Old Republic Home Warranty Reviews – Get All the Facts Before Using Old Republic

If you’re considering a home warranty, you’ve probably heard of Old Republic Home Warranty Coverage. Old Republic Home Protection (ORHP) is a home warranty company based out of San Ramon, California.

This well-established company—in operation since 1974—offers a range of products and services to help home owners, home buyers and sellers, and real estate professionals protect their investments.

Old Republic’s goal is to outdo other home warranty providers by providing exceptional service on a long-term basis. The company aims to provide “more than just a one-year warranty.” Old Republic Home Warranty Plans are available to home buyers, home sellers, home owners, and real estate professionals.

A lot of users search for Old Republic Home Warranty reviews to get more information about the company and to determine whether the coverage provided meets their needs

A home warranty can be a great way to prepare for potential problems in the home, like broken air conditioning and leaking pipes. It isn’t insurance, but it provides you with the peace of mind that you’re not alone if something needs to be repaired or replaced.

But many homebuyers and real estate professionals question the idea of home warranties. You may be wondering if a home warranty plan is really worth the investment, and whether or not it will pay off.

The truth is, home buyers, owners, sellers, and even real estate experts have to do the research to find a truly reputable home warranty company before signing a deal.

Is Old Republic that reputable company you’re looking for? We’ve gone through pages of Old Republic Home Protection reviews and other information to put together a comprehensive review of what you can expect from Old Republic.

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Before you can determine whether or not Old Republic Home Warranty Coverage is right for you, you have to understand the business of home warranties and related services. Many people go into home warranty contracts without a clear idea of what to expect, and end up disappointed or confused.

A home warranty is also called a service contract, and it helps protect homeowners from the cost and hassle of repairs and major appliance replacements. Service contracts generally operate on one-year terms, which are renewable. You can buy a home warranty at any time, but they’re most highly-recommended if you’re buying or selling a home.

Home sellers often purchase home warranty plans in order to protect the home while it’s on the market. This provides a double-benefit: the seller has protection if something needs to be repaired — like the water heater, oven, or other appliance — while the home is on the market. The seller also benefits from the added incentive the home warranty creates for buyers to buy.

Buyers can rely on a home warranty while they are moving in and settling into a new home. The home warranty provides a sense of confidence should anything go wrong or break in that first year. Warranties average between $350 and $500 for standard coverage, and you can expect an additional $100 to $300 for extra protection.

One of the benefits of working with Old Republic Home Protection is that you essentially have access to a varied team of experts and professionals. This network, which Old Republic maintains and expands consistently, is comprised of qualified independent service providers. When you have an issue with an appliance, the plumbing, or the heating system at your home, Old Republic has the resources to get someone on the job right away.

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So, what should you expect from your Old Republic Home Warranty Coverage? This company has a lot to offer for home owners, real estate professionals, and even service providers, for those interested in working with Old Republic. If you’re buying or selling a home, you’re probably overwhelmed with information and wondering what Old Republic Home Warranty Plans can really offer you.

Specific plans vary by state.  Here are some examples of the standard services you can expect with Old Republic Home Protection. For the remaining states, visit ORHP.com and view a current brochure.  

Standard pricing and standard services for Old Republic Home Warranty Plans vary by state. To learn more about your state, visit ORHP.com and click on your state to see a current brochure.

Maybe you’re on the fence about a home warranty plan.  Here’s a peek at the benefits of an Old Republic Home Warranty for both buyers and sellers.

Home buyers frequently invest in home warranty plans for the peace of mind this coverage offers. If you’re a home buyer and you’re considering Old Republic Home Warranty Coverage, you should consider the following benefits:

Home sellers also often invest in home warranty coverage to make sure they can make the best sale possible. If you’re selling your home, you can expect the following benefits from Old Republic Home Warranty Plans:

In general, this company provides many resources to its customers. The website provides multiple methods of contacting customer support via phone and email, as well as portals for completely-online service.

Via the dedicated “Real Estate Professionals” page, real estate professionals can:

You can call Old Republic 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long. You can also utilize a variety of different web resources that the company has made available for faster service, including service requests and online home warranty renewal.

With so much to offer, you’d think that doing service with Old Republic Home Protection would be a no-brainer. However, the company has received mixed reviews, including some serious scrutiny by online reviewers.

If you’re looking for information about this company, you’re bound to run into some very contradicting reviews. There are many negative and positive Old Republic Home Protection Reviews on Yelp and other reputable sites. With so much contrasting information, it can be difficult to tell whether this company is worth a try or not.

To help you get a clearer picture, here are some of the common complaints, as well as some of the very positive reviews and customer testimonials, about Old Republic Home Protection.

According to one Old Republic Home Warranty review on Consumer Affairs, a customer received less-than-satisfactory service from this home warranty company. Giving Old Republic a score of just one star (out of five possible), the reviewer stated that service for his broken refrigerator took over a week. This same reviewer stated that the customer support agent informed him that service is unavailable on weekends.

On Yelp, Old Republic has received the occasional positive review, but it doesn’t fare so well, overall. Many of these negative reviews reflect issues in communication, such as conflicting statements and policies.

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Old Republic Home Protection has an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau, based on a current total of 37 customer reviews. Reviewers on BBB are always verified as true customers of the business, so their opinions can truly be relied upon. Such customers include one who has used Old Republic Home Warranty Coverage for over 15 years.

One BBB user wrote, “Each time, the service process was very easy. No hassles what so ever. Was never challenged as to whether it was a pre-existing condition…Service techs came out as scheduled and all items fixed. $60.00 copay, done!! I give ORHP an A+.”

Old Republic has received many positive testimonial letters from past and current customers. The following testimonial, for example, demonstrates just the kind of dedicated customer service that Old Republic seems to value. In comparison to the above Old Republic Home Warranty complaints found on Consumer Affairs and Yelp, this customer received quality service, even on the weekend:

I called Old Republic Home Protection on Friday afternoon for A/C repair, and early Saturday morning a contractor called me to schedule an immediate appointment. Even though the A/C started working and no repair was necessary, we appreciated his prompt response and hope you put him at the top of your HVAC company list. Thanks.

Home warranty companies like Old Republic depend greatly on their relationships with smaller businesses and independent service providers. When you take out an Old Republic Home Warranty plan, you essentially take on a relationship with these contractors.

It’s important that you consider this relationship whenever you consider using a home warranty coverage service. These contractors are who you’ll be dealing with if something in your home needs to be repaired or replaced. Old Republic demonstrates a caring and cooperative relationship with its network of contractors, as evidenced by the following testimonial:

Homeowners are very pleased with Old Republic Home Protection, which keeps the repair experience a pleasant one throughout the process. One call or email to ORHP and the inconvenience and stress of a broken appliance disappears; appointment set, work performed, and life goes back to normal. Happy customer! We strive to perform excellent service and appreciate the opportunity to work with ORHP and its homeowners.

Old Republic Home Protection’s goal is to provide a long-term home warranty resource, rather than just the standard one-year service contracts. The company focuses on communication, loyalty, and providing good customer experiences. Although negative Old Republic Home Warranty reviews can be found online, some of this can be attributed to the fact that people are more likely to take the time and effort to review a product when they have a negative experience.

When you’re considering working with any home warranty company, make sure you have all the facts, first.  Hopefully, this Old Republic Home Warranty review helps you decide whether or not Old Republic is right for you.

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