Best Laptop Stands for MacBook Pro and Air: Enhance Your User Experience

Apple MacBooks are highly portable devices, which we can use whenever we are on the go. Regardless of its portability, when it comes to ergonomics laptops offer much. Neck pain, muscle discomfort, and laptop heating is a nightmare for most people. So using the best laptop stand for MacBook Pro and Air is the perfect solution for this type of problems.

The top-rated MacBook stands can be found in various sizes and styles. It could be in plastic, aluminum, or wood. Also, since adjustable laptop stands are used for different reasons and situations, it is important to choose the right MacBook desk stand for your need.

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Best Laptop Stands for MacBook Pro and Air

#1. Twelve South ParcSlope for MacBook

The Twelve south parcSlope is genuinely an excellent companion when Using a MacBook.


If you are looking for that desktop comfort, but at the same time need that Portability and mobility of a laptop, then ParcSlope MacBook stand is for you.

With Twelve South ParcSlope, you can elevate the screen of your MacBook to a neck friendly height.

This will enable you to do more projects with your laptop throughout the day.

Twelve South ParcSlope is such a portable laptop stand that can transform your room into a workstation.

Height, Weight, and Size

Twelve South ParcSlope weight just 2 pounds with an 18-degree angle that is perfect and comfortable for typing.

With its 18 degrees height and a Dimensions of 8.3 x 9.6 x 2.8 inches, your MacBook can now come closer to your eye level.

The angle is not too vertical for the keyboard. You are making it easy for you to use the keyboard comfortably while typing with your MacBook.

Design and Appearance

ParcSlope comes with a piece of aluminium. Because of this, it’s quite sturdy and heavy.

All around it, it has rubber pads around it. This helps it to stay steady when placed on your desk, and it will prevent your laptop from slipping off your stand.


ParcSlope can be adjusted into various shapes to fit your desired height.

For a digital artist, ParcSlope is the preferred when using your 12.9 inch iPad Pro.

With its adjustable 18 degrees angle, you will save your wrists from sketching for long.

Build quality

Are you looking for a quality laptop stand than ParcSlope is what you need?

With a ParcSlope stand, cooling your device will not be a problem. Its design to allow air to circulate underneath it.

Cable management and Ease of use

One more benefit of using Twelve South ParcSlope MacBook laptop stand is, it has a well-built cable management system.

With this cable management system, are accessible and handy during use. You are making it easy to use, even with your iPad.

Price: $109.99Buy Now from Twelve South | Buy Now from Amazon

#2. Bestand Aluminum Cooling Laptop Stand

Unlike most apple laptop stand, Bestand Aluminum cooling stand was designed to match all apple MacBook products.

Design and Appearance

It comes with a beautiful design. This is because its made from an aluminium sandblasted with a blasted silver anodize finish.

Adjustability and Build quality

You can adjust your firm to any position and enjoy a well-elevated viewing angle.

These will make your desk to have a lot of free space for you to work with.

Bestand can also be used as a MacBook pro stand, to give your MacBook that elevated position it deserves, at the same time providing you with an optimal viewing position.

This will also create more space on your desk, which you can use for other accessories such as your external keyboard and hard drive.

Size, Height, and Weight

Bestand Aluminum cooling computer stand, weight about 1 pound and has a Dimensions of 14 × 9.8 × 7.5 inches.

Ease of Use and Portability

Portability and Ease of use is one thing every mac laptop stand user wants. And with bestand, you are guaranteed to get it.

Bestand has an improved airflow. This enhanced airflow circulates air to your device, which helps to cool it.

It also has a rubber which grips to the surface of the mac pro stand. With this, your laptop is firmly placed, and it likely won’t be able to gall off.

Cable management

Cable management is one other feature that makes bestand the best choice.

The cable management is designed to allow your cable to pass through and keep them neatly gathered. With this, your workspace will be a cable clutter-free zone.

With this cable ring, you will be able to manage and organize your desk to be clutter-free.

#3. Nulaxy Ergonomic Adjustable Laptop Stand

Many laptop users usually experience unhealthy strain and tensions on their body.

Are you in any of these categories, then your remedy is the nulaxy metal laptop stand?

Adjustability and Build quality

Nulaxy Laptop Stand can be adjusted to fit in different height.

From 3.15 to 11.88, the adjustable laptop stand can be folded when you want to store it.

That’s not all, with Nulaxy laptop stand you can tilt the laptop to any position, be it slightly forward.

This will bring the screen of the laptop closer to you, give you that comfortable and more unobstructed viewing.

With all this in place, you will transform your desk into an ergonomic workspace.

Design and Appearance

To make Bestand Aluminum cooling computer stand standout, it comes with just a single piece of metal.

With its sleek design, the sturdy laptop stand can keep your devices fresh, while you work with your laptop.

It was able to do this with an improved airflow that circulates it.

And when you’re laptop start to heat, the metal panel was you place your laptop, starts to absorb the heat and distributes it away.

Surprisingly, the metal surface and the tilt also helps to prevent issues that are associated with overheating, malfunctions, slower performance, and crashing of the system, which may be caused by overheating.

Because of its better ergonomics, when using this laptop stand, you will no longer have neck pains.

With just a pull or a push depending on how low or high you want it to be.

Height and Weight and Size

Unlike most laptop stand, this MacBook stand is one of a kind.

It is made of premium aluminium alloy, with a beautiful finish which you can be seen around the corner of the stand.

It weight 0.95kg, with a Dimensions of 10.4 x 10.2 x 2.8 inches.

That’s not all. It can support up to 10kg of weight on top.

This stand has rubber pads; this pad is located at the surface of the position.

The primary function of this pad is to prevent your laptop from sliding off the stand and to protect it from scratches.

Ease of Use and Cable management

Bestand Aluminum cooling computer stand, is one of the most comfortable stand to use.

It has a hole that increases airflow at the top. This airflow helps to prevent your laptop from overheating when using it.

It also has rubber pads that help to raise your laptop a bit high to fit your desired height.

One other feature in this laptop stand is its ability to fold flat when you what to store it.


When it comes to Portability, this laptop stand is a must-have.

It’s compatible with every type of Apple laptops models from 10-17.3 inches, such as MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook, and more.

#4. Twelve South HiRise Stand for MacBook

Looking at a 20-inch desktop monitor is more comfortable and preferable, compared to looking at a 13-inch laptop screen.

Not only do you have to worry about the screen size, but you also have the height to worry about.

Now, this is what Twelve South HiRise is here to solve.

Adjustability, Design, and Appearance

Twelve South HiRise is wonderfully designed and is also a height-adjustable MacBook desk stand.

With this stand, you can turn your laptop into a comfortable desktop.

Unlike fit stand, HiRise lets you adjust your screen height to an inch.

This makes it perfect for all MacBook users of all sizes.

With HiRise stand, you can raise your MacBook screen to your perfect ergonomic setting.


HiRise is a portable MacBook stand that elevates your Mac laptop.

At the same time, helps in creating a perfect work setting.

You can use your favorite mouse and keyboard to create that perfect work station you have been dreaming about.

Size, Height, and Weight

HiRise stand is made from aluminum, which makes it easy for you if you want to grab and go.

It has a Product Dimensions of 11.5 x 3.3 x 4.3 inches, and it Weight 1.9 pounds.

Build quality

When using HiRise, you will notice that the top of the stand it more like a metal boomerang.

Which is design to hold your MacBook from falling off the stand?

Like most MacBook stands, it has a rubber tread which is on top.

Ease of use

With HiRise, you can pair your MacBook with your external display.

By doing that you get more than just a dual-screen display. What you get instead is a gorgeous and beautiful horizon to work with.

You may be rocking a 15 inch MacBook Pro or an 11 inch MacBook Air, HiRise stand will give you that desktop comfort.

With its V-shaped arms, which allows airflow to go around your MacBook.

It also has an elegant Teflon rail, which enables you to spin around your HiRise.

And it will not leave any mark on your laptop surface.

Price: $79.95Buy Now from Twelve South | Buy Now from Amazon

#5. Rain Design mStand Laptop Stand

With this stand, your MacBook will be transformed into a fantastic workstation.

Height, Weight, and Size

Rain Design mStand laptop stand, is designed with a single piece of aluminum.

Like most laptop stands, this aluminum panel helps to cool your laptop when it’s overheating.

When it comes to weight, it’s 2.86 pounds, and it has a dimension of 10 x 10 x 6 inches.

Design and Appearance

One thing you will notice when using the mStand laptop stand is its amazing curves with its fantastic silver-anodized finish.

With this design, it can serve as a MacBook air stand and even as a mac pro stand.

Cable management and Ease of use

When using mStand laptop stand you don’t have to worry about your cables cluttering all over your desk.

It has a hole at the back of the laptop stand, this cable hole helps to routes your wires, and also organize your cables neatly.

The last thing you want is to have wires all over your desk, causing distraction when you are working with your laptop.

Adjustability and Build quality

When using the mStand laptop stand, you don’t have to worry about straining your body to see the screen as you type.

You can rise your mStand screen to 5.9 inches, to meet your eye level.

Been able to raise your screen high, will also help to better your posture.


mStand portable and at the same time compatible with MacBook Pro and Apple MacBook.

It can also fit your standard 14 inches PC and 15 inches widescreen PC, with less than 10.4 inches depth.

You are making it your best choice if you are looking for a MacBook pro desktop stand.

If you are looking for a laptop stand that will create that ideal ergonomic set up for desktop than mStand is your choice.

#6. Twelve South Bookarc Vertical Stand for MacBook

When you are not using your MacBook, where do you keep it?

Let me guess; you put it into your laptop bag or on that other side of your desk, which makes it occupy space.

It’s a common knowledge that Headphones have there owned stands.

So why shouldn’t your MacBook have it’s own too.

Now let me introduce you to Twelve South Bookarc for MacBook, your vertical laptop stand.

Bookarc is a piece of anodized aluminum that is beautifully crafted to complement your MacBook.

Design and Appearance

Adjustability and Build quality

Unlike most MacBook stand, BookArc has always been about its aesthetics.

This gently curved aluminum stand is approachable and comfortable. And can fit into your desk.

Cable management, Height, Weight, and Size

Looking at both ends of this fantastic BookArc stand, you will find tightly openings that are carved out in its unibody.

This carving is designed to keep your Cables intact and prevent them from falling off from your Mac when they are disconnected.

The cable management system also helps to keep your cables tidy and neatly routes them back to your power outlet.

BookArc weights 15.7 ounces, and it has a Product Dimensions of 3.9 x 3.1 x 9.4 inches.

Portability and Ease of use

Another excellent feature is that BookArc is designed to allow you to utilize functionality in your MacBook, known as a closed-clamshell mode.

Letting you run your MacBook in a desktop setup, using your external monitor.

Using this mode, you will turn your desk into a more comfortable work station.

In fact, according to experts, having a dual-screen setup increases your focus and productivity level.

With BookArc MacBook desk stand, you can now be a laser focus on your projects.

#7. Soundance Aluminum Portable Laptop Stand

Are you looking for a laptop stand that will help correct your sitting posture and reduce neck pain?

Soundance Aluminum Laptop Stand, is an amazing and beautiful office and home laptop stand, for all your Apple Mac series.

Build quality and Adjustability

This laptop stand is built to be universally compatible with all MacBook Pro and other MacBooks, from 10 to 15.6 Inches.

Just like most stands, it has an open design which allows for natural air to cool your MacBook laptop.

For your body, it has an ergonomic design that gives your body more comfort and helps you relax your body why working on your projects.

It’s also designed with space underneath it, to allow you to put your external keyboard.

Design and Appearance

One fantastic feature that this laptop stand has is its anti-slip rubber.

This rubber pad is located at the top of the stand. And it helps protect your laptop from scratches.

Apart from preventing scratches, it also protects your MacBook from falling off your stand.

It had an ergonomic design, which enables the stand to elevate to a hight of 6 inches, for your laptop to match your eye level.

This will, in turn, help prevent you from hunching towards your screen, which will reduce shoulder and neck pain.

You don’t have to worry about getting your body scratched because these stand edges are designed to be so smooth.

Height, Weight, and Size

Soundance Aluminum Laptop Stand has a reasonable weight of 2.05 pounds and Dimensions 10.2 x 8.9 x 5.7 inches.

The one other good thing about this stand is, it can suit any laptop from 10-15.6 inches.

So, even if you are using Apple MacBook 12/13, MacBook Pro 13/15, MacBook Air 13 and so on. Soundance Aluminum Laptop Stand have you covered.

Cable management

Having an organized cable is one thing every laptop stand user wants to experience.

Soundance Aluminum Laptop Stand, give you that experience of having an organized cable.

With this stand, it is easy to organize your cables cleanly and neatly.

Portability and Ease of use

As a sturdy and Portable stand, Soundance Aluminum Laptop Stand is made of thickened Aluminum alloy.

With a rubber which sticks very tightly to ensure your laptop remains stable when on the stand.

For ease use, this stand can be detached and can also installed back without the use of any particular tool.

Because of this, it’s easier to store this laptop stand and even travel alone with it.

This is because this stand is well ventilated. It has two holder hands that let heat to vent, enabling your MacBook to remain cal.

#8. AmazonBasics Laptop Desk Stand for MacBook

Are you looking for a laptop stand that will give you comfort and increase your workflow? And at the same time increase airflow and reduce heat from your laptop?

With AmazonBasics, its time you turn your desk into a workstation and take your self into a new level of efficiency and Ease.

This stand can accommodate all sizes of MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13 inch, and Apple MacBook.

Design and Appearance

For most laptop users, over time, you start to experience unhealthy strains on your body and tensions.

This is as a result of leaning towards your laptop when typing.

Thankfully, the AmazonBasics metal laptop stand helps to resolve this issue.

With AmazonBasics, you can raise your laptop screen height to 6.1 inches, making your screen to be at the same level as your eye.

That’s not all; you can also tilt your laptop screen closer for more comfortable and more precise viewing.

With this stand, mouse and an external keyboard, your desk can be transformed into an ergonomic workspace.

Adjustability and Build quality

AmazonBasics is made of a piece of metal, that keeps the laptop cooler by distributing and absorbing the heat from the laptop.

Another significant benefit you will get when using this stand is, it has a well-structured airflow system to keep your laptop cooler.

All these features help in preventing issues associated with overheating in laptops, which may damage your laptop permanently.

Am sure you will not want that to happen to your MacBook.

Height, Weight, and Size

AmazonBasics size is impressive, made from a piece of metal, and coated with silver-anodized powder.

It weighs 4.4 pounds with Dimensions 10.1 x 9.3 x 6.1 inches.

Cable management

For convenience, you will find a cable hole at the back of the AmazonBasics stand.

This cable hole helps you to routes your wires to help minimize cable cluttering.

You will also find space underneath the stand that allows storing of external keyboards.

The good thing with AmazonBasics stand is, using it helps to free up desk space, which allows creating a neat and tidy appearance.

Ease of Use and Portability

AmazonBasics stand is one of the most beautiful and portable MacBook Pro laptop stand out there.

Not only does it have a convenient and sleek design. You will also find out that it has an elegant profile.

This laptop stand can complement your MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

#9. AVLT-Power Laptop Aluminum Adjustable Stand for MacBook

If you are looking for a laptop stand that can be raised to 11.8 inches.

Let me introduce you to AVLT-Power MacBook Pro Laptop Stand.

This laptop stand is so sturdily built, that it can hold laptops and with its metallic rotational pivots, it can sustain more than 15,000 motion cycles.

This stand can hold up to 13.2 lbs of weight, that means it can hold up to three large 15 inch MacBooks.

Adjustability and Build quality

When using AVLT-Power MacBook Pro Laptop Stand, you will see it has a laptop riser.

With this riser, you can adjust your laptop to stand higher or lower to fit your desire.

If you rise your laptop higher, you will create more space on your desk to keep other items.

Height, Weight, and Size

When buying a laptop, stand weight and size are critical factors to consider.

AVLT-Power MacBook Pro Laptop Stand Weight 2.75 pounds and has Dimensions 12.6 x 10.2 x 6.8 inches.

Always remember when it comes to size, every laptop stand varies.

Design and Appearance

AVLT-Power MacBook Pro Laptop Stand has a z-type design when typing you will discover that this space helps you to adjust your height easily.

And it also helps you to sit appropriately, thereby supporting your neck and back posture.

It’s also designed in a way that your laptop stand can be elevated to fit your eye level.

This will not only relieve the pains in your neck, but it will also improve your performance level.

Ease of Use and Portability

To show you how portable this stand is, it has multi-function wide hole which cools down your laptop when it is overheating.

You can carry it to your office or even travel with it.

#10. Steklo Adjustable Aluminum Foldable Laptop Stand

If you are looking for a laptop stand that is adjustable and can keep your laptop in the perfect height.

X-Stand Aluminum Laptop Stand is one of the revolutionary laptops stand today.

This laptop stand is quite simple to use, and it makes your laptop look cool.

It among one of the few laptops stand out there that can fit into your pocket.

Height, Weight, and Size

Unlike most other laptop stands, X-Stand Aluminum Laptop Stand is one of the position out there that can fit into your pocket.

And when you need it, you can expand it to any height of your choice.

It has a Dimension of 6.7 x 2.9 x 1.7 inches and a weight of 5.8 ounces. And also when folded its 6.3 inches in size.

It can also support MacBook starting from 12 to 17 inches.

Remember that the majority of laptops lie within that range, so this is a convenient size.

Design and Appearance

This laptop stand is designed to be folded and fit into your pocket.

With this MacBook stand, you don’t have to lug your position around when you are not using it.

Adjustability and Build quality

X-Stand Aluminum Laptop Stand can be adjusted for any laptop size.

Ease of Use and Portability

When it comes to Portability and Ease of use, Steklo X-stand gives you all you need.

You can use it for a prolonged time and can be folded up into your pocket.


For a better Ergonomic Design. According to health experts, it is recommended that your laptop screen is at your eye level.

The idea behind the creation of the laptop stand is straight forward. Because of this, many of the portable laptop stands out there, look the same, and have similar features. However, there are many MacBook Pro, and Air laptop stands out there.They all differ when it comes to price and quality. Every laptop stands out there is designed to solve a problem, and also designed to serve a specific brand. Before buying a MacBook Pro and Air laptop stand, what should you be aware of?SIZEWhen it comes to sizes, laptops stands vary from each other.Some sizes are not big enough to accommodate most laptops. And there are still others that cater to various shapes and sizes of laptop.Most laptop stands are mostly designed to fit laptops of 15.4 inches.This is the size of most of the laptops. But with more significant laptop stands, they can support up to 17 inches.There are MacBook laptop stands that are permanently set up on the desk.Others can be removed and stored away.One more thing you will see its that some MacBook laptop stands can be folded, but it arrives with compact size.For the foldable ones, they are made from lightweight materials.If travelling and size are necessary for you, then keep it in mind.ADJUSTABILITYThis is another important feature of MacBook laptop stands.This feature allows you to customized your needs, change your position whenever you want to do so.Adjustability allows you to prevent potential injury and repetitive strain.MATERIALOne way to know a good MacBook laptop stand is that it should be made from a lightweight material.Making it from such materials makes it portable.When you are about to buy a product, you need to ask your self some basic questions.Who is this intended for?If you are using it for the office, then you need a better sturdier and metal material that can handle your workload.WEIGHTWeight is one of the essential factors.When buying a laptop stand you need to consider the heavier MacBook laptop, if you are going to use it for over the office.But if you need it for your residential purpose, then you should go for a lightweight laptop stand.

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We always overlook the number of hours we spent working on our project. To finish our projects, we have forgotten about our posture and health.

Yes, Laptops are indeed essential in this technology-driven world. This is because they can be used anywhere. Because of this laptop stands has become very important.

When you are on a hurt for the best laptop stand for MacBook Pro and Air, you have to be careful and watch out for the type of material that is used in building those design.

Now, this is where you look out before buying. This review will help you decide which laptop stands will best suit you.

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