is the macbook air good for music production

When I first started making beats on a laptop, I was amazed at the quality of the music that could be produced from practically anywhere. If you have dreams of producing your own music from the comfort of your own home, the process can be intimidating, especially for a beginner. The first thing that you need to have is the right equipment. The best laptop for word processing and working with spreadsheets might not be the best laptop for music production.

According to IFPI, the total value of the recording industry in 2019 was $20.2 billion USD. That’s 20.2 billion reasons to find the best laptop for music production. Just kidding…I know that you’re not only motivated by money. The art matters! 

Do You Need a Laptop for Music Production?

It might be tempting to begin your music production journey with the equipment that you already have on hand or even a desktop computer or tower, but there are more versatile options. The various DAW software options like Ableton Live and FL Studio work well on good music production laptops, and you can take your studio with you on the road! 

Just understand that music production software can take up a considerable chunk of CPU power, and if your computer cannot handle it, then it can cause lag or crashes. Memory is important, but for music production, SSD storage and processor speed are equally as important (if not more important). Your music production laptop must be responsive for you to get the best results from your efforts.

Many make the mistake of assuming that the best laptop for podcasting is also the best choice for music production. However, this is not always the case due to the different instruments, multiple tracks, and plugins needed for music production. Podcasting laptops are usually only needed for recording voices. A music production laptop and its audio interface must be able to handle a wider range of audio inputs.

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How to Choose the Best Computer for Musicians

The most important consideration when choosing a laptop for music production is that it is powerful enough for the weighty software programs, virtual instruments, plugins, and sample packs that are used in the craft of music production. In addition, you will spend a considerable amount of your time processing samples and editing your beats, so it is important to have a workstation where you are comfortable and can work easily. The music production laptop that you purchase should meet the following system requirements:

The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is your music laptop’s brain. The CPU does all the processing that makes your computer perform various tasks like calculating data and moving information. The better your laptop’s CPU, the faster it will perform. Only consider a laptop with a multi-core processor when purchasing a laptop for music production. The more cores, the faster the laptop processes and carries out of tasks.

Random Access Memory (RAM) is the amount of data a laptop can hold in memory while processing at once. RAM helps your music laptop handle big tasks without lagging. Some people will tell you that 8GB of RAM is enough for a laptop for music production, but I disagree. I recommend buying a music laptop with 16GB of RAM or more if you want to do serious music production. A laptop with 16GB of RAM or more will handle virtual instruments (VST plugins), multiple audio tracks, and large sample libraries way better than a laptop with 8GB of RAM.

Of course, these are the optimal requirements and when it comes to purchasing good laptops for music production, the more you can get the better. For instance, a 1TB SSD with as many cores and the highest level of processing power possible would be better (though a laptop with this much power would need a good cooling system to avoid overheating). Solid-state drives (SSD) are preferable for music producers, as they are faster and more durable than HDD drives.

In addition, if you are using sample-based instruments, you will need more memory in order to reduce lag and achieve the quality that you want. And screen size is important to music producers because it will increase your workflow by reducing scrolling time when working with a DAW. Ultrawide screens are preferable if you want to 10x your music production workflow with an extra monitor.

Other things you might want to purchase with your laptop is a mouse with side scroll, a studio mic, and other recording equipment like an audio interface. A good graphics card would be a bonus but it’s not totally necessary for a music production laptop. Lastly, some of the best USB microphones for podcasting are excellent for vocals and instruments too.

Power tip: Every music producer should have a portable hard drive for backing up their information. No matter how comfortable you are in your large capacity, super fast SSD in your laptop, you need to have the insurance of having all of your beats and songs on an external hard drive. Get a 5TB external hard drive for the safekeeping of your files.

Mac vs. PC: Which Is Better for Music Production?

The biggest question when considering the best laptop for music production is whether Mac or PC is best. If you go back to the early days of music production, Macs were the clear winners. They took a more simplified approach in various areas, and they were built for creatives. However, recently, Mac has switched to Intel processors, such as in the MacBook Pro, and they are now the same speed as the top PC laptops. Plus, most music production DAW software is available for both Mac and PC.

Now, whether you choose a Mac or PC comes down to what software you plan to run and which workflow suits you best. If you already have projects on an older DAW, then this could drive your decision on which brand to choose. However, if you are getting a new DAW, you will find that most of them are cross-compatible.

One thing to consider is that it is easier to add or change components like RAM with a PC. When you buy a Mac, you are stuck with the laptop package features as-is. Macs tend to be thinner and more aesthetically pleasing, but this sometimes comes at the cost of problems with cooling when you are working on a big music project with a lot of tracks.

Many people consider the Mac to be more aesthetically pleasing and more intuitive to use for beginners. Macs also seem to avoid getting viruses much better than PCs. But PCs are more compatible with a wider range of peripherals and devices, including hardware for mixing and mastering. When it comes to choosing which is best, it is a matter of what you intend to do and the other devices that you will need to connect to your laptop.

11 Best Laptops for Music Production

Here are our tops picks for the best laptops for music producers. These killer laptops will be speedy and provide enough processing power to handle sampling, multitracking, programming, mixing, and mastering. Ready to get it poppin’? Let’s go.

1. MacBook Pro

The is rated as the top pick for music production by many artists. It is compact and comes with several different options. The 16-inch screen is recommended for music production. Otherwise, you will have to scroll excessively when editing. This unit has more than enough power for most purposes such as massive sample libraries and virtual instruments. It comes with a six-speaker system with force-canceling woofers. This gives it a realistic sound when you are working on your creations.

2. Razer Blade

The is typically sold as a “gaming” laptop, but it is fast and works well for music production. It is built to handle software like Ableton Live without lag. The system is clean without a lot of extra software to slow your system down and take up memory space. The 15-inch version is recommended if you choose this laptop. The speed of this system is what makes it excellent for music production and running a DAW.

3. MSI P65 Creator 1084

MSI is a brand that is known best for its laptops that are specially designed for gaming and creatives. The is recommended as the best laptop for Ableton Live 10. This laptop was built specifically for creative work and the demands of music production. This one comes with a 3.5mm audio input/output, so you do not have to purchase adapters.


ROG stands for “Republic of Gamers.” We chose the because it is insanely fast and able to process large storage files with ease. It has plenty of jacks and ports for peripherals. It is able to create realistic reproduction when using virtual instruments for your project. This one also has an excellent cooling system, too, which reduces fan noise when recording.

This gamer laptop is often mentioned as the best laptop for FL Studio and Cockos Reaper 6. This one comes equipped with a military-grade processor. It is reliable and perfect for recording or for performance.

5. HP Envy 17t Laptop

A widescreen makes sound editing easier, and the is an excellent choice in that respect. It is easy to see long sections of your sound files without scrolling. This one also has advanced audio to help you hear your creation accurately. It is a convertible, which makes it easy to take along and work anywhere. It is considered the best HP laptop for music production for amateurs, and it is one that can grow with your business.

6. HP OMEN 15 Gaming Laptop

The is fast and has clear graphics that make it easy to clip out tracks with precision. It is powerful and has a large cache, which also helps you to make your edits more quickly and make seamless splices. It comes with an integrated dual-array digital microphone and a Bang & Olufsen audio system. It also has a wireless mouse, which allows you to configure your set up without the restrictions of wires, which is nice when you have a lot of instrumentation.

Make the your music production laptop.

7. Lenovo IdeaPad L340 17.3″

The has a compact memory system that is perfect for connecting mobile devices and peripherals. It is fast and uses a streamlined data management system, so it can handle multiple tasks at once. This is essential when you are doing studio production with music samples. It can support high-definition graphics, which is excellent for producing music and editing with a professional DAW.

Make the your music production laptop.

8. ASUS VivoBook S512

The is designed for portability, and it is powerful enough to handle the DAW of your choice and multiple plugins. This laptop was created with a multimedia professional in mind. Its 1TB hard drive has plenty of space and memory for upgrades.

It has a beautiful sleek metallic design and is the perfect choice for taking along to performance venues. It has a powerful graphics card, which makes it able to render videos on a screen for a performance or other entertainment purposes. This model has the feel of a MacBook Air and is perfect for in-studio or live performance action.

9. Lenovo Thinkpad P53s

The is recommended as the best laptop for Pro Tools and professional-level music production. Even if you are a beginner, this is a system that can grow with you throughout your musical journey. It comes with a range of connector types.

It comes with Windows 7, but you can upgrade to Windows 10. This might be the perfect solution if you already have a collection of older equipment and need to find something compatible. It is a top pick for PC fans.

10. Dell XPS 15

One of the features that makes the an excellent choice is its anti-glare monitor. Depending on the venue, this technology can be a necessity. Dell has a reputation for reliability, and they are a workhorse. If you are a Windows fan, this is an excellent choice that runs Windows 10 Home.

11. Alienware AAW17R4-7004SLV-PUS

The is an excellent Alienware laptop for music production. Even though it is sold as a gaming laptop, it is more than capable of handling software-heavy applications like professional-level DAW software. One of the keys to its speed is its 1 TB of available storage.

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Best Laptop for Music Production: Make Your Choice

If you are a budding music producer, songwriter, or recording artist, it is good to know that you have so many choices. When it comes to choosing the best laptop for music production, the is a favorite among hobbyists and professionals alike. All things considered, the big surprise on our list is that the best computer for recording music at home is the because it was made specifically for the recording industry!

When choosing the best laptop for music production, it is important to understand your goals and to choose one that serves your needs now, and one that can grow with you as your career progresses. Check out the models on this list if you are looking to begin your music career or if you are ready for an upgrade.