[8 Quick Fixes] Mac Flashing Question Mark Folder!!!

Are you experiencing Macflashing question mark folder while starting your Mac system? Do you know why this is happening? Let me explain, the flashing folder with a question mark arises when you boot your PC and it fails to find a startup disk. It is a very annoying problem, but the good news is that there’re some quick ways available by trying which you can easily solve this issue. So, here in this post, I am going to provide a step-by-step guide on how to fix a flashing folder with question mark on mac using 8 ways.

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Before fixing this issue, let’s know what is flashing folder with a question mark & what actually causes this issue.

What Is Mac
Flashing Folder With A Question Mark

When you turn on your Mac system, it shows a question mark in a centre of the screen instead of prompting an Apple logo. This question mark indicates that your Mac PC is unable to recognize its start-up disk or leading to boot failure.

Though, this question mark problem could arise across different Mac PC products including iMac, MacBook, Mac Mini, MacBook Air, , MacBook Pro, etc.

What Causes Folder With Question Mark MacBook Startup?

There could be countless reasons that can lead to the Mac question mark error. So, below I have listed some of the major factors that can result in flashing question mark folder mac after replacing hard drive:

Damaged Or Corrupted Hard Disk

If your PC cannot detect your hard disk then it may not start-up. This is because of the failed hard disk or bad cable.

Power Surges

Sometimes, the power fluctuation can lead to the SSD/HDD corruption and can lead to the flashing question mark error.

Due To Damage Software System

The outdated system’s software or unsuccessful installation is another root cause that might cause might result in a question mark problem.

Device Age

If your system is very old and you are using it for such a long time then it is likely to fail and refuses works.

So, now you have known the reasons that can cause the Mac question mark folder of death issue, let’s take a look at how to fix this.

How To Fix
Mac Flashing Question Mark Folder?

Below you can find out some workable techniques to troubleshoot Mac flashing question mark folder problem.

Let’s try them one by one and see which one will helpful for you.

Method #1: Restart Your Mac System

Whenever you face any kind of errors or bugs on your PC whether it is Windows or Mac, it is always recommended to restart the device first. Restarting the device sometimes resolves the major issues even without any technical help.

Therefore, here I would also like to suggest you reboot your Mac PC and then check if the problem is fixed or not. If not, then you can proceed to the next solutions on how to fix flashing folder with question mark on mac without cd.

Method #2: Reselect A Startup In The System Preferences

If you are facing MacBook pro flashing folder question mark startup even after rebooting a device then it means your PC failed to detect a startup disc.

In such a situation, you need to reselect a startup in the System Preferences by following the below quick steps:

Once you finished the above steps, the flashing question mark should not appear anymore when start-up the Mac PC.

Method #3: Boot Using Mac Recovery Mode

Another option that you can try to troubleshoot to question mark on mac without cd is to boot the MacOS in recovery mode. Here is how you can do so:

Method #4: Repair The Startup Disk Using Disk Utility

Mac flashing question mark folder can be stressful to several people. But sometimes, the occurrence of this sign is good as it can help you to know that your MacBook Pro cannot detect its system’s folder. When your Mac is unable to identify the system folder, at that time you should fix your startup disc by following the below simple steps:

Step 1: On your Mac system recovery mode, you need to go to the macOS Utilities >> click on DiskUtility option.

Step 2: Next, select Startup Disk which is also known as (MacintoshHD) from a left pane.

Step 3: Tap on a tab First Aid & click on RepairDisk option.

Step 4: At this time, exit from DiskUtility after a repairing process is done.

Step 5: Finally, go to an Apple menu and then Startup Disk

Step 6: After choosing a (Macintosh HD) Startup Disk >> tap on Restart.

However, if a Startup Disc isn’t visible after repairing it, you ought to reinstall the macOS to fix the ‘MacBook pro flashing folder question mark startup’ problem.

Method #5: M
acOS Reinstallation to Fix Mac Flashing Question Mark Folder

You can also resolve the folder with question mark MacBook startup issue by reinstalling the macOS. Here are the easy steps that you can try to do so:

Step 1: In a mac OS Recovery mode, you have to go to the macOS Utilities >> tap on the Reinstall macOS.

Step 3: Keep a backup of your data and erase the Macintosh HD >> perform on-screen instructions to reinstall the macOS.

Step 4: When the installation process is finished, the Mac automatically reboots & boots a Startup Disk.

Step 5: In a Setup Assistant, transfer your files from a source disk (for example- HD of a functional Mac or external storage) to an internal drive of Mac.

Please Note
: Once the Disk Utility doesn’t show or repair the Startup Disk, the storage media has the hardware issues. Contact through repairing service provider and fix this problem.

Method #6: Check & Replace Start-Up Connections Of HDD SATA

Sometimes, the loose, broken, damaged, or deformed HDD cable can lead to the mac flashing question mark folder at startup. So, you need to check the startup HDD connector once to deal with such an issue.

Method #7: Update Your MacOS Firmware

Well, if you are going through a flashing folder with a question mark problem after updating the macOS recently, it might happen due to incompatible firmware.

Therefore, to re-update, a firmware, manually erase a disk & reinstall your macOS using the stable network & enough disk space.

Method #8: Reformat The Startup Disk On Mac

If none of the above-provided ways helped you to fix the question mark on Mac screen issue, then reformat your Startup disc on Mac. By trying the below instructions you can reformat the Mac startup disk using disk utility:

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why Is My MacBook Flashing A Folder With A Question Mark?

Well, there could be numerous reasons that can lead to the flashing question mark folder on Mac PC. Some of them are 1. Due to corrupted hard disk 2. Power failure 3. Because of damage system software 4. Using the mac system for such a long time, etc.

How Do I Fix Flashing Folder With Question Mark On Mac?

When a Mac PC is not able to recognize its start-up disk or leading to boot failure then it shows the flashing folder with question mark issue. So, in order to solve this problem try the below troubleshooting fixes: • Restarting Mac System • Boot Using the Mac Recovery Mode • MacOS Reinstallation • Reformat a Startup Disk On Your Mac, etc.

How Do I Start My Mac In Recovery Mode To Fix Flashing Folder With Question Mark?

To start the Mac system in Recovery mode, follow the beneath instructions: • At first, click on the Apple logo which you can see at a top left of your screen. • Then, choose a Restart. • Proximately hold down a Command + R keys till you can see the Apple logo/spinning globe. • Finally your Mac PC will start showing a Recovery Mode window.

Bottom Line

In this article, there is a listing of the best fixes to troubleshootthe Mac question mark folder of death problem. All the provided solutions are very effective to perform and you can try them according to your situation.

But, after trying these fixes, if your Mac hard drive data gets deleted then you can use the . All your lost data can be easily recovered by using this feature-loaded software.

I hope the aforesaid approaches will certainly help you. All the very best…

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