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Terrible customer service

Terrible customer service; had to wait 20 minutes behind the phone to talk to someone and at the end, the line hanging up! Their website keeps showing error messages and incorrect information about my booking. It is one week before my departure and I still need to contact their call centre to check my ticket. Terrible terrible service.

Worst check-in experience ever

Never tried not to be able to check-in all the way on a connecting flight, so had to pickup my luggage and check-in again in Vienna.

Deliberate hang up at call center

Wanted to avoid Wizz Air by flying Austrian but holy moly … even Wizz Air is not as abysmal as this company, and that is saying a lot. Impossible to get through to customer service, and when if actually do manage to speak to a human, they hang up on you or put you back on hold with no notice or pretend to have a bad connection – truly baffling.

Complete disregard for customer service

I’ve flown with Austrian 4 times this month and they continue to surprise me with poor service. It started as I watch the flight attendant snap and bark at the minorities on the plane, while treating myself and the other white guests with a pleasant smile. The poor service continued on the next flight when another flight attendant actually cut in front of me in the bathroom line… I was baffled. It continues to this moment as I have spent well over an hour on hold waiting to to make a complaint… about their online complaint system. I have not been able to register a complaint about the delay of my plane and missing my connections, and it seems I never will. This airline is a disgrace and an embarrassment.

Terrible customer service

Terrible customer service, you have to wait for two hours and then have the customer representative drop the call. They do not care about passengers situations. We had a medical emergency, the airlines asked us to go to doctors to complete several medical forms in order to change the ticket, but in the end they said they do not care and we need to pay full commercial fare. Why did they ask us to complete these forms if they do not care? They could do better in medical emergency situations when it comes to children. Plus service on board is bad while price ticket is expensive. Would not recommend using Austrian Airlines, if you can avoid them.

The worst web-experience

Flights cancelled due Covid19 – fine (why though?).So this is where you are trying understand your options using the website, and it goes horribly wrong. “My bookings” page just gives me errors “This request is invalid” for the flights. And calling the hotline number (next to wich it mentions that it is working “anytime”), the answering machine says that “sometimes we also need a short break”.Trolling level 80

Austrian Airlines seems to be…

Austrian Airlines seems to be struggling badly with customer service calls both in Europe and the USA. We have now received 3 phone messages over 2 months advising us of “changes” to our reservation with a warning that states that we have 8 days to respond or the tickets will be “cancelled”. The volume of calls and complaints seems to be so intense that their people have taken to regularly hanging up on callers regardless of how long they’ve been on hold. Worse, they will sometimes answer a call only to then feign a dropped call by either poor signal or other technical issues. Between myself, my wife and an adult son we have made a total of 24 calls to Austrian Airlines with long On-Hold times and have managed to connect and sustain a conversation only twice. The hang-ups are DELIBERATE with no apparent avenue to write to senior management officials. On completion of this last flight my family will terminate all and any future business with this company. My advice to others is to avoid this company.

One star is even to much

Wizz Air… what should we say… once and never again!!!It’s the stupiest Airline we were travelling for a long time (btw it’s not just belonging to corona). Even if it’s a cheap airline, we expected some proper, just a little bit of Common service from them. For example when you book a flight it should not just be included the transport from one place to another… you’d have to pay for everything separately (for example a random seats in the plain has been 8€/pp) After we spent much more then described in the original online offer, they also fined us on the way home because we’d been 2 min to late for the online check in&##128532; if it would be just a small amount it’d be okay but 80€ is fairly just a bad ass joke &##128545; (as I recognised on the plane, there has been at least 3 more travelling groups that happened the same crap) Anyhow also at the beginning before our trip, they started with changing our flights randomly. This has has not just been one or even two hours, they moved us to an flight that departure 8 hours earlier so that we had to struggle at work to get an extra day off… also the flight back they just moved backwards for 3 hours which is quite a bit. (As also talked to a couple of people in the plane due to the changings of the flight, the car sharing groups and other companies charged extra money when they didn’t changed the booking early enough; like it happened to us too – extra 20€)What has been absolutely to much, was that the staff didn’t fibe dout or even forced all the persons (at least 8 persons in the first 13rows) in the plane that were not wearing the reglemented FFP2 or even any mask &##128567; for half of the flight. This is in nowadays times something I couldn’t understand. It’s a threatening of lives and especially is forbidden against the common Austrian law where the plane was landing. We just don’t hope that if you’ll choose this airline for your next trip, the same happens to you.King regard

Very rude staff

Very rude staff. I was flying with my wife and daughter (3y old) on transit flight via Vienna. Departure was late (22:00). During the boarding I was told that my family wearing masks not high quality and we can not board. We need to wear FFP2 masks. Somehow I missed the information that we should get special masks. Late I have checked the website of the airline, and it was very difficult to find the information about masks – on mobile version of austrian airlines website (booking pages, language Russian). Anyway, in my mind, the mask should not be the problem as I was sure that I can purchase it easily. But in the shop such masks were out of stock and the airline were not selling it also. Thanks to the people who shared the masks with us.But the story not about masks, but the staff of Austrian Airlines, which was inappropriately rude to us. The manager of the flight on any my words or questation just shut me up and threatens to take me of the flight. It was almost imposible to understad what is wrong and how we can fix the situatiation. Even when we managed to get the masks (very thanks to kind people) the staff was still threatening to me, when I was explaining that the passengers’ lives could be easier if they just sold these masks. But the response was: “give me your passport if you what to have any discussion you will miss your flight”.I just had to bow and shut up. I assure you that I was not rude and spoke without any personal insults. During boarding, my wife was brought to tears (she stood aside) and the flight attendants very nicely handed her a napkin.I fly quite a lot and have faced many situations, so I’m okay with some airline mistakes. Flying is hard these days, and the work of airline personnel has also become harder, but we are still human beings, not cattle driven for loading. It is obvious to me that my situation could be resolved very simply and without the rudeness of the staff, but the airline manager simply was a little human, who had power over people. This is also called the “concierge” syndrome. I don’t think this is the policy of the airline, nevertheless, be careful when choosing your flights.

Refund payment pending, and pending, and pending ..

I am supposed to get my refund (only 42£ out of 190£ paid, as „they cannot pay back taxes“), but have been waiting for it since March ! It was supposed to take between 3 days and 3 weeks, I pro actively reached out to CS many times and since two weeks they are now „investigating where my refund payment has ended up“ – are you for real? After such a long time just send the damn Money, rather than wasting more time on your investigation! Worst airline customer service I have ever experienced – and I say that as an Austrian & frequent flyer!! Case number 2106-OS-00214

The customer support is just Terrible.

I’ve contacted them about rebooking my flight but their support is very rude and uncooperating, they didn’t even explained why my flight can’t be rebooked or why it got rebooked in a wrong date!

Miserable people in customer support

The behavior of customer support is just shocking. We wanted to rebook a flight due to Covid issues. Out of 5 times we called (1 Indian, 4 German-speaking), 5 times someone suddenly hung up on us during “checking”. In the 5th call a very rude woman started making very unpleasant comments, she was very passive-aggressive, didn’t let me ask any questions. When I finally asked, if she could help us without making unnecessary comments – guess what? She hung up. Thanks God this type of attitude is always rewarded in life.

Austrian doesnt read here.

Why did Austrian never take this profile on Trustpilot? Because they dont give a s..t about customers.Last experience with them: tried to get my money back from a cancelled flight in 2020. Called customer sevice. Some indian guy picked up, and immediately sent me on waiting line when he heard what he call was about. Next answer did the same. Third one gave me a new number – which I couldnt hear because of his very bad Indian/english accent – to call, that I waited for 30 minutes in and gave up. Never again

I would give them 0 stars if possible

I would give them 0 stars if possible To get a refund on my cancelled flight tickets Austrian Airlines we’re of no use whatsoever, and in fact changed my tickets to a day I couldn’t travel and flight was back from Munich with no outbound flight anywhere.The only was was to call Austrian Airlines office in Vienna paying international call charges.Like their concert tickets the Austrians are just after stealing our money to fund themselves.

Worst service I ever experienced with…

Worst service I ever experienced with an airline!! After asking for a refund on my booked tickets prior to COVID-19 for almost a year, I still haven’t received any refund confirmation or any liable solution! Lol, their answer is that their flights are still ‘operating’, but that is not my fault I don’t want to fly / travel during a pandemic! Not happy at all, it seems like it’s passengers fault that this virus and all of the restrictions have occured.I demand a solution asap as I also already contacted you via e-mail, as I don’t have patience to ask for my money anymore.

AIRail Rail and Fly

Testing the Austrian Airlines #AIRail Rail and Fly &##128642;✈️ connection from Salzburg to London today. Absolute horror so far! &##129326;&##129326;&##129326; Was booked on the incorrect train – the one that stops in Vienna main station and does not go through to Flughafen Wien – Vienna Airport. &##129318;‍♂️ And the ticket displayed a boarding time of half an hour before the train leaves – leaving me stranded in cold weather for 45 minutes at the train station, adding to an already shockingly long total travel time of nearly 8 hours! &##128534;When calling #austrianairlines customer service, they explained that they can’t do anything about the seat reservation on trains, as they “don’t have access to the train booking system.”Please reinstate the flight Salzburg-Vienna. I love Austrian but this AIRail thing really doesn’t work

2 cancellations, 2 almost immediate refunds

I personally can only report that my Easter 2021 flight from London to Vienna has been cancelled. Called customer service more than a month ago (although german is my mother tongue you wait not more than 2 min in if you use their service in english) and got my refund in less than 48hrs back to my UK issued AMEX credit card. The same thing happened to me last summer for a flight from Vienna to Catania (July 2020). Got refunded again in less than 48hrs but ths time on my Mastercard credit card issued in Austria.Perhaps I really was only lucky these two times. Hopefully all of you will get your refund.

I had several frustrating situations…

I had several frustrating situations with Austrian, including the recent one about the rebooking of cancelled flight due to covid. Absolutely not a customer driven company but the one relying on bailouts financed by the EU. A operator to avoid…

Passenger treatment in the economy class

on 17.03.2021 during my flight from Kiev to Vienna flight OS 0662 I have experienced very disappointing situation. I booked a set 09F but my seat was changed to 11 C without any prior communication or explanation why. I figured out the change was because of change of number of seats in the business class. This brings me to the conclusion that for this company profit comes first and customers who bought cheaper tickets can be treated as they are not important customers. No one from the staff apologized for the inconvenience and the staff at the Boryspil airport was rude.