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The MacBook Pro has gotten the biggest upgrade in the last few years. Apple announced the next generation of computers on Monday. Apple claims that the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros with the new M1 Pro and M1max chips are much faster and may still replace “Pro” performance computers. Equipped with Intel chip. The out is a touch bar and the in returns an HDMI port, SD card slot, and MagSafe connector.

The new device follows last year’s M1-powered Mac, which wasn’t Apple’s first lineup. ..Instead, Apple uses something similar to a chip that powers it. , And so far, we’ve got positive reviews against them. The company also announced new audio-only plans for Apple Music, the AirPods 3, and bright new colors for the HomePad Mini.

that’s all.

After clocking in at 49 minutes, Apple will end the event. Nothing has changed with the MacBook Air, Mac Pro, and Mac Mini, and the company didn’t say when MacOS Monterey will be available, but it will probably happen when the new Mac lands next week.

MacBook Pro prices are on par with professionals

The 14-inch MacBook Pro costs $ 1,999 and the 16-inch MacBook Pro costs $ 2,499. According to Apple, these can be pre-ordered today and will be available next week.

The company doesn’t say what’s happening with the Intel laptops it previously sold, but this may be the case for them. (Details will be available when Apple’s website is updated after the event.)

So can this beat Intel?

Apple is part of a presentation talking about how fast the chip is over previous versions of Intel-based laptops. For example, the M1 Max has 3.7 times the performance of the Core i7 MacBook Pro, and graphics performance is up to 13 times faster.

According to Apple, the built-in GPU is up to four times faster than the previous generation MacBook Pro 16-inch Radeon Pro 5600M.

Upgraded audio for MacBook Pro

Apple said it has upgraded the laptop’s microphone and speakers. That allows for better recordings, Apple said. In addition, there are 6 speakers for audio, and “spatial audio” including Dolby Atmos is possible.

Apple has upgraded the MacBook Pro to bring back MagSafe charging, HDMI and SD cards

The company has redesigned the MacBook Pro with popular features such as MagSafe charging, SD card slot, and HDMI port. It comes in 16-inch and 14-inch models and has more prominent legs.

Apple removed the touch bar and instead took a popular keyboard from its Magic Keyboard design and brought it to a laptop.

According to Apple, the computer supports Thunderbolt 4. You can also charge your laptop as needed. Alternatively, you can use MagSafe 3, the latest charging standard that supports more power throughput.

Thunderbolt 4, on the other hand, can support three Pro Display XDR screens and an HDMI TV.

Apple pulls out all the stops on the MacBook Pro

Apple played with the bezel on the laptop, moved the menu bar to where the bezel on the MacBook Pro screen was, and placed the FaceTime camera in the center of the menu bar.

This display, called the “Liquid Retina XDR” display, features the iPad Pro’s mini LED lighting and, like the iPhone 13, moves images at 120Hz or steps down when nothing happens on the screen. You can do it. (Apple calls this ProMotion.)

According to Apple, it has a lasting brightness of 1,000 nits, allowing for deeper, more dramatic colors.

FaceTime cameras, on the other hand, have twice the low light performance and offer better video quality with upgraded 1080p web cameras.

How Mac OS and Apple apps benefit from the M1 chip

Craig FederighiApple’s head of software engineering said its MacOS software was designed to take advantage of M1’s technology. He said that because the CPU and GPU share memory, data can be moved much faster than a typical computer that separates memory between the GPU and CPU.

To emphasize this, he mentioned an upgrade to the company’s pro apps, such as Logic Pro, which now allows you to edit spatial audio on your laptop. He said other apps also run much faster.

So far, Apple has said that developers have created 10,000 universal apps for the Apple Silicon.

More powerful than M1 Max and M1 Pro

Apple has built the M1 Max, which has higher GPU performance than the M1 or M1 Pro. It has 1.7 times the number of transistors and supports up to 64GB of “Unified” memory. It also has a 32-core GPU.

Hardware Technology SVP Johny Srouji says Apple’s GPUs perform better and consume 70% less power than discrete GPUs like those made by Nvidia and AMD.

According to Srouji, Apple’s GPUs use 100 watts less power than the finest GPUs on laptops and are better than PC laptops with plug-ins or batteries.

“This is by far the most capable chip we have ever built,” he added.

Apple debuts M1 Pro and M1 Max

Apple says it is “completely rethinking” the MacBook Pro, starting with the “M1 Pro” chip. One of its biggest benefits, hardware technology SVP Johny Srouji, is that the new chip can support up to 32GB of memory and twice as many transistors as last year’s M1. There are eight high performance cores and two “efficiency” cores. It also has a 16-core GPU and supports ProRes video.

“The M1 Pro is different from a professional computer,” he said.

New AirPods 3

Apple has announced the third generation of entry-level AirPods with built-in spatial audio. The new device looks similar to an AirPods Pro and has a similar case and force sensor control on the stem.

Audio, the engineering program manager at Susmita Dutta Apple, said the company created a new “low-distortion driver” that is sweat and water resistant.

Apple has a new “contour design” and also an “adaptive EQ” that changes the way the sound is heard based on the condition of the ear canal.

According to Apple, it now has 6 hours of listening time on a single charge, with a total of up to 30 hours using the charging case.

Apple includes $ 179 wireless charging. Meanwhile, previous-generation AirPods will continue to sell at discounted prices of $ 129 and $ 30.

Apple Music has introduced a $ 5 “Voice” plan to access songs with Siri alone

Apple upgrades HomePod Mini to new colors

Apple is adding yellow, orange, and blue colors to its $ 99 HomePod Mini smart speaker. This follows the iMac upgrade, which offered seven colors earlier this year, including orange, yellow, and blue. The new HomePod Mini will be available starting in November. (There is no specific date from Apple yet.)

Upgrade Siri with new playlists and new subscription options

Apple will start with a new “voice” plan for the Apple Music service and offer $ 5 per month to access Apple Music via Siri. This new feature also allows Apple Music subscribers to request playlists based on what’s happening, such as hiking or dinner parties.

It starts with everything Apple has ever made

Apple has launched the event in honor of the iconic startup sounds and various noises heard from company devices. It’s cute that someone in the garage uses it to write songs.

Then get Tim Cook. “At Apple, we are focused on creating innovative products and experiences.”Today we will talk about music and Mac.

what else?

Apple will also announce New version of the popular $ 159 AirPods wireless earphones.. According to a Bloomberg report, this new version is expected to resemble the more expensive AirPods Pro, but lacks the same features such as active noise cancellation and “space.”

Apple will also release the next free major Mac software update. MacOS Monterey.. As has been the trend over the last few years, Apple is working on further merging Macs, iPads and iPhones with this release. MacOS is still very different from the cousin of mobile devices, but it has the ability to work very closely with MacOS.Probably the most dramatic this year, using the same keyboard and mouse You can interact with your Mac laptop, desktop, or iPad at any time..

these days

Apple’s MacBook Pro improvements follow previous upgrades to the computer line.Earlier this year, Apple upgraded its iMac line Available in 7 colors including orange.

Apart from that, Apple has also released an upgraded version for $ 999. , $ 699 Mac Mini and entry-level $ 1,299 MacBook Pro. These upgraded machines looked the same, but CNET computer reviewer Dan Ackerman. While still running the app well.

So far, customers seem to be preying on them. Apple said it sold so many M1 Macs that the product line helped boost desktop and laptop revenue to a record $ 9.1 billion. .. This was an increase of 70% over the same period last year. This is a dramatic change in the otherwise sluggish market. “Remember that the Mac was basically a flat business for the five years before the pandemic, with an average annual growth of 1%.” Loop Ventures Analyst Jean Münster I wrote it in May.

And it starts

Hello everyone. Welcome to CNET’s live blog about Apple’s second major product release event this fall. Like the events of the last year and a half, Apple ..

At some point, before the coronavirus delta mutant Really started to skyrocket, I wondered if Apple would return to the face-to-face event this fall. Knowing that I had a chance, even if I was completely vaccinated, I began to prepare in my mind whether I could travel comfortably by plane. .. Of course, I could take it home from the grocery store, but traveling around the country on an airplane seemed to have a different level of risk.

Fortunately, while parents like me anxiously wait for the government , I don’t have to flip that choice. Whether pandemic or not, the CNET team is here and ready for whatever Apple has to announce today.


Apple’s event begins Monday at 10 am. (It’s 1:00 pm ET, 6:00 pm BST-and Tuesday 4:00 am AET. Sorry, Australia.)


You will be able to stream Apple events directly from your company website. We will also follow live video on CNET from 9:30 am Pacific Standard Time. It provides all the details and expert analysis when the event is happening.

What you can expect

Apple’s digital events are fast-paced, but full of information. And expect high production value.for HomePod With last year’s mini-announcement, Apple built a multi-storey fake house.And last month it brought To dramatize ..

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Apple event delivers MacBook Pro 14 and 16 with M1 Pro, M1 Max and XDR displays Source link Apple event delivers MacBook Pro 14 and 16 with M1 Pro, M1 Max and XDR displays