Huawei MateBook 13 vs HP Spectre Folio 13: Which One is for You?

This is the comparison between the Huawei MateBook 13 vs HP Spectre Folio 13.


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Huawei MateBook 13:

For, the design in the performance to the edges of its frame arrives at the beginning of a transition lower power laptops and Chromebooks are more than adequate for consumers covering the basics and a new generation of mobile arm chipsets the CPU, is found in our phones and tablets are powerful enough to compete against some of the use that you would want from an Intel powered portable PC.

HP Spectre Folio 13:

I think it should win an award just for its design. And it was a lot of hype around this device, although they didn’t build up before the event but at the event. There was this whole, like, we’re just changing everything. And it seemed a little ludicrous. The laptop after all is pretty bizarre. It’s made out of leather, or I should say mostly leather. And it’s not just a wrap around the laptop, it’s actually made out of leather. They’re not out there slaughtering cows just to make this laptop.


Huawei MateBook 13:

The lightweight we’re looking at just under 15 millimeters thick let’s go say 15 kilograms that’s not right 15 millimeters thick and it weighs one point to eight kilograms so you could put this in your backpack and you’ll barely feel it it is such a nice well.

HP Spectre Folio 13:

Now it is a 13.3-inch tablet, and those are always gonna be a little bit awkward to hold. But still, this actually does feel really nice. I think it could have been better at a three by two aspect ratio, which would have given it more of a magazine feel. But still, this works very well and it feels great to hold. Now the whole device weighs 3.26 pounds or one and a half kilograms.


Huawei MateBook 13:

The keyboard, has always been a touch on the creaky side but the flex has gotten a little louder over these last couple months nothing affecting performance, but a small creek coming from the case under the display and the plastic on this hinge popped open once with a loud crack I snapped it back in place everything seems to be fine but it was definitely disconcerting in that moment there’s a sensitive balance at play between price and repair ability. Huawei seems to have delivered in ultra slim which can still be opened easily for a machine priced well under a Macbook very price competitive against a surface laptop that’s actually pretty cool that could be a nice perk. I look up the repair guides on more premium hardware and that experience could be harrowing many portable pcs in this segment.

HP Spectre Folio 13:

Looking at the keyboard deck here. Behind the keyboard, you get quad speakers, Bang & Olufsen as always. They’re pretty good speakers. They’re very good for, I would say, the upper mids and definitely highs. It’s a very crisp and clear audio. You don’t get a lot of bass or richness though, and that’s just part of the compromise of this device. It’s so thin, there’s just no resonance possible in the body, there’s just no space left. Now the trackpad size is okay. It’s a little bit smaller for HP size, but listen, I get it. This is a whole new device, a whole new form factor for them. The trackpad size, it’s okay.


Huawei MateBook 13:

I found frustrating was the separation of features between the two ports this USB C can charge them a book but this USB C is where the video outputs this interrupts some of my favorite us docks which can charge an output over HDMI with one cable that’s a bummer because this PC has enough power.P Spectre Folio 13:

Looking at ports, well there’s not a whole lot here, but what we do have is pretty useful. So on the left hand side, you do have USB Type-C 3.1 for our power. It has a little LED to let you know it’s charging as well. And there’s a three and a half millimeter headphone jack, which is considering how thin this device is, it’s still just kind of nice that they actually had it in there. Now on the right hand side you have two more USB Type-C. Now these are both Thunderbolt 3 ports. So yes, you can connect this to an external GPU or external hard drive, whatever you wanna use.


Huawei MateBook 13:

For the, display bordered by tiny bezels a very large trackpad everything is pushed right up to the edge and it makes for great usability the video when, I first got my hands on it that initial impression remains this is a product with a very specific competitor squarely in Huawei sites and comparing specforce back it’s still incredible to use a machine roughly half the price of a competing MacBook Pro 13 the internals are on point is just that the overall build isn’t quite as refined the build might not be a deal-breaker though living with the product.

HP Spectre Folio 13:

Now look at the bottom of this display, This doesn’t come off, there’s no screws, there’s no nothing, there’s no way to access the internals of this device. There’s no venting either due to the processor. So you just get a smooth material. All right, opening up the device you get this beautiful 13.3 inch IPS display. It is full HD. There’s a 4K option that’s available or becoming available. I think that’s a little overkill for a 13-inch.


Huawei MateBook 13:

It is seen for daily abuse maybe the best feature of this hardware it’s terrific battery life at medium brightness, getting over nine hours of video playback was refreshing after coming from a gaming laptop it really will last a workday and that quickly changes your behavior you stop panicking when you’re out of sight. battery life are no longer throttled with economy performance.

HP Spectre Folio 13:

In fact, this is one of the smallest motherboards ever created for a laptop that allowed them to fit in a 54-watt hour battery. And that’s important because that’s a pretty good sized battery. But when you combine it with the Y series processor, which uses half the power of your typical laptop processor and you add in that one watt display, now keep in mind, most displays are two watt power consumption so this cut that in half, it’s only one watt. And well, you get very good battery life.


Huawei MateBook 13:

The performance to the edges of its frame arrives at the beginning of a transition lower power of laptops and Chromebooks are more than adequate, for consumers covering the basics and a new generation of mobile arm chipsets the CPU is found in our phones and tablets are powerful enough to compete against some of the use that you would want from an Intel powered portable PC Apple, recently announced they were doubling down on the iPad with iPad OS.

HP Spectre Folio 13:

Let’s talk about power performance and all that good stuff. So this is a really interesting device. It comes with a Core i5 or Core i7, pretty awesome, except it’s an 8200Y or 8500Y, and that Y is the telltale there. So Y serious processors are the old school Core m processors. And the reason Intel has kind of renamed them is probably because a lot of you just cringed at Core m. I have to admit, the new Core Y series are actually really good. These are the new eight generation ones, and they’re actually very, very good. So for instance, the 8500Y I’m using here, Core i7, you can think of it as being equivalent to the same dual core Core i7 seventh generation processors that came out a few years ago. Instead of 15-watt ones, these run at around seven and a half watts to five watts depending on the TDP that is set by HP.


Huawei MateBook 13:

I’m considering how I’m gonna get my work done on the go but because I’ve got a while on this laptop the main question still stands would I recommend someone buy one today. I think I would at least a tech-savvy road warrior someone who’s confident doing some light repair work on their own would get a great deal, today on a very good laptop I would not recommend this to the type of consumer who needs that first Purdy Genius Bar attention for any of their support issues and who knows maybe by this time next year we’ll all be using iPads and Android phones instead of traditional laptops tech stuff moves pretty quick.

HP Spectre Folio 13:

So who should buy this device? Well, I think anyone who’s a student who does productivity. If you’re into gaming, obviously probably not your best choice here, although you can use an external GPU, so that’s an uptick there’s well. But HP has done a brilliant job here, I think this is some of the most exciting innovation. I (mumbles) to see some changes, a three by two aspect ratio would be really nice. And for god’s sake, fix that trackpad. But other than that HP, keep it up. Otherwise, I think this is one of the most impressive laptops of 2018. All right, so there’s a quick look at the HP Spectre Folio. It’s now available and shipping worldwide. You can go to Windows Central also for my full review.