Can a broken LCD screen be fixed without replacing?

It’s simple to replace a cracked LCD screen in a laptop that’s otherwise fully functional. great for the environment (and for your wallet).

As we mentioned before, has saved over 170,000 tonnes (374,785,846 pounds) of CO2 emissions by offering low-cost LCD replacements to customers who would otherwise replace their laptops; and this number is growing every day.

We are pleased to provide our customers with environmentally friendly options while also attempting to reduce our own carbon footprint by using recycled packaging materials, providing paperless billing and shipping documentation, and responsibly recycling our old electronics.

Is it possible to go one step further and repair a cracked LCD panel?

In a word – no.

Our graphics department drew up a diagram of a Liquid Crystal Display’s anatomy (this does not apply to AMOLED displays used in smaller devices):

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LCD screen consists of a back-light assembly, LCD matrix, and possibly additional front layers to add a glossy It’s possible to add a touchscreen layer on top of the effect or to diffuse reflections.

Only a few years ago, replacing a CCFL bulb to fix a 5-year-old dim LCD was an acceptable way to save money, but with the widespread adoption of LED back-lit displays and the gradual phase-out of traditional CCFL bulbs, a modern LED back-light almost never fails.

This brings us to the LCD Matrix, which is the most commonly broken component of a laptop screen. Each individual Two glass substrates form a sealed vessel for the solution of liquid crystals that form the image at the heart of the LCD Matrix. pixelEach LCD pixel has three transistors in it called sub-pixels, which turn transparent (reorient themselves like window blinds) when an electrical current is applied. is chemically printed on each of the two glass planes, and each LCD pixel has three transistors in it called sub-pixels, which turn transparent (reorient themselves like window blinds) when an electrical current is applied. The light from the backlight passes through the sub-pixel and onto a color filter that displays one of three basic colors: red, green, or blue. Each pixel can display up to 16.5 million colors by varying the intensity and combination of these basic colors.

But what happens when the screen is cracked?

When the liquid crystal containment vessel breaks, the black splotches of ink that characterize a physically damaged LCD begin to spread through the cracks and leak outside of the glass substates.

Thousands of transistors along the crack have been irreparably severed, even if the glass could be superglued back together and the liquid crystal solution refilled (1080pStitching those together is akin to neural surgery (the display has 2,073,600 pixels and 6,220,800 sub-pixel transistors). Because an LCD panel requires so many small connections to function at all, there are virtually no fake or counterfeit laptop screens. To create a modern working LCD, a cutting-edge technological facility with cleanrooms and industrial filtration systems is required.

Currently some touchscreens can be replaced separately from the LCD module – but even those are getting thinner and more sophisticated – and some LCD modules already include the touch-screen in their construction – in which case the touchscreens can only be replaced together with the LCD.

Replacing an LCD monitor is still a better option than replacing your laptop. Not only is it better for the environment, but you also keep all of your files and settings; you get to keep the device you’re used to; and, with so many videos posted by our happy customers replacing their screens for the first time in their lives – it’s also fair to say that fixing your own stuff can be just as rewarding and exciting as shopping for a new device!

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  1. For a HP G71-340US notebook, a screen is required. I took the screen off and found the numbers LP173WD1 and (TL) (C2) on the back. When looking at the back, the plug is on the right.

  2. All corporate propaganda should be edited to remove religious zeal that is ignorant of CO2 footprints. CO2 emissions are not a cause for celebration.

    Before bragging about pretending to fix the environment, how about resolving wireless, borderless screen issues?

  3. I was working on my computer late last night, and when I was done, I noticed some minor movement around the bottom corners. After observing sine time, it was discovered that it was forming new circuits and displacing the imag. Until last night, I would have sided with you, and I’m still going this morning!

    1. I didn’t notice any movement, but it self-healed. Everything else seemed to be in order. I began to believe the streak was shrinking, then it was almost gone, and then it was completely gone. I couldn’t afford another because it was a gift from my mother, who had passed away. After the move, there was a white line running down the left side of the monitor. I had a Dell monitor that I must have broken while moving my computer. So I sat and waited.

  4. Need Tecno L7 screen

  5. What is the price of a HP X16-96072 SCREEN?

    1. Congratulations on owning an HP HDX system; it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! We don’t have the screen you’re looking for because we only sell brand-new LCDs. On the usual market-place sites, you could find the following LCDs: LTN160AT01 has a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels and LTN160HT01 has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

  6. Although the ink is still small, it is spreading. What can I do about it? My Itel 1556 screen broke. It had a screen guard on, but when it fell, the screen guard and touch pad were damaged, and the screen broke. There is black ink oozing out of the crack.

    1. Hello Ami,

      We can look through our database to see if we have a replacement screen for you. Do you have the complete model number for your laptop? When it comes to a damaged LCD, no matter how severe the damage is, the only option is to replace the screen.

  7. Looking for an internal screen for an HP Pavilion 23 all-in-one computer?

    1. Hello Wilson,

      We only sell laptop screen replacements here. We recommend that you look for replacement screens for desktop computers on other websites or contact HP directly.

  8. I have a Dell Alienware 17″ laptop with a screen that looks exactly like this: Alienware M17X 17.3′′ Black Laptop Alienware M17X 17.3′′ Black Laptop Alienware M17X 17. Alienware M17X-17-3-Black-LaptopIf so, how much will it cost? A camera is also built into the screen. It’s not one you want to carry around because it’s quite heavy. Is it possible to replace it? Is it glass (as it appears to be) or something else? My question is that the screen is fine, but the glass that covers the screen and camera has spots on it that I can’t remove.

    1. It may be possible to replace the glass, but it is often glued in place, making replacement difficult. It is recommended that you look for a replacement glass protector online or replace the entire top case assembly. The entire top half of the laptop will be used for this. We are sorry, but we do not have a replacement glass for your laptop.

  9. If so, what is the best way to go about doing it? Hello, can the flex that connects the laptop LCD to the PCB in the back be repositioned?

    It was removed accidentally .


    1. Hello Kelly,

      This will be determined by the type of screen connector you have. With your laptop model, you can watch videos on our website or on YouTube. If you’re referring to the connection to the back of the LCD, then yes, it can be reseated. Some models require you to press the cable together and secure it with tape, while others require you to press the cable together and secure it with tape.

  10. What is the most likely cause of screen failure? Could you point me to the area that requires attention? It took me a few minutes to get a rag and wipe the screen clean, and I’m guessing some water got past the plastic frame/casing and into the LCD (particularly along the bottom of the screen as water ran down it). I dismantled everything (yes, down to the matrix layers), dried everything, and everything appears to be in working order. My laptop screen was sprayed with water and has since stopped working. Thank you very much.

    1. It appears that you require a replacement LCD, or are you claiming that your laptop is broken? Is it possible to use the laptop with an external monitor?

      1. Yes, it works with an external monitor, and you can still see a portion of the screen.

        1. Do you have the complete model number for your laptop? You can either take the laptop to a repair shop to have the problem diagnosed, or you can buy a new screen from us and hope it fixes the problem. Because the laptop works when connected to an external monitor, the problem is most likely the LCD or the flat ribbon cable connecting the screen, if not both.

  11. My Lenovo tablet’s LCD panel appears to be broken. My tab never turns on; it appears to be on the verge of opening, but then shuts down.

    1. If the screen is not physically damaged, it is possible that the ribbon cable is loose or that the tablet is turning off the screen. Is it possible to test the tablet’s functionality by connecting it to an external monitor? However, if the screen is physically broken, it will need to be replaced; an LCD that has been damaged cannot be repaired.

    2. I had a Lenovo tablet that did the same thing every now and then, and I had to reset it by pressing and holding the power and volume buttons together for about 20 to 40 seconds, or until it vibrated and turned on, then releasing both buttons. I’m not sure if that helps, but it did for me.

  12. The screen turns pinker the longer it’s on, and shadows from old photos remain, but it doesn’t appear to die. It has a very common failure in which the color green is messed up. My laptop is a Lenovo Yoga500 with a touchscreen that can be turned completely around.

    External monitors are in perfect working order, so the graphic card should be fine. I’ve already tried a different display cable with no luck.

    Is it possible to solder new driver-chips to replace the driving electronics? Because the LCD can display any color, it should be fine.

  13. If so, how much will it cost to replace the iPhone x screen? Do you work on cell phone screens?

    1. However, we do not currently have this model of iPhone in stock. The listing can be found here. We do not offer screen repair services; we only sell screens. You can use the “notify me” button to be notified by email when stock becomes available.

  14. After reading Nancy’s comment, I realized that I, too, require an iPhone X panel, but the product is currently unavailable. When will I be able to get it?

  15. My Amazon Fire Alexa Android Tablet was dropped, and the entire screen is now black, with a one-inch diagonal milky way spanning the entire screen from top to bottom. What could it be, since that’s a new one for me? However, there is no physical damage to the glass.

    1. The LCD or the screen assembly, which would include a new LCD with touch glass attached, will need to be replaced. The front touch glass is not broken, but the LCD appears to be damaged.

  16. nd it’s broken… Hello, I have a 43-inch LG UHD TV… Is there a way to replace my LG phone without spending a lot of money?

    1. Sorry we only carry screens for laptops.

  17. I need a new screen for a HP Pavilion Laptop 17-ar0xx, as well as a guide to help me fix it because I have no idea how to do it.

  18. My Dell Inspiron 3541 laptop’s screen is cracked; do you have any idea how much a new screen would cost? (and please don’t send me any other emails or offers)

  19. I tried cleaning the contacts, but it didn’t help. The circuit was hidden beneath a narrow strip of black tape that ran the length of the screen’s bottom. I tried squeezing the tape tightly down on the circuit instead of throwing it away. Even with screen tilt adjustments, I reassembled the laptop and it is still working hours later. THE PROBLEM WAS GONE. When I removed the screen cover, I noticed that two of the screws that hold the LCD in place were missing from the bottom. If I pushed on the bottom of the screen, where the small video circuit was, the problem would go away. The sync problem was independent of cable position when the screen was unscrewed. I’ll repost if it stops working. I had a 4-year-old 17-inch LCD laptop screen that would occasionally lose horizontal sync, especially when the screen was tilted.

    1. It could be a problem with the LCD itself, or it could be resolved by reseating the video connector. It could also be a video cable issue if the video is affected when you move the lid.

  20. Why do they render a fully functional laptop unusable simply because a replacement screen is unavailable? It’s unfortunate and aggravating that I can’t seem to find a replacement screen for my Lenovo Ideapad S300. Why aren’t replacement screens available for older laptop models? Hello, and welcome to Is it true that manufacturers have stopped producing them?