Best Free Antivirus Software for Windows 10

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Here is my quick list of the best free antivirus for Windows 10 in 2021:

Antivirus is an important piece of software on your computer that protects it from malicious programs and prevents the loss of confidential information.

There are many such programs on the market, which differ in both how effective they are and how much they cost. However, you don’t always have to pay for a good antivirus — you can use one of the free options. The purpose of this article is to tell you more about the main criteria of how to select a modern antivirus program and to show you the pros and cons of the most popular free products. These are also considered the best free antivirus software on Reddit and Quora.

1. Best free antivirus for Windows 10 in 2021

1.1. AVG

AVG Anti-Virus Free is a popular antivirus. Its main feature is a deep integration into the system. It automatically scans files and programs when they are launched, thus avoiding infections by viruses, trojans, and spyware. Also, AVG provides the user with a customizable scanner. With this function, you can control both the process of checking your computer for infected files and the process of their treatment. The new version of AVG has a fully updated, pleasant-looking interface with user-friendly menus.

AVG Anti-Virus Free boasts excellent system protection and relatively low consumption of system resources. Unlike the paid version, which, of course, contains more tools and functions, the free version works much more stable, while receiving the same technical support in the form of updates. The app performance is amazing, and the email scanner will save you from having to install specialized applications, as it perfectly copes with it. A new unique feature — Link Scanner – allows the user to use the antivirus to scan the site without accessing it, which can be very convenient. AVG Anti-Virus Free is the “default” choice for more than 5 million users worldwide.

1.2 Avast

Avast Free Antivirus is an excellent free antivirus that has been recognized by millions of users around the world due to its reliable protection against trojans and viruses in real-time. The latest version of Avast boasts an updated intuitive interface, several unique features (AutoSandbox, Intelligent Scanner, etc.), improved speed and, most importantly, one of the broadest virus bases in the world (it is updated daily).

Avast Free Antivirus provides the user with a new AutoSandbox feature, which allows the automatization of the process of placing suspicious files in the sandbox. Once in the sandbox, you can make a full file analysis and, if necessary, cure it. This feature allows you to save a large percentage of files from instant erasure, to avoid system errors associated with deleting important system files, and so on. The application handles objects neater than analogs!

Also, the new version of Avast includes a built-in remote support feature. A user can connect to another user’s computer (only with permission) and provide him with technical support or assistance, which is quite convenient since it eliminates the need to have a customized program on the computer for remote access. In general, Avast Free Antivirus is an excellent choice for the average user, providing him/her with everything needed to keep the system clean.

1.3 Avira

Avira Free Antivirus is a simple antivirus that boasts fairly effective protection against viruses, trojans, and adware. Its main advantage over competitors is the use of cloud technology, which allows you to protect your computer from the newest and most recent threats. The antivirus itself provides only basic protection against threats but this can be expanded with special plug-in modules that can be downloaded absolutely free of charge from the official website. Thus, each user can “build” a personal and unique security system.

Avira Antivirus Free comes bundled with the Virus Guard module, which automatically scans the files that the user opens, which increases the security level of the system. To ensure security in Wi-Fi networks, you can also activate the Avira Phantom VPN protection component, which is necessary in order to protect your PC against phishing sites and external threats. In general, Avira is one of the best solutions for combating the so-called “polymorphic” viruses that can emulate normal programs.

You can also install an e-mail scanning module and protection from spam and dialer programs. In other words, Avira is a good antivirus that is ready to reliably protect your computer for a long time, no matter what you do.

1.4 Bitdefender

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition is a free version of the popular Bitdefender antivirus. Although it has slightly lost some of its features, it can still compete with the leaders on the antivirus software market, as it easily catches all existing viruses. The free version includes a modern scanner with a calendar module which makes it possible to schedule system checks, a quarantine module to monitor suspicious files, a scan log, and a huge virus database, which currently contains about 500,000 signatures.

There is an opinion that the free version will never provide the same quality as the paid antivirus programs, and Bitdefender easily breaks down all such stereotypes. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition is ideal for home use, as it does not burden the system with unnecessary processes while providing a high level of protection. Unlike many other antiviruses, Bitdefender does not annoy you with constant pop-up windows and does not require user participation in its work.

A huge database of viruses provides the highest level of protection, and an intuitive interface allows it to be used even by users who have never used any antivirus programs before. Try this wonderful antivirus in action and make sure that it is one of the best representatives on the market!

1.5 Comodo

Comodo Antivirus is a powerful free antivirus software for the comprehensive protection of your computer against viruses, trojans, hacker attacks, and other malicious software. Thanks to the advanced heuristic analysis of files, Comodo copes with the identification of infected files, allowing them to cure faster than they harm the system. Installing the antivirus is even easier than using it — during the installation, you will be asked to choose a lot of settings to make it easier to work with the program after installation.

Comodo Antivirus is perfect for both novice and advanced users, as it successfully combines a rich toolkit, convenient settings for automating processes and has a nice interface. The latest Comodo engine virtually almost does not load the system after the launch, and also reduces the time of scanning a computer for threats which traditionally takes a long time. As a result, we have a greatly customized antivirus that will faithfully serve us for many years.

1.6 Windows Security

If you use Windows 10, you already have a built-in antivirus, as well as additional protection modules, such as the SmartScreen filter, firewall, and user account control.

Many people ask whether the integrated Windows 10 antivirus is sufficient and how good it is. Although there might have been some problems with it several years ago, in 2019, the situation changed. If in the previous year, the Windows Defender and Microsoft Security Essentials tests showed below-average virus and malware detection rates, the tests now demonstrate the maximum level of protection on Windows 10. Does this mean that now you can turn down third-party antiviruses?

There is no clear answer. It will definitely be a great solution if you:

2. What should an antivirus include?

According to Symantec, about 400 thousand dangerous programs hit the Internet every day. Worms, Trojans, spyware, blockers, viruses, exploits, and other types of such programs can not only affect the operation of your device but also subordinate it in order to solve their fraudulent schemes. To reduce the risk of such problems, the developers of antivirus programs put a lot of effort in creating reliable protection for your computers. For this purpose, they use various approaches to protect your computer from online attacks. All the products provide a similar set of features. What are some of them?

3. Using your antivirus efficiently

4. Conclusion

Antivirus software cannot be considered to offer 100% protection to your PC against external threats. Yes, they are becoming more powerful and reliable every year. However, you need to understand that intruders will always be one step ahead. Therefore, along with antivirus programs, it is necessary to use system backup solutions. Another disadvantage of using antiviruses is the heavy load on the processor and RAM. Of course, you can set the time for checking the file system when it does not interfere with everyday tasks on the PC.

Also, remember that an attentive user is the best antivirus protection of the computer. If you plan to use a free antivirus, then go for AVG Antivirus since it has the most benefits and least problems.

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