Best Laptops For FL Studio In 2021 [Expert Picks]

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Are you into a profession where you have to mix multiple audio and sound every day and spend hours with the associated graphic interface related to those sound mixers?

It’s then time for you to select a laptop that supports FL studio applications for running sound mixing program software. One such software requires sufficient graphics memory, an advanced processor as well as enhanced cache clearing speed.

People often use laptops with limited cache clearing speed witness app launch failure pop-up notification due to low memory. That’s the only reason to choose the best laptops for FL Studio to avoid such technical inconvenience.

Often users overlook the inbuilt memory and the GPU after buying a laptop for running FL Studio. Then, right after a couple of months, you start seeing a pop notification on your laptop display screen, ‘low memory to run .exe files. ‘App can’t be launched due to insufficient memory files, etc.’

At first, it was a bit of a challenge for us to understand which laptops suit the requirement of those who’re into the audio mixing profession. So, we took a tour of the renowned audio and sound mixing studios of the United States to understand the technical challenges the sound modifiers face with an inferior quality laptop while mixing sound.

We even took technical reviews in the count and scrolled review sites like Reddit, Amazon, etc., just to get a genuine view of the problems faced by the users with ordinary laptops.

Post our research work; we came across some of the best laptops for FL Studio. They’re:

Best Laptops For FL Studio Software In 2021 — Reviews

Best laptops for music production 2021, featuring portable computers for musicians, producers and DJs

1. ASUS ROG GU502GW Zephyrus M Thin Portable Laptop

Companies that are into audio and sound production usually need FL studios for mixing sound effects in animation. Unfortunately, finding the right laptop for running FL studio applications isn’t that easy; peasy lemon squeezy, after all!

Maximum users are not aware of the processor and the CPU memory needed for running FL studio-based music applications. The Hexa Intel Core 9750H processor has multi-threading support for running diverse music applications.

Running music mixing software on an ordinary laptop can be quite hectic indeed as a user might face multiple system crashes. Whereas, with the ASUS ROG GU505, one such problem never comes as an option.

The 9th generation IntelCore 9750 processor runs at a speed of 4.5 GHz, launching an audio modifying or sound amplifying application quickly. That’s an added benefit for running one such app quite effectively.

If you don’t have a stringent budget, then ASUS ROG Zephyrus M thin model is a smart addition to your buying list. The HEXA Core processor and the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 GPU+ added inbuilt 8GB VRAM launches such heavy music applications almost effortlessly.

Apart from playing high ending games, the laptop executes graphics-intensive applications effortlessly. FL Studio applications require ROMpler plugins to run on your laptop sometimes.

Well, with 16GB dedicated DDR4 2666 MHz RAM, such heavy application software is easy to run. Often dust cleaning is a key concern in a laptop. That’s one of the key reasons for which maximum users prefer a powerful fan processor in the CPU to avoid overheating.

This particular model from Asus comes with an option to switch between sound operating modes. You can choose silent, balanced, and turbo mode for enhanced performance.

The anti-dust tunnels in the processor memory keep the heat stinks clean. Its long-term cooling efficiency for enhanced performance is an added benefit to run smoothly in the long run.

The 33% thinner fan blades are quite competitive with respect to the other fan blades by raising the airflow up to 17%.

2. Asus Zenbook Pro Duo Ultimate Laptop

A perfect mate for your Digital Audio WorkStation application, Asus Zenbook Pro Duo’s name comes on the top of your buying list. The multitasking screen splitting experience is a unique one for a user.

This model is perfect for running diverse architecture-related program applications. The max view, app switcher, handwriting, app navigator option is quite an effective one.

The 15.6 inches (3840*1100 Pixels) 4K UHD Nano Edge screen with smart display assures genuine color effect during audio processing workflow-related application.

A lot of users who require graphic-intensive processor memory for running DAW and sound editing software like Specter shaper, Dynamic EQ, Dynamics, etc., complain that the color effect is difficult to interpret post a software launch test.

Your every such worry related to the FL studio application comes to an end with Asus ZenBook Pro Duo. The i7 9750H QuadCore Processor + NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 clears 12MB cache.

The turbo clock speeds up to 4.5 GHz, quickly helps you download the bunch .exe FL studio plugins and run them in a jiffy. Unfortunately, ordinary laptop brands usually don’t have multiple HDMI cables for attaching tablets or other gadgets.

The Asus Zenbook Pro Duo comes with a Thunderbolt Type C USB port, Gig+ WiFi 6 (802*11 ax) though the transfer speed may vary from one another. The LED-illuminated numeric keypad option helps you to launch the .exe application easily.

The top-left icon can adjust the brightness factor easily. The H-series chipsets are always known for an effective output with higher speed and enhanced results. In addition, the DVI and 2 display port sorts help external monitors to operate easily.

That’s another benefit of choosing one such option in the long run. The slick tray-like video editing option helps you develop your image’s blueprint with pro-ScreenPad Plus tools.

As a music editor, if you have to edit music tracks and mix the audio with other beats, the ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo gives ample scope for track control.

3. HP Spectre Flexible 2-in-1 10th Gen Quad-Core Processor

Have you ever thought of folding your laptop up to 360 degrees and using the touch screen option of your laptop display? No? Then HP Spectre 360 is always going to be a wise option for you.

The 10th Gen Quad-Core processor with 2GB GPU RAM has dedicated 16GB DDR4 memory for launching heavy files. Curious to know why? Ask yourself, is there any way you can touch the screen of your laptop?

Does it take time to launch a heavy exe application? Do you have to clear the cache memory before running a heavy .exe application file? If the answer for all these is a ‘big yes,’ then HP Spectre 360 must be on the top of your buying deal.

The 15.6 diagonal 4K with (3840*2160) display screen is quite useful for Digital Audio Workstation applications. The multi-edge touch end-to-end glass provides maximum display resolution for editing graphics-intensive applications.

The 32GB memory fetches a maximum of large files at a time. So be it downloaded software or a heavy program file, it’s easy to run. The PCle- SSD slots are perfect for running multiple types of gaming applications too.

The 15.6 inches AMOLED panel is a smart option for user-interactive smart gaming applications. The UI FL Studio comes with 1TB NVMe Solid State Drive usually operates Windows 10 Pro easily.

The visual automation of an application is characterized by your smart HP Spectre 360 laptop’s integrated screen. Now coming to the enhancements and the portability option. The 4.8 lbs weighing laptop comes with Bluetooth.

There is 2 USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type C charger with Thunderbolt port. 1 USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A port point and 1 HDMI 2.0 b option. The BANG and OLUFSEN Quad Speakers always give the realistic audio quality post a sound/audio mix in the music tracks.

After adding an audio sound mix, go for testing the effect of audio output in the speaker. But, of course, you’ll always get to taste the feel of real audio effects in HP Spectre 360.

4. Dell G5 15 Dual SSD + SATA Hard Drive

Are you one of those users who is facing memory issues with your laptop? Then the Dell G5 15 gaming laptop is a smart fit in your buying preference list. The laptop’s dual memory storage option is a smart choice for saving ample exe—data files in your laptop.

Primarily categorized as a gaming laptop for running high-defined games, the laptop is smart to run multiple FL studio plugin software. In addition, the i7 9750H 9th generation processor guarantees uninterrupted gameplay in the processor.

The laptop’s dual memory, including 16GB DDR4 dedicated RAM + 256 GB SSD, amplifies your storage options. In addition, the 1TB SATA HDD provides enhanced loading speed and maximum storage space.

The 15.6-inch regular display screen gives the feel of an intense gaming experience that other laptop brands may not provide. In addition, the 4.5 GHz turbo speed is sufficient for clearing cache up to 12 MB.

That’s an added advantage with the Dell laptop. Unlike other laptop users, you can barely expect the screen to pop up with ‘full cache memory, unable to run the file’ pop-up notification.

Some users often witness insufficient GPU memory for running heavy game files or running FL studio interfaces. Outdated GPU memory backup is definitely one of those.

Whereas the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650H processor has powerful core streaming options with a multiprocessor for operating complex graphics-intensive applications.

You always expect a maximum loading speed while running those applications on your Dell G515 laptop. The dual-storage memory is another added option in your Dell laptop.

The combination of 256GB SSD memory + 1TB SATA HDD allows you to store and save bulk files at a time. Apart from its powerful memory and enhanced graphics memory, this Dell model is popular for its aesthetic design due to its premium metal finish body.

The dual-fan cooling system and advanced thermal design control the processor from heating up. The anti-glare backlight is an added benefit for resting your eyes to reduce stress if you’re working for hours.

The non-touch 15.6 inches IPS display screen assures maximum color resolution while editing graphic intensive program applications.

5. Apple MacBook Pro Enhanced M1 Chip

Software developers have a taste for Apple products. If your job profession demands a laptop that’s smart-looking, sturdy body with a smart touch option to edit and change the color contrast, Apple Macbook Pro must be in your buying preferences.

If budget isn’t a concern for you, then Macbook is a smart option that you’ve got. Before including the MacBook pro series in our buying list, we chose to buy this model just to bite the bullet, as there are a lot of ifs and but about Apple products.

Our experience with the Apple MacBook Pro was truly a unique one. That compelled us to include this laptop in our buying list. Its M1 chip for running CPU, GPU, and other machine learning experience.

Apple will always be your first choice for running a high-performance task related to the FL studio workstation. Unlike other laptop models, MacBook Pro runs the heavy FL studio workstation files without a single error.

That’s not all! The 16GB integrated M1 chip Apple MacBook Pro comes with super-fast unified memory for easily running advanced program applications.

The earlier versions of the MacBook experienced an audio glitch, but the latest models can easily evade such problems by easily allowing a glitch-free run of those applications.

This model is standalone from the other laptop manufacturing brands if you’re wondering about the processor speed and responsiveness. The M1 chip turns the entire system snappier.

Right from flipping through the photos to the Safari browsing, everything turns easier for you. The app launching speed of the Apple MacBook is an added benefit always.

That’s another purpose of choosing one such laptop for running FL Studio WorkStation based applications. Capable of running a heavy workflow system, the 8 Core CPU turns the processing performance 2.8x faster than usual processors.

The M1 chipset integrated 8Core GPU guarantees 5x better graphics performance than the other GPU processors can’t guarantee.

Apart from its powerful CPU and GPU memory, the laptop has 20 hrs of long battery life. Moreover, the upgradable memory of up to 2TB SSD storage and 3.3 GB/ sequential speed is quite effective for enhanced performance.

6. Lenovo Legion Y540

Looking for the best in the class laptop for music production and processing? Then Lenovo Legion Y540 must be on the top of your buying preference list.

The laptop is primarily meant for running those heavy application files that the old dated processors may not run or perform easily. The 9the generation Hexa Core i7- 9750H processor clears up to 12 MB cache at a speed of 4.50GHz.

The inbuilt 4GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPU memory turns the complex rhythm of creating a synth-based melody in your music tracks. Unfortunately, ordinary laptop manufacturing brands may face critical errors while downloading those .exe app files and running them smoothly.

If you’re into music production and sound mixing, you have to cut and modify the audio tracks from time to time. Sometimes downloading those bulk files might be a problem if your system requirements don’t permit you to do so.

That’s when you need a powerful turbo processor for performing those tasks smoothly. The Lenovo Y540 series is a smart match for all such requirements.

Its GeForce GTX NVIDIA 1650 GPU is a smart choice for running those program applications effortlessly. In addition, the FL Studio plugins won’t take time or glitch in between while downloading or running on your laptop.

That’s a guarantee from the manufacturers. Wondering about its storage memory? The Lenovo Y540 series has an outstanding storage memory drive. It’s sufficient for storing, reading, and writing your exe files without a single technical disruption.

The 24GB DDR4 2400 RAM memory is a matchless option while it comes to multitasking. In addition, the added 1TB HDD + 512 GB PCLe SSD outsmarts other laptop models for gaming, joining multiple servers and backup file storage.

The USB port connectivity and wireless connectivity options are quite effective. In addition, the mini display port 1.4, HDMI 2.0, RJ45 Ethernet, Kensington Wedge Lock slot is an added benefit in the Lenovo Y540 model.

7. Acer Aspire 7 Value Added Deal

Laptops from the Acer series are a creative powerhouse that is lightweight and has an ultrathin chassis. In addition, an i5 93500H processor is a powerful unit for running complex program applications.

A program application like FL Studio requires a powerful CPU and GPU processor. With Acer Aspire 7, all such requirements are fulfilled easily. In addition, the 8MB cache cleaning memory is the utmost choice when you have to launch heavy exe applications.

Apart from the powerful cache cleaning CPU memory processor, its GeForce GTX 1650 GPU memory runs audio workflows effectively. That’s another reason for choosing Acer Aspire 7 in your buying list.

Your existing laptop might overlook the importance of having a good flash system memory to store and save heavy files. With Acer Aspire 7, every such worry comes to an end.

The 512GB dual-lane PCle NVME SSD + 8GB DDR4 dedicated RAM memory is quite multi-tasking. Fetching data files from the saved and stored memory is no big deal at all.

That’s another benefit of choosing the Acer laptop series for running FL Studio Workstation plugin software in your system. While it comes with a connectivity option, Acer laptop models are quite popular for their USB Type C, USB 3.2, and USB 2.0 ports.

The HDMI cable comes with power-off charging support that includes USB 3.2 ports, which are not available with other laptops available at a budget that does not exceed 1000 USD$ budget.

The 360-degree screen rotation is another advantage of the Acer laptop series. Irrespective of your sitting posture, it helps you set the screen’s positioning as per your comfort.

The 802.11ac WiFi5 connectivity option helps you to speed up the wireless connectivity option three times better and faster than the other ordinary laptop models. In addition, the HDMI port with HDCP support and a backlit keyboard is meant for maximum usage and random keystrokes.

8. MSI GF63 THIN 9SCX 005

Running on a low budget and aspiring to buy a laptop with a good graphics memory and a powerful processor for running FL Studio workstation applications? Or is it a gaming laptop you’re expecting to buy?

Your requirement is met with MSI GF63 Thin 9SCX 005 models. This particular model is a perfect buying option if you’re looking for a laptop that has the latest processor.

The MSI GF63 model is the standard choice for every gamer and professionals in music editing and soundtrack mixing. However, lack of standard system configurations is a key reason for which sometimes your existing laptop might not be a suitable option for running DAW, Ableton Live, General Workflow application.

MSI GF63 series is a smart choice for meeting your every such requirement. Its Bezel NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 MAXQ GPU memory brings the gaming applications to life easily.

The powerful graphics is also an added advantage for those audio plugin application files. But, unfortunately, low graphics memory is a key reason your existing laptop may not run the audio files on your laptop.

With the GTX 1650 MAX-Q graphics memory, you have a scope to run the app files easily. And what about the budget? Is that what you’re thinking? It won’t exceed 1000 USD $ even.

Apart from the powerful NVIDIA graphics processor, the integrated i6 core 9300H processor speed is 41 GHz. That’s pretty sufficient for fetching huge data files, running and launching app files even.

The (2*2 802*11 ac) Wi-Fi infrastructure is quite sufficient for running the app files. Moreover, the NVIDIA chipset decently runs intricate music files, video editing, mid-range gaming easily.

The 8GB single-channel RAM swiftly fetches simultaneous audio track, synths, and piano rolls easily. In addition, the 512 MB flash drive has a maximum storage facility for saving huge .exe files.

The decent multi-language speakers come with a 2W*23 Cell lithium polymer battery life that stays for 1 day.


Asus laptop models are primarily known for their extraordinary Ryzen 5 processor. However, the product is a must-buy in the preference list of maximum buyers due to many reasons.

Its matchless intelligence, multitasking capability is quite outstanding. But, unfortunately, buyers usually invest in a laptop only after reviewing its processor memory and its GPU memory.

The Ryzen 5 AMD 6 core processor rises up to 12 processing speeds. The 8GB system memory is meant for advanced multitasking applications. In addition, the substantial bandwidth RAM memory runs heavy exe game application files smoothly.

One such incredible feature in your laptop turns an intense gaming session interesting. So often, gamers fear overheating, and that’s one reason they often rush to the service center to repair their laptop models.

Well, with the Asus TUF Gaming FX505 DD model, that never comes as an option. The inbuilt 2GB VRAM memory might be less than the Lenovo Y540 series, but that will barely interrupt your intense gaming sessions anyhow.

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 GPU memory is paramount for running your heavy gaming application files. In addition, the 8GB RAM storage memory in your laptop is upgradeable via the SIO DMM slot.

The 256 GB M.2 SSD is an outstanding choice for storing multiple sample files easily. In addition, the PCL Solid State Drive is an added benefit for storing large .exe files.

The 8 gigabytes system memory RAM never glitches while fetching or launching heavy app files. It just takes place within seconds. Furthermore, unlike other laptop processors, it never stops in the middle of running, downloading, or executing FL Studio Workstation-related heavy application files.

The extraordinary full HD display comes with a 15.6-inch panel that has in switch technology. The sharp viewing angles give maximum color resolution while testing a graphic intensive image resolution quality.

Even if you are testing a mixed audio track, the software plugins won’t take much of your CPU memory. That’s because the unnecessary Exe files that are needed while downloading the application will be cleared.

Its turbo speed cache cleaning capacity won’t let the junk files bother your CPU memory under any circumstances at all.

10. Acer Swift 3

How about buying a laptop as well as a notebook in a combo deal? If you’re looking for a laptop as well as a notebook in a combo deal, then Acer Swift 3 must be on your buying list.

The laptop is going to be a perfect choice if you need a powerful 4700U Octa-Core AMD Ryzen 7 processor and 8GB inbuilt Radeon Graphics memory for EQ, FL Studio Workstation.

In fact, the Acer Swift 3 model is a smart choice for all such professionals who’re into the music production profession. Downloading the files in a bundle, executing those, running app downloader plugins, and enjoying gala gaming sessions at the same time is always easy with Acer Swift 3 powerful Quad-Core AMD Ryzen processor memory.

The glitch-free program runs for hours without any technical disruption. Apart from its ZEN 2 Renoid architecture, the laptop model assures 4.1 GHz turbo speed while processing files and fetching app data.

The same processor is used in the latest-gen Acer smartphones and tablets too. Acer’s popularity began with the laptop models primarily due to its ultra-fast processor and its LPDDR4 graphics memory.

One of the key reasons for the buyers to accept it is its price. If your budget is less than 900 USD$ dollar, you can pick it up easily. It barely costs an arm and a leg for buying Acer Swift 3 laptop models.

The on-chip AMD RADEON RX Vega 7 graphics card is known for giving maximum effect while running graphics-intensive visuals. The user enjoys the same visual while running FL Studio Workstation-based applications in the same processor.

The incredible RAM memory stores the retrievable data in its 512GB NVMe SSD slot. The unit slot is sufficient for storing bulk data files in your system. The FruityLoops Studio and go-to digital WorkStation runs best in the Acer Swift 3 laptop series are provided configurations.

Surely, you have got a fair idea of which laptops to buy for running FL Studio DAW for MIDI routing from VST to VST. Do you think that’s sufficient, though, for a first-timer like you?

If you think that the information was not sufficient, worry not! We have plenty of information to enrich you to choose the best amongst the laptops available for running FL Studio plugin software.

Before discussing further the buyers’ potential queries, we would like to give a brief introduction about us.

We have been one of the oldest distributors of laptops in the USA. After spending 10+ years selling laptops to our customers, we finally started reviewing the technical details of a laptop before selling them to the users.

At first, it was not easy for us. We were clueless about seeking a laptops for running FL Studio applications into the music mixing profession.

Often they need system configurations that are capable of running heavy Exe application files. However, we were not sure whether the configurations available in the laptops are suitable for FL Studio Workstation applications or not.

That’s when we started consulting Amazon, Reddit, Tumblr and even posted our queries in Quora Answers to access genuine information. We created the list of these laptops only after getting the assurance that these are the best laptops for FL Studio plugin software. They will be a complete value-added deal for you.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

1. What kind of system do I need for running FL Studio?

For running FL Studio applications, it’s ideal to rely on the Windows 10 OS version. That’s because Windows 8 is quite obsolete now. Therefore, on the top, maximum laptops are compatible with Windows 10 OS. By choosing one such OS, it’s easy for you to run and upgrade your system requirements according to the latest trends. The system configurations of the following best laptops are ideal for running FL Studio applications, they’re:

2. What are the required laptop specifications for running music production?

A laptop with a powerful processor for launching heavy app files and cache cleaning capacity is sufficient for running FL studio applications. It’s an addition if there’s a processor with inbuilt VRAM for running the graphics memory for running such high memory consuming .exe files.

However, if you’re talking about the requirements of the best laptops for FL Studio plugin software, then the following technical details must not be overlooked.

3. Who uses an application like FL Studio?

Singers, vocal artists who’re into the singing profession need FL Studio application to mix their voices, amplify the voice module, edit, cut, and modify the audio quality. In addition, they need this software plugin for reviving their voice and make it acceptable for the listeners.

4. Is 4GB RAM sufficient for running FL Studio?

As far as my knowledge, 4GB RAM works fine for running FL Studio plugin software. But, mixing multiple compositions on a single music beat might turn the process of music production a bit slow.

With 4GB RAM, it will run without any technical problem. However, if you’re planning to run advanced applications of FL Studio on the same system configuration, it’s recommended to increase your RAM memory.

By choosing the list of our best laptops for FL Studio, you can use the upgradable memory for increasing the GPU+CPU capacity of the system processor.

5. Which CPU is best for music production?

It’s always wise to rely on the QuadCore processor for music production. That’s because while other CPU processors give a speed of 2.4 to 4.2 GHz, this one gives far better speed than the other laptop CPU processors.

Final Words

There are plenty of laptop brands available in the market. However, as a buyer, you must know which laptop you must buy for yourself. Then only might you be able to choose the best laptops FL Studio without any technical disruption.

On finding any issue to select the right laptop for yourself, you might browse the product list that we have provided in front of you to select the best laptops for running FL Studio software.

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