Mac vs PC for college (2020)

Before. Either college or university. Students are looking for new computers to use for their studies. They are unsure if they want to get a Mac or a Microsoft powered laptop. We show you the differences between the two systems and what is the best deal for you.

It is an old argument between computer users. What better than a Windows PC or an Apple Mac?For students in the university.There is no definitive answer to this question. Both systems have drawbacks. Which one is the one that he chooses. There are requirements and preferences.. Both are good systems, but they have differences. The two opponents competed in nine disciplines.


The strength of all. Apple devices are good.. Jonathan Ive is the chief designer of Apple and is responsible for both the hardware and the operating system. This does not mean that PC manufacturers can’t make beautiful notebooks. The models like the elegant one from Lenovo. Thinkpad X1 and Microsoft Surface Book. Also, offer a great product design.

Simple product design has some disadvantages. The Macbook comes. Without a conventional type A. For a while now.

The design is good looking and it is easier to transport a notebook with a light weight. The macbook has a great look if you are concerned about external appearance.

Some startup companies and developers focus on innovative and cool looking Macs instead of Dells and Acers.

PC manufacturers have a disadvantage of having to follow Microsoft and Intel specifications, for example, they have to follow Intel’s requirement that ultrabooks have a touchscreen. This is not helpful for independent designs.

1:0 for the Macintosh. The Mac can take the lead. A Macbook or iMac is the better choice if the computer’s look is important.

The price.

Apple doesn’t sell cheap devices. Mac Mini costs 569 dollars. The cheapest Macbook is the Macbook. There are various Windows laptops and notebooks available for around 200 dollars.

The comparison is not accurate. Macbooks are high tech., First-class workmanship and performance is what we offer. The Microsoft Surface Book 7 is often more expensive than other business laptops in the Windows world.

Apple’s pricing policy reminds us of the surcharge lists of some Mercedes and BMW models, which does not stand for fairness. For example, a current. The Macbook with a 256 gigabyte of storage costs 1499 dollars.The same model with. The 512 gigabytes of the SSD costs 300 dollars more.. Repairs and upgrades of the proprietary memory are very expensive. Apple can easily afford this surcharge strategy, as shown by their good sales figures.

The victory goes to the PC. Apple makes its products too expensive.

Support and warranty.

You can get three years of on-site service with Dell if you sign up for Apple Care, which costs 249 dollars a year. If you drive to the nearest Apple store, you will get good advice and immediate repairs, but under certain circumstances, the stores aren’t always easy to reach.

You can buy in a variety of shops, including Apple Care. Cheap insurance and extended warranties.Mac support for businesses and the self-employed is problematic. Repairs and rentals are not available for businesses from Apple.Only from specialists such as Cancom and Computacenter. Finding a Mac customer service in the USA is expensive.

A glance at the internet is enough for an immediate PC emergency service. A report from IBM confirms that Apple fans argue that Mac would have fewer problems and cause less support costs. This can only be proven to a limited extent and depends on the company.

2:1 service is cheaper for Windows PCs and easier to get.

Data protection is important.

The server of the cloud services that are being integrated into the system are located in the US, and are owned by Microsoft and Apple.

Not only since. The scandal with the National Security Agency. This is a bad starting position for trust in the protection of data. Both Apple and Microsoft have data centers.At least. It is thought that data on the devices is very secure.The attacks on Apple’s iOS show were by US authorities. .

Apple is ahead of the game when it comes to protecting against malicious software. Most of the Mac threats are not very dangerous. The current operating system version is not without flaws. Security holes are known.

They are not exploited by hackers as much as the Windows platform. Windows is the less secure operating system in practice due to its widespread use, but it is not without reason that an anti-viruses is pre-installed as standard in Windows since version 8.

The point is that the Mac is more secure than the Apple world. There are security holes in the operating system.

There is software.

The software on the PC platform is larger than on the other platforms. With. Mac market share is 7.29 percent.That is no wonder. There are a lot of different software in the areas of audio editing, video editing, image editing and DTP software. Both the Mac and Windows worlds have Adobe and Microsoft as their most important providers. The underlying operating system plays an insignificant role in some areas because the number of web applications is constantly increasing.

Apple has annoyed many loyal users with its unpredictable product policy.

Video professionals were surprised by the end of Final Cut Pro, and OS X server and iWork have already annoyed existing customers.

The Mac world lacks many specialized applications for companies. Users can still use a virtual solution for occasional use.

The PC has a larger software offering.

The operating system is used.

MacOS Catalina and Windows 10 are mature operating systems. If you put a new person in front of a computer, he will be used to it quickly. The advantages of Windows are mainly in the areas of software supply and distribution. Catalina could be rated slightly better, but the range of functions in Windows is better.

The two systems have the same features: the user should get programs via an integrated software shop, and a web storage service is integrated into the system. Many functions can be controlled by gestures or touch, as with a mobile device, users can manage their programs in a colorful icon or button overview.

Apple uses the language assistant, while Microsoft uses the desktop assistant. Apple still separates the mobile system from the Mac operating system, while Microsoft wants to offer a uniform system for all platforms with Windows 10.

Windows 10 Redmond had to take back a lot of the innovations introduced with Windows 8. Microsoft received a lot of applause because of the familiar start menu.

No winner. Windows and OS X are both excellent operating systems.

Compatibility with the phone

The iPad and the iPhone are used in a lot of companies. Sales managers are walking through the store with an iPad.

The integration of the iPad and the iPhone into the company IT would be beneficial for college students. The wide range of solutions for mobile device management is helpful. Apple provides MDM software for managing its devices. A cooperation with IBM is intended to create trust.

Microsoft’s mobile platform Windows 10 Mobile could not prevail, although it offered interesting functions for company employees. The IT giant stopped further development of its mobile platform. The app offering was disappointing for customers. The Universal Apps and the Lumia 950 could not prevent the death of the Windows phone.

The concept could have changed the way the corporate sector views Windows, as Microsoft’s Surface devices became the iPad and Macbook competition.

There are games.

You can use laptops for both studying and gaming, as well as for free time next to college or university. There are still new games for the Windows PC. The ratio has changed recently because there are more games for the Mac platform. The Mac version is sometimes years after the Windows version. Many Mac game fans install Windows on their Apple computer.

Even if only to a limited extent, classic Windows desktops can be equipped with a faster graphics card, but the graphics card is not upgradeable on iMac and Macbook.

If you are looking for something. Click here to play video games on the laptop for college. We tested the best college gaming laptops.

Good game computers that are Mac and Macbooks are usually too expensive. Many Mac fans own a PS4. The game manufacturers seem to be concentrating on consoles and mobile devices more and more.

There are some great games for the iPad. Macbooks are not designed for gaming. So if you are looking for something. The new flight sim is available. The end of 2020 is when you should look for a gaming laptop.

The point is to the computer. PC games are in higher numbers for Windows.

Environmental protection.

Apple has received a lot of bad press in the past. Apple was an exploiter in Chinese companies. The high demands made on the US manufacturer by the environmental group is the reason for the criticism.

The only company that has made devices in Germany is Fujitsu. Apple is doing well compared to other competitors.

Apple is an example of transparency in its supply chains, according to the environmental group. Apple is making a big effort to protect the environment, but the USA is the main target. The guidelines are important for companies in the USA.

The Mac Pro is made in the USA and pays attention to diversity. The products are free of both BFR and PVC, something that no other major manufacturer has offered.

The recycling rate is still very high at 85 percent, despite the difficult nature of Apple devices. All major PC manufacturers are committed to the environment. Special models are often eco-friendly. The recently introduced product line like Pro Green is no longer available. Apple makes the best impression, even if it’s not Micro-companies like Fairphone.

Green IT is taken into account by all major manufacturers, but Apple takes it into account for all products.


The final score is 6:4 and it was for the Windows platform. Buying a Windows laptop might be the better choice for a student.. Apple has weaknesses in the areas of enterprise deployment and software. The PC platform has a high price but still low distribution.

The. The situation is different with the iPad and the iPhone.For college students and university students. The necessary infrastructure of software and services has been provided by the high market penetration. Macs are a good choice for private users, and a little exclusivity is a real selling point.

Users can choose from more different products and the software is better. Microsoft is experimenting with new devices, while Apple seems to have lost its innovative power. It is easy to find specialized support for Windows. It is clear that a Mac is not something that would interest a gaming enthusiast.

Consistency is one of Apple’s great strengths. The company is very keen to maintain ethical standards after being criticized by NGOs. Macs are considered more secure than PCs.

The bottom line is that Windows computers are not the better choice for college students.. If you have enough money left over, you can use a Mac if you like Apple products, don’t need specialized software, and rarely play PC games. Most users will be happy with one system and the other system, so the decision won’t be a regret later on.

Is Windows safer than MacOS?

There was little specific software that made Macs safer than Windows computers. The myth of the unhackable Mac is still alive.Patrick Wardle is an Apple hacker. The New York Times reports that Wardle wants to do away with this myth. The number of Macs has gone up to 100 million. 800 million computers are found with Windows 10.

Mac users are a particularly lucrative target for the criminals as they are mostly used for their attacks. Creative and corporate executives are wealthier..

It may have been easier to hack Windows in the past. Windows is more secure than macOS, says Wardle. A software expert says that a Windows 10 device with Defender is hard to crack. In comparison to something else. Wardle says that it is easy to target macOS.It is a word

Many hackers are now using the macOS. The former secret service agent showed how a Mac can be hacked. He has a range of Mac security on his website. The Windtail software was used to attack representatives of a government in the Middle East.

Wardle attacks Apple for relying too long on the fact that Macs have not been in the sights of attackers. The security software industry has been inactive about Mac security software for similar reasons.

There are methods to find unknown malware in the Mac, as there is in the Windows. Wardle also offers. Mac users can get free security programs. on its website.

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