Please Pardon our Dust

Please pardon our dust! Ocean Isle Beach has been undergoing some big construction projects to improve the quality of life of our residents and tourists. From the system-wide parks and

to the introduction of roundabouts, we’ve been busy!

On the Island – the Town Park Master Plan will introduce a new playground, outdoor performance stage, promenade, restroom facilities and more! Additionally, a $5 million project to renovate the Ocean Isle Beach Park was just approved by the Brunswick County Board of Commissioners. This park is located off the island on Old Georgetown Rd (179) between 904 and Oceal Isle Beach Rd (affectionately called 4-Mile Rd by locals). The plan for the expansion to the park on Old Georgetown includes four new baseball fields, a press box, concession stands, restrooms, six pickleball courts, a dog park, a walking trail, fitness stations, two basketball courts and additional parking. We’re getting our parks all spruced up.

While we’re hard at work to improve the parks here at Ocean Isle Beach, there’s still plenty of outdoor activities to do!

Check out some of the amazing concerts that will be rockin’ the island every Friday night, all summer long – concerts are located next to the Museum of Coastal Carolina on the island.

Located in the same park area on the island, every Tuesday night you can enjoy movies in the park. Best of all – admission is free to this event as well!

Once the decision is made to sell your home, and you’re ready to choose a real estate agent to represent you, one of the elements of the interview process will involve establishing what your asking price should be. This is a key step in marketing your home because the wrong price attracts the wrong buyers and will negatively impact the marketing potential of your property. Right pricing encourages maximum exposure, buyer excitement, and positive offers. At Sloane Realty you can count on us to price your home right the first time!


North Carolina Real Estate Home Pricing - Important Tips

During the first couple of weeks your home will be busy with buyers’ agents coming to preview your home so they can sell it to their clients. But this only will happen if it is priced right. If a property is priced incorrectly – that could result in:


    Let our agents provide the research and data to set your home’s value. The ability to accurately establish pricing is one of our agent’s key skills. While the internet can provide a wealth of information – it can’t replace expert consultation, true local market knowledge and the ability to effectively account for property specifics. During the research, our agents will go through a questionnaire with you to gather key home facts and identify those characteristics that will affect the value of your property.


    Give us a call at Sloane Realty on 866-931-5201 or email us if you’d like to meet to discuss how to price your home for sale in today’s market.

In the springtime is when the real estate market begins to heat up. This is when Open House signs start to pop up everywhere. Attending an Open House is a great way to see up-close-and-personal how much house you can get for your money without making any commitment to officially start the search. It’s a good way for homebuyers to test the waters and a great way for sellers to attract buyers and woo them with their home.

In order to save time and make your home purchase process more efficient, consider the following tips when browsing Open Houses for Ocean Isle Beach real estate or any others in the surrounding areas.

Attending Open Houses in Ocean Isle Beach

1. Don’t waste time. Limit your visits to homes that are in the price range you can afford and in the area of town that you want to live in.

2. Ask your questions. If there is an agent on site (and there surely will be) ask them whatever questions you may have. They represent the seller and they know the property well.

Attending Open Houses in Ocean Isle Beach

3. Attend multiple Open Houses. It will help you decide what you like and don’t like. That way when you find your keeper you’ll know it right away.

4. Days on the market can say a lot about a house. Keep in mind that just because it’s been on the market for quite awhile may not be because it’s overpriced but that a contract might have fallen through.

Attending Open Houses in Ocean Isle Beach

5. Plan ahead. When you’re attending Open Houses start early in the day. They take time and energy. Only see as many in a day as you have the energy for otherwise it may become a blur.

6. Photographs. Take pictures of any house that stands out as extra special for you that way when you get home you can “walk” through it again on your own time.

If you’re interested in having an Open House or attending Open Houses for listed Ocean Isle Beach real estate just give CB Sloane Realty a call at 910-579-1144 and we’ll assist you.

Whether grown children leave home and return then leave again or your life situation has significantly changed since you bought the home, there are many reasons why someone might consider downsizing from their present home. It’s especially common for people entering their retirement years to sell the large family home and move into a smaller space requiring less maintenance.

Thinking About Downsizing After Retirement?

Too Much House
Homeowners will generally consider downsizing when they have too much house for the number of people living there. Maybe you never had that large family you dreamed about or perhaps the children grew up and got married, leaving you and your spouse rattling around in a home that’s far more than you need. A large house requires a lot to keep it heated in the winter and cool in the summer. Your property taxes are also going to be significantly more on a larger home.

Too Expensive
When people retire they often are forced to live on less income than when they were working. This makes a lot of people take a hard look at where their money is going each month. Home ownership can take a huge chunk out of your monthly income, especially if you’re still paying off a mortgage on a pricey home. Relocating to an area where the cost of living is less than where you are as well as moving into a smaller home can both save you a bundle of money each month.

Too Much UpkeepPeople with small children or dogs really need to have a home with a fenced in yard. That makes perfect sense. But once the children are grown and the dogs are long gone you may find yourself asking whom it is you’re maintaining that sizable yard for. How much sense does it really make for a family of two to hold onto a home on a large lot? Do you really want to spend your retirement years tending to your property on the weekends?

So Many ChoicesOnce you decide that downsizing would be a good idea at this stage in your life it’s time to put some thought into where you’d like to live. For instance, there are states that tax Social Security benefits and many that don’t. There are states where property taxes are simply outrageous and may be more than you can afford in retirement. There are also states like the Carolinas where the cost of living is just more affordable for retirees.

Condo or House?
Downsizing doesn’t have to mean giving up having your own home, yard and gardens. You can move into a smaller single family home. You can choose to move into a retirement community – gated or not. There are many very affordable mobile home communities offering lifestyle amenities. And for maintenance-free living, consider condominium living, many also with lifestyle amenities and HOAs.

All That Stuff
It just makes sense that when you move from a larger home into a smaller one you’re going to have to purge a lot of your things. Before you move is the time to sort things to decide what to toss or sell. Give a bit of thought into what lifestyle you want to pursue in retirement. If you’re giving up gardening and have no desire to ever mow a lawn again, then you won’t need any of those gardening supplies and you can sell the lawnmower, too. If you picture yourself golfing in retirement, take the money you make and buy yourself a really nice set of golf clubs.

The Payoff
Once you move into a smaller home you’ll find you have more money. Your utility bills will be smaller since you’re heating and cooling a smaller space. Your property taxes will be significantly lower. You’ll probably have paid off the new home with the proceeds from the sale of the large family home so there’s no mortgage payment to deal with every month. It just makes sense to move into something smaller once the family has launched and you’ve reached retirement.

Give us a call at Coldwell Banker Sloane Realty and let us show you the perfect properties ideally suited for those who have begun those wonderful years of retirement.

Best Time to Begin Looking at Real Estate in North Carolina

With the arrival of spring thoughts turn to just when the best time is to begin looking at Sunset Beach NC real estate in North Carolina. Some people love the heat of summer and the hotter the better so that’s when we see them come out. Other people prefer to avoid the summertime crowds and get their search started early while it’s still during the off-season. We can tell you that whether it’s Sunset Beach or Holden Beach Real Estate you’re looking for, you won’t be disappointed by what we have to show you.

While you’re here there are plenty of things going on no matter when you plan on arriving. Since this is a place you’re considering for your next home you should make the most of the what the area has to offer.

Fill your days with beach time, water sports, or playing on championship golf courses and you’ll be dreaming of the days when you live here.

If you love to shop you’ll be close to plenty of shopping venues with both Myrtle Beach SC and Wilmington NC just a short drive away. Just be sure to take the time to explore the specialty shops right here on the Brunswick Islands.

Family day & Easter in North Carolina

During the month of March there is Family Day at the Museum of Coastal Carolina and an assortment of Easter events taking place around the area. Both are open to the public.

Family Day at Museum of Coastal Carolina
takes place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, March 26, 2016. Come out and enjoy food, games and an assortment of crafts for the kids to make, including sea bottles, shark tooth necklaces, shell necklaces and more. The activities take place in the museum’s parking lot at 21 East Second St., Ocean Isle Beach. If it rain, activities will be moved indoors. Price is $3.

Grab your Easter basket and meet the Easter Bunny at Easter at the Old Bridge from 1-3 p.m. on Saturday, March 26, 2016! An egg hunt, tasty treats, fun games, and an Easter parade are taking place for all. Come join in the fun, get your face painted, enter an egg roll or sack race contest, and enjoy decorated cupcakes, beverages, and plenty more. Takes place at 109 Shoreline Drive, Sunset Beach. Call 910-363-6585 for more information.

If you already have your eye on a property or want to make an appointment with us to show you around once you arrive, please give us a call at 910-579-1144. We look forward to meeting you and showing off our piece of paradise.