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YouTube has over 2 billion active users, worldwide (almost one-third of the internet population), making it the second most-visited site after Google. Over the years, YouTube has turned into a melting pot of creativity, where people go to not only enjoy cat videos, but also to learn about new products, experiences, and education. 



According to a Pew Research Center survey of U.S. adults, over half (51%) of YouTube users said that they have used the platform to help them figure out how to do things they’ve never done before.

YouTube is seeing a phenomenal increase in traffic as an educational platform, popular with students and teachers alike. YouTube allows users to subscribe to the channels of their interest, follow lessons and courses, and utilize free content. 

As of today, coding is one of the most popular subjects on YouTube. Many aspiring engineers, developers, and programmers turn to the best coding YouTube channels to learn programming and hone their skills. These channels not only provide information on coding but also give useful tips regarding the job hunting process; including advice on writing a perfect resume and preparing for interviews.

Let’s take a look at some of the amazing coding channels that are taking YouTube audiences by storm. 

Without further ado, Career Karma presents to you: the Top Coding YouTube Channels for 2020.

1. Mayuko

My channel aims to help people enter into the industry through tech career advice and lifestyle videos.

Mayuko Inoue is a second generation Japanese American from San Diego, CA living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has worked in the tech industry since 2012 as a Senior iOS Software Engineer, at companies like Intuit, Patreon, and Netflix.

Her channel Mayuko features topics like programming, recent technologies, emotional vulnerability, diversity and inclusion, communication skills, and imposter syndrome. 

81% of participants stated they felt more confident about their tech job prospects after attending a bootcamp. Get matched to a bootcamp today.

The average bootcamp grad spent less than six months in career transition, from starting a bootcamp to finding their first job.

Mayuko takes pride in helping people from underrepresented minorities like her, enter into the tech industry.

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2. Joma Tech

My channel is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you’re gonna get. Mostly about tech though.

Joma Tech Channel is like a box of chocolate: you don’t know what you are going to get until you open it! Joma is originally from Canada and moved to Silicon Valley for tech. 

Joma Tech features educational content about data science and software engineering in hopes to break the seemingly high barrier of breaking into the big tech companies. The channel also features an interesting series of narrative fiction called “Startup Series” that covers content around startups with a funny take.

This box of chocolate never ceases to amaze the viewers with witty and educational content. From interview question tips to interview rejections, Joma unveils the raw realities of a software engineers life through his channel.

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3. TechLead

Learn about tech, money, and success from a real multi-millionaire in an entertaining talkshow.

Patrick Shyu is a former Google and Facebook tech lead. He is a multi-millionaire app developer/entrepreneur, digital nomad traveler, and senior software engineer. Shyu has also launched numerous successful independent apps as a full-stack web developer.

Based in Silicon Valley, TechLead has contributed to some of the top mobile apps like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. On the channel, you will find all the help you need in preparing for an interview, writing outstanding resumes, mentorship, and landing the right job as a software engineer.

Having achieved an amazing life of traveling, remote work, and financial independence, Shyu wants to share his success stories and the lessons and failures he encountered on the journey with his viewers.


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4. Engineered Truth

Matthew Tran started his YouTube channel to share his passion about technology and career goals. Tran is from Los Angeles and he graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering. 

On Engineered Truth, you will find videos that will help you find your dream job, whether it’s in the digital domain, working from home, or starting your first online business.

The channel also helps the viewers prepare for job interviews, provides entrepreneurial guidance, and also unveils salaries in high-paying careers. 

The team also has a blog where you can find more information about careers and business.

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5. freeCodeCamp

Free full length courses on programming and technology with no ads.

FreeCodeCamp is the campsite where you set up your tent to avail free full length courses on programming and technology.

The channel is an open source, ad-free community of 1.73 million subscribers for people who want to learn to code and build projects for nonprofits. The channel teaches theory and conceptual knowledge about coding through full-length courses. Their tutorials cover topics likeHTML, Python, SQL, CSS, Javascript, Django, Applied Deep Learning, MongoDB, and much more.

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Be sure to check out our review of freeCodeCamp‘s popular online learning platform.

6. John Fish

John Fish is an artificial intelligence and psychology student at Harvard.  He is originally from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

On his channel, Fish shares videos on programming, coding and AI. He is passionate about reading and shares his reading lists and personal suggestions with his viewers. The channel also highlights his life at Harvard, tips to ace exams, giveaways, traveling and more.

Fish’s channel is all about the passionate explorations of his curiosities. So if you want a mix of technical knowledge and fun, his channel is a go to place.

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7. Code Bullet

Just a guy with an anger management problem trying to program an AI.

Code Bullet is a place for all things related to computer science. If you want a mix of nerdy and awesome then look no further, because Code Bullet has plenty of both. 

“Career Karma entered my life when I needed it most and quickly helped me match with a bootcamp. Two months after graduating, I found my dream job that aligned with my values and goals in life!”

On Code Bullet, you will find content on programming, AI, algorithms, and the science behind AI.

The AI on this channel learns to do many interesting tasks, like walking, solving a Rubik’s Cube, and playing chess and Flappy Bird.

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8. Corey Schafer

Programming tutorials that are meant to teach the concepts in detail without wasting the viewers time.

Corey Schafer’s channel is focused on creating tutorials and walkthroughs for software developers, programmers, and engineers. The channel covers topics for people with different skill levels and backgrounds. So whether you are a beginner in this field or an expert, this channel will have something to give you!

There is a huge library of information on Python, Git, development environments, terminal commands, SQL, programming terms, JavaScript, computer science fundamentals, and plenty of other tips and tricks that will help you in your career.

Corey Schafer is from West Virginia. His inspiration in programming started after interning at the Kennedy Space Center. Before starting his YouTube journey, Schafer was working full-time at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics in Boulder, Colorado.

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9. edureka!

Edureka’s YouTube is a one-stop solution for working professionals looking to add new skills to their profile through free learning resources and tutorials.

Edureka is a one-stop solution for working professionals who are looking to add new software skills to their profile. The channel provides free learning resources and tutorials on topics such as Big Data & Hadoop, DevOps, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Angular, Data Science, Apache Spark, Python, Selenium, Tableau, Android Development, PMP certification, Informatica, AWS Architect, Digital Marketing and many more. The channel has hour-long free courses and is a pot of gold for aspiring engineers out there!

Edureka interacts with viewers through their live e-learning platform. Their mission is to make learning accessible to everyone. The platform offers instructor-led courses, along with 24/7 on-demand support to achieve the highest course completion rates in the industry!

Awanish, the owner of the channel, is currently working as the AVP for Content Marketing at Edureka.

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10. Brackeys

Copenhagen-based Asbjørn Thirslund and Andreas Gielov started their journey by creating video games as a hobby.  Soon after this hobby turned into a passion. Thirslund and Gielov started their channel, called Brackeys, 10 years ago. 

Brackeys is dedicated to 100% free educational videos about game development. Over the years, the channel has become one of the best free resources for content on game development.

At Brackeys, viewers can learn a variety of skills, including how to create a game in as little as four days, or how to build games in Unity.

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11. Sebastian Lague

Sebastian Lague is a self-taught programmer from South Africa. He loves making little video games and experimenting with stuff that fascinates him, like using code to simulate erosion, create clouds, or generate planets.

Sebastian started his channel to share his knowledge about programming and games development and has been able to connect with an amazing online community.

Join Sebastian’s coding adventures on his channel where you can learn about boids, marching cubes, hydraulic erosions and much more!

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12. Tech With Tim

Tim Ruscica is a second year computer science student with a passion for programming and education. He is from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and has been programming since he was 12 years old.

Ruscica was inspired to start his channel when he was working as a program coordinator at a summer camp. At the camp he ran a coding specialty designed to teach children how to program in python. To help the kids learn from home, he decided to post a few python tutorial videos on YouTube. The children benefited from it immensely and this experience helped him continue his rewarding YouTube journey.

On his channel, Tech With Tim, viewers benefit from free high quality programming education tutorials on python programming, game development, pygame, java tutorials and machine learning.

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13. Python Programmer

Giles McMullen-Klein is passionate about learning and sharing his coding knowledge with his viewers. He left his job in medical physics research to look after his disabled daughter.

His channel, Python Programmer, features tutorials on Python, data science, Machine Learning (ML), and Artificial Intelligence (AI). You will also find advice on how to start learning these skills and where to find the best learning resources.

Giles McMullen-Klein encourages self-belief in his viewers and motivates them to achieve their goals. He believes that anybody can master any skill. All it takes is encouragement, motivation, and self-belief!

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14. Web Dev Simplified

Web Dev Simplified is the best place to learn concepts that are simply explained without sacrificing any depth.

Kyle Cook started his YouTube channel “Web Dev Simplified” with the goal to simplify the overly complex information online into simple to understand language. After over 100 videos and 1.5 years of work, he has helped hundreds of thousands of developers in finding jobs, fixing bugs, and feeling more confident in their programming journey.

Web Dev Simplified is the best place to learn concepts that are simply explained without sacrificing any depth. If you are just getting started in web development, Web Dev Simplified has all the tools you need to learn the newest and most popular technologies to convert you from a no stack to a full stack developer. Web Dev Simplified also deep dives into advanced topics using the latest best practices for the seasoned web developers.

If you want to learn programming in a hassle-free way, this web development channel is your best friend.

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15. Clément Mihailescu

Clément Mihailescu is the co-founder and CEO of AlgoExpert—a platform that provides resources for software engineers to practice technical interview questions. This former Google and Facebook software engineer is from New York and is passionate about entrepreneurship and software engineering.

Mihailescu started his channel in the summer of 2019 and has been actively engaging with his audience through informative content since. Mihailescu doesn’t shy away from the tough stuff, providing his viewers with tips for landing an interview at Google and Facebook. Through his personal experience, Mihailescu shares the dos and don’ts of acing these interviews.

Mihailescu’s channel is divided into three parts: Google-related videos, videos on AlgoExpert, and entrepreneurship videos. The channel is a go-to for many budding entrepreneurs and software engineers, who can benefit from the content and get one step closer to success!

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16. Engineer Man

Short high quality programming and engineering videos delivered with unparalleled clarity

Engineer Man is an accomplished software engineer from Northwest Florida. His passion for designing and building software as well as teaching inspired him to create his YouTube channel.

On Engineer Man, the viewers can learn JavaScript, Python, C, and Linux. New videos are posted every Sunday and there are live Streams every other Saturday, along with bonus videos periodically on Wednesdays.

Engineer man is also actively engaged with his audience on Discord. Drop by on Discord and say hello.

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17. Dev Ed

Simo Edwin is set to make programming fun for his viewers. He uses his video-editing, photography and 3D skills to make programming fun and unique.

Through the channel “Dev Ed,” the viewers learn about web development, web design, 3D modelling, video game creation in Unity, developing an application in node.js and learn tools like figma. Edwin’s videos are bound to inspire creativity and passion while providing fun to the viewers at the same time.

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18. Jesse Showalter

Jesse Showalter is originally from Honolulu, Hawaii and is currently living in Austin, Texas. He is a digital designer in UI & UX. He started his YouTube channel to help people who are in the same boat as him so he could take them safely to the shore.  

Jesse Showalter shares digital design & web development tutorials each week focusing on tools, techniques, and projects to help creative people make amazing things. If you’re an aspiring web designer, UI designer, or a front-end developer interested in creating awesome things in pixels and code, make sure to subscribe to Jesse’s channel! 

The channel also covers topics like HTML, CSS, Sass, Javascript, Design Principles, User Experience, Interface Design, MODX, Open Source Stuff and more.

Jesse is passionate about teaching aspiring artists to follow their passions and use their creative skills to solve real-world problems.

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19. Life of Luba

Life of Luba is about tech and life in Silicon Valley.

Luba Yudasina was born and raised in Belarus. She moved to Canada to study Chemical Engineering at the University of Waterloo. Realizing that the chemical industry was not for her, she decided to learn how to code. Yudasina then moved to Silicon Valley and interned at Yelp and Airbnb.

On her channel “Life of Luba,” she talks about software engineering, coding, tech and life in Silicon Valley. You will also find videos on useful advice about interviewing, kicking off a career in tech, ways to make money online and much more.

The channel is an inspiration for many aspiring engineers to reach for their dreams, work smarter, and think outside of the box.

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20. Will Kwan

In 2016, Will Kwan graduated with a degree in computer science. He left his software engineering job to focus on YouTube and spent a lot of time studying machine learning.

His channel is about AI, web developer crash courses, digital nomading, and much more. The channel also features many vlogs from Kwan’s traveling ventures.

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21. Colt Steele

Coding videos and courses taught by someone who loves teaching, dumb jokes, and his cats.

Colt Steele, a former Curriculum Director at Galvanize and a Senior Course Developer at Udacity, left his job to teach online full-time. He started web development related courses on Udemy and recently launched a job-guaranteed online bootcamp with Springboard.

Steele spends months curating a single Udemy course so that his students can benefit from his best work. However, to connect with his students and viewers more often and build an online community, he started his YouTube channel.

Colt Steele’s channel features short videos on coding bootcamps and programming languages. The channel, in the near future, will release entire programming courses for free including a start-to-finish coding bootcamp. So stay tuned!

Steele lives in the hills north of San Francisco with his chickens and cats (and he is about to add a pair of goats soon!)

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22. Alex Lee

Alex Lee’s channel focuses on simple Java tutorials, using a wonderful mix of creativity and passion! Lee is from Raleigh, NC where he works for a large software company. As a student, Lee saw a lack of computer science education on YouTube, so he decided to create his channel to support other students like him.

If you are interested in learning about Java, this channel is a goldmine: You’ll find a plethora of resources, including tutorials for beginners, game building, Q&As, and much more!

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23. Sean Allen

With tutorials and career advice, it’s must watch for iOS developers.

Sean Allen is an iOS engineer, currently living in Pennsylvania. He loves creating YouTube videos, podcasts, and online courses for iOS development.

After facing rejection at whiteboard interviews at some of Silicon Valley’s biggest companies, Allen decided to showcase his iOS knowledge through his YouTube channel, where he was able to show the world that his knowledge and skills went beyond the typical interviews.

On his channel, Allen features amazing content on Swift, iOS Development, vlogs and interview tips.

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24. Bread

Inconsistent, but you can always expect honesty, information, and entertainment (usually around tech).

Bradley Mitchell is a 23-year-old software engineer from New Jersey. He recently moved to the West Coast to follow his dreams of working as a software engineer. Mitchell is a self-described creator at heart, and he started the YouTube channel “Bread” to share information on how to mod (modify) video games—specifically Grand Theft Auto 4. His channel has grown from there into a robust gaming channel over the years. 

Today, Bread is a mixture of fun vlogs, travel-related bits/bytes, and personal stories. You will find information about various topics, including managing stress while filling out job applications and advice on whether you should major in computer science.

Bread also features content centered around Miscreated and Unturned—two famous survival games. On Bread, you can learn how to edit maps, install mods tutorials, create groups, and much more!

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25. ThinMatrix

Karl Wimble is an indie game developer and a Youtuber from the UK. He is currently living in Germany. Wimble is passionate about creating games and has been developing games full-time for over five years. He documents his progress as an indie game developer in his devlog videos.

The channel features the life of an indie game developer, new feature additions, and coding among other things. You can also find 50+ video tutorials about creating your own 3D game engine using OpenGL on the channel.

Wimble completed his game “Equilinox” which was released in 2018. You can learn about his full journey through his devlogs on his channel!

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26. The Cyber Mentor

My channel features content related to cybersecurity including ethical hacking tutorials, career and interview advice, and entrepreneurial advice for those interested in working in the field.

The Cyber Mentor features content related to cybersecurity including ethical hacking tutorials, career and interview advice, and entrepreneurial advice for those interested in working in the respective field.

Heath Adams, the owner of the channel loves to teach through his YouTube channel as well as through multiple other platforms like Udemy, Twitch, and INE.

Adams is a husband, runner, tinkerer, military vet, and owner of many animals.

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27. Dylan Israel

Follow the journey of me where sometimes its tutorials, sometimes its advice, but always its valuable.

Dylan Christopher Israel teaches and mentors thousands of his students on topics related to software engineering. Dylan went from having $500 in his bank account to being a homeowner within a few years. He was also featured as “Person of the Year” in the 2006 Time Magazine issue.

On his channel, he uploads multiple object oriented programming languages specializing with JavaScript and its frameworks such as jQuery, Angular, React and more. Most of the content is focused around online tutorial sites such as Codecademy, FreeCodeCamp and CodeCombat.

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28. Program With Erik

Erik is from Reno, Nevada. He has been working as a software developer for over 10 years. Five years ago, he started a blog on software development for fun.  Since then, he has written two books, created several courses and started a YouTube channel. Erik is passionate about new technologies, JavaScript frameworks and teaching.

On his channel “Program With Erik,” you will find video tutorials on Ember.js, Vue.js, Phoenix and more.

Be sure to check out the video Erik created with his seven year old daughter where they both review different sites that teach kids how to program!

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29. Chris Jereza

Chris Jereza is a Gen Z lifestyle vlogger who is passionate about software engineering, music, videography, and storytelling. Jereza is a San Francisco native who believes that career success often comes down to lifestyle. 

Chris Jereza’s channel is all about life in Silicon Valley, tech careers, personal growth, and lifestyle design. You will find interesting and engaging videos about Jereza’s journey entering the tech industry. Through his channel, Jereza has helped his viewers develop a productive mindset focused on career development. He encourages viewers to incorporate mindfulness into their daily lives. 

On Chris’s channel, you will find an immense library of resources on interview tips, finding internships, preparing for college admissions, etc. Are you wondering how to stay motivated as a software engineer? How to pass coding interviews? How to start programming? Chris’s channel answers all these questions for you, so you don’t have to find the answers by yourself!

Chris Jereza’s channel is not just about tech; it also covers life hacks about dating, traveling, morning routines, self-driving, cruises, and many other cool things!

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30. Tren Black

Tren Black is attempting to create and bring about an army of The Greek Gods of Computer Science! From tips on earning the perfect SAT score to learning how to code, Tren Black is bringing his audience content with a twist as to how programming is traditionally learned. Through his channel, Black makes programming fun and aesthetic for his viewers.

Nerds of the future generation, take note and be ready to join the army!

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31. Gyasi-Linje

Authentic tech and lifestyle channel that gives you a behind the scenes experience of a 24 year old software engineer and content creator.

Gyasi-Linje Calhoun is from Cleveland, Ohio. The 24 year old software engineer was motivated to create a YouTube account inspired by one of his YouTuber friends, Justin Monte. 

Calhoun, through his channel, talks about  innovation through engineering, design, and sports. He also produces vlogs, cinematic short films, and tech hacks.

On the channel you will find information on the best tech to buy, top programming languages, tips on maximizing productivity and much more.

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32. Nick White

Serious explanations from someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

Nicolas White is a Software Engineer from Buffalo, New York. Through his channel “Nick White,” he seeks to make the process of coding fun and enjoyable for his viewers.

Nick White’s channel features videos on gaming, coding, and IRL. In many of his videos, Nick documents the process of preparing interviews for the top tech companies like Facebook, Google, and Apple.

The channel also covers a variety of content on programming languages on LeetCode.

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33. Coder Foundry

Concrete information and advice for aspiring web developers looking to land their first job in the industry.

Coder Foundry is a coding bootcamp based in North Carolina that provides immersive training in the Microsoft .NET stack.

Bobby Davis, a developer and serial entrepreneur, started the channel to help people who weren’t able to attend a full-time bootcamp. Through his channel, Davis gives his viewers a peek into the world of software engineering in the form of a plethora of tips about how to break into a successful software career.

The Coder Foundry team loves helping people break into the industry and change their lives! They work hard to inspire and help people continue their learning journey towards a software career.

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34. Jonas Tyroller

I document my game dev journey and share everything I learn with you.

Jonas Tyroller is an indie game developer from Germany. 10 years ago, he started developing games as a hobby and is now set to convert his hobby into a full time profession. Tryoller had his first commercial success this year with ISLANDERS which started out as a university project at HTW Berlin. His current project is called Will You Snail, a fast paced platformer about defeating a superhuman AI which is set to be on Steam this year.

Through his channel, Tyroller documents his game development journey to inspire other indie game developers in their development journeys.

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35. amigoscode

Amigoscode founder, Nelson Jamal, is on a mission to help aspiring software engineers achieve their dreams. A software engineer from the UK, Jamal is passionate and driven about teaching programming.

At Amigoscode, you will find programming crash courses, security courses, and coding tutorials. For the aspiring software engineers out there, this channel will provide you with many handy tips and tricks, as well as practical examples and scenarios. 

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36. DummyCodes

A place you can laugh at yourself and learn about yourself.

Dummycodes was created for the viewers to have a fun place to laugh, enjoy and learn about themselves. Larry Simiyu started the channel out of frustration during his coding journey. The difficulties that he had faced in learning about coding and finding a job in the profession, he did not want others to face. Hence, through his channel he wanted to help people who were going through the same process as him and wanted to make it easier for them. 

The channel shares tips to ace a job interview, be better at programming and provides access to free learning resources.

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37. Infallible Code

Charles is a software engineer from Miami, Florida. He created Infallible Code as a vehicle for his own personal growth. Charles wanted to create games and felt that placing himself in the shoes of an educator would force him to learn more rapidly. Having to articulate his knowledge into lessons for others helped him increase his knowledge and advance his learning process.

There is a vast community based around Infallible Code: a group of smart, talented, funny individuals who work tirelessly to help each other grow.

At Infallible Code, you will learn Unity tutorials for game programmers, frameworks, design patterns, unit testing, and more. The channel provides all the tools you need to be a great Unity developer!

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38. The Come Up

Bukola Ayodele is a Software Engineer currently living in NYC. She is passionate about discussing the different paths of entering the tech industry with her viewers.  

Her channel, The Come Up, provides helpful information for those looking to enter the tech industry in a non-traditional way. From strategies on how to stay motivated during the process to guides on how to prepare for interviews, you will find a variety of useful content on her channel. 

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39. Simple Programmer

Simple Programmer is focused on helping software developers, programmers and other IT professionals improve their careers and live better lives.

You’ll find the content at Simple Programmer to be holistic in nature. That means you are just as likely to find articles about improving your career as you are to find those about developing your people skills, getting in shape and tackling the mental aspects of being a software developer.

John Sonmez’s goal at Simple Programmer is not just to help you get a better job and make more money but also to help you be amazing in all areas of your life.

Follow Simple Programmer:

40. Girl Knows Tech

Study with me and vlogs about my life studying software engineering and artificial intelligence

Marie-Philippe Gill started her channel “Girl Knows Tech” to show that women can also be successful in the tech industry. Gill graduated with a degree in software engineering from Montreal, Quebec. She is now pursuing her masters in machine learning.

On Girl Knows Tech, you will find daily “Study With Me Live” videos where you can join Gill and study with her! The channel also features occasional videos about Gill’s life as a woman in tech, vlogs, and other college-life related videos.

Follow Girl Knows Tech:

41. Ruseberry

Ruseberry channel is about helping people quickly advance into the tech industry through insider knowledge of the job application process. This includes job tips, interview preparation, and ways to climb the corporate ladder. You will also find on the channel information on life hacks and financial advice.

Ruseberry is from Jamaican and Ukranian descent. She recently launched a startup (in beta mode) with the goal of helping bridge the gap between recruiters and job seekers.

For all the aspiring web developers out there, if you are looking for cool and informative information on web development and coding, along with many tips and hacks in the field, Ruseberry’s channel is the way to go!

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42. Classsed

On Classsed you learn the fundamentals and the things you’d use most of the time.

Ahmed Hadjou is a full stack developer living in the UK. Hadjou is originally from Algeria, and he loves teaching programming through his YouTube channel “Classsed.”

At Classsed, you will learn the fundamentals of programming and web development. Ranging from front-end frameworks, like Angular and React, to Back-end languages, like Node.js and PHP, the channel covers information on MongoDB, MySQL, cloud platforms, like AWS, Firebase, Digital Ocean, and much more! 

Once you dig in deeper, you will find a lot of cool information on Babel, Webpack, Gulp, Bootstrap, Next.js, Vue, Redux, TypeScript, and Laravel, among others. 

To all the aspiring developers out there: be on the look-out for this channel!

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43. Tiffin

Your go to place for valuable content on tech, business, and entrepreneurship.

Tiffany Janzen wants to set a trend for all the people out there who are scared to make a career shift. Janzen started out in the modeling and fashion industry, and after attending a coding bootcamp, she decided to switch to the tech industry.

Through her YouTube channel “Tiffin,” Janzen shows people what tech has to offer. She helps people improve their day to day lives through practical and motivational content. She also brings value and trust to her audience by maintaining authenticity. On her channel, you will find videos on a range of topics. From fashion styles to programming to business, her channel is an amalgam of different facets of life. 

How to break out of bad habits as a developer, tips for motivation and self-confidence, how to style a white blouse, and tips to start coding, are among some of the topics covered on her channel.

Follow Tiffin:

44. florinpop

Florin Pop is a programmer from Romania. He loves coding, learning through books, videos and courses and enjoys engaging with his followers on social media.

Florin Pop’s channel is all about learning web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ReactJS, NodeJS, animations, components, APIs and all the cool stuff.) The tutorials on the channel are a one step ahead of basics. So if you already have your basics covered in programming, this channel is a great next step forward for you.

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45. Ricky Garcia

Ricky Garcia is originally from Idaho Falls, Idaho and currently lives in Salt Lake. This web producer is passionate about self-education and loves sharing his resources online.

On his channel, you will find content on web development, online education and also videos featuring Garcia’s journey towards becoming a better developer.

Garcia also conducts weekend live Q&A sessions, shares his new year plans, and hosts “study with me” sessions.

Follow Ricky Garcia:


My YouTube Channel has been a study in art, computer science, spirituality, and personal achievement.

Casadaro is a three-time combat veteran from the south side of chicago. He loves computers, spirituality, philosophy, the study of personal achievement and business. 

He started his YouTube channel to document his journey from the army to mastering code and computer science. On his channel “The Real Casadaro,” you will find entertaining and informative content about art, computer science, spirituality, society, creative work, web development and personal achievement.


47. Smok

Rafal Swidzinski is a Polish developer living in the UK. On his channel, he documents his life as a software developer. 

Through high quality software videos, he tackles technical problems, including real life and work related challenges that many people in the field encounter. He explains the concepts of software development in detail and demystifies the craft of being a software engineer.

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48. Eleftheria Batsou

Ellie is an app developer from Greece. She is passionate about coding, designing and travelling. She started her channel “Eleftheria Batsou” on YouTube to share the things she learned throughout her journey as a coder. 

Ellie wants to inspire her viewers to learn beyond the basics, for example, exploring more than the basics in jQuery or React.

Additionally, the channel provides helpful material to land the right job not just through coding skills but also through developing soft skills which are equally essential in a coding role.  

The channel, through its motivational content, offers inspiration for viewers to follow their heart and do what they love doing.

Ellie has appeared in tech conferences around the world and some of the videos of her channel were also featured at FreeCodeCamp.

Follow Eleftheria Batsou:

49. Sosa

Sosa is about an engineer talking about her experience naviagating the tech industry.

Sosa is about an engineer sharing her experience navigating through the tech industry.  Sosa is a first-generation Nigerian American. Originally born and raised on the East Coast, she moved out to the Bay Area after graduating from Hamilton College in the summer of 2018. Sosa is passionate about technology, tinkering with code, and finding ways to flex her creative muscles.

On her channel, you will find answers to your pressing questions about interviewing, choosing the right career in tech, and landing the right job.

Follow Sosa:

50. Wayne Jackson Jr.

A channel to inspire and help aspiring software engineer’s move towards greatness.

Wayne Jackson Jr. is an engineer at Facebook. He started his channel to help inspire people from all backgrounds to tap into their true potential.

The channel features cool and interesting content including building an android weather app, earning money on the side through programming, how to overcome success barriers and much more.

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