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Working at Apple is the pinnacle of many tech careers, so learning how to get a job at Apple is essential. While a coveted position working for Apple can be challenging to get, it is possible, especially if you arm yourself with knowledge about the company and its job prospects before applying.



Luckily for you, we here at Career Karma have compiled all of the information you need to get a job at Apple. From the company’s background and work environment to job positions and the application process, you will find answers to all of your questions in this guide to getting your dream job at Apple.

Apple: Company Background

As many know, Apple was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, both college dropouts. Both men had decided it was their goal in life to create a smaller, more user-friendly computer for people to use at home or in the office.

By 1980, the company had released both the Apple I and Apple II computers, and had gone completely public. The Apple II computer was the first-ever computer to use color graphics, which helped significantly with building Apple’s reputation as a leader of technology.

After a few years away from the company, Steve Jobs returned and began revamping the products. By 2011, Apple was selling personal computers known as iBooks, mp3 players known as iPods, cell phones called iPhones, and music software called iTunes. The addition of these products turned out to be the best move for the company as sales skyrocketed.

In October of 2011, Steve Jobs passed away but Apple continued to grow as a company. Though the iPhones were released prior to Steve Jobs’ passing, the evolution of the popular cell phone has continued for years. Currently on the market is the iPhone 12 Pro, which was released in October 2020. The company continues to thrive and is expected to remain one of the leading technology companies for decades to come.

What’s It Like to Work at Apple?

As is the case with many large companies, it can be difficult to judge the work environment at Apple because of its many work locations. However, though the individual work environments may differ, there is a general consensus that working for Apple provides employees with awesome benefits, exciting daily work, and a fantastic team environment.

Great Compensation and Benefits

Apple provides employees with some of the best compensation and benefits possible. Employees receive an annual 25 percent discount on their choice of an iPod, iPad, or Apple computer, as well as 50 percent off Apple software. There are also various discounts for friends and family members.

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As for time off, new hires are given 12 days of paid time off, and this increases with the length of employment. Women can take four weeks of paid time off prior to giving birth, and an additional 14 weeks of paid leave after delivering. Partners who have not given birth are also provided with six weeks of paid time off. Overall, Apple provides employees with great time off and discount benefits.

Fun and Exciting Work

Every time a new Apple product is released, there is always big hype. Now, imagine yourself being part of the team behind the release of these exciting new products. It is no surprise most Apple employees report their work being fun and exciting.

Whether you are part of the team behind the development of the hardware portion of new iPhones, or the new IOS software, you are guaranteed to be engaged in whatever work you do for Apple. Even working in sales or customer service can be exciting when you work for Apple.

Awesome Team Environment

Apple is an equal opportunity employer, so regardless of your race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or any other diversity, you will not only be hired but also part of a fantastic team. Apple embraces diversity and uniqueness, which creates a wonderful work environment for just about anyone.

Most Apple employees report working in a safe and awesome team environment, and you will likely experience the same when you begin working for the company. As stated on the Apple website, there is a place for every kind of brilliant at Apple, and you will find a place and team that suits your strengths.

Getting a Job at Apple

Getting a job at Apple can be intimidating, but as long as you abide by their policies and job requirements, there is no reason you won’t be hired. Even qualified applicants with criminal histories are given a fair chance at employment, so you do not need to be concerned about being hired.

Apple is a drug-free workplace, as well as an equal opportunity employer. If you are concerned about your sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, or disability causing problems with your employment possibilities, you have nothing to fear. Apple will consider employment of all qualified applicants, regardless of their national origin, disability, veteran status, or any other factors that make you unique.


As long as you are able to abide by Apple’s work accommodations and policies, you are sure to have a shot at the job of your dreams. Keep reading for more information about Apple’s job application and interview process.

How Hard Is It to Land a Job at Apple?

As is the case with many of these tech giants, getting a job at Apple can be very competitive. In fact, securing a full-time position is often described as impossible, because Apple has so many strict and rigorous requirements you must meet to become a full-time associate.

That being said, getting a job at Apple is not impossible. Having earned a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree from an esteemed university certainly improves your chances of landing the job, but these are not always concrete requirements. The biggest thing to remember is to stay focused, driven, and professional.

Applying for a Job at Apple

Since Apple offers so many job positions at so many different locations, the easiest and most efficient way to apply for a job is to do so online. Through the Apple website, you will be able to find links to applications for each individual position the company is hiring for. 

When filling out the online application, you will for sure need to have your education and work experience handy, as the application will request it. You are also likely to be asked questions such as: “What motivated you to apply for this position?” or “why do you want a job at Apple?” 

Prepare to answer these questions in a professional and honest way, and avoid generic answers such as: “It is my dream job,” or “because I saw an ad” if you want to impress your future employers.

Apple Application and Interview Process

If your application is appealing and impressive to the hiring staff, you will be selected for the interview process. This typically consists of three stages: the phone interview, an assessment test, and the final interview. To even be chosen for the initial interview is a big deal, even if you do not get the job.

The phone interview is the first step of the interview process. This is conducted to determine your competency to work for Apple. You will likely be asked about projects you have worked on and achievements you have earned in your professional career. 

If you pass this interview, you will then complete an online assessment test to determine your ability to work with a team and demonstrate how you would conduct yourself as an Apple employee.

Finally, if you pass the assessment test, you will be selected for a final interview. This is a difficult step for most to reach, so even if you make it this far and don;t get the job, congratulations.

 In this interview, you will meet with a director in-person and be given a chance to tell them more in-depth why you should be chosen for the job. You will also be given the opportunity to ask questions about the position, so be sure to prepare by thinking of potential questions and answers prior to the interview. If you pass this interview, you will get the job.

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Apple Careers: Job Titles and Descriptions

There are quite a few different job titles at the Apple company, but a few of the more desirable tech positions include becoming a network security engineer, a data science manager, a software engineer, or a database engineer.

Network Security Engineer

If you know how to learn network security, working as a network security engineer for Apple is a fantastic job with great pay and benefits. As a network security engineer, you will be responsible for working with the global network services team to support the policies, systems, and firewalls put into place to protect Apple and its products.

This position requires you to have four to five years of prior experience managing network firewalls, knowledge of networking, Python, cloud networking, and SDN concepts, as well as a bachelor’s degree or equivalent education. 

Senior Data Science Manager

Working as a senior data science manager at Apple is the dream job for many who are passionate about data science. While there is no required education listed for this position, we recommend earning a data science master’s degree to help display your expertise during the application and interview process.

If you are hired for this position, you will earn around $179,534 per year. You will be the head of an awesome data science team, and you will spend your work days partnering with engineering teams to improve the Siri assistant and other customer experience aspects of Apple products.

Software Engineer

Whether you have earned an in-person or online software engineering degree, Apple is interested in your skills. Armed with a bachelor or master of science in the field, you could be one of Apple’s next software engineers.

This job focuses heavily on improving Siri and continually transforming and upgrading the assistant service. You will use your skills to transform data into intelligence, and you will be  behind the team constantly improving the beloved Siri.

Database Engineer

As an Apple database engineer, you will work with a great team to engineer the highly available and resilient database used for powering Apple’s critical services. To qualify for this job, you should learn how to get a bachelor’s degree in computer science online, as this is often the best way to earn a degree.

This position is a great way to expand your skills in computer science and database engineering, all while working for a prestigious company. Whether you plan to work at Apple permanently or temporarily, this is the perfect position for you.

What Does It Take to Get a Job at Apple?

To get a job at Apple, you must possess determination, motivation, and a strong technological background. While degrees are not technically required, it is recommended to earn the highest degree possible in your field, as this will increase your chances of being hired. Landing the dream job at Apple can be challenging, but with a lot of hard work, it is completely possible.

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