MacBook Air

8-Core CPU Hungrig nach Arbeit. Nicht nach Batterie.

The MacBook Air can handle unusually intensive tasks, such as professional-quality scribing and demanding action-gaming, thanks to its processor sluggishness. However, the M1’s 8-core CPU is not only up to 3,5 times faster than the previous generation. The M1 has the fastest CPU that we’ve ever created. 2, but Effizienz-Kerne replace the high-performance kernels, allowing daily tasks to be completed in a fraction of the time while using only a fraction of the energy.

8-Core GPU Fantastische Grafik. Spielend.

Bis zu
schnellere Grafikleistung7


Bis zu 8-Core GPU The M1 is a personal computer with the world’s fastest integrated graphics processor. The M1’s GPU elevates the MacBook Air to a new level. 8 In comparison to the previous generation, this results in up to a 5x increase in graphics performance.7

Unglaubliche Grafikleistung For the first time, Kreative can cut and re-encode multiple streams of 4K video in full quality, without overstretching individual images. The MacBook Air can handle more graphically intensive projects than ever before. 9

MacBook Air mit Apple M1 Chip

MacBook Air der vorherigen Generation (Basiswert)

schnelleres Rendern von 3D Titeln7

MacBook Air mit Apple M1 Chip

MacBook Air der vorherigen Generation (Basiswert)

schnellere Performance für Spiele10

MacBook Air mit Apple M1 Chip

MacBook Air der vorherigen Generation (Basiswert)

schnellere GPU Rasterleistung11

MacBook Air mit Apple M1 Chip

MacBook Air der vorherigen Generation (Basiswert)

schnellere Echtzeit 3D Performance12

Battery runtime of up to 18 hours. There are 6 Std. more without having to reload.13

Wie du hörst, hörst dunichts.

Effizientes Wärme­management

The MacBook Air delivers outstanding performance without the use of a fan thanks to the industry-leading efficiency of the M1 Chips. So, no matter how demanding the task, the MacBook Air remains completely silent. During this time, an aluminum Wärmeverteiler dissipates the heat generated by the system.

Bis zu 9x schneller.14 Even a 16-core neural engine must first process this data. This isn’t just computer performance; it’s the performance of the entire ML technology suite. With machine learning (ML), apps on the MacBook Air can automatically edit photos like a pro, provide more precise automatic recognition for intelligent tools like Zauberstäbe and Audiofilter, and much more.

Die Power von macOS Big Sur und M1.

Updates for apps with high performance. Branch-leading functions for data privacy and top-tier security. A new design that is eye-catching. macOS Big Sur was created to make the most of the M1 Chip’s potential, allowing the Mac to run at a significantly higher speed and do a lot more. This is our most powerful software of all time, and it runs on the most cutting-edge hardware available.

Mehr Power. Sofort wach.

Bis zu
2 TB
SSD Speicher15
Bis zu
schnellere SSD16

Das MacBook Air behält allesfür sich.


The M1 chip and macOS Big Sur enable the MacBook Air to have advanced security and privacy features that outperform everything else in its class and protect your system and data.

Secure Enclave Coprozessor Is the foundation for important security functions like Touch ID and Apple Pay on Chip-Ebene – and it’s faster than ever with the M1.

Spezielle AES Speicher­verschlüsselungs-Engine Protects encryption codes and provides unrivaled performance in terms of data security and privacy.

Sichere Funktionen für Boot- und Laufzeitschutz Make sure that only trusted Apple software is loaded when macOS is started, and that macOS is protected during execution.

Aktivierungssperre Aids in securing your Mac in the event that it is ever lost, stolen, or you forget about it, and increases your chances of recovering it.

Eine größere Farbpalette. Brillant.



mehr Farben als mit sRGB

Sieht gut aus. Auch für die Augen.
The MacBook Air automatically adjusts the white point of your display to the color temperature of your surroundings, resulting in a more natural viewing experience.

And the facial recognition matches the white-abgleich and the belichtung with the Neural Engine for even more natural-looking skin tones. Images that are more clear and detailed. In both dark and light areas, there are more details.

Say “Hello” to microphones that focus on the voice rather than the rest of the room.

Präzise Kontrolle mit viel Platz für Gesten.

It only takes a nudge to unlock the MacBook Air. When you shop online with Apple Pay, Touch ID will fill in your shipping and billing information without requiring your credit card information. Without having to enter your password again, you can rent a movie, buy an app, and access password-protected documents or system settings with just your finger.

Welches Mac Notebook ist das richtige für dich?

Alle Mac Modelle vergleichen

  • 13,3″ Retina Display18
  • Apple M1 Chip
  • Bis zu 16 GB Arbeits­speicher
  • Bis zu 2 TB Speicherplatz15
  • Bis zu 18 Std. Batterielaufzeit19
  • Touch ID

  • 13,3″ Retina Display18
  • Apple M1 Chip Also available with an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor.
  • Bis zu 16 GB Arbeits­speicher20
  • Bis zu 2 TB Speicherplatz20
  • Bis zu 20 Std. Batterielaufzeit21
  • Touch Bar und Touch ID

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  • 16″ Retina Display18
  • Intel Core i7 oder i9 Prozessor
  • Bis zu 64 GB Arbeits­speicher
  • Bis zu 8 TB Speicherplatz15
  • Bis zu 11 Std. Batterielaufzeit22
  • Touch Bar und Touch ID

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Das ist neu bei macOS Big Sur.

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Entdecke Mac Zubehör.



Alle deine Geräte arbeiten einfach zusammen.

Because Apple created the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac, they can work together in ways that other devices can’t.

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Apple Trade In

Obtain a letter of recommendation for a new MacBook Air.23

And then there are the planets. Simply exchange your qualified computer for a check or let it be recycled for free. Good luck to you.

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Apple und Bildung

Lehrkräften und Studierenden ermöglichen, die Welt voranzubringen.

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Mac für Unternehmen

Leistung, die Unter­nehmen weiterbringt.

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