11 Best MacBook Pro Sleeves Available Right Now

best macbook sleeves

If you are one of the many people still using their third-generation MacBook Pro 13-inch Retina laptop, then you probably didn’t make it this far without a proper MacBook Pro case. That also means it may be time for you to invest in a new one. Here are our picks for the best MacBook Pro sleeves available now.

What Are the Best MacBook Pro Sleeves in 2020?

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    Incase Icon Sleeve

    Incase’s Icon Sleeve demonstrates exactly why they are one of the most well-known names in sleeves and cases. One of our editors had a chance to go hands-on with this case and find out exactly what makes it one of the best MacBook Pro sleeves.

    The case is made from neoprene and Tensaerlite, both of which help absorb shock. The interior of the case is lined with a soft, furry material that safely cushions your MacBook. The edges of this sleeve are constructed sort of like a bumper-style iPhone case. The bumper on this case gives you added peace of mind, as it offers extra protection. A small, magnetic flap on one end of the case is the only way to slide your MacBook in and out of the sleeve.

    This case is designed to fit the MacBook Pro 13-inch Retina model, and it does so snugly. Incase has not made a version for the 13-inch MacBook with touch bar but you can still fit this smaller model into the case. It just may slide around horizontally.

    The mouth of the sleeve closes securely and there’s an audible snap as the magnets align to seal the sleeve. The small opening minimizes the chances of any dust or debris getting into the sleeve. The stitching on the perimeter of the sleeve is high-quality and seems like it will last for a long time without pulling or fraying.

    If you want a sleeve that is thin enough to fit inside a backpack, but also has some sturdy features to protect your MacBook in case of drops, this is a great choice.

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    Lacdo 360° Protective Laptop Sleeve

    The Lacdo 360° Protective Laptop Sleeve is a no-nonsense laptop storage solution that works just as well on its own as it does in a backpack. It has a carry handle and a water-resistant outer layer, making it an easy option to tote along to class or work. This case has a soft interior lining beneath its neoprene panels, further protecting your laptop from cosmetic damage.

    It has two extra pockets, one of which has a zipper while the other acts as a quick-access storage fold. The zippers are decent but they also represent a weak point in this already slim Lacdo case. Considering that a MacBook Pro weighs about three pounds, it is pretty unrealistic to expect any sleeve from perfectly shielding its contents, but the Lacdo 360° is still about as good as it gets.

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    Runetz Neoprene Laptop Sleeve

    This MacBook sleeve from Runetz comes in a number of stylish colors, all of which can be picked up for a decent price. The neoprene sleeve offers decent padding on most all surfaces and has a textured interior to help further disperse shock. The zipper opens all the way across the case, making it easy to access your laptop.

    The downside to this design is that the zippered edges aren’t particularly well-padded, and could leave your phone vulnerable if you dropped in the wrong way. Barring that potential disaster, this case has the right dimensions to protect either the older MacBook Pro Retina or the newer MacBook Pro with touch bar. The front pocket is a great place to store a mouse or a charging cable. With so little to dislike about the Runetz cover, it is among the best MacBook Pro sleeves you’ll find online.

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    Lention Leather MacBook Sleeve

    Want a MacBook sleeve that looks and feels luxurious? These sleeves from Lention come in a variety of colors, and they are all made from genuine cow leather. The top flap has two magnets to close the sleeve securely. The interior is lined with a soft fabric to prevent accidental scratching.

    With no extra pockets or any sort of carry handle, this case can feel kind of bare bones. However, for some that might be preferred since it looks much more professional than a case stuffed with extra accessories. If you don’t need any accessory storage, then the Lention Leather MacBook Sleeve will make your laptop look like it belongs in a Salvatore Ferragamo briefcase.

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    Tomtoc 360° 13.5-Inch MacBook Pro Sleeve

    The Tomtoc 360° Macbook Sleeve might look pretty plain at first glance, but it offers a lot of nice protective features beneath the surface. It also offers some nice features on its literal surface, including a water-repellant coating that helps when carrying your laptop in the rain. Keep in mind that the whole case isn’t fully waterproof as water still goes through zippers without issue.

    The case itself is made from neoprene and uses a patterned interior lining to help disperse shock in the case of a drop. Its zipper opens all the way across one half of the sleeve but isn’t of particularly high quality. The case has a handy extra zipper pocket, which is the perfect place to put an extra charger.

    The nicest feature of this case is its extra padded corners, which provide additional shock absorption. A couple more color options would have been nice but the Tomtoc 360° is still a great way to keep your laptop safe through years of abuse.

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    Case Logic Macbook Neoprene Sleeve

    Case Logic makes affordable laptop and MacBook sleeves in a variety of materials and finishes. We like this particular sleeve because of the front storage pocket. It’s roomy enough to hold most chargers, but you can also use it to stash a phone, a flash drive, or even a wireless mouse.

    The case offers two types of protection. There’s a 3mm layer of foam, as well as another 3mm layer of neoprene. Add to that a plush suede interior and you’ve got an easy way to protect your MacBook from bumps and dents.

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    ProCase 13.5-Inch Laptop Sleeve

    The ProCase 13.5-Inch Laptop Sleeve isn’t designed specifically for the MacBook Pro Retina, but it works fantastically at keeping this particular model safe when taking it from point A to point B. It also works fine for the newer MacBook Pro with touch bar.

    On the outside, this case has a water-resistant exterior coating on top of its neoprene paneling. On the inside, it has a soft microfiber lining to keep the case from scratching your laptop. Its zipper opens all the way around the case but it is not of particularly high quality. You should be careful to make sure the zipper is fully closed, as the case’s carry handle is on the opposite side. If you aren’t careful, your laptop could fall right out the bottom.

    This case has an extra zipper pocket, which is great for carrying your most crucial accessories. Unfortunately, the zipper on this sleeve isn’t much higher quality. These flaws in build quality are ultimately dismissable, though, because this ProCase sleeve comes at a value price. As long as you are careful about the zipper, this is a great deal for those looking to keep their laptops safe.

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    Plemo Leather MacBook Pro Sleeve

    The Plemo Leather MacBook Pro Sleeve is a sophisticated-looking accessory that uses imitation leather to offer a padded and water-resistant layer around your laptop when transporting it. The case has the look of natural leather but feels much more plasticy. This is to be expected at this sleeve’s budget price range. But PU leather carries the benefit of repelling water, which is nice if you live in a rainy region.

    The case has a magnetic clasp to keep it shut during transit. It also has a soft suede interior to keep the case from scuffing your laptop and provide some limited impact resistance in the case of a drop. The case is surprisingly rigid but you won’t have to worry about fitting your MacBook Pro Retina in there as it even holds a bulky second gen MacBook. And those suckers are huge.

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    Mosiso 13-Inch Laptop Sleeve

    The Mosiso 13-Inch Laptop Sleeve is fairly plain in features but it has a standout selection of colors which you can match to a hard case if you use one on your device. It is well-padded with neoprene and coated in a spill-resistant polyester material. It has a soft and furry interior to keep your laptop safe from scratches.

    Despite being fairly slim, this case also offers an extra pocket for storing accessories. It isn’t the exact dimensions of the MacBook Pro 13-Inch Retina, nor does it match the newer MacBook Pro with touch bar, but either will fit. A tight fit isn’t necessary for drop protection but I know some prefer it. Personally, I’d rather see a carry handle or strap on this case. Instead, you will have to cradle it in your arms. Then again, if you really love your laptop, then you already know that is the treatment it deserves.

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    Inateck MacBook Pro Felt Sleeve

    Felt is a great material for a laptop sleeve. There are a couple variants of the Inateck MacBook Pro Felt Sleeve, including various sizes, as well as versions with velcro or “rubber tape” closures for security. The main compartment holds your MacBook or other comparably-sized laptops, while alternative pockets give you a place to stash cash, a phone, or other items.

    The lining material is mold-proof and designed to not scratch the surface of your laptop. The only hassle is is that the sleeve is hard to clean. If you get it dirty, your only recommended option is dry cleaning.

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    AmazonBasics 13-Inch Laptop Sleeve

    This AmazonBasics Laptop Sleeve is a generic product designed to fit most every 13-inch laptop model. Its price makes it an attractive budget option even if this case isn’t specially molded to fit your exact laptop model.

    This simple case is made from neoprene material and has a full-body zipper to easily access its contents. The case doesn’t have a handle or a built-in bumper frame, so it is pretty much as simple as it gets. That’s not a bad thing, though, as it’s not really a complicated affair to keep your laptop safe from drops.

    Don’t be concerned by the loose fit of this generic case, as it still offers the same amount of protection where it is perfectly tight or not. Because this case works with any 13-inch laptop, you can use this with any 13-inch MacBook (although the air will be far too small).

    If you are shopping on a budget, this inexpensive case will give you limited protection against scrapes or minor impacts, which is good enough for most uses.

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Why You Really Need a MacBook Pro Case

If you regularly take your MacBook Pro to the classroom or the coffee shop, then a protective sleeve is a must-have. A hard case may also be necessary if you are particularly hard on your stuff, but more often than not, one of the best MacBook Pro sleeves will suffice for lightweight protection.

A sleeve offers solid drop protection without adding any permanent bulk to your laptop. You can carry the sleeve alone, or place the sleeve inside a laptop bag or backpack. It might seem excessive to add to the padding that a backpack already has, but a sleeve is just a drop in the bucket compared to the money you would alternatively spend repairing your laptop.

How We Chose the Best MacBook Pro Cases

Most MacBook Pro cases are pretty similar in design, so choosing the best MacBook Pro cases is all about style and added utility.

A good case has to look sharp while also providing adequate protection. Having a secondary sleeve for your laptop accessories is a nice touch as well. You’ll even find some sleeves with carry handles like the Lacdo 360° and the ProCase Laptop Sleeve.

Of course, the more extra features a case has, the higher its price will typically be. If you are on a budget, then you may be willing to sacrifice an extra pocket for the sake of your wallet. We kept that in mind as we chose our picks.

What About Sleeves for the Fourth Gen MacBook Pro?

In this list, we focus on cases for the MacBook Pro 13-inch Retina version. It is the third generation MacBook and probably the most popular.

We point out which cases also have a specific version for the newer MacBook Pro fourth generation with the touch bar, but because this laptop is smaller, it will fit in a 13-inch Retina sleeve without issue. If you aren’t sure which MacBook Pro model you have, you can use Apple’s guide on how to tell yours apart.

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