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Had this issue once before and was able to fix it but last time’s fix isn’t this time’s fix…

I can open any Office 2016 app installed on my computer but I am unable to link/login to my Office 365 account on my primary computer. I have a service spare that I tested with and I am able to login to Office 365 without any issue. I have done a number of searches and found related issues but none of those fixes have worked.

Last time about 4 or 5 months ago what finally worked was clearing out all my temp files and rebooting. That was the first thing I tried this time but no go. 

In “settings” under Shared experiences it tells me I have a problem and has a “Fix now” button, I click that and an Office 365 login prompt comes up. I put in my user name and 3 maybe 4 other pop-ups briefly appear but it does not log me in. 

Also under Email & app accounts I go to “manage” the account in question it takes me to a web portal page with various options and I tried the “Sign out of all devices & apps”, then waited a bit and tried again and still no worky…

I’ve gone to the Office 365 Admin console and everything looks okay with my account, if it wasn’t it would most likely give me issues on the service as well but I checked it any way just to be sure.

I saw in the MS knowledgebase where there was a certain update that was part of the issue but that was quite some time ago and MS has since issued patches to fix it in relation to that update.

This is getting more than a little annoying as no one else in the office seems to be having the issue.

Seems like someone else with perhaps a similar problem actually had to go as far as a windows re-install… although I think redoing the profile might do the trick……

But maybe the steps outlined in the first answer might be worth trying out in your case…  good luck!

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Does the same thing occur on another workstation?  Instead of uninstalling and re-installing, have you tried removing/renaming your c:\users\username folder?  (Logged in as someone else, obviously)

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You mentioned a service spare, how many times has Office been installed and reinstalled on it? It could be that you reached the limit of installs allowed by your license. If you can sign in to the portal, you can check on that number of installs here: Detected installs will show you if you’ve reached your limit or not. The only reason I mention this is because I have a service spare and that has happened to me before.

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Hello ,  the computer is in a domain ? Could you please go to control panel – user accounts – Credential manager , and let me know if you get error .

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If so, try going to Settings, Accounts, Access Work or School and see if the correct Office 365 account is listed there. (if anything)

Maybe have another user try to login to the machine in question and then log out and try logging in with your own credentials?

David1618    i haven`t tried the uninstall/reinstall thing yet, or renaming my user profile. I”m saving those as LAST resorts as we’re limited as to how many installs per user profile we can do and recreating my profile would be a royal pain. Those options are on the table but want to exhaust everything else first… Thanks

Brandon Herring  I still have one more install available on my office profile, thanks for asking.

Amarant0s Was not getting any errors but I did find  when ?I updated my password there on my web credentials and then went to the app and told it to login that my password reverted back to my password of 5 weeks ago. I’ will play around with those settings for a bit. Thank you for your input!  – This does not match or seem to communicate with the new Windows 10 – Accounts – Settings management tool, when will Microsoft put all management tools for a particular function in one place???

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A good idea would be to delete profile or alternatively to create a new user profile and try to login to O365 account.

Rich7359 & Amarant0s I had another user login  and the does not exist with that user so I know the issue is profile related. I did see in credential that most of the Office 365 apps are using my password from about 5 weeks back, I corrected that and then opened Word then tried to login to it. I then saw in credential manager where the password reverted back to the previous one, corrected again and repeated but this time with Excel to see if same thing happened. It did, so then I deleted that entry from credential manager, rebooted but that did not help.

It would be nice to know where that password is being cached, then I might be able to delete it.

I’m almost to the point of creating a new profile but that is a royal pain to get all program settings back. Moving the data is no big deal, it’s recreating preferences, etc…

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Open a command prompt, or enter the following in the run command

Amarant0s okay, I “edited” the passwords for Office to my current one in that credential box but it did not help. Even restarted afterwards.

Then I deleted the credentials and restarted. None of these helped. In any of the office apps (except onedrive , which is working) I go to the “sign in” or File – Account, click “Sign in”, put in my username and click “Next” usually 3 more boxes pop up in quick succession too fast to read and I”m not signed in.

It’s beginning to look like I’m going to have to recreate my profile.

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Maybe the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant for Office 365  , can help. 

Already tried that. One of the options was to save a diagnostic file for MS support. We have our subscription through Rackspace and I’ll see if they can help later this afternoon as that is who MS referred me to when I sought support help from them.

Someone with more experience can help out regarding Microsoft accounts, but I’m thinking it has to do with a domain profile, a microsoft account and an Office 365 account…  I know I’ve run into similar issues and I don’t remember exactly how i was able to resolve it…  trying to do a bit more research on it……

Maybe this might help, but not sure…  but pretty sure the problem may be related to the above and perhaps you can use inPrivate mode or incognito mode to help you resolve the cached credentials…

One thought is to try and uninstall all the office products, reboot (full hard reboot, not fast shutdown), logon as a different user (admin) on the machine (maybe local admin not domain), then login with your correct Office 365 login and download/install office 365 products… then make sure you can login with your credentials… then finally, log out or reboot, then log in to the computer normally with your domain account, and then try and do want to do..

Rich7359 Thank you, I do have a separate MS account and I’m not having any issues there. I can sign into our service spare and my Office 365  account works there. Another person can sign into my computer and O365 works fine for them. So I’m pretty certain there’s something wrong with my local user profile on this computer.  I’m wondering if though renaming the folder structure related to Office on my profile while logged in as another admin type user could provide a fix. There have been occasions where I have done that on an Outlook folder structure as per a KB article to fix some Outlook issues on a user profile… hmmm…

Really odd thing though and it’s kinda hit & miss. As you probably know logging into O365 in the Outlook program is separate and different from logging into your actual email account through O365 or any other account. You can put nearly as many mail account on Outlook as you want and never set it up to connect to your O365 email. Anyway I have noticed Outlook intermittently connecting with the O365 program account but none of the other apps except onedrive      will. Onedrive seems to keep it’s credentials separate from the rest. Trying to keep all this straight is making this an Excedrin day…

When you startup your Word, does it say Word 2016 or does it say Word Office 365?  When you click on Account in Word, does it give you User Information under your windows profile login?  There’s a Sign Out button and a Switch account.  On the right, under Product Information, does it say Subscription Product Microsoft Office 365 Business and that it belongs to: youremailaddresshere?

I guess my question is are you having a problem because you had Office 2016 installed before you signed up for Office 365?  What kind of Office 365 account do you have?  I ran into this issue when I had Office 2016 installed on a user’s machine prior to getting Office 365 Business Essentials…  We have a mix of O365 Business Essentials and Business Premium…  so I can run over to another computer and see what it’s supposed to act like when it is working properly if I have a setup that is similar to what you have.  Otherwise, I can’t think of anything else to do except perhaps try migrating your profile using something like so you don’t have to redo everything from scratch…  but yeah, definitely seems like a domain profile issue somewhere…

Rich7359 When I set this computer up I uninstalled all the OEM pre-installed  stuff and started from scratch with Office that I downloaded from the Office 365 subscription site.

I think I’m going to try what I mentioned in my last post and see what happens. It works well for Outlook unless the user has a gigantic mailbox and then it just takes a while for it all to sync up.

Seems like someone else with perhaps a similar problem actually had to go as far as a windows re-install… although I think redoing the profile might do the trick……

But maybe the steps outlined in the first answer might be worth trying out in your case…  good luck!

rich1959 Awesome man, that cleared up 90% of the issue. I”m not getting the error on Word or Excel but OneNote is still asking me even though it shows me as logged in.

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Seems like someone else with perhaps a similar problem actually had to go as far as a windows re-install… although I think redoing the profile might do the trick……

But maybe the steps outlined in the first answer might be worth trying out in your case…  good luck!

I spent ages trying to sort out this very problem. Fixed easily after checking that post. Thanks.

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