1. You think the problem with the VIP scene is that they’re too subtle and viewers need what’s going on spelled out for them? That’s literally the opposite of the problem with them in this episode.

  2. The 69 joke wasn’t supposed to be funny. Do you seriously think we were supposed to laugh with them?

  3. It isn’t. It’s an easily verifiable fact that many North Korean defectors feel like outsiders attempt to return to North Korea. Believe it or not, they live relatively normal lives in NK, and don’t get shot on sight for any minor nuance. Jfc Reddit

  4. The thing that makes me wonder is what the hell are they playing them on?

  5. Because you can take part in a society and still criticize it. In fact, actively doing your best to spread awareness and dismantle a system from the inside may do more good in the long term than mindless philanthropy. Remember, the fault of the state of the world we’re in resides mostly in the untouchable corporations and billionaires, not on the individuals in the working class.

  6. Is it wrong to contemplate alternatives to a flawed system and maybe consider ideas to improve people’s lives all around, rather than just accept excess suffering as something that is “unchangeable”? I don’t understand the angst teen criticism, if you were to read and understand some of the scholars writing about the possibilities of communism you can tell that these people are incredibly intelligent forward thinkers. I’m not claiming I am, in fact I still have countless years of research and learning to do. But we both do. That’s the process of being open minded and considering different world views.

  7. “Breezeblocks x take a slice edit” 🙂 This part of the song doesn’t take place until the 2:20 mark

  8. The way you said it definitely makes me doubt that you’re a software engineer.

  9. Amazing how the different ways to describe it can change the entire outlook on the process. Y’all are both right, from a certain point of view.

  10. Yes!!! Thanks man! Not sure how you figured it out from my vagueness but I am super grateful!

  11. It’s just not really (to my understanding) any better for most people’s bodies and definitely isn’t more ethical. Encouraging others to be vegan or vegetarian is a vestige of colonialist food disruption. I’m willing to discuss this further but don’t want to open with a huge body of text.

  12. A. It most definitely is more ethical. Both environmentally and morally. But I’d love to hear your take on how omnivores and vegans are equally unethical?

  13. A. Because it’s effectively disordered eating, which obviously can have far reaching ramifications.

  14. Thanks for your response. I myself have also always questioned how effective the “voting with your dollar” ideology is, but in the end an easier justification is that I can easily sustain myself healthily off a vegan diet, so why wouldn’t I? It’s not more expensive and it doesn’t support as much suffering as eating meat. Of course, wholly avoiding the support of animal/human suffering is impossible in the current system, but ya gotta do what you can.

  15. The Polish far-right government is doing a lot of messed up things for sure, but that shouldn’t take away from this game. It’s a fun game that shows how destructive communism is.

  16. So it’s the equivalent of Monopoly, which shows how corrupting and destructive capitalism is?

  17. There is a documentary on disney + called behind the mask. And they say that marvel comics was one of the most progressive work places to work. They hired people of color to improve the comics with poc characters to end the stereotypes

  18. Tbf it is also a documentary on Disney+, and they wouldn’t release something that disparages their work environment or ethics in any way. So take a Disney+ documentary about a Disney workplace with a grain of salt.

  19. You’re right. Marvel was full of fucking racist homophobes, even forty years before Disney bought it.

  20. Oh sorry dude, I thought it was just something they should be aware of. Not trying to prove that marvel was racist or anything.

  21. I completely agree, the first day was spent by me and my friends grinding so everybody could play with their main. What’s the point in that? If you’re not gonna make unlockables a fun thing, why do you even implement them?

  22. I would argue you guys should have been playing for the enjoyment of trying different characters, if you only have your main in mind then yeah it’s gonna suck. Change your outlook to seeing it as a chance to try new characters you normally wouldn’t and your experience will improve.

  23. I’m not sure. It’s from a newly bought blu ray, so it should be compatible with everything

  24. Nope. Not happening ever. But you have fun making people hate you for pushing your idiotic agenda.

  25. I’m not wasting time on a vegan. I’ll eat what I want, you eat what you want. End of story.

  26. “I have your hair pin. Check the picture for proof. In order to get them back, I am going to need one 15 ounce jar of Skippy All Natural Honey Peanut Butter… smooth.

  27. This man laid the terms out better than I ever could

  28. I think we should hold out for those news programs that wanna have viral human interest stories to get ahold of this and fly us out for The Today Show to give it back.

  29. Most definitely, milk this for all it’s worth. 400 upvotes on Reddit? We’re making it big time

  30. What if we undo things ? Like clap backwards, poop backwards , sit backward , breathe backwards? it’s rewind time.

  31. Lmao yeah what a weird comment from him. It seems like you’re more likely to find people who judge you for your lifestyle choices in the Nintendo subreddit, as opposed to other gaming subreddits.

  32. lol ok keep doing drugs and arguing semantics on a nintendo subreddit. best of luck.

  33. Fun fact animals die or get eaten by other animals all the time. I get not liking unethical meat farming or whatever, but humans have been eating animals as a part of the circle of life since forever.

  34. Factory farming is hardly the circle of life. When animals hunt other animals, they don’t breed genetically degenerated beings in disgusting conditions by the billions. Stop eating meat.

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