Are Apple Refurbished Products Good? | Latest 2021 Guide!

Apple products are premium products that come with the best that Apple can offer. This places them a tier above what most people can afford. And if you are someone who can’t afford brand new Apple products, don’t be let down, because you can get ‘Like New’ devices directly from Apple. Check out our “Are Apple Refurbished Products Good” guide for all the details.

I have bought multiple Apple products that are refurbished by them since they cost cheaper than new ones. While I was sceptical at first, since they are not new products, Apple proved me wrong. Refurbished products require more attention as they are amazing. So, Are Apple Refurbished Products Good? find out!

After having reviewed Apples official documents pertaining to their refurbished products and then having contacted our sources; my team and I found that:

Apple Refurbished Products are rather good for the right person. For example, if you really want a brand new Apple device, then this isn’t your cup of tea. In fact, you might as well get a brand new one for the price. However, for those that don’t have the money but need an Apple device, it’s perfect as it’s not only cheap but it also comes with a warranty.

Are Apple Refurbished Products Good

This article covers everything about Apple refurbished products. By the end of this article, you will know if Apple refurbished products are good and if you should consider getting them to save a few bucks off.  

What is a refurbished product? 

Are you someone who returns their devices after they encounter some faults? Then your products end up being refurbished, that is repaired and serviced by the company to working condition. Apple does this too, Apple takes all your returned devices like iPhones, iPads and MacBook, fixes defects if any.

So, Apple Refurbished products are essentially pre-owned Apple devices that were returned to Apple either during the warranty period, unwanted products, products that were returned or with their Apple Trade-in program. Of course, not all Apple Products are refurbished. The majority of the defective products usually head to their recycle centers.

Of course, it should also be known that the Apple Products that are refurbished would not have had a major defect like motherboard damage. At the most it would have an issue with screen like dead pixels or at the most an issue with the SSD.

These devices are then brought up to a ‘Like New’ condition and Apple sells them for a lower price. Refurbished devices are also devices that were part of the Apple Trade-in program. So, they are basically older devices that fixed/repaired and made to function like a new device and sold again. 

While many companies offer refurbished Apple devices, this article will focus on Apple’s own refurbished store. And a small tip, Apple has the best-refurbished service out there and you will soon know why. 

Additionally, it’s important to know that all of Apple’s refurbished products are sold on their official website and never in the store or through a E-commerce outlet. In case, you do see it, it would be a reseller. Of course, Refurbished Apple Products are also sold by third parties. So, Are Apple Refurbished Products Good? find out.

Refurbished Products from Apple 

Apple’s online catalogue of refurbished products includes a wide range of devices. You will find Macs, iPads, iPhones, Apple TV and even accessories like Apple Watch. Apple refurbished products include custom devices from Apple’s build-to-order service. Apple sells current devices and older devices with different configurations at a discounted price on its online refurbished store.

Apple Refurbished Process and Testing 

If you look at Apple website for information on its refurbished products, Apple explains the procedure that a device goes through during the refurbishing process. Apple also indicates that all of its refurbished devices go through the same testing procedures and any new retail device to make sure customers get good products. 

This procedure is what makes Apple refurbished products stand out amongst other refurbished products. For anyone wondering, here’s the refurbishing process: 

This thorough process of inspection and quality assurance is what makes Apple refurbished products better than products refurbished by other companies like Amazon, Best Buy, Mac of All Trades and more.  

Quality of a refurbished product 

While Apple claims all these tests, repairs and more, the end user doesn’t know what they are getting so we bought and checked refurbished devices to see if Apple’s claims are true.  


One of the most distinguishable features of a refurbished device from Apple is the packaging. Refurbished devices come in their own custom plain white boxes that have “Apple Certified Refurbished” written on them.

This gives you a guarantee that the refurbished product inside lives up to the name of Apple’s brand. On the contrary, regular retail products come with retail packaging featuring fancy images of the products.

Inside the box of an Apple refurbished product, you will find the necessary cables, accessories, and manuals that you receive with a new Apple product.  


All refurbished products from Apple are made to look as good as possible, iOS devices come with new outer shells to look as good as new. All Apple-certified refurbished products are cleaned thoroughly to look brand spanking new.  


Refurbished products from Apple are expected to perform like new. This is a guarantee given by Apple itself. Apple also replaces the battery for iOS devices like iPhones, iPads so that buyers can get a good battery like that of new devices. All defective parts are also replaced, like display, speakers, storage, etc. and are made sure they perform like new devices. MacBook batteries are also replaced but only if they retain 80% of their charge.   

User Data and software 

All refurbished devices products have their data erased, and software reset. Then applicable products are updated to the latest software version, iPhone and iPads to the latest iOS versions and Mac devices are updated to the latest macOS version. This ensures, refurbished products to perform like new Apple products. 

Warranty and Apple Care 

The warranty and support for refurbished products from Apple are what make them worth buying over other similar services. While other services offer warranties, they are often limited to a few months. Apple offers the same warranty and support that you will get for a brand-new product. 

The warranty and support offered for Apple Refurbished products are one of the reasons why these products are so popular as they offer tremendous value. They have the support that new devices are offered making them a steal since they cost much lower.  

Availability & Price 

The availability of refurbished devices depends on a few factors. These include product life; older products are generally readily available in the Apple refurbished store. This is because very few people return their new iPhones or Macs.

And since refurbished devices can vary in configuration, they might not be as cheap as the base models if they have higher configurations. And Apple refurbished products are only available for sale from its online store, so you can buy them at an Apple store. 

Pricing of Apple Refurbished products are a lot lower than if you buy them new, this makes then a very good deal. iPads and Macs can have discounts from anywhere between 15 to 25 per cent. iPhones have discounts ranging from 14 to 22 per cent.

These prices are generally higher compared to refurbished products from Amazon, Best Buy, etc. But Apple offers a much better product a decent price with excellent service, support and the Apple promise that they are ‘Like New’ products.  

Stock Fluctuations

Apple Refurbished Products, unfortunately, do not have a steady flow supply. However, this is to be expected because it’s dependent on the number of Apple Products returned by people. So, the stock of Apple Refurbished products are constantly fluctuating. So, you need to be watching website like a hawk. Of course, there are moments when there are large quantities as well.

While these products can be significantly cheaper than other Apple products, there are some issues. For example:

These specs are not going to be the same as the other new Apple Products. The RAM or the Graphics cards might be different or the processor might be older. These Refurbished Products are also sold alongside the newer models. So, it can get difficult to figure out which model has the latest specs.

I would seriously recommend you to read the product descriptions and research the specs before buying the Apple Refurbished product. Especially, since there are chances where you can buy the latest Macbook with really old internal components.

From personal experience, you will have to wait for a significant amount of time before you find the device of your choice. The best way to go about this is to get third party sites to notify you when the device of your choice is available. After all, you can’t be wasting hours every day. It’s best to use or a similar site to help notify you when the stocks in.

Are Apple Refurbished Products Good – Final Thoughts

So, Are Apple Refurbished Products Good? Apple refurbished products, not for everyone but for the right person, it is a dream come true. If you are someone who wants an Apple device but doesn’t have the budget for it, Apple refurbished products are something you should consider. They offer excellent value, perform and look like new products at a lower price. 

What makes this deal all the better is the excellent warrant and support offered with them. It is in a way a new Apple product for a cheaper price. So, if you are someone who doesn’t mind that they are not brand new, limited by budget, but love Apple, go get yourself an Apple Refurbished product straight from Apple’s website.

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