15 Best Backpacks for College Students with Laptops

When selecting a backpack to carry your laptop from college, exercise extreme caution. At all costs, you must prioritize quality, size, and safety over aesthetic considerations. In our case,

buyers guide for college backpacks, we educate you on important factors to consider when purchasing a laptop backpack and provide tips on how to use and care for your laptop backpack to ensure that it serves you well and for a long time.

Best Backpacks for College Students at a Glance

  1. Bellroy Transit Backpack
  2. Our Number 1 Pick: Water Resistant College School Computer Bag
  3. Fjallraven – Kanken Classic Backpack for Everyday /Fjallraven Men’s Räven
  4. Stranger Things Students Daily Backpack
  5. Travel Anti-Theft Waterproof Laptop Backpack 17 Inch College School Backpack
  6. Case Logic VNB217
  7. Ruigor RG6187: Waterproof Laptop Bag
  8. Timbuk2 Spire: Waterproof Laptop Bag
  9. Laptop case: Evecase: Laptop Waterproof Case
  10. Popular Choice in 2021: Case Logic DLBP114G

  11. Targus CN600 Notebook Backpack
  12. HP Value Backpack 15.6
  13. Kensington K62591EU
  14. Belkin Core Laptop Backpack
  15. Samsonite Guardit Laptop Backpack M

1. Bellroy Transit Backpack

The Bellroy Transit BackpackI feel good about using a bag that reduces the amount of plastic in the environment because I am an environmentally conscious person. is one of the first Bellroy products made from repurposed water bottles. This is a good example. Bellroy Transit BackpackBooks, four days’ worth of clothes, headphones, and other items are stored in the main room. There are even side zip pockets. The best part is that none of these pockets are visible from the outside. is the ideal size for anyone commuting between college and home, and it meets all of their requirements. It has a back compartment that can hold a 15-inch laptop as well as documents.

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2. Water Resistant College School Computer Bag

This college backpackThis is the backpack for you if you need a dependable backpack with space for books and a laptop. With pads on the straps and back, it is very comfortable to wear. This one is a winner because of its stylish appearance and low price. You can connect a battery charger inside the bag thanks to the external USB connection. is tough and has a lot of anti-theft pockets, as well as thick and great bones. It’s well-made and long-lasting. great backpack for school.

Fits 17 15.6 15 14 13 Inch Laptops and Macbooks in its own compartment.

3. Fjallraven – Kanken Classic Backpack for Everyday


May we introduce you to the timeless Fjällräven’s Kånkenas well as an official VSCO girl backpack This brand-new In the years 2020 and 2021, one of the most popular backpacks for college students will be. Fjallraven Men’s Räven is one of our favorites for men.

VSCO is a fashion trend that started last summer and is still going strong.

The photography app VSCO is referred to as VSCO.


  • This backpack embodies the words “relax” and “easygoing.”
  • It measures 15 x 10.6 x 5.1 inches (L x W x D) and holds 16 liters.
  • can hold a lot!
  • Is also very light – about 12 ounces.
  • Allows for the use of a small laptop or notepad. My 15-inch MacBook would not fit, but a 13-inch MacBook would.

For anyone who wants to keep up with the VSCO trend, this ICONIC backpack is a must-have.

It has a two-way zipper and a rain flap for added protection.

4. Stranger Things Students Daily Backpack

Who else enjoys strange objects as much as we do? It’s nerdy, it’s clever, and it’s the same with this. Stranger Things Backpackfor students in college It’s the perfect size for a laptop and books, and it looks great on your desk. first day back at school.

5. Travel Anti-Theft Waterproof College School Backpack for Laptops 17 Inch

The NUBILY Laptop Backpack It makes nighttime walking and riding safe. It makes other pedestrians and vehicles aware of your presence. On the front of the backpack is a reflective tag. Bicyclists will love it. I like the elastic strap because it fits a standard laptop size and keeps all electronic devices organized and shock-resistant. It has a 45-liter capacity, is waterproof, and has a reflective tag design.

6. Case Logic VNB217

The Case Logic backpackensures that your computer equipment is protected from shock and the elements. It is made of nylon fabrics that are both tear- and water-resistant, preventing water from penetrating the interior and allowing it to dry quickly. It’s ideal for college students who have to lug their laptops and books around all day. Its weight of just over 500 grams makes it an ideal backpack for those who want to carry the least amount of weight possible. One of the most popular college student backpacks on the market is the Case Logic VNB217.

It shields your shoulders from the effects of stress. It has two adjustable shoulder straps and a layer of foam for added strength.

The computer can be stored in the largest compartment, while the other two can hold documents without creasing or other items like USB sticks, notebooks, external batteries, and external hard drives. It can hold a 17-inch laptop and all of its accessories in terms of storage capacity.

7. Ruigor RG6187: Waterproof Laptop Bag

It is long-lasting, water-resistant, true to color, and fold-free. Many of us desire durability, and this is especially true for a laptop back. To be more specific, the material is environmentally friendly.

The Ruigor RG6187It’s a very pleasant backpack to wear. Shoulder relief is provided by padded epaulets with a high-density foam system.

Regardless of its intended use, the fabric is made of high-quality polyester, which provides excellent water resistance and protects you from unpleasant outcomes such as rain and falling.

All three compartments in this backpack can be used to store a variety of devices and accessories. There are two front pockets that offer plenty of storage space in addition to the main compartment for storing a laptop. The main compartment is also roomy and comfortably fits a 15-inch laptop.

The SBS zipper provides a strong closure system for the backpack. There are storage pockets in the smallest compartment, including one with a zipper. As a result, in addition to the laptop, a tablet, a smartphone, or a reader can be stored. Overall, the bag’s materials appear to be of excellent quality. The SBS system guarantees a flexible and long-lasting closure. Another clever feature of the backpack is a ring that allows you to hang your keys. A suitable size water bottle holder is located on each side of the bag.

A five-year warranty covers the Ruigor RG6187.

8. Timbuk2 Spire: Waterproof Laptop Bag

The has storage space and a ventilated back panel for free air circulation. Timbuk2 SpireIt’s made of polyester and is completely waterproof and tear-proof. is a great option for any student looking for a water-resistant, dependable, and long-lasting backpack. It’s popular among college students who want to move around without risking their laptops being damaged. Carry as comfortably as possible while protecting all of the devices stored inside. This is made possible by the close proximity of the back system to the body.

The Timbuk2 Spire’s quilted interior protects your laptop while also relieving pressure on your back. It has a chest strap and fastening loops that reduce vibration and provide excellent stability. A waterproof bag comes with a useful helmet holder and an LED light holder.

The Timbuk2 Spire includes different sections, including glasses, documents, and tablets, in addition to the laptop’s waterproof case. The main compartment is extremely roomy. Its polyester lining demonstrates this. Everyone can find a safe haven. As a result, transporting all of the necessary equipment is simple.

The Timbuk2 Spire is a winner on the outside. Inside the bag, there are three pockets.

There are several pockets, including a bottle holder pocket and a slip pocket on the bag’s side. It’s simple to get to the laptop, and you don’t have to open the bag to empty it. Water is unlikely to infiltrate because the Velcro closure is impermeable.

9. Evecase: Laptop Waterproof Case

The Evecase bagIt can also be used to transport any laptop, PC, tablet, or smartphone from any manufacturer, including Mac, Apple, and Sony. Because it is waterproof and can safely carry your laptop, it is a useful laptop backpack. This small bag has enough room to fit your laptop computer comfortably. You can confidently walk in the rain because the waterproof fabric and padding will keep you dry and protected from sudden shocks.

It’s detachable and adaptable to your needs, which means you can change the size of the compartments to fit different types of accessories. The bag is not bulky and does not compromise your comfort because it has a shoulder strap that allows you to move around without having to worry about your belongings.

You can count on it to serve you for the duration of your school career, thanks to its extremely durable synthetic leather exterior. It has a front pocket where you can keep your favorite and necessary accessories like cables, chargers, keys, ID cards, pens, passports, and airline tickets. It will also protect your skin from scratches. The interior of the bag has neoprene-shaped bubbles, which are known for their effectiveness in absorbing shock in the event of a sudden impact.

10. Case Logic DLBP114G

This small backpack can safely transport laptops up to 14 inches in length, making it a great option for carrying your Ultrabook, Notebook, or 2-in-1 convertible laptop in style. It has a front pocket with several compartments for cables, chargers, and other small items, as well as a second internal security pocket for your passport, airline tickets, or other important items. There is an integrated compartment for laptops up to 14.1 inches on the inside, but due to their compact size, you can also carry 13, and 15 inch MacBooks. It’s a small and light laptop backpack with a capacity of 12.6 liters and a weight of only 450 grams.

The Case Logic DLBP114Gincludes a felt-lined outer pocket to protect more delicate items like sunglasses or your phone from scratching even when they are not in their case. In terms of comfort, the back and straps are soft to provide maximum comfort, and the fabric allows for seamless perspiration and air circulation to prevent overheating. It also has some quick access pockets on the sides where you can store cables, keys, or other items that you need to get to quickly.

11. Targus CN600 Notebook Backpack

Targus is another reputable brand that makes some of the best laptop backpacks for college students on the market. The is one of them. Targus CN600 Classic, a traditional-style backpack that is notable for its size and strength.

This laptop compartment’s design provides double protection against water and dust. A double internal pocket that acts as a cover and holds the computer inside the backpack, keeping it isolated from other items that you can carry inside, such as books, notebooks, and folders, protects your laptop and accessories. This backpack can accommodate laptops up to 16 inches in size while still leaving plenty of room for a tablet, accessories, cables, and chargers, all of which will be protected from the elements thanks to the backpack’s water-resistant fabrics.

As a result, you won’t have to open your backpack every time you need a drink. In the outer pockets, you’ll find enough room to store all of your accessories, cables, and other items in well-organized compartments. A pocket on both sides and open spaces on the Targus CN600 Classic allow you to carry a water bottle.

12. HP Value Backpack 15.6

‘The’ HP manufactures computer bags in addition to computers and computer accessories. HP Value Backpack Make a separate compartment for your computer. For a few dollars, you can get this backpack with enough space to fit up to a 15.6-inch laptop. To keep it safe from the rest of your belongings, secure it with a Velcro strap in the main pocket. There are additional compartments on the inside for pens and other accessories. The 15.6 is probably one of the most affordable and compact laptop backpacks on the market.

This backpack was also designed with comfort in mind by HP. On the outside, you’ll find a second vertical pocket with a zipper and space to store your laptop’s charger, cables, and accessories. The backpack and straps are both soft to make it more comfortable for the user and to allow for perspiration and air circulation.

Without a doubt, you can purchase backpacks that will allow you to carry your laptop with you at all times in the most comfortable and secure manner possible.

13. Kensington K62591EU

If you prefer to travel light but not at the expense of good design, the Kensington proposal will be an excellent choice for you. Kensington K62591EU backpack Due to the extreme resistance of ballistic nylon, you can carry your laptop with you comfortably and safely.

However, you have all of the space you require on the inside. There are three distinct zones in the central area. The first is a lockable compartment for storing and protecting a laptop, while the second is for storing and protecting a tablet or smartphone. It is a small and light solution for carrying your Ultrabook up to 14 inches, weighing only 270 grams. notebook. Your belongings can be stored in the central space that remains between the two sections.

Outside, there’s a pocket for storing and organizing your laptop’s cables and other accessories, and up top, there’s a second pocket with a headphone output where you can keep your smartphone or mp3 player. The back and straps have padding to relieve the weight on the shoulders, and the zippers are reflective for nighttime visibility.

14. Belkin Core Laptop Backpack

Belkin Core Laptop Backpack It has a slim design with the central space dedicated to protecting the laptop, and it has a large zipper that allows easy access to the contents of the bag. The laptop compartment has a plush lining that prevents the laptop case from slipping out. is a space-saving solution for carrying laptops up to 15.6 inches, with a modern and functional design that maximizes capacity to the last millimeter.

Other accessories, such as chargers, cables, and anything else you usually take with your laptop, are stored in special compartments within this central space. The back of the Belkin Core backpack is fully padded for added comfort. It also has a second compartment that is overlapped with the laptop and can be used to carry a tablet.

15. Samsonite Guardit Laptop Backpack M

Since 1910, Samsonite has specialized in the design and production of travel bags and suitcases. You don’t get any less experience or expertise with this model.

Since it is very comfortable and robust, the Samsonite Guardit Laptop Backpack MYou can also store a tablet up to 10 inches in this space. Books, notebooks, and other materials can be stored in the central compartment. is ideal for everyday use, with a storage capacity of up to 22 liters divided into three main compartments. It has a soft surface that shields your computer from minor bumps and scratches. A laptop up to 16 inches can be stored in the largest compartment. You can keep the laptop separate from the rest of the backpack contents while still having easy access to it.

It also has a small dedicated front pocket for items that you use frequently, as well as a pocket for your keys or sunglasses. It has a flap that attaches to the suitcase’s handle. It will be attached to the bag in this manner, and you will not have to carry it on your back. Cables and small accessories can be stored in the external pocket. It comes with a variety of bags and organizers to help you pack and organize your belongings.



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    • Carolin
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      Hello, Johan. Most of them have enough room for multiple devices and books, as well as being waterproof and lockable. Yes, these backpacks are ideal for students studying engineering. Thank you for your comments.


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    I have a backpack, but it isn’t suitable for carrying a laptop. Now I’d like to get a good laptop bag for my computer. I’m a journalist who travels a lot and always has my laptop and camera with me. Thank you. My question is, which backpacks are the best for carrying laptops? I enjoyed reading and learning from this article.


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      All of the backpacks in this article are ideal for carrying a laptop. It now comes down to personal preference, desired features, and financial constraints. Hello, Lily. Thank you for your input.


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