Officeworks Reviews

Not helpful to older Australians

Purchased apple remote with extended warranty The remote stopped working. Took it back to Morayfield Officeworks ( where purchased). I was told they don’t deal with extended warranties and to ring the extended warranty company. ( quite rudely) I did point out officeworks did sell me the the extended warranty. The next day returned to store with claim number from warranty company to be told they don’t have it in stock and would give a officeworks gift card to the value of the remote. I said if you can’t get a new remote in for me can I get my money back only to be told no. ( told this is the terms and conditions of the extended warranty. I checked with the extended warranty company. No they are not) He said the best he could do was purchase it from a store 15 km away I would have to get it myself. I reluctantly agreed only to get an email from the the 2nd store saying they don’t have them in stock. This company seems quite discriminatory to the older generation .

After standing in plain sight waiting…

After standing in plain sight waiting while a girl was training a 2nd girl they finally acknowledged me and I was shown how to print my own a3 photos which I did and you pay prior to seeing your prints then you wait. I waited and waited and watched several young staff having issues with the paper in the printing machine only to be told after waiting that nobody knows how to change the roll in the machine they were ringing someone but that was no help so I asked for my money refunded due to the fact they have about 20 staff on yet not one of them is qualified with the printing side of the business. What a waste of my time and how do such a big company fail to ensure that they have at least one staff member on that has experience on how to change a paper roll. It wasn’t even 830 and the girl on the till was counting her till as people were still shopping and lining up to pay. Wouldn’t ever go back to the Mulgrave store again

Home office….. delivery difficulties

Silly me chose Officeworks as a way to get everything I needed from one transaction… click and collect to a local store could only be guaranteed with THREE collections (involving 3 hours of driving for each return journey… thankfully spaced out weekly) …. so instead when I checked delivery it said two deliveries in a timeframe of two weeks…… I was told one floor mat would be delayed… after first delivery arrived within 5 days of the order (not the week as planned) and then the remaining items seemed to follow the next day (not 14 days)….. 2 items missing….. my order placed on the 1st October had everything except three items delivered on the 5th and 6th of October… my two desks got put into an IPEC warehouse on the 7th October…. up until the last collection for transit thet were with my order… then detoured…. I emailed 9th and 16th… only response on the 16th when I ended up calling on the 19th… I was told they would look into it…. Facebook also told me that they would send out two new desks to arrive ASAP on the 20th… gave me the tracking number…. they are in Laverton still waiting as of yesterday afternoon. I don’t really think waiting over 20 days for an item in stock is really helpful…. especially when on family feud the top answer for an item found in a home office is a ……. DESK!

Faulty laptop battery lasted one month…

Faulty laptop battery lasted one month $1650 laptop I’m from Victoria and through Lenovo had to send it to NSW at my experienc . I had extra warranty through officeworks did not help

Don’t trust officework online store

Last month (4/09/2021) I ordered one of computer table and computer chair using officework online store . now more than 1 month I waiting for my delivery but still I didn’t received anything, I already contact them few times and they always saying “ we will check this soon” then I contacted delivery company and they said they didn’t received any pickup details form officework. They are tracking system showing me items already delivered but delivery date always update. I lost $287.95 . Don’t trust their online store. Order number: 132812734

Worst customer service I’ve ever…

Worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. Lady by the name of Inge (if that was her real name) was exceptionally rude to me for a simple order cancellation. Immediately called after I ordered to cancel. Was confirmed cancellation TWICE pre-production only for it to be dispatched the next day. Called a third time only for Inge to tell me the previous customer service reps lied to me, to excuse the fact it was sent out, in a rude and condescending tone. I will never get anything printed online with them ever.

Lost Delivery

I ordered a lot of stationary for office, and it has been two weeks this does not delivered. The package lost, no body takes responsibility, I paid $500 and all my products lost- just tired of calling support, long waiting time, and no result- poor service

Please invest on your website because yours SUCKS

When the website works, it’s fine. But when it doesn’t, it’s practically unusable. Issues with the cart emptying itself, can’t log in, log in button not responding, pages not loading, can’t add things to cart. Happy errors that make me want to smash my head against my PC monitor. The app version sucks too. E-commerce is an essential in this day and age, most particularly during this pandemic. The fact that this website can be so unusable is actually embarrassing. I’ve got no idea what the old white men running this company are doing, but for gods sake, get with the times, and invest on e-commerce.

I contacted a store to buy a phone and…

I contacted a store to buy a phone and was told the phone I wanted was out of stock I that store and I should order online. I placed my order on line and was asked for a verification code for my credit card which was sent via text msg to my phone. Under 1 hour later I received an email telling me that my order has been declined due to privacy and security concerns. I contacted office works and ask what those concerns were and they have declined to answer and suggested I go to my nearest store and purchase the phone. 3 days later I am still waiting for the refund.

I ordered a printer 5 weeks ago

I ordered a printer 5 weeks ago – after 4 emails and requests for support and one 40 min wait to speak to someone – I got told I now have a case number. Being polite is only a very small part of customer service. I was told they will call me……..of course they will.

Great until something is delivered Damaged

I received my online order. However one lot of storage containers were damaged. I had finally found a contact email, received a response of “5day wait” it has been over two weeks, I hve since sent another email. There is no phone number. And I have wasted my money. I can no longer trust their online process and do not recommend

Wanted colour, got black and white!

Booked in colour prints to be done and left it with them to be picked up the next day. All the paperwork was filled in and yet when I picked up the prints, they were in black and white. At no stage was it even mentioned about black and white. When the staff member printed them off and saw black and white, did they not confirm with their paperwork it was to be in black and white?! Absolute incompetence from the staff and an obvious complete lack of training from Officeworks themselves. Appalling!

Never ever buy online from them

Never ever buy online from them. Ordered a phone 29th August still has not arrived. Rang them 8th September and they said will ring me. Now 14th September no phone no call. They are a joke. I have disputed the transaction with my bank and got my money back. I now have a great phone from Big W. Never use office works. Customer service needs to be sacked.

Worst Customer Service Ever

I ordered a mobile phone 31/8/21 delivery was to be Friday 3/9/21 between 8am-5pm. Of course it didn’t come. Not once has the tracking been updated to say when my mobile might come, I have lost count of how many times l have tried to phone it just rings with no answer. I have sent two messages to their customer service with no response. This is not good enough!!! l don’t know why l am wasting my time even writing this review as Office Works has not responded to any reviews in over 12 months!It may help someone else to know not to order on line from Office Works as it’s not worth the grief it causes. Imagine what a time l am having with no mobile!! Just to get groceries l can’t sign it. It’s a joke ! Come on Office Works everyone is struggling in this pandemic- hire more staff if you haven’t got enough to cope. There are lots of people looking for work

How to Steal $ 1,197 Legally.

On 5th Sept I paid for an Ipad Pro ($ 1,197.00) and have NO acknowledgement of the order on My Account.5 days later and 3 Online Complaints and 100 attempts to call 1300 633 425 (This “Help” line a waste of time ) – still NO acknowledgement.AMEX have confirmed that the money was paid out to Officeworks and I can dispute it ( a lengthy process). Is this a matter that I can refer to the Police as it is borderline theft.Strangely, due to the urgency, I am obliged to buy the same item again (from Officeworks !!) as I have a Corporate Account with them – and not much choice!!The silence from Officeworks is deafening…..

great staff, years of reliably good service!

I want to acknowledge the great staff and service at this branch, always!Yesterday, Arabella really went the extra mile supporting me with printing and presentation for my daughter’s hsc portfolio. I left with a better document than i could have imagined and my daughter was thrilled with the result. Given the portfolio is a major part (and mark) for her major design project, it was pretty important to us. Ably supported by Juliet and the always great Randall, Arabella was friendly, efficient, professional and offered suggestions to solve issues and create a polished 40 page document!We don’t even own a printer since starting to use officeworks for printing about 4 years ago during my own tertiary studies. Thanks for having such top caliber staff!!

Terrible customer service on Click and Collect

I had an estimated click and collect date of approximately 2 weeks ago. Received an emailed invoice on the ETA date that it has been shipped to the store, but since then no communication from Officeworks. Tracking the order, the ETA just keeps changing to tomorrow. Phoning customer service, phoning the store, online feedback, online message, FB Messenger: not a single response from Officeworks. I would not recommend Click and Collect from Officeworks, especially if the product is not currently in stock in the store.

deceptive and misleading conduct

more than a week to process payment, more than a week to deliver, no way to cancel order, phones clogged hours spent waiting for no response, no phones active at nearest store to covert order to click and collect, delivery times cannot be relied on. Absolute detriment to working from home, delivery date shiftedRecommend ebay during lockdown, at least their stuff turns up on time.If you cannot guarantee your delivery, stop offering the service

With out a doubt the worst customer…

With out a doubt the worst customer service I have ever encountered. I have desks at my house which are not the ones I ordered. They never reply to emails and never answer their calls. I dont have any idea on what the next course of action is or when my refund will come through. incompetent is the only word I can use to describe them I really hope one day they get some real competition watch them run for cover then.