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  1. as per titel, watch this short 3 minute video (screen capture at 60fps, full 2K res with QuickTime) and see for your self, settings on high, applied all patches / mods and fixes from the sa downgrades app available here:

  1. yeah, but the downgrader restores that, and applies all the patches and fixes models and rockstar themselves had made to various updates of the game over its life cycle to fix the errors they fixed in newer versions, but so you have the old version with the original script, original all licensed songs, but better the graphics, real widescreen high res support, better performance, no glitches, shadow and reflection fixes, UI fixes in better quality of menus etc. etc..

  1. Short answer: yes! Long answer: hell FUCKING yessssssssss!!!

  2. yes, but I wouldn’t advise it, display link is bag of shite, it emulates a virtual monitor in memory on cpu/gpu using a screen capture hack which then outputs a video stream to the dongle which turns it into a monitor signal again, so no HDCP so no Netflix, appel tv, Hulu,. hbo, amazon or disney+ streaming on any of your displays as long as you’re using a displaylink device.

  3. please watch this carefully:

  4. M1 MacBook Air owner here.

  5. Just go to an Apple Store, they might replace for free

  6. … that is literally just how you recalibrate the battery.

  7. which you should do once a month anyway.

  8. You can use a software called Aldente. Its supposed to limit your charge to the capacity that is healthy to the battery since having it 90-100% of all the time is not really good in the long run. I have it installed and kept it at 80% at most since Im working 12hrs a day its always plugged in. Once its at 80% the battery will stop receiving charge and it will run off from the wall. Its much healthier since its way below full all the time and it doesnt introduce extra heat since its not gaining any charges then have it lose then gain etc (trickle charging).

  9. please be aware that apple does not advise nor condone the use of such software! it may void your warranty

  10. I bought the lg 27gp850 it overclocks to 180hz and has HDR, it’s pretty nice!

  11. It’s because they’re all dynamic wallpapers now which change during the day (if you enable that) if you look at the line starting “string” in the XML it seems to link to the raw image.

  12. nah, those are just lo-res thumbnails.

  13. Since Monterey, most wallpapers need to be downloaded first, try going into the wallpaper preferences and click the cloud download icon

  14. all of them are downloaded, they appear as background instantly when clicking them, so obviously these downloads must live in another folder on Monterey

  15. Nvidia moet je gewoon een nieuwe gpu geven hoor, je hebt recht op een deugdelijk product, tot/met het 5 jaar van aanschaf, dus als je in de komende 3,5 jaar problemen hebt, schroom niet om Nvidia verantwoordelijk te houden!

  16. Ga ik ook zeker niet doen, Nederlands recht is blijkbaar best wel uitgebreid. Alleen komt ie uit DE, Ff kijken hoe dat zit..

  17. EU cons. recht is 2 jaar, eerste 6 maanden is dan aan verkopende partij om te bewijzen of het geen latent defect betreft, nou, hier valt niks te bewijzen, dus de verkoper zou je een nieuwe moeten verstrekken.

  18. same Mac, same beta here, no issues such as this. display wake (by placing a finger on the TouchID stand alone wireless magic keyboard) takes a bit longer than usual, but that could also be down to my new LG UltraGear having to switch to HRR/VarRR (48-165Hz) and HDR, before a picture shows.

  19. [ 1 ] no it’s not because of that, basically what DisplayLink does is create a virtual monitor in memory, gpu and cpu, screen capturing that with advanced algorithms and using hw-acceleration, outputting that as a compressed video stream to a compatible DL-device, which in turn uses the DL-chipsets to decode the video signal, and turn it into a monitor signal again.

  20. I’ve stopped using Display Link for this very reason

  21. yeah it’s coming soon, maybe today or early next week

  22. b5 still here, no fix

  23. Will that only work via Displayport or also via HDMI 2.0? My monitor supports both

  24. only display port 1.2a minimum, but best practice is to use DP1.4 monitors and cables, this can be ether a usb c to dp1.4 or thunderbolt 3 to dp1.4 cable.

  25. Is this only for M1 Mac’s? also why is this good sorry?

  26. yes, only for M1 Macs for now, but apparently apple has promised the final release of Monterey to also bring it to select recent intel Macs, but seeing as they’re already limiting certain things to M1 Macs, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this as an M1 exclusive feature.

  27. With their awesome guarantee that is an absolute steal. Even if it faults I bet they’d replace it.

  28. yeah John Lewis is nice like that

  29. anyone actually know where apple does their engraving on the product like spas, AirTags etc? and how it’s done?

  30. so, this is the same product, but it gives me two options now, both amazon prime, both same day delivery today, though about an half hour has elapsed since screenshooting this.

  31. They’re insanely expensive for a keyboard with a 10-key. Very sexy though, I’ll give them that. Cool setup

  32. well we’re talking about apple rite? expensive is relative

  33. yes, got this one as well, but the usb cable is flakey, so I sprung for the new full size Touch ID keyboard to not have the cable deteriorate much further, when using the m1 mba at the desk while docked

  34. But when Apple save your little kid from getting inappropriate messages,then probably its a good think,right?

  35. nah that is still not a good thing, as children themselves deserve privacy from their parents. also, it should be the parent who looks for or makes the discovery of these material on their devices, not some faceless billion dollar company like apple acting like they are the popo, judge, jury and so on.

  36. [удалено]

  37. Europe you mean? then I’ve got news for you the eu is also working on their own ‘protecting the children’ bs-laws, which would allow apple to roll this stuff out here too

  38. Macs market share is something like 15%, the amount of people who own macs and want to game on them won’t be high, I can’t imagine it’s a market worth chasing sadly. I would love them too though.

  39. no it’s not, apple’s Mac market share went up to about 33% world wide, in the last year alone, all due to the success of the M1, it’s supposed to be up even higher to day, close to 35-39-ish percent

  40. can you retry your setup with the new PD17 that came out this week, DirectX performance should be a lot better now, both on Intel Macs and the M1’s

  41. I’m pretty sure the only way for 4K is through streaming in the Apple TV app. If you have a way to record the screen in 4K, it should play in 4K from the Apple TV app.

  42. yeah recording it is next to impossible on macOS, as the drm will black it out system wide… (same function as on iOS that also disables usable screenshots from such apps as Netflix.)

  43. nope, seems to work fine for me, it was unselected, I was able to select it, I however have another such bug but with display auto brightness, it seems to select and deselect it self at random, and I notice ever so slighly of a flicker in my mba’s display when on the go. but as I said, it’s barely noticeable. but it does seems borked/bugged a bit on my m1 mba

  44. For those who are interested they have already shared what will happen:

  45. The point is that Apple has no business even going through your pictures.

  46. That’s not that point – they have the tech to do this offline without your knowledge, and that might lead to bullshit down the road. That’s everyone’s main concern here.

  47. yeah China, Turkey, mother Russia and father Putin, uncle Kim, and the anti lgbt stances now taken in Hungary and Poland come to mind, to name but a few. These will all at some point demand access to these tools from apple and abuse them in their own ways.

  48. Most of the concern about these updates are about the implications and possible privacy/freedom violations having this kind of code on the device could have in the future.

  49. exactly! couldn’t have said it better myself.

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