15 Best Free Mac Games You Should Play (2020)

It is not only on iPads and iPhones that you can get free exciting games; your Mac also has plenty of exciting freebies that you can unwind with, especially during those times you are less busy. And that these games are free does not mean they are less desirable; no, you would have to put in your best to proceed to the next stage of each of them.

Before we start to roll out these games, please note that some of them will urge you to tweak your device’s security settings. There is no problem with this, especially if your Mac meets the minimum system requirements for the game. You can adjust the settings via your system’s preference options. That said, these are the 15 exciting Mac games you should play in 2020.

  1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

This game dates back to the year 2000 when the first Counter-Strike made its way to the gaming ecosystem. Initially, players would have to pay for it, but it became free as the Year 2018 closed. Global Offensive is a subset of Counter-Strike and is about anti-terrorism.

You will be a part of an online gaming body fighting with another team to achieve your objectives. You will aim to defuse bombs, rescue hostages, and kill terrorists.  The more progress your gaming group makes, the more you will get an in-game payment reward which can help you to procure better weapons.

2. Brogue

Enjoy this adventure game on your Mac and relish the experience of the 1980s. The gameplay is such; there are levels, enemies, and characters represented with symbols and letters. Of course, this may not be a contemporary style, but it does typify a real word in outlook. No doubt, this game can prove tough, but it is artfully Rogue in the best way possible in this modern era.

3. The Elder Scrolls: Legends

This game requires that you play several roles, prominent among which are battling with online players and the computer. For these roles, Legends transfers the setting, characters, and artwork to unique digital cards that you will use in the battle. The most comfortable time for you is when you face a single player. Facing fierce online competitors in this battle can be intense and humbling. It is up to you to show your class.

4. Eve Online

Eve Online is now stable and perfectly compatible with MAC OS, thanks to recent updates and the fact that it now works on 64-bit software. It is such a remarkable and fast game that gives you an interplanetary sandbox that is galactic in scale as a playing field. In this field, you can trade, check out strange worlds, or get busy with spacefaring combats.

To start playing, you will have to choose any of these: races, combats, tradings, or skills you wish to compete with. Again, you will need to select your ship before the real adventure begins.

This game is demanding in terms of difficulty and even system requirements. Of course, this only makes it more interesting. You only have to be sure your Mac meets the minimum requirements for its installation.

5. Fortnite

Gamers are very much attached to Fortnite, not just because it is exciting but also because it has a financial reward. For instance, if you participate in its professional World Cup Tournament and you end up as one of the top players, you could get millions of dollars as a prize.

Non-professionals and beginners can start by trying out the Battle Royale mode, which is the basic. As you progress, getting upgrades and moving up the ladder faster may interest you. In this case, you would have to pay for Battle Packs to make this possible.

The gameplay is such that there are 100 players in a zone or Island in which you are one of them. You will have to collect weapons and materials and struggle to be among the few players standing.

The creative mode of this game is equally free and exciting. Here, you will design and build your island and then invite folks to compete with you in your Fortnite world.

6. DOTA 2

Online strategy games have been around for a while and mobile is one of its debuting genres. DOTA, which is an acronym for Defence of the Ancients, was among the significant and early games in the MOBA genres. It is on records that DOTA is the most-played on Steam.

This game has plenty of characters and roles that you can assume. Each character has its unique power and weapons which are capable of determining your playstyle and eventual success. Dota 2 is intriguing, challenging and sturdy, but its system requirements are minimal. Your Mac does not have to be exceptional for you to play this challenging action game on it.

7. Fistful of Frags

Showcase your shooting prowess in this first-person free shooter game. Fistful of frags has its settings in the famous Wild West, and you can use any of these vintage weapons – Pistols, rifles, and shotguns. Similarly, you can join any of these teams – Banditos, Desperados, Rangers, and Vigilantes to compete and gun down your enemies.

8. Hearthstone

You will find the collecting cards majorly in this online game. And before you conclude that it won’t be attractive, you might be shocked to know that about 40 million people play this game. The way to get more cards is to perform daily quests.

Once you have enough cards, you will have to match it with those of other online players. By so doing, you would win rare tickets. You can’t trade cards in this game. The only way to get it is via battles.

The system requirements are minimal, and you can download it for free. Similarly, with such an impressive community of other players, the game is worth your effort.

9. Manic Miner

Are you tired of Combat games? Manic Miner can be a great option to consider. Built on the 1980s seminar by Matthew Smith, this game puts in 20 caverns of a single screen, and you are to collect objects without dying horribly.

It is not an easy feat not to die while collecting objects on Manic Miner. However, as you continue to practice, you tend to get more familiar with its challenges become to you. It may not have the air-smashing audio that you are familiar with, but it is an exciting game to make your day.

10. Max Gentlemen

The saying that a gentleman has to put on a hat is right for this game. You cannot “Max” the gentleman status without wearing the hats available in this game. As such, you have to keep belting along and stealing someone else’s hat while you leap yours magically from your head.

During the leaping, you need to avoid swooping birds capable of defrauding you of your hats. As soon as you max your caps, it is time to move for the dreaded one-on-one beer and hat-guzzling battle.

11. Shadowverse

If you think that Hearthstone is the game with the most active players, you might have to consider Shadowverse as a worthy alternative. The Japanese were the first to fall in love with this game before the English version showed up. The gameplay is in a way similar to Blizzards Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. The collectible cards are up to 400 with many wide varieties. Playing is free.

12. Slime Time

Compelling and brutal – these are the words that accurately capture slime time. A jet-packing CEO tries to conceal waste crisis, and an executive by the name Said blasts about resulting in the blowing up of sewage pipes and spewing of lasering creatures, plus green glue from the pool below.

Controls that are recoiled-based wrong-foot as soon as you start. Also, to move up, you will be firing downward. In short, you need more than average gaming skills to move past the zero marks.

13. StarCraft 2: Starter Edition

Apart from StarCraft working so correctly on Mac, it is one game you can get almost without paying anything. It is a strategy game where you will be in control of three races: Protoss, Zerg, and Terrans. These have their crafts, abilities, and weapons. Your role will be to wage war against any two or one of these three. In this starter edition alone, there are about five missions you can play.

14. Super Crate Box

Let this violent shooting game give you some adrenaline rush as you leap around platforms blasting Skeletons’ heads to collect boxes. You are in for a tough time should be Skeletons get to the fire they become madder and faster as they reappear over the screen.

The critical thing you can do to keep being in charge is to reduce their numbers. As you accumulate boxes, your score increases and you get enough points to move to another arena with more sophisticated weaponry.

15. Teeworlds

About 16 players can participate in this game at once. In many ways, it is related to Worms, which is another exciting game, although it is free while Worms is a paid game. Being an open-source game, you can develop your map by utilizing the game’s map editor.

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These 15 games are epic, free, and worth the time. Some may require significant Mac OS details, but the majority of them are light. Let the excitement and thrills if up your year as you download and play these games.