speed. However, many laptops come with seventh-generation, but it must require window 10. Thus, we recommend a core i5 or greater, but it should also come at a greater rate.


The RAM is the best thing that you need to look at before choosing the fanless notebook. The RAM size plays an ideal role in finding how many programs your item can run at the exact moment. You must need a laptop that has a minimum RAM size of 4 GB. But strongly urge at least 8 GB. So choose those laptops that include a minimum of 4 GB RAM.

Battery life

When you are buying any type of notebook, you just need to look at its battery life. Choose a laptop that has good battery life. Fanless laptops usually have longer battery life due to their lower energy consumption and not include a fan. It does not matter how well your computer runs or how quiet it is to operate your device for an hour. The best laptops are those that can survive at least 8 hours of battery life. But some others offer 5 hours and more battery life.

Our Top Pick 10 Best Fanless Laptops

1. New Apple MacBook Pro – Quietest Gaming Laptop

Should you want a device that offers longer battery life and has Mac OS operating system, your choice should be the New Apple MacBook Pro device. It comes with 13.3 inches of retina display with IPS technology and has a powerful 2560 x 1600 pixels resolution. It includes 500 nits of brightness for vibrant colors and excellent image detail. Its HD camera offers more transparent and sharper images and video calls.

The new apple Mack book pro has eight-core CPUs with four core performance cores and four efficiency cores, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB storage, and Apple 8 core graphics that make it unique from others. The active cooling system of this device keeps it cool and offers incredible performance. Its eight-core CPU delivers up to 2.8x faster performance. It is best for gaming performance due to its GPU.

This powerful and robust laptop comes with two thunderbolts, USB 4 ports with support for charging, USB 3.1 Gen 2, and a Display port. Moreover, it has incredible 20 hours battery life. Thus you don’t need to worry about its charging. It is the most popular laptop from the apple models.

Features & Specs

2. Acer Chrome book 514 Laptop – Quite Laptop

If you want a fashionable and notch performance laptop, your choice should be the Acer Chrome book 514 Laptop. This device has 14 inches display and powerful resolution. With its full HD IPS screen, you can easily enjoy the full majesty of films, videos, and TV shows. This Acer chrome book is the most popular notebook that comes with a fanless design.

In terms of specs, it gives an Intel Celeron N3350 Dual-core processor, 4 GB RAM, 32 GB eMMC, and Intel HD Graphics 500. It offers average performance due to a low-end processor. Moreover, the other features of this device are that it provides fast boot times, easy to use, strict security, and full-day battery life. Its aluminum chassis not only give a great look but also offers higher durability and effective heat dissipation.

The Acer Chrome book 514 Laptop has 2 USB Type C ports, USB 3.1 Gen 1, USB charging, DC-in port, 2 USB 3.0 ports, Bluetooth 4.2, and HD Webcam. This product is lightweight, and it is best for those who continuously work on the road. If considering its price, it is quite ideal machine.

Features & Specs

3. Lenovo Yoga 710 15 – Best Fanless Laptop

Powdered by the 7th Generation Intel Core i5 7200U processor, it comes with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB storage that deliver outstanding mobile performance; this fan-less notebook could be an excellent selection continuously works on the road. It has durable aluminum chassis that offers a distinctive premium look and feel. This chassis gives perfect protection if you accidentally drop your laptop.

Its display comes with 15.6 inches full HD IPS 10 multitouch display with a powerful resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Its collection provides bright yields, excellent visuals, and a great touch experience almost at any angle. This Lenovo laptop looks quite premium and stylish due to its sleek design. Its 360-degree flexibility makes it suitable for you to drive even while walking. So it is best for regular multitasking usage.

Additionally, this Lenovo Yoga laptop includes 1 USB 3.0, a Headphone/microphone combo jack, two stereo speakers with Dolby Audio Premium, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. This device can handle light tasking, and if you have a massive workload and need heavy applications, you need to select another machine.

Features & Specs

4. Asus Vivo Book Flip 14 thin and light 2 in 1 – Quiet Gaming Laptop

Asus Vivo Book Flip 14 is the most affordable and lightweight windows laptop with 2 in 1 design. It comes with 14 inches Glossy screen with a Nano edge display, and its convertible design helps deliver superb image quality. This notebook can be used as a laptop or a tablet. This notebook comes with a low-end Intel Celeron N4000 processor.

Due to its processor, it is only best for light jobs like browsing the internet, reading the mail, and working with text. Its viewing angle is 178 degrees that are optimized for entertainment. The aluminum chassis, 13 inches wide 0.6 inches thin with 0.3 inches bezel, gives a stunning look. In the case of its specs, it comes with 4 GB, 64 GB, and Intel UHD Graphics 600. So it means the laptop is not ideal for professional work.

This laptop includes a USB 3.1 port and USB Type C port for superfast data transfer and easily connecting other devices. It also USB 2.0 port and 1 HDMI port. It is a fan-less notebook that offers you full-day battery backup with a single charge. But it is only best for daily multitasking nit for gaming.

Features & Specs

5. Google Pixel Slate 12.3″ 2 in 1 Tablet

The Google Pixel Slate comes with 12.3 inches screen display with 6 million pixels that brings your favorite movies and videos to life. It has powered by the 8th Gen Intel Core i7 processor and has 16 GB RAM and 256 GB storage. Its dual front-firing speakers let it deliver a premium audio experience.

It is a pretty lightweight laptop than other notebooks with 1.59 pounds weight. It comes with integrated Intel HD Graphics that lets it performing multitasking. This fan-less notebook offers you full-day battery backup with a single charge. So if you want an affordable and portable laptop, choose this one.

Features & Specs

6. Asus Chrome Book Flip C302 2 in 1 – Fanless Laptop

If you want to operate on Chrome OS instead of windows, your choice should be Asus Chrome Book Flip C302 2 in 1 Laptop. It has 12.5 inches full HD touchscreen and offers a flexible 360- degree hinge. Its flexibility allows you to use it as a tablet or a laptop. This powerful notebook is ready for Android apps; choose from your favorite apps, including premium entertainment and the latest apps that you want.

This flip 2 in 1 laptop is based on an Intel Core M3 processor and offers 4 GB RAM and 64 GB storage for quick and efficient performance. Its processor provides excellent performance without taking up more energy. It is a pretty lightweight laptop than other notebooks with 2.62 pounds weight. It comes with Intel UHD Graphics 515 graphics that let it performing multitasking.

In terms of connectivity options, it includes 2 USB Type C ports, which are used for charging purposes, and a micro SD card. This device offers a maximum battery life of up to10 hours that is perfect for full-day time performance. So you can keep yourself lectures, writing and much more without any issues.

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7. HP 2 in 1 Touchscreen – Fanless Chromebook

The seventh fanless laptop in this list is the HP 2 in 1 Touchscreen Chrome book. It is absolutely a perfect notebook that deserves to include in this list. Firstly, it comes with 12.3 inches and is packed with 2k resolution, giving a vibrant and sharper image. It has two in1 designs so that you can use it as a laptop or as a tablet.

In terms of its specs, powdered by the 7th Gen Intel core M7Y30 processor and t lets to perform the heavy task and is best for gaming. This 2 in 1 device has 4 GB RAM and 32 GB eMMC storage. This robust chrome book is ideal for various tasks like browsing the internet, watching movies, and working with text. Additionally, with its touch display and stylus, the user can take notes or create a drawing.

The drawback of this device, it has only 2 USB Type C ports, and you just need to use the adapter for connecting the standard machines. It has 3.06 pounds, so it is a portable and lightweight product. If you are a student and want a light and budget-friendly laptop, it is ideal for you.

Features & Specs

8. Samsung Galaxy Book 10.6″ – Laptop Without Fan

The Samsung Galaxy Book is an incredible fanless laptop which is offering outstanding performance. This laptop has powered by the Intel Core M processor; the performance is awe- inspiring, and it has a fanless design. The item is also packing 128 GB storage and 4 GB RAM, and these factors make it ideal for multitasking. Its processing is terrific for managing your numerous opened chrome tabs.

The Samsung Galaxy Book has a stunning 10.6 inches full HD display. However, it has a powerful resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels; thus, you don’t need to concession on sharpness or details. Moreover, it offers a 5MP front-facing camera that is perfect for video streaming and chats. When you buy this device, you will be receiving an S pen and keyboard that get attached quite fastly. Thus you do not need to spend your money on dongles.

Samsung has many other features, and it includes adaptive fast charging and a micro SD card reader. In terms of its weight, it is only 1.42 pounds heavy, so it is perfect for students and others. Its battery would last for up to 11 hours on a single charge. So you can keep yourself lectures, writing and much more without any issues.

Features & Specs

9. ASUS Zen book 13.3″ 2 in 1 – Silent Laptop

The ASUS Zen book 13.3″ 2 in 1 Laptop is another budget-friendly ASUS notebook on this list. It is the ideal option for many fanless laptops customer. A turbo speed of 2.2 GHz powers the 7th Gen Intel i5 7Y54 1.2 GHz processor. Its 8 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD storage make it perfect for multitasking. Though this device has a low-performance processor but overall, it offers a good experience.

Its ultra-sharp touchscreen comes with a 1920 x 108 resolution and 725 NTSC color gamut that gives more accurate and vibrant image quality. It also has more features like flexibility; you can choose the perfect viewing angle. The expansive view display looks ideal and protects from distracting glare even you are working in a bright tilt room. The ASUS Zen book is specially built for enthusiast-class applications like photo and video editing. The Intel HD Graphics 515 still powerful for casual games and photo editing.

This laptop’s best advantage includes 2 USB 3.0, 1 line-in jack, 1 Microphone-in jack, 1 Headphone-out and Audio in combo jack, 1 USB 3.1 Type C port, micro HDMI, and a card reader. It offers 12 hours of battery backup on a single charge. It has only 2.9 pounds weight; thus, it is a fantastic option for students and traveling professionals.

Features & Specs

10. Microsoft Surface Pro 6

The Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is the last laptop in this previous. The 12.3 inches display screen offers 2736 x 1824 pixels resolution. Thus you get beautiful colors and contrast and comfortably watch films, videos or enjoy a function in a bright light without having to zoom. The graphics of this device is not great for professional video editing, 3D animation, and gaming. It is also a fanless, sleek, light, and portable laptop.

Furthermore, it has 16 GB RAM and 1 TB storage, and an 8th Gen Intel core processor. These factors make it an ideal chrome book for an assortment of purposes like programming and photo video editing. It offers 13.5 hours of battery backup on a single charge. It has only 1.74 pounds weight; thus, it is a fantastic option for students and traveling professionals.

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We hope our collection will make you able to choose suitable laptops for your task. This guide has given you an idea about strictly what gets the best fanless laptops for you. This list included a device with dedicated graphics that can run heavy tasks, and some laptops do not offer dedicated graphics. The fanless laptops are made by prioritizing portability, standard performance, and functioning by looking at the essentials features and price tag. Our recommended device is the ASUS Vivo book flip 14 as the ideal than others. This device is convertible and offers average processing speed and storage capacity. Furthermore, its touchscreen has stylus support, and you can use it easily in tablet mode. So read this post and choose the best fanless laptop.