7 Best Office Supplies for Carpal Tunnel

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7 Best Office Supplies for Carpal Tunnel

With our list of the best office supplies for carpal tunnel syndrome, we’ve got you covered.

It is estimated that upwards of

 10 million people
Alternatively, you may simply want to improve your workplace comfort and productivity. You could be experiencing excruciating wrist, joint, and finger pain. With our list of the best office supplies for carpal tunnel syndrome, we’ve got you covered. Not to mention those who experience mild to moderate side effects that make working days difficult. Each year, millions of people suffer from acute carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) symptoms.

What causes carpal tunnel syndrome?

Before we get into our list of the best office supplies for, let’s take a look at carpal tunnelPressure on the median nerve from repetitive hand and finger motions such as typing, filing, writing, and other activities over an extended period of time causes the condition. It’s crucial to figure out what’s causing it.

However, you can recognize

early warning signs

If you don’t, your median nerve, among other nerves, could be permanently damaged. tingling or burning sensations in your fingers, hands, or wrists, for example. Early detection of these warning signs is critical: if caught early enough, CTS can be reversed.

Let’s get ergonomic


is the principle of using the proper postures to work comfortably and avoid injuries. Here’s how to do it:

  • Embrace the standing desk.
  • Instead of standing on a hard floor, use a mat. Wear comfortable, supportive shoes if you work while standing.
  • While working, keep your arms as straight as possible.
  • Adjust your chair or desk so that you don’t bend or put too much pressure on your wrists if you’re working while seated.
  • Allow blood to flow to your hands and fingers by relaxing your elbows and wrists. While performing repetitive motions, this reduces the strain on your tendons.

best office supplies for carpal tunnel

Carpal tunnel syndrome at work necessitates the use of certain products.

It’s not difficult to get your hands on the best office supplies these days. carpal tunnelOnline shopping or a trip to your local office supply store are two options. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the most effective ones we’ve found are:

Palm and wrist rests

Palm and wrist restsare one of the most effective ways to avoid developing carpal tunnel syndrome. They aid in the creation of a more ergonomic workplace.

To properly use them, place the heels of your palms on the cushions. You can also use mouse pads that are equally effective, as well as special gloves to protect your fingers.

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Palm and wrist rests for carpal tunnel

Fellowes PlushTouch Mousepad & Keyboard Pad, IMAK Wrist Cushion & Keyboard Cushion, and IMAK Wrist Cushion & Keyboard Cushion are among our favorites.Innovera Gel Mousepad & Keyboard Pad.

There are a lot of options, but our team prefers the Mueller Wrist Stabilizer. Consider wearing gloves that are specifically designed to be worn while typing. These gloves support your hands in the proper position, improve circulation, and cushion the underside of your wrist.Wellgate for Women PerfectWrist SupportCarpal Tunnel Braces with Dorsal Support and Thermoskin Carpal Tunnel Braces Continue to be the best.

Ergonomic keyboards

They are available in a variety of designs and styles to suit your requirements. Visit an electronics store’s keyboard section to test out the style that’s right for you before making a decision. Ergonomic keyboards support proper typing habits by keeping your wrists and hands in a natural position.

keyboard for carpal tunnel

Make sure to check out our top picks: the Fellowes Microban Split Design Keyboard, the Fellowes Microban Split Design Keyboard, and the Fellowes Microban Split Design Keyboard. Perixx Ergonomic Split Periboard and the stylish Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business.

Mechanical keyboards

This produces a quieter sound and lowers the cost of construction, but it also increases the user’s resistance. Rubber domes beneath the keys are used on most low-cost keyboards to register when a key is pressed.

The resistance forces users to press harder on the keys, causing more unpleasant, carpal tunnel-inducing feedback in the finger joints.

mechanical keyboard for carpal tunnel

To type, the keys can be lightly touched, making them much easier on the fingers and joints. Switches on mechanical keyboards register a key press almost instantly. The only disadvantage is that they “click” louder than rubber dome boards and are more expensive.

Check out our recommendations to assist you in your search for the best mechanical keyboard for you: the cost-effectiveRosewill Cherry MX Red Mechanical Keyboard, the ultra-quiet Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth Edition keyboard with Cherry MX Brown switches, and the supremely comfortable Topre Type Heaven Keyboard

Ergonomic vertical mice

The angle created by vertical mice is much steeper than that of traditional mice. They are, however, well worth it. These may appear unusual at first, and getting used to them will take some time.
Once again, the goal is to achieve proper posture.

Mouse for carpal tunnel

The ergo-mice we like best include the Anker Wireless Vertical Optical Mouse, the SHARKK 5-Button Wireless Vertical Mouse and the sleek Huhushop Wired Ergonomic Vertical Mouse.

Under desk mounted keyboard/mouse trays

It also helps keep your desk tidy when not in use. It’s simple, but a keyboard tray that adjusts the height of your keyboard to suit you can help you maintain better posture. One of the most significant drawbacks of the standard keyboard is that it sits on top of your desk. As a result, typing requires you to bend your wrists.

Under desk mounted keyboard/mouse tray for carpal tunnel

You can easily install a keyboard tray if your desk does not have one. Among the many excellent options are:

Stand Steady’s Easy Clamp on Tray

which can be used on any size desk and is a little more cost-effective
Kensington Under-desk Comfort Keyboard Drawer
though this doesn’t install as easily.

If your workstation doesn’t come with a tray, you can make one in a matter of minutes. We chose these for their simplicity of use, functionality, and installation: it is 3M Sit/Stand Easy Adjust Keyboard Tray, the Fellowes Professional Series Compact Keyboard Tray, and the wall-mounted Fellowes Professional Series Compact Keyboard Tray Ergotron LX Wall Mount Keyboard Arm.

Pens with ergonomic grip

They come in ballpoint, gel-ink, rolling ball, and mechanical pen-pencil combinations. These pens have a wide barrel and a cushioned grip, which reduces the amount of force required to hold the pen. Pens with ergonomic designs help to reduce writing stress and fatigue.

Pens with ergonomic grip for carpal tunnel

If you know someone who is suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, please forward this video to them:

What office supplies do you think are the best for carpal tunnel?

In the comments section below, tell us about your experience with these supplies.

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Pens with ergonomic grip for carpal tunnel

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