Media Markt Sverige Reviews

I bought online a product (998kr) on August 13th and I decided to return it as I received it from the post office. So I returned it to the Barkarby store on August 25th.

The personnel told me the money will refund at my bank account in a few days. Since then I didn’t get the refund no matter how many times I tried to communicate with the MediaMarkt kundservice.

Today, 22nd of September, and the money have not been refunded yet.I couldn’t ever think that MediaMarkt would act as such. This is completely unacceptable and really disappointing.

Ordered a washing machine 3 weeks ago when my current one broke down and it still hasn’t arrived. This is unacceptable. I have a family and the inconvenience this has caused cannot be put into words. I have been on the phone numerous times to try and find out what is causing the delay and I keep being passed from department to department. Also not to mention the rude unhelpful tone, from the agent on the phone who hung up on me!My advice is to not put yourself through the hassle and stress of purchasing from this company; it simply isn’t worth it. Avoid at all costs and find other alternatives.

One star is too much for the worse company in the world! Had an order confirmed on SEPTEMBER 3. It is the 22 today and I spent days calling Customer service, talking to clueless people, calling DHL, calling back to customer service, calling back DHL who connected me to Bring who had to deliver to the installations company and couldnt because someone (?) had made a booking mistake and ”are working on it” but wasnt sure when they will contact me again and complaint after complaint have gone unaswered. I spoke to Mia last time in Media Market and was told, once again, that I will be called back which never happened! Here is the order number 61699877 and here is the sendingsnummer 4433140565. This is a new level of unprofessionalism. This company should not be allowed to claim they can deliver something they can’t, this is selling something that doesn’t exist: if you can’t provide installation then don’t advertise it! Please don’t buy from them! They are liars and scammers!

Today i visit at media market to retun a product which i bought last week from them and iam not satisfied with product at all first if someone needs help regarding product its too hard to get help and then they are providing the worst service which i ever get till yet !!! Iam not gonna recommend to buy a product from media market !!!!!!!!

Hey this is Miraj , I have decided that if I need something to buy I will never go in media market.because of they are lying with us. I brought a cellphone from there then they told me they have a screen protector for cell phone which is life time guarantee . And I paid 200 kr for this . After few days my phone dropped off from my hand in the ground , and my phone display has broke . Then I checked that they just give a plastic not a screen protector . I suggest everyone don’t buy things from there before you checked it .

I bought a TV from MediaMarkt Nova Lund and they work with DHL. Even though it was Home Delivery, the person delivering the package denied that it was home delivery and delivered it in the entrance of the complex and refused to help me carry that inside. So I needed to carry it two blocks and upstairs myself. I could have just carried it from the store then! MediaMarkt, please be sure that your products are delivered to your customers’ address. Bad service!

Hi,I would like to make a formal complaint about the service and product provided to me.I was buying iPhone 12 at Media Market (at Hamngatan 37, Stockholm, 111 53).First of all, it was the security guard who brought the phone for me and not one of the staff working.Secondly, when I was asking for a refund for my purchase around 15 minutes after, as the product that I bought was malfunctioning and its screen was flickering, which means it was defective, I was declined and was talked to in a rude manner. When I asked if I could talk to the manager about this issue, the staff asked me “Why?” and told me that the manager was not present at the store.All throughout this conversation, the staff was not interested in helping me and actively tried to end the conversation as fast as possible.The way in which service was provided to me and the fact that I was refused a refund cannot be considered customer friendly.If you want to feel a disgusting attitude, lose money, and a lot of nerves, then Media Market will cope with this 101%! 🙂

I went to Mediamarkt Högsbo with my iPhone issue and after they had checked it for 20 min in a back room, they said that because of the warranty i will get a new phone which needs to be ordered to the shop and i shall come back next week to make the switch smooth. Next time i went there, customer service had never heard about my case. The technician was not there, so they could not check the phone. They only wrote an RMA number and promised to contact me once the technician is back from VABing. They never did! I contacted them myself and they said i am welcome Mon-Fri 10-14.30Next time i went there it took very long time in the back room. After several hours of waiting they said the phone needs to be left in for a repair. When I asked why first time they said i will get a new phone, they of course didnt know and they claimed the phone must be left in for a repair. They gave me a replacement phone but i said it must be iPhone, since my things are not backed up and not saved in iCloud. They asked what do i need the phone for and claimed they have no iPhones to give as replacements. Well, after half an hour they did give me an iPhone. Unfortunately by that time the same guy had switched off “find my phone” function, so i could not transfer my data over. It was already very upsetting since i had repeatedly said that i do need my data from my phone. After a week they said my phone is ready for fetching. When i arrived to Mediamarkt, they gave me a phone in a bubble wrap saying that it is a new phone. I asked about my old phone data and they could not know where my old phone is and what has happened with my data. In a few days they called me and they did of course not know why this case was handled like this. Apparently, Apple does not repair their phones and it is always money back or a new phone. They said he will check with other people what happened but that my data is destroyed and there is nothing to do. Next day the same guy called and blamed me that i hadnt been helpful when leaving my phone in!!??? This was really the highlight of the service they offer. They are customer service and i have to be helpful? I asked them to put everything that has happened in an email, since i have no way to prove what they have been saying and they change the story each day. He said he will write me last Thursday(29th of April) and also sends me the managers email address which i had asked twice already (naturally this hasnt happened!) Then, he said “just come and get your phone” and hung up the phone. I have never seen lower customer service! Who blames a customer and hangs up a phone call?Conclusion:I left my phone for a repair and instead of repairing it, they destroyed my data.They destroyed my data without my consent! After me having said 5 times that i need phone-next to phone transfer. Apparently the customer has to know to ask RMA number. They kind of presented as i had never been there the first time. Customer also has to record all the conversations and ask all customer service names, since they dont wear a name tag. But each time they ask “who said that”Mediamarkt is completely lack in routines how to handle personal data and information. Mediamarkt mistakes and horrible service has cost me several workdays!Customer service which i have contacted twice does not reply either, so i have to find other ways to solve this. Publicly will maybe work faster.

If I could give 0 stars I would!Absolutely the worse service I have ever encountered at Media Markt!We purchased a MacBook Pro 16′ on the 23rd April around 6pm in Malmö(…) came home to realise that the computer doesn’t even work!!! We brought it back the next day in the morning as quickly as we could. The man dealing with the return checked the laptop and told us it was charging, I explained that it shows that it’s charging but the battery indicator never moves.. anyways after a half hour whilst trying other chargers he realised that we were right and proceed to do an exchange. We asked for the space grey colour as it wasnt available yesterday. The new client advisor brought it and was happy to exchange. However the catch was that they had to give us the old charger (the one from the faulty laptop) and remove the new one from the box because we have opened it and they have seen scratches on it!!!How pathetic! We haven’t had the laptop for more that 12hrs, it was faulty and now they will only agree to do an exchange if we take the old charger. ~ the thing is we could always buy a new charger, but it was the principle… being accused of something we never did.It’s absolutely disappointing to be treated in this manner and to be accused of damaging the charger. The client advisor said that they would never sell a charger in that condition… however he failed to remember that they sold a 24K laptop that doesn’t even work!!!!! Appalling We are very lucky to open it immediately, because we would’ve taken it to London(…) and by the looks of their service they would’ve probably blamed us for the faulty laptop. I wasn’t going to continue to go back and forth with them whilst having my 6 month baby with me so I asked for a full refund and didn’t want to exchange with them. One of their colleagues had the nerve to say that they don’t have to exchange it because we further destroyed the item by scratching the charger.. diabolical! We are talking about Apple Products! We have bought electronics from them but this will be my last! I hope after reading this you will think twice. Don’t go there, it will cause you unnecessary stress. And if you do take a chance to go there, be prepared for the extremely poor service, accusation, patronising and condescending behaviour and lack of empathy.

MediaMarkt continues to fail to resolve the product issue and repair or replace the faulty earbuds. This is now the second time I have raised a claim (Ärende: 210405-04328.8)

Takes forever to get a hold of an employee in the store. Despite alot employees doing nothing. Everyone is lock to their area. Even if the are no costumers there.

Absolute GARBAGE. An absolute sh** show. The employees are probably some of the most stupid people I’ve ever encountered.

Update – I called customer service again. No help except that I should wait until someone calls back. My Service request is W001-21539.Can someone pls help?_—————–I bought a HP computer in July 2020. One if the key broke so I sent it to service in December. Its in warranty and I also have SurrThingy insurance on top. Still, the computer is not fxed yet. i am sick of calling customer service, I went personally to their Kungens Kurva store but all I hear is that they are waiting for Insurance confirmation. I dont get it. This is truly a poor service from a giant like MediaMarkt. Unacceptable. I even proposed to send the computer back and I will fix it myself at my own cost but that didn’t work either.

No confirmation of order on the website, it just took me back to the startpage. First try it even failed completing the purchases and took me back to the product page. No option to select delivery point? Reading here I hope I won’t need any customer service…

Ordered a PS5 in September. Clear communication regarding the delivery date being Q1 rather than release day (a shame, but great to get information of a delay – sets expectations). Suddenly PS5 shipped email received on Thursday and delivered on Friday. Fantastic! You set expectations and then beat them – even with a very slight after product.

I bought a Mac Book Air from Media Markt in november 2019. After about two-three months, I noticed a flimmering on the screen whenever I would watch videos on fullscreen. It bothered me a lot and I obviously wanted to repair, or return it. They sent it to repair where they confirmed the problem but said that there was no way to fix it, I had to wait for an apple update (which could take years). I then told them that I wanted to return it, which I according to the ”contract” was able to do. They declined and was incredibly rude to me at Media Markt in Helsingborg. I spoke to the boss of the specific store and she was possibly the rudest person I’ve ever met in costumer service. They told me there was nothing they could do, told me to go to Apple, told me that if I wanted to send it to repair any more times, I to pay for the costs of that, etc. Bascially just tried to get rid of me.The last resort was to go via Allmänna Reklamationsnämnden. At the store they were telling me that was the only option left that I had, insted of them just paying me back for a laptop that didn’t work as promised. I did indeed make a complaint via ARN and in the end, they gave me ”right” in this case and Media Markt had to pay me back.I wouldn’t recommend anyone buying anything from here, and to especially stay away from their store in Helsingborg. When I returned the laptop just last week I did so in Lund and they were lovely to me.

It’s one of the worst customer service I have ever seen. They don’t care even about our opinions I think. Thanks that you reply to my note, but I think that it’s more important to know what is the problem, and what happened. The most important think that you have to solve the problem and for the customers satisfaction. Regards,

BEWARE! If I could’ve given zero star then I would have. Worst customer service ever. I ordered a phone and its been 3 weeks or more still they cant give me a simple answer that what happened to the phone! All they can answer “we don’t know” If you don’t know then what you doing here in customer service! They have no respect and value for customers. Every time I wait 50-60 mins or more to talk to them over phone and I get nowhere! Worst! They need to FIX their attitudes and customer service otherwise it would take long before they go bankruptcy for lack of customers! If you value your time and money please pleaseeee dont go Media markt! not worth it at all! so disappointed!

Pre-ordered my PS5 in September, was told delivery of 19th Nov. Then a few days before 19th I received an email saying “sorry, December now”. At the time of writing I have had no updates, no communications other than generic replies to my emails saying “we don’t know”. Really really not good enough. Were very quick to take my money, but couldn’t filfull their own promises. I will never shop here again, extremely disappointing. If I could give one star, I would.

If I could put zero stars I would.Ordered a fridge online, payed for delivery under 3 days, they literally waited 3 weeks before to send a mail to announce the delivery for the week after. 5 days later they sent a mail saying that they cancelled my order, no reason given, no informations regarding the refund payment. Nothing. Then I called them to get more informations and after 1 hour and 20 min of patience, I did get connected on the phone with another waiting customer who was calling them like me and had been waiting as much time. This is just outrageous and I ll never put my feet in one of their store again. If that’s the way they decided to treat their customers I believe that they are going to lose a lot of them, like me.