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Discussions – Last 72 Hours

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Most Unignorable Cold Email for people with Massive Balls
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PE is the new IB – IB is the new Big4
IB 110 49m


$4MM…Quit rat race and become an owner operator? WWYD?
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OFF 55 21m


Cute girl on campus – need advice
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Private Equity Interview 1-Day Bootcamp OPEN NOW – October 16th – Only 30 Seats
PE 6 2d


Are non targets even humans?
BSCH 13 54m


MM Healthcare
IB 40 50m


Hot Take – We need more liberal arts kids and less STEM
CO 23 4h


Jon Gruden fired
OFF 57 5s


Case Study Rounds
AM 5 1h


Should I Bother with trying to gain lots of muscle as an Analyst?
IB 26 9s


Miami is paradise…….. or is it?
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The End of an Era | The Daily Peel | 10/13/21
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Depressing life freshmen fall
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Exposing a complete scam shop
IB 10 1d


The (un)Luck of The Irish | The Daily Peel | 10/11/21
INV 1 2d


U.S. inflation rises to 5.4%. Meat prices +10%, gas +42%
OFF 28 27m


What makes for a good activist idea?
HF 6 19h


Jon Gruden Resignation (NFL)
OFF 23 59m

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“Before completing the program, I had little/no experience with LBO Modeling, private equity, or buyside advisory. 

The program taught in a very clear and concise way how to understand a company’s rationale and incentives to complete an LBO, and from the very beginning it pushed me to further develop my accounting and financial statement analysis skills
. From then on, it provided a well-rounded examination of an LBO in that it dove into each key component of the model and explained it with the perspective of a PE firm and helped us understand the meaning behind each figure, as well as the technical and Excel skills to work with the model. Again, another fantastic job by WSO!”

Aaron T.

Sophomore @ Emory University

“Compared to other courses, 

these courses overall gave a much better context of when and how modeling is used, and what cash truly represents, which is something I learned the hard way.
 I found the instructions in the courses to be very clear. I’d definitely recommend anyone looking to take a comprehensive course on financial modeling.” 

Michelle C

Analyst @ JPMorgan

“Shooting you a quick note because I just got my full-time offer and I wanted to say THANK YOU!  I have to say the 

instructors for these courses are super talented
.  From Excel to financial statements to Valuation I was really able to go into my internship ready to go and more confident after taking the time to go through these.”

Tim D.

Result: Intern to FT Offer at Moelis

​​”I’d taken another Excel course before but 

this was much more relevant to me since I was trying to break into investment banking
 when I took it.  I love that you can download the lessons for offline viewing on my commute…thanks for putting this together WSO!”

Kim B.

Result: Internship @ Goldman in New York

“Glad to say that 

this has definitely been one of the more detailed Valuation courses yet.
 Very useful to see how ‘spreading comps’ is applied to Companies from many different areas ranging from fashion to wearable tech to luxury brands. Good to see the objectives outlined early on and sufficient introductory lessons to ensure newcomers are able to get up to speed with ease.”

Siddharth S.

Analyst @ Goldman Sachs