How to Screen Mirror iPhone to Laptop or PC

How to Screen Mirror iPhone to laptop or Windows 10 PC. Nowadays usage of online meeting platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco Webex has increased many folds due to Corona Pandemic.

Using these online meeting apps Schools are able to conduct online classes and offices are doing virtual meetings in work from home environment.

With these online meeting platforms, usage of gadgets such as smartphone, Tablets, laptops are also increased.

Using Laptops and iPad you can demonstrate over online to your students, clients, colleagues easily over online meeting apps.

Further if you have access to the screen of your iPad or iPhone on your laptop, you can easily record the screen for online training purposes, demo etc. and live lectures and tutorials. Screen recording can be done using OBS studio, Camtasia, Microsoft Power Point, etc.

As drawing and sketching is easier on iPad compared to touch screen laptops with the use of apple pencil. Therefore, iPads are easier to demonstrate on online classrooms and presentations.

On iPad we can easily teach others with the use of various online/ offline drawing apps like Microsoft whiteboard, iPad Note app, Microsoft OneNote, MS Word and Power point apps.

Other advantage of screen mirroring of iPhone and iPad over laptop is that you can show videos, power points etc available on iPhone or iPad directly over laptop during online meeting sessions.

You can underline or type using apple pencil inside presentations, pdf files, word files etc.

Previously we have provided various methods of screen mirror your android phone over laptop. In this post we will see different methods to screen mirror your iPhone or iPad to Windows 10 based laptops and PC.

Lets see how to Screen Mirror iPhone to Laptop or PC

What is Screen mirroring and casting?

Screen mirroring

There are two things one is screen mirroring by which you can make exact replica of your laptop, iPad, mobile over other screens like smart TV, other Laptops, Desktops etc.

Miracast, Chromecast, and apple air mirroring are available in many smart TVs nowadays. But all the technologies not found in one TV. For example, Sony Android Smart TV have chrome cast built in where you can use screen mirroring and casting feature of Chromecast and supports Apple airplay mirroring.

So that you can screen mirror from your both apple and android devices. Using Chromecast dongle, you can achieve the screen mirror and Chromecast features also on any TV even on Monitors.

Chromecast is a small device That can be inserted to any TVs HDMI port weather you have normal TV or smart TV.

Some TVs like Samsung QLED supports Apple airplay mirroring and screen mirroring for Android phones but does not have Chromecast feature.

However new Samsung Smart TV also having option to view apps like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon prime from mobile to TV directly with Chromecast like feature (Samsung Proprietary feature to cast app without Chromecast). From Apple devices you can use airplay screen mirroring icon to mirror iPad screen over Smart TV.

Screen Cast

While screen casting (or app cast) means that whatever app, video, photo you are viewing in you iPhone or android phone will start playing over smart TVs using internet.

For screen cast using Chromecast icon on apps your TV should have Chromecast built in like in android TV or Chromecast dongle connected with the HDMI port of your TV. When you tap over the Chromecast icon the supported apps or media on you phone the apps will start to play over the TV directly through internet. This feature is available for both Android and iOS devices with Chromecast supported apps (YouTube, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Google Photos etc.)

In this process the usage of your mobile is only to search and select the required video. Thereafter when casting started your phone have no connection with the TV and media start streaming over internet directly to TV.

However, in screen mirroring feature no live internet is required. Both the devices such as your TV and phone should be connected with the same Wi-Fi.

Same thing happens with Apple airplay supported TVs and apple TV. When you touch over apple airplay icon the video or media on the apps this will start to play over Smart TV & apple TV. Here Apple TV works similar function as like Chromecast.

There is one more thing that Miracast technology that was developed by Microsoft. Using Miracast enable devices you can wirelessly project the display of one device to another device. For example, you can wirelessly project windows 10 laptop over Miracast enabled TV, Android mobiles also supported Miracast so that mobile screen can also be projected to TV or Windows 10 laptop.

The problem in all these technologies is that they are not supported with each other. So that you cannot  wirelessly project your iPhone or iPad display over Windows 10 laptop but Android can do. Similarly Apple airplay not supported on Chromecast devices and vice versa.

How to Screen Mirror iPhone to Laptop or Airplay Compatible Smart TV

For screen mirror your iPad screen or air mirror apps to Smart TV, follow these steps:

For Air Mirror apps from iPad to smart TV follow these steps:

Now we will see how to screen mirror iPhone to laptop or Windows 10 PC.

To enable screen mirror on windows 10 PC you need to install some of the apps like Reflector, Easycast, Apowermirror, mirroring360, AirbeamTV, etc.

Let’s see how to use and setup these app to screen mirror iPhone or  iPad screen over Windows 10 PC.

There is one important thing to mention that you should use Wi-Fi router’s 2.4GHz band to connect the iPhone as well as Windows 10 laptop to work Airplay service smoothly. Otherwise there will be some video freeze issue while using over 5GHz band of Wi-Fi.

How to screen mirror iPhone to laptop using Easycast app

Easycast app is available on the Microsoft Store as well as on the Apple store. You need to download and install this app in your Windows Laptop and iPad. After installing Easycast app in both the devices, follow the below steps for setup:

Now your iPad screen is replicated over windows PC. If you have desktop which is also connected with the same router using ethernet cable from which your iPad in connected over Wi-Fi than this app will also works on desktop.

How to screen mirror iPhone to laptop using Airdroid Cast app

Airdroid is a very popular app for Android for screen mirror and control android phone over Windows laptop. Now using Airdroid Cast app you can also screen mirror your iPhone or iPad to Windows 10 laptop.

Lets see how to screen mirror iPhone to Windows 10 laptop using Airdroid Cast app.

For using Airdroid app to cast iphone to laptop you have to follow the following steps:

Screen mirror iphone screen to laptop using Apowermirror app

Apowermirror app is very useful, but this is not a free app, however you can test this app compatibility with your iPad during trial period.

The trail version only provides you 10 minutes to test. You can purchase the VIP from 59.95 dollar for lifetime.

Mirror iPad screen using AirbeamTV app

AirbeamTV app works only through Chrome browser in the Windows and Mac PC. Steps for screen mirror using AirbeamTV app to Windows PC are given below:

Once connection is established no further internet access is required. App working when both the devices are on the same Wi-Fi network.

This app is also a paid version that support screen mirroring for 5 minutes only in trail version. Thereafter you need to again start the session. The charges for screen mirror are Rs, 999 for 1 year.

Other apps that support screen mirror from iPad to windows pc are

For the more details about these apps, you can also visit our previous post.

Screen Mirror iPhone or iPad to Laptop using Remote Control Apps

You can also screen mirror your iPhone or iPad over Laptop or Windows PC using various remote control apps, such as TeamViewer, Anydesk etc.

These apps requires working internet connection always as these apps works over internet to mirror your iPad screen over laptop.

TeamViewer app works over many platforms like Windows, Android, Mac, iOS so that after installing app in any device your can view and control other device.

Using Team viewer one can also assist other user between apps, setup, record, demonstrate etc.

The setup of team viewer is very easy after installing the app provide user Id and password to other user, he can establish connection over secure channel using user ID and password.

How to Screen mirror iPad screen over MacBook

The good news is that you can screen mirror your iPad screen to MacBook using QuickTime player that is available with the MacBook.

Follow the these steps to connect and screen mirror iPad screen on MacBook:

ipad to macbook using quick time
ipad to macbook using quick time -2

Final Words

We have described various methods to screen mirror iPad or iPhone to windows pc or Laptop. There are many apps available to screen mirror iPad screen to PC. But most of them are paid version only, some apps you can use in trail period but have limited time to use say 10 min or 5 minutes.

We found Easycast app and AIrdroid Cast is a good option for iPhone and iPad to screen mirror on WIndows 10 laptop, both the apps works flawless for screen mirror. However, recently we have found that Easycast app is available on Microsoft store but not available on apple store.

However, it is up to you and your usage of screen mirror. You can select your desired app from the various option available.

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