20 Best Free Games for Mac to Play in 2021

free games for mac

Are you searching for best free mac games 2021? Games that are completely free?

We have decided to focus on games that are either 100% free or at the very least free-to-play games for you. As we know that these days microtransactions are slowly killing the interest of fans in the games.

Playing games in leisure time is the most common hobby of everyone these days. We play different types of games in our daily routine. Some people love to play adventure games and some prefer to play puzzle, racing and other types of games. People play games on their devices it may be Android, iOS or other types of operating systems.

Does Mac provides smooth gaming experience?

Certainly YES! However, there were certain drawbacks. Since they focus more on machine optimization than sheer hardware capacity, Macs are not optimized for gaming. Most Macs can only be upgraded in terms of memory and hardware, although their processors and graphics cards, which are important for video games, are rarely upgradeable.

To some extent, Apple has established gaming mode in Mac with macOS Catalina and the latest MacBook Pro 2018. As a result, you might conclude that Apple is also concentrating on gaming mode. In any case, a well-configured Mac will have an excellent gaming experience.

We’ve compiled a list of the 20 free online games for Mac right now, ranging from real-time strategy and role-playing games to racing, shooting games, and puzzles. along with links to buy them for the best price. We will also provide you a link for free mac games download. So, let’s check out all one by one.

Best Free Games for Mac to Play in 2021

1. Fortnite: Free Game For MacOS


One of the new and best Free Games for Mac is none other than Fortnite. It is a free PvP game that lets you and 99 opponents compete with each other. You need to find randomly placed weapons, shields, and resources to help you remain the last player. The longer you survive, the tighter the playing area becomes, forcing you to engage in combat instead of finding some remote area in which to camp. The game is full of adventures and friendly players to play.

All three game mode were well-received. Out of the three, Battle Royale has been the most successful, drawing hundreds of millions of players from around the world.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale is a player-versus-player (PvP) game that can be played solo or with up to 100 other players. That is, it allows you and 99 other players to race against each other. You and the other 99 players must find and gather guns, tools, objects, and even vehicles while attempting to stay alive while combating and eliminating other players.

2. Starcraft 2


It is a real-time strategy game that will let you participate in one of these three races: Protoss, Terran, or Zerg. IT is free for some levels and then you have to pay money to play it more. Players can play the Wings of Liberty story campaign and three-story commanders absolutely free.  It is one of the best online games for mac. Then you need to pay to get the full story mode, individual commanders for co-op games, announcers, and skins. If you just blink at the wrong time, thousands of Zerglings will bring your budding home base crashing to the ground. So, you need to make yourself more attentive while playing this game.

3. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


CS: GO is one of the most popular multiplayer first-person shooter video game available for mac. It was developed by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment. The game is also considered as one of the best free online multiplayer games for mac. It is the 4th sequel in the Counter-Strike series and was released for almost every operating system in August 2012. It was Counter-Strike which practically gave birth to the ambitious FPS scene and is responsible for the majority of the LAN parties that took place in the late 90s. Thats like three decades old, but Counter-Strike has managed to develop and remain relevant.

In the year 2012, CS: GO was released and it grew upon the team-based gameplay it established 19 years earlier. There is a new range of maps, characters, weapons, and its remarkably solid gameplay thus CS: GO easily became one of the most played games on earth.

And now that the game is totally free-to-play on mac and encompasses a Danger Zone, a brand-new battle royale mode, the counter strike is a must for any individual remotely interested in shooter video games.

4. Path of Exile


Many people believe Path of Exile is superior to Diablo 3. Though the verdict is still out on that, Path of Exile is arguably just as successful and available for free.

Path of Exile is a dark fantasy adventure role-playing game. Path of Exile’s gameplay and graphics are somewhat close to those of Diablo 3, but it focuses much more on visceral fighting, powerful items, and deep character customization.

Path of Exile reflects a Diablo 2 sequel rather than a Diablo 3 sequel in several respects. Path of Exile is more challenging, punitive, and challenging than Diablo 3. Diablo 3 is more focused toward casual players. In reality, for others, it’s a little too complicated. Path of Exile is also, like Diablo 2, a more gritty and sombre game.

 5. Spelunky


If you want a totally free game, then Spelunky is the best option for you. The game is specially developed for those who love to explore and are more adventurous.  You need to explore the underground tunnels and gather as much treasure as possible while avoiding the traps and enemies filling the tunnels. Playing this game is very simple. Whip or jump on enemies; pick up items, or use bombs and ropes to further explore the caves.

It is one of the best free adventure games for Mac. The best thing about the game is that it is an extremely light game and can run great on older Macs. Also, the game is completely free from start to finish.

The only disadvantage is that you will only be given one life. That is, once you die, you must start all over again. However, all levels will be created at random. As a result, the game will be entertaining for a long time.

6. World of Warcraft


World of Warcraft is another scintillating game from Blizzard that has made it to the list of best free Mac games for 2021. The game is comprised of one of the most massive virtual open worlds ever created. Because of which it is one of the most addictive free to play mac games. Players get to pick characters from a wide range of classes and races which are split among two warring parties, the Alliance or the Horde. Every class has its own particular style of playing and each race that fits for the class brings with it a few of its own individual passives, rendering players a range of different ways in which they can choose to play the world of warcraft.

World of Warcraft has immersive PvP and PvE elements, in which you can select to battle beside your faction to take down competitors from the other party or join a group to take down huge mythic monsters spread around the massive open world. The game is very appealing and has a marvelous storyline that creates progressing in the game by giving rewards and entertainment. It is probably one of the best games in mac app store. World of Warcraft isn’t completely free but can play the initial twenty levels of the game for free which will provide you a decent idea about the game’s mechanics. Afterward, if you like the game, you can decide to pay a trivial fee and continue playing past level 20. Also, it is one of the 64-bit games for mac.

The requirements include Operating System X 10.12 that is powered by an Intel Core i5-750M or better coupled with an Intel HD 530 along with at least 4GB of RAM. As the game is so heavy in size so you’ll also need at least 70GB of free space on your system.

7. Lord of the Rings Online


If you want a free and adventure game for MacOS then Lord of the Rings is quite suitable for it. The game follows the story from the books and movies and gives free access to almost everything the game offers.  The game is for anyone who loves the classic MMO formula. The amount of fun you can have with this game without paying a dime is fantastic. It is also one of the finest free online games for Mac available

8. 0 A.D.


Another game that is absolutely free from beginning to end. Wildfire Games, a community of volunteer game developers from around the world who are clearly huge fans of Age of Empires 2, created this open-source real-time strategy game.

You’ll spend time collecting money, designing and progressing technology, and protecting yourself from threats, as you’d expect from an RTS game.

If you’re a game developer, you’re free to participate in the game’s growth. If you’re not, you can still have fun with the map editor in the title. No matter how you get active with 0 A.D., it’s all open, so dive in and get history started right. Consider contributing to the game’s set if you like it.

9. Fistful of Frags


Fistful of Frags is a brilliant first-person shooter for Mac. It is based in the American Wild West. However, the title game doesn’t seem very enchanting if we compare it to a modern FPS title. The gameplay is focused on combat mechanics that make it tough and fun to play free games for mac. The games encompass several modes, including single-player challenges and multiplayer modes. Multiplayer modes incorporate a quick battle royale mode along with a team-based deathmatch, and a 1v1 dual mode. It is also one of the classic free steam games for mac.

Unlike modern fps games that feature sophisticated weapons, Fistful of Frags is one of the old mac games that includes traditional black gunpowder based weapons like the Colt Peacemaker, S&W Schofield, Volcanic Pistol, Sharps Rifle, etc. The requirements include a Mac running OS X 10.7.x or above, a dual-core Intel processor, 1GB of RAM, and an Intel HD 3000 GPU. This implies that the user will be able to play the game on almost any machine made after 2015.

10. Team Fortress 2


If you are searching for free games for mac, then Team Fortress 2 is best suitable. It is a team-based first-person shooter developed by Valve. Players need to choose a character from the multiple classes available, then join one of two teams and battle in a variety of game modes such as capture the flag and king of the hill. The graphics of the game is so attractive that make it one of the best free games for Mac. The game is not completely free. Players can buy unique weapons, outfits, and such stuff that is not necessary to stay involved.

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11. League of Legends


If you want more adventurous and best free games for Mac than League of Legends is available. In this free multiplayer game for mac, you will play a role of a “champion” with unique abilities, weaknesses, and strengths. You and your team need to fight against other player or computer-controlled champions. To win the battle, you need to destroy the opposing team’s nexus which lies at the heart of a guarded base. It is one of the best free mac games on steam. Battles last around 20 to 60 minutes. You can also earn gold that can be used to buy in-game items to increase the powers and abilities. But these will disappear at the end of the match and you start the next round fresh. You have over 100 champions at your disposal, and you can spend money to purchase them if you want.

12. Divinity: Original Sin 2


Divinity: Original Sin 2 is widely regarded as one of the greatest role-playing games of all time, and it merits a spot on every Mac gamer’s screen.

Divinity adapts to your choices and lets you play the way you want, regardless of your playstyle, end goals, or even ulterior motives. It’s a complex and engaging game with a comprehensive setting, rich plot mythology, and hundreds of hours of content.

13. Stardew Valley


Stardew Valley is a unique gaming experience and one of the best free steam games for mac. The game is basically a farming simulator in which you produce and sell vegetables, care for animals, and make cheese or mayonnaise from their milk or eggs. You go fishing every now and then, speak to the locals, and meet with the magical apple monsters who have taken over the town’s community center and are demanding a hundred little quests in exchange for homage.

You get to know the people in your new place, learn how to grow vegetables, and make new friends and relationships over time. There are endless things to explore and experiences to be had, all rolled up in a beautiful pixel art universe. It’s soothing, nutritious, and has a lot to come.

14. Eve Online


Eve Online is a vast universe and has been available for Mac OS for a long time. Though, the macOS version of the game was not up to the mark priorly, therefore, hasn’t had a large following so far. But some recent updates and a move to 64-bit software for mac has helped to make Eve Online a good choice for mac users.

It’s an enormous and remarkable game, rendering you with a galactic-scale interplanetary sandbox to play in, where you can search for a variety of strange new worlds, commence trading, or get baffled in with some space-faring combat. The game begins in a fairly traditional manner, enabling you to select from 4 different races, along with a variety of trading, combat, and some other skills. And, of course, you’ll need to pick a suitable shipto head off into space and start your adventures.

The in-game economy is extensive and you can spend your all-time simply exploring and trading, or perhaps join one of the several factions that are continually striving for power. It’s not a very easy game to learn. The system requirements for the outer-space graphics are very high too, so check that your Mac can handle the game before signing up.

15. SuperTuxKart


If you want an open-source and one of the best racing games for Mac, then Super TuxKart is available. It is a kart racer with several racing modes for single and multiplayer action. It is one of the free offline games for mac. There are 21 tracks to unlock within the game’s story. As it is an open source model, you can add more via add-ons. SuperTuxKart has impressive and colorful racing graphics to make the game more attractive. Overall, SuperTuxKart offers great racing fun for Mac users.

16. Hearthstone


Do you love to play card games? then Hearthstone is best suitable for you. It is a digital collectible card game which is based on the popular Warcraft universe. Hearthstone has a simple interface which makes it more easy to play. In every match, you pull three or four cards out of your customized deck of 30 cards. There are different card types including weapons, spells, and minions. All you need to do is empty your opponent’s health before he does the same to you.

Generally, most Blizzard games are free to play to any degree and are enjoyable to play. Hearthstone, on the other hand, is totally secure, and you can play it on Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS computers with a single account.

This game takes a minimum of 2GB RAM on your Mac to run.

17. Canabalt


Canabalt is a free and endless runner game. It involves running/jumping across rooftops as you dodge various obstacles along the way. You get faster as you progress, increasing the challenge. The game is easy to play and need your attention while playing. That’s why we consider it as one of the best and free games for mac.

18. Heroes of the Storm


One more battle filed game for you is here. Heroes of the Storm is a 5 vs 5 battle arenas, engaging in versus AI, unranked and ranked fights. There are around 80 heroes to rotate through, and if you find one you really like you can purchase permanent access to the player through in-game currency or microtransactions.  Overall, it is one of the best free games for Mac and you will love to play it.

19. Elder Scroll 2: Legends


The Elder Scrolls: Legends is another exciting card-based strategy game that follows the similar underlying mechanic of other 1on1 turn-based card games. However, unlike hearthstone that incorporates the figures from the World of Warcraft universe, The Elder Scrolls: Legends is based on characters from the Elder Scroll universe. Therefore,  if you’re a previously played any Elder Scrolls game then you’ll be knowing most of the cards in-game.

It is one of the old mac games and is completely free to play, but offers a few in-app purchases and a trading system that will enable you to get a more solid deck of cards at a fast pace. It has a number of game modes, enabling players to play single against an AI or play against other competitors in real-time.

The requirements for this game includes and operating system  X 10.8 or later, powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo processor along with 2GB of RAM and Nvidia GeForce 8600M GT graphics card or better than that. In addition to that, players will also need a reliable and fast internet connection so that they don’t lose any multiplayer games due to random disconnecting or lag.

20. Xonotic


One of the best free first-person shooter games for macOS is Xonotic. It has high-resolution graphics, several game modes, a wide range of weapons, and a large number of maps to play on.

Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Clan Arena, Keep Away, Key Hunt, Last Man Standing, Domination, Team Deathmatch, Freeze Tag, and other modes are available in the game. Its lovely textures, backgrounds, reflections, overflows, and other features.

Final Words

We’ve put together a long list for you, but it’s not long enough to cover anything. There’s something we need to look at as more games are made available for free in an attempt to attract players into their culture.

About the fact that the gaming experience on Mac is not as good as it is on PC, you can still enjoy your favorite games on your Mac. However, you’ll need a Mac with a decent setup, including RAM, a hard drive or SSD, and a graphics card, among other things. If your Mac has 4GB or more of RAM, a hard drive or SSD with more than 100GB of free space, a graphics card optimized for gaming, and so on, you are good to go.