Dell XPS 13 vs Macbook Air: Which One is Best?

David Nield

This is the comparison between the Dell XPS 13 and Macbook Air

David Nield David Nield


Experts Reviews for Dell XPS 13:

By liveatpc.comReview: Dell XPS 13 – A Stunning, Solid UltraportableUltrapremium UltraportableYou’d be hard pressed to find another ultraportable notebook out there that looks as good as the Dell XPS 13. It is nice and minimal without too many fancy RGB lighting…

By If you’re looking for the best Ultrabook in India, you only have one option, and that’s the Dell XPS 13. This 2018 model raises the bar yet again, providing exceptional performance in a premium package that’s worth every rupee you’ll spend on it. This…

By NotebookCheckThe XPS 13 9370 is certainly a pleasing every-day companion with a great display – slow response times notwithstanding – and good ergonomics all around. Especially the fan control is executed to perfection, as the surface temperatures under normal use and low to medium loads remain pleasant and the system noise is a lot more steady and less obtrusive than we’ve come to expect from a thin-and-light.

By beebom.comThe Dell XPS 13 9370 (2018) is one of the best ultrabooks out there. It packs in the latest 8th-gen Intel processors along with up to 16 GB of RAM. The sleek 11-inch chassis packs in a stunning 13.3-inch InfinityEdge Display. The Dell XPS 13 is almost perfect, with a couple of minor flaws. However, the users who can shell the extravagant amount of cash on this ultrabook wouldn’t really be disappointed.

By Digit The Dell XPS 13 9370 is a really good laptop in all ways possible. It performs well, the battery life is dependable, the keyboard is workable and the display is just superb. It is just a bit expensive.

Experts Reviews for Macbook Air:

By NotebookCheckMacBook Air appears outdatedNot a lot has changed in the 2019 version of the MacBook Air. The screen now manages the advertised luminance and the added True Tone support is certainly a benefit. There is not much criticism for the display in general,…

By amanz.myAdakah MacBook Air komputer riba terbaik untuk penulis sepenuh masa? Jawapan yang boleh kami berikan ialah ya sekiranya anda seorang penulis dari golongan T20 yang mempunyai dana untuk membeli bukan sahaja komputer riba tetapi peranti Apple yang lain…

By perfect combination of portability and style. This is a great laptop that copes well with web browsing, word processing and basic photo editing. The True Tone technology and price drop is an added bonus, but it’s still not for those on a limited…

By available at a lower entry price of £1,099/$1,099, the MacBook Air is an appealing if little-changed laptop.The big news for long-time Air enthusiasts is that the keyboard is. well, still not perfect, but at least better. The depth of travel…

By Pocket-lintWhat might look like an almost non-upgrade of its 2018 predecessor is quite a lot more: the 2019 Air has graduated and waved goodbye to its younger MacBook brother, fixed up its keyboard wrongs in the process of growing up, and becomes an altogether more acceptable workhorse than ever before.


Dell XPS 13:

The XPS 13 has been my favorite laptop for years now but it has been a while since the device has gotten a full redesign but ahead of CES is here we’re getting a look at the brand new ones and a lis ton of new stuff that really make this the best XPS 13. I’ve ever seen now if you’ve seen the XPS 13 2 & 1 before you’ll notice a lot of similarities here because Dell has basically brought over theif best features from there.

Macbook Air:

For the new design live up to this laptop. Let’s get the review part of this video out of the way, right at the top. It’s good. Still good, technically, since what’s different this year compared to last year, when Apple released the first version of this new design is actually not that much.


Dell XPS 13:

The Dell smallest 33.8cm (13.3) With a bezel only 5.2 mm thin, starting at only 1.22kg and measuring a super slim 9-15 mm, the XPS 13 is exceptionally thin and light.

Macbook Air:

Apple offers only one size of the MacBook Air which is  13.3-inch model, it weighs nearly 3 pounds, and measures 12.8 x 8.94 x 0.68 inches.

Dell XPS 13:

The keyboard which has also been lifted over from the XPS 13 2 & 1 it goes edge to edge now it’s a little bit bigger fingerprint sensor is now in the top right built into the power button but, I have to warn you this is not the same keyboard underneath the surface as the XPS 13 2 & 1 they’ve kind of ditched that butterfly style mechanism with the really shallow travel.larger touchpad and that’s exactly what Dell is done here it’s a little bit wider a little bit taller and I always like to see bigger touch pads on 13-inch laptops.

Macbook Air:

The keyboard has been tweaked, again, for reliability, with those new materials that Apple’s been talking about. Number two, the True Tone display is new, so that’s nice. It matches the color temperature of the room. And number three, it costs a hundred bucks less.


Dell XPS 13:

For the ports which is a USBC port here and a micro SD card slot and the other side you have just one USB C port and a headphone jack now if you notice that’s one less USB C port than last time and Dell says that they have to cut out that one just to fit in the larger keyboard and all the other things as they’re changing with the design of it so you’re down one USB C port on the new XPS 13.

Macbook Air:


Dell XPS 13:

In the reat it feels really nice to type on and with that new keyboard,and that bigger displayed you have a little more room at the bottom for a, I really do feel like every little centimeter of this device has been utilized to its full extent. I love the really small bezel along the bottom now that chin is basically erased completely and the camera is still built into the top bezel but now extra feature there is an IR camera up here too so you can use Windows hello it’s been a complaint for the XPS 13.

Macbook Air:

The display is important to me and that was the biggest downside of the original MacBook Air which they still sell by the way a low resolution with big thick silver bezels and everything so that was the biggest upgrade here in the new MacBook Air, we asked for it they made it so it’s now a 13-inch 2560 by 1440 IPS, display thinner bezels black bezels big time upgrade the one thing is at max brightness it’s not quite as bright as. I want to or I’m used to from, MacBook Pro or even the surface laptop they all seem to get brighter but I find myself using the air at maxed out brightness all the timeUSB-C to charge. And it still has a super convenient Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Plus, a really nice, big Force Touch trackpad. The screen looks great, and I really prefer screens that have True Tone. Plus, thanks to a software update for the Air line that came earlier this year, it can get just a little bit brighter, up to 400 nits.


Dell XPS 13:

For the battery life on this new version of the XPS 13 but there is one big change that they’ve made over the last few and that this is comes with 10th gen, isolate processors last year’s model use the 10th gen common processors which did come with an option for a top-end core i7 with 6 cores which is the first time we ever saw that in a laptop of this size.

Macbook Air:

For the battery life a bit it’s a solid b-plus battery life in a laptop still I’m happy with it, I’m getting the usual seven to eight hours I normally get but it’s nothing too noteworthy.


Dell XPS 13:

For the performance or however going back to isolate does kind of prepare Dell for the future which is gonna be all about 10 nanometer processors which the ice like is and of course get those Irish Plus graphics which do you get you some decent gaming when you hop up to the top level of the core i7 g7 option so that is a new 2020 XPS 13 obviously it still comes in white and black 4 color options you should see this dropping in the next few months.

Macbook Air:

In fact this is probably the smartest no risk laptop they can make they had their fan favorite and MacBook Air start to pile up requests like  updated it with new internals and a Retina display perform so well, they did exactly that they tossed in touch ID and face id perform so well as never before in Macbook Air.


Dell XPS 13:

I think is a really good choice for Dell it feels like the right size and the right shape for what you want in a laptop if you don’t know aspect ratios basically the same as what you get on a mac book or a mac and aromatic repair doesn’t matter they all have 16 by 10 displays. I really like the dell has continued to use these in the future I think we’re going to see more of this from them in the future.

Macbook Air:

Apple gets because you can’t live up to the hype of the incredibly revolutionary first gen MacBook Air so it’s fine and you’ll probably enjoy one if you’re due for a new laptop and this one fits your budget and you want the cheapest Mac OS laptop this one is good but this all brings me back to why, I love the iPad pro so much this new iPad pro which is eight hundred bucks feels like a real purposeful modern redesign because it is. I enjoy using it for more things the thin bezels are awesome face ID is here and that’s great the performance is incredible and it’s an even higher resolution and higher refresh rate 120 Hertz display.