11 Stylish Leather Messenger Bags for Men [2021 Guide]

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Goal: Invest in a classic leather bag that is stylish, well-made, and extremely functional.

Perhaps a Revolutionary War messenger boy? In a nutshell, that’s the leather messenger bag. Consider it for a moment. Isn’t it true that a Roman courier carrying something from one location to another in a hurry carries it in a leather messenger bag?

Anyway, you get the picture.

Sometimes the quality is so similar that making a decision is nearly impossible. We provide tips on how to determine the quality of a messenger bag, as well as our top bag picks, in this article. When buying gifts for boyfriends and husbands, women must often choose between black and brown, matte and shiny, and so on.

There are a few methods for determining which bag is the best value for your money. With our list of hand-picked best leather messenger bag picks, we can assist you in determining good quality.

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Anatomy Of Leather Messenger Bags

When choosing a bag, consider the following factors: Before you shop online or in a store, as with any high-dollar purchase, make sure you know what you’re doing.

Know Your Leather

When it comes to choosing a messenger bag, the most important thing to know is the different types of leather. That is, unless you want a bag made of leather, of course!

Here are some of the key terms you’ll encounter: If that’s the case, you should brush up on your leather knowledge right away.

  • Full-Grain – It’s the thickest of the leathers, and it not only lasts forever, but it also improves in appearance over time. You want a leather that can take a beating and still look good. You’ll need to look for full-grain cowhide leather to get it.
  • Top-Grain It’s not as tough as full-grain leather, but it’ll still last a long time and look great. – Top-grain leather is also a good option.
  • Genuine Leather – Just say noThere are many lovely genuine leather pieces available. Sure, they’re made of leather, but they’re just a bunch of scrap leather glued together. to those with the dreaded “genuine leather” tag. However, if you’re looking for a truly rugged leather messenger bag, this leather isn’t for you.
  • Suede and Nubuck – Leave those on your sofa or in your blue shoes. Nubuck and suede are two other types of cowhide to consider. I couldn’t stop myself from wearing blue suede shoes! Is that clear? They’re lovely, but they won’t stand up to the elements or a lot of use.

Aside from cowhide, there are many other types of leather to consider:

  • Lambskin – However, it’s particularly lovely for wallets and gloves. Lambskin is attractive and soft, but it is not as long-lasting as cowhide.
  • Exotic Hides – While we admire your bravery, we’re not discussing exotic hide bags in this article. You’re a lunatic if you want to play with crocodile, ostrich, or snakeskin hides.
  • Faux Leather – Some are quite tough, while others are not. If the idea of wearing an animal on your shoulder bothers you, there are plenty of faux leather options to choose from.


All of those buckles, zippers, and clasps have the potential to make or break how easy your bag is to use. Take into account how many features the bag has.

Do you mind if it has multiple snaps, buckles, and zippers to close it?

Plastic zippers and other types of closures aren’t as durable. Furthermore, metal is always the best choice. You should also look at the way the hardware is stitched into the leather. If the work appears to be of poor quality, you may want to look elsewhere.


If possible, try on your bag before purchasing to ensure that the straps are easy to adjust.

It’s also worth noting how they’re attached to the bag. Many people believe that metal rivets are the only way to go, and that hand-stitching will not be able to withstand a lot of weight. Is the bag a good match for your height and posture?

Consider using padded straps if you’re carrying a lot of heavy items or have a long commute home that requires standing or walking. The convenience comes in handy if you’re frequently in and out of airport terminals.

Carrying a bag by its top handles appears less casual at times and can be a good choice for more formal occasions such as top-secret spy meetings, job interviews, and the like. Congratulations, you’ve got yourself a briefcase if your bag has top handles and a detachable shoulder strap.

Bells And Whistles

This is where things start to get personal. It’s time to look at the inside now that you’ve mastered the exterior features. Here are a few features to look for in a messenger bag:

  • Laptop Enclosure – Even if you don’t plan on carrying your laptop around, you’ll almost certainly have a tablet or other electronic device to safeguard. A padded laptop sleeve with built-in padding is a must-have.
  • Lining – Some bags even have RFID-protective linings to keep your passport and credit cards safe from being skimmed. Canvas appears to be the best option for surviving spills and other mishaps that may occur inside your bag. If you plan on keeping your bag for a long time, you’ll need a strong, protective lining. If you frequently use public transportation or work from public spaces, this might be a good idea. It’s also tough enough to resist tearing.
  • Special Pockets For Your Stuff – Experiment with all of the gadgets in your bag. We’re all for them as long as they make your life easier and more organized! It’s always exciting to open a new bag and find that the cell phone pockets and business card slots are exactly what you need!

Top Leather Messenger Bags

The good news is that there is such a wide range of bags on the market that you should have no trouble finding one that is the right color and style for you. Obviously, style is important. It’s crucial to consider how you present yourself professionally.

Don’t worry, we’re not going to give you a fashion lesson or tell you that your bag should match your belt, shoes, or anything else. We’re only here to assist you with your shopping. You make your own decisions.

Here are some bags we really liked:

1. Buffalo Leather Briefcase/Messenger Bag (16 inch)

by KomalC

When we first saw this bag, we couldn’t believe how cheap it was. It has a masculine feel to it thanks to its vintage style.

Why We’d Buy It

  • Made from tough, full-grain buffalo leather
  • Canvas-lined
  • Hand-crafted
  • Designed to fit a laptop up to a 15.6-inch Macbook
  • There is a large inner pocket for folders, Ipads, and other items.
  • Inside are compartments for business cards, pens, and phones.
  • Gorgeous
  • Great value

2. Buffalo Leather Messenger Bag

by Scaramanga

It’s more laid-back than some of the other options on our list, but it still exudes luxury. This bag seemed like it would be ideal for a student. The simple flap design is reminiscent of a vintage courier or mailbag.

He’s a nice guy who has a fascinating backstory about how he got into the leather business. On a side note, we’ve met Scaramanga’s owner in person on several occasions in Scotland. His products are top-notch, but so is his entire shop and staff!

Why We’d Buy It

  • Beautiful, rustic unisex design
  • Durable canvas lining
  • Sturdy double stitching 
  • A 15-inch laptop, books, folders, and all the other bulky items a student carries around campus fit in the main inner pocket.
  • Embossed with a name, initials, or other personalization.

3. Full-Grain Leather Messenger Bag


This bag is extremely stylish and will turn heads wherever you go! The buckle details and embellishments are so elegant, making this a statement piece for the discerning gentleman.

Why We’d Buy It

  • Full-grain rugged, canyon leather
  • Brass hardware
  • For your convenience, it comes in three sizes: messenger, XL messenger, and XXL messenger to fit your size and carrying needs.
  • All hand-made

4. MacBook Leather Messenger Bag

by Harber London

It’s available in two sizes for your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air: 13 and 16 inches. This bag’s laid-back, simplistic style appeals to us. With all of its slots and pockets, it’s another one that would be ideal for a student or everyday casual use.

Why We’d Buy It

  • Rich full-grain leather = luxurious
  • Entirely handmade in Spain
  • Clean and simple look

5. Colombian Leather Flap-Over Messenger Bag 

by Samsonite

On the inside, there are numerous extras to keep you organized and tidy. You’ll never have to look for your phone ever again! Or, for that matter, anything else. This bag has a classic-meets-modern vibe to it.

Why We’d Buy It

  • Underneath the front flap is an organizer for pens, business cards, and other small items.
  • Pocket dedicated to your tablet or iPad
  • A padded laptop pocket for laptops up to 15.6” is included.
  • There are three pockets on the inside for charging cables and other laptop accessories.
  • Contains a removable compartment for your cell phone
  • Has a zippered compartment in the back for files, folders, and other items. 

6. KPL Leather Briefcase/ Laptop Messenger Bag

by Komal’s Passion Leather

All of the hardware is brass, double-stitched, and extremely durable. This bag is made of full-grain leather and lined with canvas. It’ll accompany you wherever you go, take a beating, and still look great.

It comes in two different sizes. The larger 18-inch bag can hold a laptop up to 15.6″ and has a cell phone pocket on the inside. It also has an outer pocket for files, papers, and other items. It has hand straps and a detachable shoulder strap, so you can use it as a briefcase or shoulder bag.

Why We’d Buy It: 

  • Sturdy, full-grain leather exterior = ruggedly beautiful
  • The straps and handle are secured with double cap brass rivets.
  • Nobody wants their bag’s contents to spill all over the place if they drop it! Has clever hidden locks under the straps to keep everything inside zippered and secure.

7. Sleek Design Men’s Messenger Bag


We adore the accents on this bag, which contrast beautifully with the sleek design. There are no buckles or frills, only a couple of hidden magnetic enclosures to keep it closed.

There’s plenty of room in the main compartment, and there are four slip pockets, three zip pockets, and business card slots for up to thirty-three cards.

Why We’d Buy It

  • Clean, unique style
  • The interior has plenty of room and a variety of pockets for storing your belongings.

8. Kenneth Cole Reaction Leather Messenger Bag

by Kenneth Cole REACTION

We like how slim it is while still providing enough space for your files, a laptop or tablet, and whatever else you need to get the job done. Leather messenger bags can be quite large at times.

Why We’d Buy It

  • The open, slip pocket on the back of the bag makes it simple to access items you use frequently, such as a wallet or cellphone.
  • The main compartment is spacious and features a full-length zipper pocket.
  • The padded, adjustable shoulder strap extends up to 60 inches, making it ideal for people of all heights.
  • Made with full-grain Colombian leather

9. Briefcase and Messenger Bag in Hand-Made Italian Leather

by SerguioRogetti

This is the bag for you if you want something a little more formal. The gleaming black leather, brass hardware, and attention to detail are your cue to take command of the boardroom!

Why We’d Buy It

  • Elegant and professional
  • There’s enough room for a 15-inch laptop and plenty of files, papers, and other items.
  • The bag’s front clip buckle locks and comes with a brass key.

10. Leather Cross-Body Messenger Bag/Briefcase

by BestSellerLeather

It can also be personalized by having your initials or a logo embossed on it. The design of this bag is very fashionable, and it comes in a variety of vibrant colors. To put it another way, it’s not your father’s messenger bag!

Why We’d Buy It

  • Great variety of color and size options 
  • It can hold a 13″ or 15″ laptop, as well as files, documents, and other items, depending on the size.
  • Made from sturdy, full-grain leather 

11. Personalized Leather Messenger Bag

by 79Street

We like that you can customize it by adding features you want and removing those you don’t. This bag is ideal for both men and women because it is classic and semi-casual.

Why We’d Buy It

  • Made from full-grain cow leather
  • Padded laptop sleeve (optional) for laptops up to 15″
  • Can get it personalized for free
  • If you want, you can have it waterproofed.

Work In Style

A good, sturdy bag made of high-quality leather is a wardrobe must-have. For work, school, or simply carrying your gear on a daily basis.

Remember, the goal is to find a bag that you can rely on for the rest of your life! It is critical to take the time to select the best option. Before you commit, make sure you do your homework (by reading articles like this!) and shop around.

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