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Ein Laptop von HP However, PCs and laptops are also available. Many people are familiar with HP as a manufacturer of printers. Laptops The company was founded in 1939 and is based in California. belong to the product line of a US-based corporation. Hewlett-Packard Company The deadline for applications is November 1, 2015, and the deadline for submissions is November 1, 2015. – so the company was until November 1, 2015. offizielle Firmierung HP.Hewlett Packard Enterprise wurde abgespalten und Hewlett-Packard Company in HP Inc. Hewlett Packard Enterprise is a company that specializes in information technologies. Which HP notebook series are the most impressive, and for which situations are they designed, so that they are ideal for your needs? Find out in this buyer’s guide. umbenannt umbenannt umbenannt umben

What are the different types of HP laptops available?

HP has a wide range of laptops to choose from. These are distinguished not only visually, but also functionally and, most importantly, in terms of performance.

Eine Unterteilung dieser könnte so aussehen:

  • Privatanwender
  • Premium
  • Geschäftskunden
  • Gaming

Which HP laptop is best for which application?

As a result, you’ll have a good overview of the various fields and a clear path to follow in making your decision. To give you a better understanding of the HP Notebook Dschungel, we’ve looked into a few different series. Do you belong to any of the following groups? Gamern? Möchtest du deinen Laptop für die Arbeit Alternatively, you can just use a good laptop for the job. Ausbildung oder das StudiumThe information is based on a selection of models from the series. What are your thoughts on this? Here you can find out which series would be the best fit for you. In each case, a close examination of the details is worthwhile.

Für Privatanwender


As a result, the HP Pavillion models are ideal for In general, the price-to-performance ratio is favorable. Studierende oder Auszubildende, bzw. für Personen, die nicht all zu viel Geld There are a few more series in the Pavilion family. I’d like to exchange my laptop for one.

Unter anderem:

  • Pavilion Power
  • Pavillion x360
  • Pavillion 15 bzw. Pavillion 17er Serie.

Die Vermischung mit ConvertiblesIn general, the Pavilion Series is well-suited to the Happens in a semi-fluid manner. The various series differ not only in terms of technical specifications, but also in terms of price.Privatgebrauch, this or that model is also well-equipped for the office, and still others present a good image in terms of gaming.

  • Die Notebooks der Power Serie sind quasi jeder Herausforderung gewachsen – ein klassischer Allrounder.It has a lot of storage space thanks to the large hard drives. Models with a 4K resolution have been chosen.IPS-Display Bang & Olufsen is now active acoustically – for a great sound. equipped with
  • Die x360 Serie It’s clear from the name that you’re into it. Display um 360° drehen As a result, your x360 Notebook can also be used as a laptop. can’t. Tablet The so-called “Tent Modus” is useful for a variety of games, but especially before executing photos, graphics, or videos. Alternatively, you can use it as a laptop as you normally would.
  • Und auch bei der 15er bzw. 17er SerieThe name of the property is: The Size. It’s the size of the laptops in this series that matters. 15 Zoll bzw. um die 17 Zoll.

However, you will undoubtedly find the right laptop for you thanks to the wide range of options available in the Pavilion series. A closer look at the individual product descriptions is recommended for the most precise technical specifications. An excellent companion for personal use or as a notebook for university or training. There’s something for almost everyone, both in terms of performance and price.

Diesen Laptop der Pavilion-Reihe empfehlen wir dir

To make your transition a little easier, we’ve found a suitable HP Pavilion for you.

HP Pavilion x360 14-dh1003ng – Auf Ladegeschwindigkeit optimiert

This HP Pavilion Laptop sits on the desk in an unnoticeable silver, but it hides some seriously impressive hardware beneath its hood. We’ve listed the specific strengths and weaknesses for you here:

  • Starke RechenleistungHP has not lumped the processor and has given the notebook a modern look. i7-QuadCore verpasst. Dieser wird zudem von 16 GB DDR4 Arbeitsspeicher As a result, more difficult tasks and multitasking can be supported and accomplished.
  • Intel Optane: 32 GB Intel Optaneare also on board, providing you with an additional cache storage space. This is where the ones from you will be. häufigsten verwendeten Prozesse gespeichert, damit du schneller Zugriff auf diese hast und sich die Ladezeiten verkürzen.
  • Convertible: Das Notebook verfügt über ein Touchscreen And it can be turned into a tablet with your hands.
14-dh1003ng HP Pavilion x360 This disturbs us.

Become extinct Although the i7 processor and 16 GB of RAM are sufficient for a good gaming laptop, HP has skimped on the graphics chip. Nvidia GeForce MX250 reicht bei aktuellen Titeln höchstens für niedrige DetaileinstellungenShe may already be scheiterning at the lowest settings in the new AAA titles. ..

Unser Fazit zum HP Pavilion x360 14-dh1003ng

But, in the end, he lacks the most important component: a good graphics chip. Instead, you will be given a The HP laptop would have easily made it into the top tier of gaming laptops. leistungsstarken Office LaptopHe is also characterized by his slender 14-inch stature. , which provides you with a lot of processing power for multitasking. überaus mobilLong Ladetimes are a thing of the past thanks to the fast SSD Festplatte and Intel Optane.

HP Laptops für Gamer


Gaming Laptop von HP HP’s OMEN laptop is a gaming laptop. You have the option of choosing between a 17 and a 15 pound coin. Whereas the 17-Zoller with a graphics card can go up to NVIDIA GTX 1070 The 15 Zoller has a graphics card that can go up to 512 MB. is well-equipped NVIDIA GTX 1060. Das OMEN verspricht ein ruckelfreies Spielerlebnis, auch bei AAA und VR Ready Spielen. Mit der NVIDIA GameWorks TechnologieWith a 4K display and a 4K camera, you’ll be able to see Even if you don’t use a headset, you’ll get surround sound. You can take 360° photos while playing the game and view them later in VR. Bang & Olufsen was also present at the OMEN in terms of sound, which ensured an immersive gaming experience. Bildwiederholungsrate von bis zu 120 Hz(However, with a lower resolution such as Full HD or WQHD, you’ll be able to see almost every detail in your game.) Because the OMEN series models have an optional fast start feature, you can start games quickly and expect very short load times. PCle-SSD oder sogar Dual StorageIt is possible to build. The standard connectors, such as USB 3.1 and HDMI, are included. SD KartenThe OMEN models are equipped with a slot or an Ethernet connection. The keyboard is equipped with In this series, you’ll also find an optically pleasing running system. Anti-Ghosting und 26-Key-Rollover ausgestattet. Außerdem kannst du eigenständige Makros einrichten.


Gamer wissen es: Präzise Reaktionszeiten und eine 1a Grafik With the HP OMEN X, you’ve got a Gaming Notebook that’s ready to go. The OMEN X is a so-called omen. are the A and O for a fantastic gaming experience.Overclocking NotebookFurthermore, you should be aware that Not every model is suitable for this. However, you must pay close attention here: You can also double-check it. Übertaktung des Gerätes zwar durchaus Vorteile mit sich bringen kann, aber ebenso auch Nachteile:

  • The system’s stability and lifespan can be influenced in the long run.
  • Die Systemleistung kann sich verringern.
  • It’s possible that this will result in system component failures or complete failures.
  • Dein Laptop kann überhitzen.
  • Die Integrität der Systemdaten kann beeinflusst werden.
  • Es kann zu sonstigen Schäden kommen.

Das OMEN X und seine Eigenschaften

The mechanical Tastatur, which is also equipped with LED lighting, is responsible for the accuracy of the game control. The OMEN X is also easily expandable, allowing you to carry out one or more upgrades. A personal tasting list as well as “N-Key-RolloverAs a result, you can press multiple keys at the same time, and their functions will be activated at the same time. ” are also viable options. The so-called “Tastenhub” beträgt 2,5mm.

On a technical level, the OMEN X is equipped with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 or 1080 graphics card. The graphics cards in this series are among the most advanced in terms of gaming, and they provide you with true mobile graphics power that you’d normally associate with desktop gaming PCs.

This is at a frequency of up to 120 Hz. With its highly activated DDR4 Arbeitsspeicher, the OMEN X stands out in terms of speed. Optional modules with speeds up to DDR4-2800 MHz can be added to the system. The Aktualisierungsrate of the Displays is also interesting for gamers. These are not restricted to overtacting. The processor in a few models is from Intel’s HK series.

Grundsätzlich ein netter Nebeneffekt: Gaming PCsGaming laptops, on the other hand, are ideal for work outside of game play. With the OMEN X’s high performance, you can splice that one or other video with peace of mind.

If you’d like to dig deeper into what’s going on with a particular person, Gaming Laptop If this is the case, take a look at our buying advice.

Für Geschäftsleute


Hp Laptop What features does a laptop need to be suitable for use as a business computer? Correct: Leicht und kompaktIt has to be. Among the other members of the family is HP’s EliteBook laptop family falls under the category of business laptops and combines these features.EliteBook Folio und das EliteBook 1030There are more members of the Elite Family, but we will focus on these two stellvertretenden models in this purchase advice. ..

  • Das EliteBook Folio gehört zu den momentan wohl flachsten Laptops – which saves space and weight when transporting a notebook to work or to a customer. Etwa 1 kg This is for It is the heaviest member of the HP family and comes with a stylish and durable aluminum case.Skype for Business zertifizierte Notebook unterstützt außerdem deinen Arbeitsprozess. Die “KalendertasteYour Tonwiedergabe will be rounded off with HP’s Noise Reduction Software and Clear Sound Amp. Another feature is the display, which you can fold up and place on the table. ” enables you to start telephone conferences quickly and easily, for example. And, as with many other HP notebook models, Bang & Olufsen has provided a good sound system. Mitch Windows 10 ProIs it possible to use multiple authentication methods to protect your data? You may need to purchase hard- and software, as well as drivers, separately. However, a vigilant eye is required in this case: Taking the time to look at the details is also worthwhile.
  • EliteBook 1030First, there’s work, and then there’s fun. You don’t have to be concerned about the water glass beside your desk any longer, because your EliteBook 1030’s keyboard is fully functional. spritzwasser You don’t just have a laptop with you. Protected and illuminated kompaktes Notebook on your side – around 13 Zoll – but also a notebook with a display with Gorilla Glass You have the option of choosing between two options. is safe, and it’s also protected by a tough metal design. Touch Display, oder einem ohne TouchAlso present is a fingerprint sensor, which allows for quick access to your data while also providing some protection. Everything is done in real time. In terms of security, the EliteBook 1030 excels thanks to HP Sure Start with Dynamic Protection. This monitors your BIOS every 15 minutes or so and repairs any damage that may have occurred. ..

Die Premium Modelle


HP Envy Laptop You’ve set your sights on putting yourself in front of the competition, both visually and performance-wise. HP classifies the Envy series of laptops as premium devices. The “Alleskönner” is distinguished not only by its attractiveness, but also by its ergonomic design. The increased Scharniere position the laptop in a slightly slender position, which is ideal for one-handed use. natürlichen PositionIn addition, the airzirkulation will be better supported. The typical connectors found on a laptop must, of course, be present. As a result, writing on a laptop will be more pleasurable. Der is a nice addition. Fingerabdruckleser.

On the technical side, the Envy series stands out: you can get them with an i5 or i7 processor and up to 16 GB of RAM. The battery life varies depending on the size, ranging from 14 hours (13 Zoll) to 10 hours (17 Zoll).

Der 13 Zoller besticht durch ein sogenanntes Micro-Edge-Display However, the 17-inch model also impresses with its size. – in order to see as much of the display as possible. GeForce 940MX Onboard graphics from NVIDIA – a mid-range GPU that, while not perfect in terms of gaming performance, offers significant advantages over the CPU-integrated solution.

For all audiophiles: The Envy Series’ loudspeakers were optimized in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen, resulting in a powerful reproduction. The amplifiers produce a well-rounded sound that is powerful and distortion-free even at low volumes. The “Alleskönner” is also presented in a slim and stylish design. Some of the models’ displays can go up to UHD resolution.


Das Spectre Notebook gehört zu den äußerst flachen Laptop Modellen Likewise, the Scharnieres that connect the screen to the lower chassis are distinguished by their design. The HP Spectre Notebook is stylish thanks to its aluminum body. on the market koaxiale Eigenschaft quasi nicht sichtbar. Sie ermöglichen dir außerdem verschiedene Einstellmodi, in order to get the best view of your screen. If you want to watch a movie, have a Skype conversation, or use your Spectre as a tablet, this is the place to be.

Another advantage of the Spectre is the resistance of the housing, which is also quite light. The in is a nice addition. In terms of design, the Spectre is right up there with the best of them, and HP has already paid attention to a few things.4K auflösende Touchscreen. Das Display wird ganz nebenbei aus Corning Gorilla Glass NBTHP’s Spectre is equipped with two 4K monitors! As a result, it is better protected against kratzers. If you place a high value on high resolutions, the following information may be useful to you:

The illuminated keyboard makes it possible for you to see the keys even in dimly lit areas. HP has also given some consideration to the health of your eyes: In terms of performance, the Spectre must also keep its head:

  • Eine lange Akkulaufzeit Depending on what you do with your HP Notebook, you can expect a battery life of up to 11 hours.
  • Quad Core-CPUs i5/i7 processors are also available and shine with a high processing speed.
  • Die verbauten SSD Festplatten bieten die außerdem ausreichend Speicherplatz.

Real-time temperature monitoring ensures a quiet and cool laptop, even if you have a lot on your mind. The new temperature regulation will be controlled by an infrared sensor.

Für wen eignet sich welcher HP Laptop?

Naturally, it is up to you to decide which HP laptop you want to buy. Finally, there are your personal requirements to consider. The following table provides an estimate of who each HP-Series is best suited for.

Geeignet für

HP Laptop Typ

Studenten / Auszubildende





HP EliteBook


HP Spectre, HP Envy

HP Laptop bei der Stiftung Warentest

Die Stiftung Warentest HP laptops are, of course, present in these tests on a regular basis. Has put laptops through their paces on a regular basis, amassing an impressive number of individual tests over the years.

15,6 Zoll Laptops

HP Laptops perform admirably in the test, particularly with 15-inch laptops. Das ist HP Pavilion 15-cs2013ng It received good test scores in every category, resulting in a positive final result. This appears to be a very good overall package. Endnote von 2,1 zustandekam. Es kommt mit einem flotten Intel i5-QuadCore Prozessor, 8 GB Arbeitsspeicher, and a 256 GB SSD Festplatte, making it ideal for multitasking. ideal als Office Laptop As a 15-inch device, the convenience of a larger screen, as well as continued good mobility, are ideal. eignet is a word that can be used to describe

17,3 Zoll Laptops

Das ist HP has his finger in the game again in this test. If you need something bigger, you might be interested in the 17-inch laptop discounts. HP Envy 17-cg0305ng erzielt in dieser Kategorie mit dem Testergebnis 2,2 Although the battery is a little weaker, it still shines brightly. Also, a good conclusion. das Display umso heller. In diesem Bereich erzielt es BestnotenFurthermore, it distinguishes itself from the competition. The rest of the specifications include an Intel i5 quad-core processor, 16 GB of RAM, and a 512 GB SSD hard drive.

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