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SURFACE LAPTOP 4: Price and configuration

The Surface Laptop 4 15-inch adaptation of the (begins at $1,299; $1,499 as tried) offers perhaps the most refined registering encounters of any Windows laptop. With two shading choices and amazing form quality, it’s a champion big-screen scratchpad. New for 2021, processor alternatives from both AMD and Intel make this fourth-age laptop’s exhibition stunningly better. The Surface Laptop 4 presently secures an Editors’ Choice honor as our top pick among premium 15-inch models. It’s ideal for universally useful figuring on a big screen.

The Surface Laptop has consistently been a lovely piece of equipment, and the Surface Laptop 4 is certainly no exemption. The model we got in for the survey is the 13.5-inch Surface Laptop 4. And it is perhaps the most lightweight and slender laptop we’ve at any point utilized that doesn’t thoroughly suck to type on. 


It comes in four shading alternatives, and we got the Platinum choice. It’s excellent. The cover of the Platinum Surface Laptop 4 is all things considered, platinum-shaded, with the solitary stamping being a chrome Microsoft logo square in the center of the laptop. The lower part of the laptop seems to be comparable, however, the console plate has a somewhat more obscure tone. 

The laptop is simply 0.57 inches thick and weighs simply 2.79 pounds (1.3 kg). Which makes it a breeze to heft around in your pack while driving around. In any case, even with the Surface Laptop 4 being so meager, it actually feels unimaginably strong. 

The cover is made…

…of aluminum and has definitely no flex to it. Also, dissimilar to a ton of other touchscreen laptops out there. When you jab that the showcase the pivot is strong to such an extent that you don’t need to straighten out your screen a short time later or support it with your other hand. This all by itself makes utilizing the touchscreen way more advantageous and causes it to feel like to a lesser degree a trick – something other laptop producers can gain from. 

Be that as it may, however strong as the highest point of the laptop seems to be, the narrative of the console deck is about solace. As is currently conventional with the Surface Laptop, the console and trackpad are encircled by an Alcantara material that is quite delicate (it’s a calfskin-like microfibre heap). It makes composing quite a lot more agreeable right out of the door on the grounds that rather than this hard metal as you get with most equivalent workstations.

it’s quite delicate 

In any case, there’s a drawback to it. On the off chance that you spill something on this material, or you get scraps on it during a mid-day break, we get the inclination that it will get filthy and would be somewhat harder to clean than it in any case would be. In any case, in case you’re aware of cleanliness and don’t wind up stuffing your face while additionally attempting to get the undertaking that is expected toward the beginning of the day out the entryway, it ought to be great. 

Perhaps the greatest loss of the slim size, notwithstanding, is the absence of ports. All you arrive at is the Surface Connect port on the right, one USB-C, one USB-A, and an earphone jack. We do see the value in that the laptop actually has a USB-A port, something that is a long way from ensured nowadays. however, it doesn’t leave a lot of space for an extension for anybody that would not like to dish out the additional money for a Surface Dock. 

The Surface Laptop 4

The showcase is additionally really perfect. The 13.5-inch model we have is a 3:2 PixelSense show with a goal of 2,256 x 1,504, which is about ideal for the showcase size. This makes watching films and recordings on this laptop somewhat unusual, as you get two dark bars when seeing 16:9 substance. In any case, when we’re dealing with this thing, we love the additional vertical space – particularly when composing. 

Talking about composition, the Surface Laptop 4 has what it gives over the best laptop console we have at any point utilized. Composing on this laptop is totally easy. And in some way or another has a lot of movement regardless of the super-slim frame. Indeed, even the new MacBook Pro’s console doesn’t analyze. And that was our #1 PC console before we gave this one a shot. 

The profound travel of the console is considerably seriously amazing when you understand that the speakers are under there. It’s important for Microsoft’s plan strategy that there shouldn’t be any noticeable openings (that aren’t ports, at any rate). What’s more, the speakers are fine. This isn’t a media utilization gadget using any and all means, yet these speakers will play music fine. Indeed, even bass-substantial tracks like Dorian Electra’s Flamboyant sound incredible, regardless of whether there’s somewhat left to be desired. 

What holds the plan of the laptop back from being great, notwithstanding, are the enormous bezels. They appear as though they’re from a laptop from five or six years prior. The bezels don’t annihilate the experience or anything, however, on the off chance that you take a gander at this laptop close to, say, the Dell XPS 13, it might glance somewhat obsolete.

SURFACE LAPTOP 4: Performance

The Surface Laptop 4 we inspected here is furnished with an and 16GB of RAM. which implies it generally approves of anything we tossed at it. In any event, when we stacked this Laptop up within a real sense many Chrome tabs while tuning in to music through YouTube and talking on both Slack and Discord. The Surface Laptop 4 doesn’t give any indication of easing back down. 

That is something that most Laptops these days ought to have the option to do yet. What makes the Surface Laptop 4 so amazing is that it can do the entirety of that without log jam. while we are on battery power. 

We’re ready to simply chill on our lounge chair while working, without stressing over either the Laptop securing or stumbling our flatmates with the force link.

Also, when connected the Laptop represent the presentation of this Laptop. In Cinebench R23 the Surface Laptop 4 had the option to get a strong 4,998 focus, which is about what we would expect out of this processor.

Geekbench 5 

Also in Geekbench 5 the Surface Laptop 4 got a solitary center score of 1,356 focuses and 4,918 in multi-center. In case you’re after a super-compact Laptop that can complete some work. The Surfaces Laptop 4 can positively take care of business.

Likewise, while the Surface Laptop 4 certainly doesn’t work for gaming, it had the option to get a quite good 5,151 focuses in 3DMark Fire Strike, which implies it ought to have the option to deal with probably the best non-mainstream games. Simply don’t go reasoning you can run Cyberpunk 2077 at max settings or anything.

SURFACE LAPTOP 4: Keyboard and Touchpad

As could be, the Surface Laptop composing and contacting experience are far better than expected, in any event. When contrasted with other premium Windows PCs. The glass-beat touchpad is incredibly fulfilling. At 4.5 inches wide, there’s a lot of room. The cushion additionally allows you to move the cursor with accuracy, and when it comes time to click, there’s a satisfyingly strong reaction that matches the sensation of the haptic-input empowered MacBook Pro touchpad. 

The Surface Laptop 4’s console isn’t exactly just about as great as the touchpad is. However, it’s still bounty agreeable for long composing meetings. There is 1.3mm of key travel, which is satisfactory, albeit the key switches are somewhat soft for my taste. Microsoft considers this a “delicate touch feel,” and says it has placed a great deal of thought into the Surface Laptop 4’s composing experience. I guess it’s generally a matter of individual inclination. What isn’t far from being obviously true is that the console comes up short on a committed number cushion. Which numerous other enormous Laptops offer.

Bookkeeping page…

….. jockeys who enter numbers throughout the day will need to consider something. Like the LG Gram 17 all things being equal—neither the Dell XPS 15 nor the Apple MacBook Pro offers a number cushion, by the same token. 

The Surface Laptop 4’s sound is marginally improved, contrasted, and that of its archetype. The speaker equipment is something similar. However, Microsoft has added support for Dolby Atmos 9. Which should assist with sound preparation. In my testing, a short clasp from an activity film played on the Surface Laptop 4 offers more definition at the most noteworthy volume setting than the Surface Laptop 3 offers. However, the bass reaction is still somewhat inadequate. The MacBook Pro has predominant sound quality, thanks to some degree to a committed woofer. 

Video quality from the Surface Laptop 4’s webcam is additionally nice if average. Webcams have been a wellspring of much dismay as a significant part of the world has gone to video conferences to supplant face-to-face communications during the COVID-19 pandemic and discovered the experience to be painfully deficient. The Surface Laptop 4’s camera takes shots at a 720p goal. Lower than the 1080p that the Surface Book 3 offers. The camera highlights IR sensors that empower Windows. Hello to confront acknowledgment, for smooth, secret key-free logins to your Windows 10 record.


Taking everything into account the choice to keep the Surface Laptop truly unaltered in the fourth era is both a gift and a revile. It’s incredible that the Laptop has an earphone jack and a rectangular USB Type-A port. Which is quickly vanishing on contending workstations. The USB-Type-C-just nature of the XPS 15 and MacBook Pro is a snag for certain clients. 

The Surface Laptop 4 additionally has a USB-C port. It tends to be utilized to charge the Laptop in the event that you have an extra USB-C connector that puts out at any rate 65 watts, and it additionally upholds video yield utilizing a connector or extraordinary link. In any case, there’s only one USB-C port, and it doesn’t uphold the Thunderbolt 4 interface.

We commonly prefer to see at any rate two USB-C ports on the premium (above-$1,000) workstations at any rate. one of which upholds Thunderbolt. Microsoft’s choice not to change the undercarriage and add a second USB-C port (or so far as that is concerned, a second USB-A) will be a detriment for the Surface Laptop 4. 

Rather than more USB ports. The Surface Laptop 4 has a Surface Connect port. This exclusive Microsoft port can be utilized to join the included attractive force string, which associates with an AC connector that has its own USB Type-A port inherent. The connector USB port in any case is just useful for charging a or other versatile gadget—there’s no information association.

Surface Connect port

The Surface Connect port manages the job with an environment of expensive Microsoft peripherals. Including the Surface Dock which adds a Gigabit Ethernet port four USB 3.0 ports, and sound yield to the blend. The dock’s video yield is two more. USB-C connectors with DisplayPort usefulness. This implies you will, in any case, require a connector or exceptional link to associate with most outer screens. 

Remote associations on the Surface Laptop 4 incorporate 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) and Bluetooth 5.0. Wi-Fi execution was amazing in my testing, with solid download velocities of 50MBps or all the more even with only one bar of sign strength appearing in the Taskbar symbol.


Coordinated designs have improved throughout the long term, yet a 15-inch Laptop without a discrete GPU is in a tough spot. The Surface Laptop 4 ends up around there depending on AMD Radeon Graphics rather than an appropriate design card. 

Our benchmarks demonstrated as much with the Surface Laptop 4 scoring a 3,424 on the 3DMark Fire Strike test. That is far underneath the XPS 15 (8,387, GeForce GTX 1650) and it even missed the mark regarding the Specter x360 14 (4,937) with Intel Iris Xe designs. The normal is 4,125. 

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI:
Gathering Storm really ran at a beautiful playable rate, averaging 35 edges each second at 1080p. Which is over our 30-fps limit. The XPS 15 (48 fps) true to form played even smoother while the HP Specter x360 14 (20 fps) made us need to plunk down on the love seat and play our new consoles. 

Isn’t having a discrete GPU worth the versatility and perseverance benefits? We’ll surrender that to you. On the off chance that you need a Laptop for certain illustrations oomph. see our best gaming workstations page.

Software and features

The best thing about any Surface Laptop including the Surface Laptop 4 is that you’re getting an immaculate establishment of Windows 10. 

There isn’t a hint of bloatware present. This implies that the Laptop boots up quite speedy each and every time, and you don’t need to go through it. Your first hour with the Laptop crippling startup programs or uninstalling things. Truly, that is practical enough for us to suggest this Laptop first thing. 

Also, in contrast to the main Surface Laptop. it’s a full Windows 10 establishment as well – no S-Mode here – so this fresh start implies that. You can without much of a stretch make the Surface Laptop 4 yours.

SURFACE LAPTOP 4: Battery Life

Microsoft claims that the Surface Laptop 4 gets as long as 19 hours of battery life. Which would be gigantic on the off chance that it really did. we tracked down that the number was more like 11-13 hours. That is as yet nothing to shake a stick at. 

In the PCMark 10 Home Office battery test. Which recreates an assortment of jobs from video visiting word handling. The Surface Laptop 4 endures 13 hours and 20 minutes. Of course, that is not exactly the 19 hours that Microsoft guarantees. But rather it’s even all that anyone could need to get you through everything except the longest worldwide flights.

The Surface Laptop 4 battles somewhat more in our video playback test. Where it endures 11 hours and 2 minutes. That is as yet not terrible. However, and implies that the Surface Laptop 4 should see you through a lovely long Netflix gorge. 

At the point when you think about the fact that the Surface Laptop 3 just endured 6 hours and 28 minutes in the PCMark 8 battery test. The Surface Laptop 4 denotes a gigantic generational improvement. For hell’s sake, the Surface Laptop 4 even outlives the Dell XPS 13 by two entire hours.


Our specific model is basically a story about AMD the maximum amount because it is about Microsoft. When the Surface Laptop 3 launched with AMD’s Ryzen 3000 chips we were, to place it gently, perplexed. At that point, AMD was few threat to Intel, its mobile chips being woefully underpowered. Microsoft was a year early, as we later learned when AMD launched its Ryzen 4000 CPUs at CES 2020. it’s those Ryzen 4000-series chips that permit the Surface Laptop 4 to reach its full potential.

The Surface Laptop 4 addresses the main flaws we found within the Surface Laptop 3 by delivering faster performance and longer battery life. With the proper CPU, the Surface Laptop 4 has all of a sudden become a laptop with only a few downsides. The sleek, sturdy design is as stylish as ever, the 15-inch panel is bright and vivid, and therefore the keyboard and trackpad are darn near class-leading.

If only Microsoft hadn’t stubbornly ignored a number of the smaller problems plaguing the Surface Laptop series. There’s just one USB Type-C port (without Thunderbolt support). The proprietary Surface Connect input is well proprietary, and therefore the display bezels are long overdue for a buzzcut. These, you’d think are the straightforward things to repair. And yet. I close this largely positive review with the sensation that Microsoft was only a shake and a twist far away from making the Surface Laptop 4 the laptop to beat.



You can get the biggest battery life experience and also outstanding performance. We have got 11 hours 17 munites during heavy uses. Totally this laptop is quite a good package.