Best Mac Games in 2020: 100 Awesome Games Tested

  1. I am very disappointed in Apple games for Mac. Almost all of the games are for males, and are dark and about fighting it to the end. There is nothing that is just relaxing and fun.
    I can’t find anything developed for females. Women and girls often like games that are easier to do, have some story line, not dark, and they “create” something. On Big Fish they have some games that are really good for that, especially Time Management. Hidden Object games seem like they are made because they are quick and lazy – they are just too boring.
    I am really tired of Mac/Apple focusing on men. If it is a guy creating a game, get your girlfriend or wife involved and get feedback on what women like. I enjoy playing games every day. But Big Fish no longer can get games that are designed for a Mac. I am very frustrated. I’ll probably have to buy a used Windows machine just for that, which seems pretty stupid since I paid so much for this Macbook Pro.
    Sometimes it’s nice to just sit and relax, have something challenging – and PLEASE no hidden object games – they are the most boring.
    Something with a story line, something that has a challenge, but not blow them up war games, or weapons shooting fire, I mean, really, are there no developers who might find it quicker and easier to make a game women might enjoy and still get the same money? I don’t think most of the developers even think about females. They are usually guys and usually want to blow something up. It’s like they”re five-year-olds again.
    Maybe you can refer me to something that is for women who ARE over half the entire world population.
    I’m certainly above average in intelligence, but I still like a game that is challenging but not blow them up-type games.
    There are a lot of us who DO play games to RELAX, not to get all hyped up. I do have a daughter in her 30s, and she and her old boyfriend often played those blow-them-up games. Now, she is doing other things, but the guys seem to hang onto those games, even when they’re older.
    Me, I’m, obviously, older if my daughter is 30. I know lots of women who like a challenge, but who also hate those “hidden object” games. What is the challenge there?
    Big Fish (I have written to them numerous times to get the developers on board to make more Mac games) but Apple seems to want to push people (especially males) into their own games that are not often good. Well, I’m sure guys who like to blow things up love them, but I and others just want something they can play, relax with but still challenged, and not have some blow-up guy’s game.
    Maybe you could do an article based on that: women’s games. I hate to divide it into genders, but there is a difference.
    Anyway, I can see why you chose what you did, but I also think there is a bias toward men. Maybe you have a woman friend/wife/girlfriend who plays games and ask her to give feedback and also ask her friends. Most women I know are not into blow-them-up games. They usually want something that is challenging but not intense, like a bomb game.
    It’s just frustrating to see what Apple puts out. It is obviously male-oriented. We ARE over half the population, and we DO play games. I feel like guys think women/females are too stupid or boring to play a game. BUT we DO like to play games, just not war games, or things that are intense. Remember, women are the ones who are relegated to do a LOT for the family AND are also often working a full-time job.
    I hate to mention gender differences because people want to be politically correct, but sometimes that’s just how it is. We are NOT the same.
    Please take this into consideration. I’m just tired of either games that they want you to “pay” for ongoing (which is absolutely criminal – to me), or 90% based on males, and women are funneled into a narrow tunnel of “cute” games without any challenge.
    It’s not you, obviously, it’s just that I get tired of hearing about male-oriented games. Women do a lot. They need some down time, too, but because they often take on so many responsibilities, they like something that is not “easy” but relaxing.
    For me, I’ve often used these particular games as my relaxation backup:
    Cake Shop; Chocolatier; Jessica’s Cupcake Cafe; Tibet Quest; Atlantis: Pearls of the Deep; Queen’s Garden Sakura Season; Ancient Quest of Saqqarah, and others. I HATE hidden object games. They are so boring. I enjoy something with a story line, but also some challenges that are not bombing or people shooting at each other, or blood and gore.
    I realize most game makers are men. And they usually make what they like. But there’s another 50% of the population that likes to play games, too.
    I think the games you chose were more directed at men, and they are NOT relaxing. Yes, sometimes women want to take out their frustrations, but if you did a survey, I bet you’d find a more “gentler” approach to gaming than blow them up and kill them games.
    Obviously, that is just my opinion, but I do play a lot of games for relaxation. After an intense day, I don’t want to stay in that tense state all night long.
    Well, I hope this feedback is given for many of the male game makers. Granted, most women are not developers, which I assume is part of the issue.
    For the guys, you chose some cool games. I just hate getting those messages from Apple that says you can’t play the game on a Mac, or to upgrade, or…(they don’t say this, but it’s in there), buy games from the Apple Store. Only the Apple Store has dorky games for kids, or macho blow-em-up games for guys. It’s like we don’t exist.
    I do have a “famous” (won’t give his name) in the computer world who travels the world teaching computer scientists new things… He’s been around for a long time. He builds his own computers, so he’s able to do what he wants. Me, I’m not a computer scientist. And I’m a woman. I just want to get worries off my mind, but I also want something challenging, but not blowing things up, or those awful Hidden Object games that are just so boring.
    I don’t know you, so it’s nothing about you. I’m just very frustrated that I continue to get alerts from Apple about my games needing to be updated…but there aren’t any good games for women! It’s a very male-oriented world. So, I get more relaxing but still challenging games from other places and keep getting those alerts to beware that it is not compatible.
    I hope you will consider this feedback. I think you chose great graphics and things of that sort for what you put in the article. I just see this kind of stuff all the time. Either women are relegated to blow their minds through a war-type game, or they are told nothing is compatible for the Mac.
    I hate Windows – they’re even worse. And Apple (hate to say it, but since Steve Jobs died it has gotten much worse. I live in Silicon Valley, and Apple is going down (but I think Steve wanted it to fail – after all, it was his baby and he was tossed out of his own company, too). I just think Jobs purposely wanted Mac to fail. I may be wrong, but I think it’s possible.
    Sorry that this is long, but I really, really, really want some Mac games that are NOT games for kids, or dorky hidden object games. There ARE some smart women, too. But…the catch is, we take on a lot of responsibility outside of our jobs, plus with children, so a little relaxing but challenging downtime playing an enjoyable game is warranted.
    Thanks for listening to my rant. Why Tim Cook does what he does is beyond me. I wish Steve Jobs was back… He had an attitude, but he also was a raging genius.
    I agree that you chose great games for male gamers. Maybe you’re not allowed to give out names of games for females. Or maybe most guys just don’t think women play games, or the games they play are too boring to write about. But there really is a theme of being a woman, working one or two jobs, having children, taking on most of the household responsibilities, and then wanting to relax with an interesting game – not too easy, but not blow-’em up, either.
    Thanks for plowing through this (if you got this far).

    • id like to see your list of games you do like Sharon I think I would enjoy them

    • That’s just plain not true Sharon. Take the time and look through the games on the Mac App Store before making such untrue claims. Most games are for relaxing and fun, only a minority are about fighting. A lot of games are from female developers as well. You can’t expect that they make games only for females, that would be an unsustainable business model.

  2. OK, I am unambiguously male and do not wish to apologise for the whole of my gender but actually your tastes in games mirror my own. I get tired of games where I spend my whole time killing to survive. I enjoy rich and compelling storylines, engaging worlds to explore, mysteries to unravel and activities in which I can engage and have some passing semblance to intelligent skill development. I doubt that I am the only male who thinks this way but, of course, I have been gaming since games began (yeah, I am ancient) and never much cared for games where combat was the only way forward. I recognise the skills inherent in team-based FPS games and my two sons have played such games with remarkable dexterity but I like to explore and engage with the environment freely. Open-world games offer this. I did play World of Warcraft in the early days on an RP server in PVE mode when there was a sense of adventure and community that has since largely disappeared. I quite enjoyed Oblivion from Bethesda which had moral character development (think D&D alignment) and skills such as alchemy, combining materials and plants to create potions et alia. Sadly, this and the follow-up Skyrim have never been ported to the Mac. The Mac platform predates the PC platform and now looks like its survival is not threatened (until the next big paradigm shift). I would love to see more diversity in the games on this platform!

  3. I just bought a MacBook Pro M1, base model. Just wanted to say that I manage to play Dying Light almost at full details with no lags whatsoever.