Genital Warts (HPV Infection)


Zinc and vitamins were effective. I had these so called genital warts or human papilloma virus (HPV) for years… roughly 08 to 2015. I had tried all but surgery; tee tree, freezing and liquid to burn. The last doctor I saw explained to me, we all have HPV in us, and it can easily be triggered by hundreds of things. Attacking it from the outside is hard work and usually not fruitful. He suggested boosting my immune system with extra focus on zinc. It must have been a few weeks and it was all gone. I didn’t have a bad situation.

It is devastating experience and I suffered from genital warts for many years. I have tried everything from laser to freezing and all kinds of local injections, and every time it failed I felt more isolated, sad and hopeless. Finally I went and I have done surgical removal and all my warts have gone. They told me if I continue to have sex with high risk individuals I might get brand new growth like catching cold again, but the ones they remove will never grow back again and none of them did.

I used apple cider vinegar (ACV) and tea tree oil for warts around my anus. I had five large genital warts and a bunch of new ones – more than ten starting. I used cotton swabs soaked in ACV and wadded into place twice a day and left them in place for around one hour each time. At night time I swabbed the whole areas with 100 percent tea tree oil. It took ten days and nearly all have fallen off, to my huge relief, and the new ones are also growing out. Maybe I am lucky because the straight ACV and tea tree oil caused me no discomfort.

My genital warts were removed surgically and it had to heal from the inside out. It was one of the most painful things I ever went through.

I saw my first genital wart in August of 2016. It started with one bump at a time consistently. My doctor froze some off and I used apple cider vinegar when others popped up. Now I only get one bump every 3 months but daily I feel a small pain in my groin. I pass all my STD tests with my doctor but I am worried because it has not gone away and I fear it never will.

I have lived with genital warts as a man since I was 20, and I’m 39 now. I have burned my skin with every type of product out there that doctors and dermatologists have prescribed to me. Once the bleeding tissue on my penis finally healed every time they would come back. Not fun! Long story short, I take 1/2 shot glass of mother apple cider vinegar every day. They were gone in 3 weeks. I have to stay on it or they come back but if I’m on it they are not there. It feels so good.

The best thing was freezing the genital warts off and not having sex and staying healthy, no bad food, no alcohol, no smoking, and no stress. No more having sex with more than one person either. To me it feels like it’s the way of the world telling you enough is enough in my opinion. Do not feel like your life is over, you are completely normal! The worst part is dealing with it psychologically and if there’s one thing I’ve learnt is beating yourself up over it does not help. You only live once.

I lived in Spain before. In my case, I was doing great by using imiquimod and Wartec on my genital warts. The mix treatment was going well on my skin over the last 1.5 to 2 months. The problem occurred when I moved to Peru and it seems Wartec cream is not sold in this country and I do not have it anymore since I arrived here.

I got the genital wart about one and a half years ago. I went to see a skin doctor and he used nitrogen and gave me some cream to apply and it was fully gone in a month’s time.

I am 20 years old, yesterday I was told that I have genital warts on my vulva and in my cervix. The doctor did a Pap test on me (which is my first ever Pap test) and suggested me to do electrocautery of warts. Right now I don’t have the funds for the procedure and am scared that the warts may get worse.


I have just found out I have 5 genital warts. The doctor is going to do trichloroacetic acid treatment, I’m clueless about it.

The most effective treatment for genital warts and herpes lesions is ‘Boil Ease’ or ‘Boil Relief’ depending on the drug store chain. Anesthetic and antiseptic at the same time. Works instantly to relieve pain.

I was married to a man that cheated and soon after finding out about the many affairs. I was told I had warts. I quickly divorced him! This was back in 1979 the doctor didn’t know much about the warts and didn’t call it HPV. I was treated with some liquid applied to the warts they continued to grow and spread. The next 2 doctors did laser surgery in 1982 to remove them. 2 years later they grew back close to where the 1st ones were so I had laser surgery again. They have grown back and I was finally told it was HPV. I didn’t know anything about HPV but have had it for 33 years now and they have spread to all parts of my body. In just the last two years I have 2 on my leg 1 above the knee and 1 below. I have 1 on my arm and 1 on my neck. I have hated dealing with these things for all these years and now they seem to be going wild. It’s very embarrassing going to the doctor. I have put it off for several years but now I have to go soon and I hate it because I did nothing to get this. I was married and never thought anything about a STD, but now I have to deal with doctors that are probably not but I feel they are judgmental, but I’m sure it’s just me. I want to scream out, “I was married and never had sex with anyone but him” This HPV is a everywhere and all you need is 1 person to give it to you and you will have it for life and when you’re in your 60’s you will still be dealing with it. I would love to see someone put up what are the best treatments to ask for.

I have mine cauterized by my OB 8 days ago, spinal anesthesia was required to ease the pain while burning the warts. She even had me use catheter after for the wound to be treated easily. After 24 hrs I was sent back home I asked the doctor to take off catheter as I am not comfortable in using one, every time I pee the pain is unbearable and it’s killing me. I am used to seeing blood and green discharge as its normal after cauterization, As of today I am taking in high dosage of pain killer to ease the pain, by the way i got one 1 year ago and warts were like multiplying from time to time that why I have decided to have it surgically removed. I am hoping that it’ll not come back as doctor advised me for regular check up and shot of gardasil o prevent it from coming back. By the way I only have 3 partners all my life and never been experienced having sex with men. My current for 1 year and 3 months is HPV negative; my previous for 6 years is also HPV free.

I am 59 year old female diagnosed with anal squamous cell carcinoma in situ 2 years ago after colonoscopy. I am presently being followed up by surgeon every 6 months with scraping, burning and removal of tissue for biopsy – which always comes back abnormal. It seems to me like no one understands what’s going on or what to do next. Not much on the Internet either if you are a woman with this. I’m married, eat healthy, don’t smoke and clueless how it happened. Obviously, there needs to be more research on this. I have no clue what to expect, and so, expect the worse.

Many years ago I had what is called peri-anal warts. I tried for about five years to remove them myself with various forms of salicylic acid, which was extremely uncomfortable/painful and seemed to be interminable and I was not able to endure long enough to actually remove the root of the things. Finally ended up at a specialist (don’t recall the exact field) who in one sedated session successfully “got them all” and I have been relapse free for some 20 years to date. What I recall was he pulled each nub out and snipped it at skin level first, then burned deep into the skin at each cut site to kill the roots. This was done with a soldering-iron style device. Many drugs followed for pain.

My daughter is 22 years old was diagnosed with HPV strains 16 and 31 (after DNA analysis – HPV). It has no visible lesions of the cervix but Pap test detected changes in the cells (ASCUS and AGUS). The doctor prescribed a very good treatment with Cervugid Ovules. We repeated Pap in February, after treatment and all analyzes were good. I hope other patients to get better after this treatment.

I used green tea cream topically twice per day, and took Papillex. The genital warts went away and have never returned. I also changed my diet – nothing refined.


I first realized I had a bump on my labia. When I was 21 I got Pap smear that was abnormal and was told it was just clue cells. Than the second, third and fourth time I was told it was just a “skin tag” I had one for three years, my ex one day came up to me and told me the bumps he had he thought it was from shaving I gave him warts without me realizing I had this. Anyway, my doctor gave me a cream to use. I had four partners and I am happy to see comments and these treatments are helpful for this I hope they go away. Thank you.

I went to my doctor get these tiny, round ‘skin tags’ around my anal region removed. She told me they were warts and sent me to an OB/GYN. I had a pap smear done which was positive for HPV and an internal exam revealed many, many more on my cervix. She did laser the visible warts and ended up surgically removing 1/3 of my cervix. She also gave me a topical cream (Aldara) to prevent any further spread of the warts from my perianal area. That was seven years ago and I have been wart-free with normal pap tests since; until now. My last pap smear was approximately one month ago and has come back ‘highly abnormal’ and just within the last week I noticed a tiny ‘mole’ on my labia. It’s a flat wart that has grown approximately 3cm within 6 days. I’m not sure what the options my doctor will suggest at this point, but I do know that I want to be aggressive with the treatment simply because of how aggressive it seems to be evolving this time around.

I found a mole-like lesion on my penis when I was 24. It was flat, smooth, and light brown. The university health center doctor did the vinegar test and said it was not a wart. 10 years after having much unprotected sex I had other small wart like areas pop up on my genitals. It was then that I was diagnosed w/ HPV. These warts were removed via laser which was an excellent treatment. The initial lesion from 10 years ago was just removed at the direction of a dermatologist and it was biopsied. Turns out it was a flat wart and not a mole! I’m writing this to warn everyone to have new growths on the genitals whether male or female removed and biopsied so you don’t spread this to innocent people as I have. In summary: Laser and surgical removal with local anesthetic are great treatment options.

I finally decided it was time for a pap after about 10 yrs of not having one. I knew I had some mole looking things on me but thought they were skin tags. Come to find out they are genital warts. I had them surgically removed and some burned. Well a year later, two have come back. I’ve cried and cried now my doctor has me on medication and I’m hoping for a great outcome with it. It’s only been one week since I’ve been using the cream but I’m praying hard I’ll comment again on how the cream works for me.

I am 45 yrs old and just married 2 years ago. My husband was told he has genital warts. I thought they were moles on his penis but I didn’t see the bigger patches now he is taking this 3-day treatment and wants to have sex with no condom.

My genital warts were found at the age of thirty-eight after a hysterectomy at age thirty. I’ve never had bad pap smear results before. I was sent to an Oncologist for VAIN III. He laser ablated the warts and I have to apply Efudex (Chemo cream) every 3 weeks FOREVER due to recurrence rates. It does keep the cells (Dysplasia) from changing over to cancer. For whatever it is worth, PLEASE encourage your daughters and loved ones to get protected. Mine lied dormant for many many years.

I’m 60 years old. I got HPV or venereal warts during the 70s and 80s. No one knew about diseases without cures; like aids, venereal warts or herpes. I went to the clinic at a large women’s hospital where I was often treated. When I moved to Florida 2 yrs later I saw an ob/gyn who froze the warts and guaranteed they would not be back. The warts never came back, but when I was about 50 I got lesions of squamous cell anorectal cancer (in situ, meaning they don’t spread).

I was diagnosed with HPV during a routine pap at age 19. Didn’t have my first ‘wart’ appear til age 23 on my labia minora. It was very small and looked like a mole. They burned it off with acid in the doctor’s office. Only one treatment needed. Now 15 years later I have had another come up on my labia majora. Doctor tried to tell me it was a skin tag but I knew better. I got a 2nd opinion by an ob/gyn. The acid is the only way to remove them.

I had no idea. I thought it was simply a mole, but I knew it was new. I found out that I had genital warts and I was 2 months pregnant when I found out. I’m told that my hormones are causing the warts to grow faster than normal, and that they will grow even more if I mess with them. I can’t get rid of them until after the baby is born. I’m scared that they are going to infect my birth canal.

I first got genital warts when I was 19 they spread on my vaginal opening. The doctor suggested that I didn’t need laser treatment but either way they went ahead with it. The warts disappeared completely! One appeared again after some months and my mom got me treatment from some doctor though he made it clear that they might come back again so my mom has to pray they don’t. Well I took the treatment and they started fading on their own and I haven’t had them for years now.

I have found out today that I have hpv and got warts because of it. They burned them today with acid and I have to go back in a week to do it again. I have had them for years now but never had the money to go and get them checked out now that I have I am worried the warts will always come back.