Portable Wireless Keyboards for Mac, PC, Tablet

Typing on the screen can be frustrating, even so on a small screen such as those found on a mini tablet or a smartphone. If you prefer the tactile feel of a real keyboard, one of these Bluetooth portable keyboard is for you.

Given a choice, virtual or physical, I would prefer to type on a physical keyboard any day. Full size keyboards with properly spaced out keys and buttons with the right pitch are the only way to do it for a keyboard warrior and an enthusiastic blogger like myself.

It is also normal these days to own and use multiple devices. Personally, I have a Dell (desktop replacement) laptop PC permanently docked to two big screens, a MacBook Air laptop, an iPad mini tablet and an iPhone smartphone. Switching between these devices meant going from one keyboard to the next.

The one keyboard to rule them all, be it Mac, PC, Android or iOS

What if there are keyboards that let you switch between the different devices, this would mean that you will only need one keyboard connected to the various devices and all you need to do is to ‘tune’ in to the right one when you need it.

Have you found it frustrating to move from one device to the next and having to switch keyboards, stowing away one to have the other out only to need the last keyboard again. Here’s is your solution. These keyboards are so versatile that you can even use it on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV or other media devices.

That’s not all, these devices are so compact and small you can just slip it into your back pack or suitcase and take it with you to work or college.

Top 10 Best Portable Bluetooth Keyboards for Multi Devices

We take a look at ten of the best compact portable wireless mini keyboards capable of supporting different devices some with quick switching capabilities.

1. Logitech Keys-To-Go Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad, iPod touch, iPhone & Apple TV or Android & Window

Designed for tablets, you can get either an iOS and Apple TV version or an Android and Windows version. It is a true ultra portable Bluetooth keyboard with built-in rechargeable battery. The battery last up to 3 months per charge. It is also designed to be spill-resistant FabricSkinand easy to wipe clean. Available in black, bright red or teal. Depending on the version, you will get iOS shortcuts or Android/Window shortcut keys. Unfortunately, there is no quick switching between devices but for those looking for an ultra portable keyboard, look no further. The Keys-To-Go so thin and light that it can even go between the pages of your book, inside your coat pocket or in the satchel.

2. Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard for Windows, Mac, Chrome & Android

The Logitech K380 is a lightweight, entry level mini Bluetooth keyboard with support for multi-devices. The keyboard has round buttons instead of squares and is powered by two AAA batteries. These batteries are included. Logitech claims this to last up to 2 years. Connect up to three devices simultaneously and switch between them instantly using EasySwitch keys. K380 Multi-Device will automatically recognize each device and maps keys for a familiar layout with your favourite shortcuts.

3. TeckNet Backlit Bluetooth Illuminated Ultra-Slim Wireless Keyboard for iOS, Windows & Android

A budget entry with back light, who says back lit wireless keyboards are expensive. The TeckNet Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard is also ultra slim measuring only 4mm thin and weighs 218 grams. Users have reported that the keyboard slips on hard surface while typing due to the absense of rubber feets otherwise a great keyboard, durable enough for travel with auto sleep technology to save power.

Note: On Apple iOS9, the “Fn + Function Keys” combination may stop to work. If this happens, reconnect Bluetooth by switching the device off and on again.

4. Logitech K810 Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard for Windows, Android & iOS

The Logitech K810 is the flagship of bluetooth mini keyboard from Logitech with built-in back light and rechargeable batteries. The sleek and ultra thin design with low profile keys makes it super appealing. Its keys illuminate through the laser etched characters on the keys instead of the key surround with auto adjusting illumination which can be manually overwritten with brightness keys F5 and F6. It has a brushed aluminium finish and offers whisper quiet typing. While it is capable of easy switching between different devices, it only supports Windows, Android and iOS. Those looking for a wireless multi-device keyboard that supports Mac will need to consider others.

5. Caseflex Ultra Slim Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for iOS, Android, Mac, & Windows Devices

Caseflex Ultra Slim Wireless Keyboard is a budget wireless keyboard. Powered by 2 x AAA batteries, it has dedicated keys for iOS, Android of Window mode. Mac key arrangement is default. While the keyboard on its thinnest edge only measures 6mm, there is a considerable bulge on the top edge, space for the battery, power button and connect button. This also doubles up as a stand to keep the keyboard tilted better for typing.

6. Anker Ultra Compact Slim Profile Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for iOS, Android, Windows & Mac

Here is a budget, low-profile, matte finish wireless mini keyboard from Anker. Better known for cables, adapters and power banks, the Anker’s keyboard is no less impressive. The keyboard automatically connects to your last-connected device to get you up and running in no time. It is important to note that while the keyboard is compatible with Mac OS X 10.2.8 or above, it is not compatible with Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.

7. Arteck Universal Backlit Ultra Light & Slim Portable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard –

The Arteck Universal Backlit keyboard offers 7 unique back light colours with 2 brightness level and auto sleep feature. The illuminated colour modes are deep blue, soft blue, bright green, soft green, red, purple, cyan. It is also the thinnest keyboard on our list, next to Logitech Keys-to-go and weighs a little over 270 grams perfect for travels. Stylish design with high-grade anodized Zinc Alloy back shell and ABS plastic brushed finish front panel.

8. JETech Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard for iOS, Android, Mac & Windows

Another budget entry, this time from JETech. The wireless keyboard is powered by two AAA batteries which are not included and so while the keyboard is only 6mm thin, we cannot say the same for the bulge on the back to carry the battery.

9. Logitech K480 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard for Windows, Mac, ChromeOS, Android & iOS

The Logitech K480 is a beefed up Logitech K380 keyboard. It has a bigger foot due to the built-in device cradle for tablet or smartphone or both (depending on size). Give that it needs to prop-up devices, it is fairly weighted at 820 grams to ensure that it does not tip over. There are 12 integrated media and shortcut hot keys and an easy switch dial. The grey or yellow accent depending on the body colour is a nice touch. Even with the onboard cradle it measures no more than 20mm thin, perfect for slipping it in the bag. If you would rather have a lighter and smaller Logitech keyboard, check out K380 (423 grams) or K810 (337 grams) or the super portable Logitech Keys-to-go

10. Elzo Ultra Slim Wireless Rechargeable Bluetooth Keyboard for iOS, Android, Mac & Windows

Here is a budget low profile keyboard from Elzo. With the on-board rechargeable battery, there is no unsightly bulge on the back, making it thinner than most. Measuring only 12mm thin and weighing no more than 381 grams, Elzo is more portable than most keyboards listed here. The keyboard is also available as a bundle with a folio case.


Logitech K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard for Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, iOS & Android

The biggest wireless keyboard in our line-up the Logitech K780 are powered by conventional batteries with your first 2 x AAA included. These are not rechargeable but Logitech promises that they will last for up to 24 months. The cradle is wide enough to accommodate even the largest tablet, iPad Pro 12.9-inch in landscape mode. Just remember that the thickest tablet or smartphone that will sit comfortably on the cradle is up to 11.3mm. For smaller devices, you can sit both phone and tablet side by side.

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