Question: Q: Macbook Air – Intermittently Charging , Now not at all

Sep 4, 2012 3:04 AM in response to Flipstick476

In response to Flipstick476

Your post is ambiguous. Did the service provider also check YOUR power adapter with YOUR computer? If not, that should be the first thing to check. When the power adapter stops charging, does unplugging and then replugging in the power adapter (at the wall, and at the computer) cause the power adapter to start charging?

Sep 6, 2012 2:50 AM in response to carl wolf

In response to carl wolf

Sorry for not being clear enough with my problem. To answer the above questions ;

My local apple store DID test my own laptop and charger. They both worked ‘without fault’ at the time – typical !

The power adaptor works sometimes, about 10 percent of the time actually. Unplugging the charger / re plugging the charger / trying the charger on several different power points / plugging charger in at wall and computer and visa versa does not charge the laptop.

I have noticed in the dark i can sometimes see a wee spark as the mag is connected to the laptop, so i presume this means the charger works fine or at least has power surging through it. This also backs up the apple tech’s hardware test showing that the charger is in good order.

Unsure what else to do, at this stage looks like i will have to take the laptop back to the apple store again and hope for a negative result so I can get this problem resolved .

Sep 21, 2012 2:57 PM in response to Flipstick476

In response to Flipstick476

My early 2012 macbook air is having the same problem. Charger intermittantly charges the laptop. Electricity is flowing from the charger because when I plug it in the symbol on the laptop shows the charge symbol. However when clicking on the icon it says “battery is not charging” power source is power adapter.

This is really frustrating because I need to charge my laptop and often times I will leave and it is still out of power.

I have not tried to take it to the Apple store yet. Have tried unplugging and replugging, updating software and firmwire. Not sure what else to do.

Sep 22, 2012 3:28 AM in response to mdecelles

In response to mdecelles

I ended up taking my laptop in to my local apple store after much frustration with a similar case to yours. The ‘technician’ said the laptop had to fail a hardware test they run on the laptop there in order to log a fault and replace parts under warranty, they then proceeded to plug the laptop in and my charger worked!

I ended up taking my laptop home, and it appeared the charger was functioning correctly once again.

A few days later, same problem! I took it back to the apple store and thankfully it showed there was a fault in my charger, this was then replaced under warranty (9 days left to go, phew! )

Best option would be to take it in to your local store is my advice, good luck!

Nov 20, 2012 8:05 AM in response to RandomAragorn

In response to RandomAragorn

I am having this exact same problem and it’s been going on intermittently for a few months. Sometimes when I plug the charger into the laptop no light appears. I’ve tried using different outlets all with the same problem. Then, when I’m just about to lose hope and head to the Apple store it lights up mysteriously. I’m wondering if it’s possible that the charge gets so low in the laptop that it takes time before the charger lights up? Or perhaps my charger is going bad. What I’m afraid of is that this will happen exactly when I need the laptop the most and the inability to charge it is just not acceptable.

Dec 11, 2012 6:04 PM in response to calfmac

In response to calfmac

I am having the exact same problem; early 2012 mac book air (11.6 inch); charges in seemingly random and unpredictable ways; at times it will start charging after 3-10 or so min of being plugged in, and sometimes, like today, it won’t start at all (even though battery is at ~70% in either scenario). Any solutions so far? The cabling in the cord per se is not broken, as when it does start charging, it happens on its own (i.e., independent of any mechanical intervention).

The power cord that came with my 2007 mac book pro, on the other hand, is always able to get this macbook air to charge… Is permanently switching power cords a (non-ideal) solution? I.e., are there any cons to switching to a power cord from an older computer?

Dec 22, 2012 7:04 PM in response to regilapa

In response to regilapa

11 inch Macbook air. The Charger worked fine for months. Now, about 60% of the time, if I connect the power cord, no indicator light, and obviously no charging. I also note the charger brick itself does not get the slightest bit warm. If I leave the power cord plugged in (Sometimes for more than an hour) it will rectify itself, given time. Its very strange.

I have no access to another charger yet, so I can not test this, but multiple sockets including home and work, ruling out issues at the source.

So, the scenario is the power cord, plugged in, no light, no charging. Left alone (and I have repeated this at least 20 times now) the light eventually comes on, charging begins and all is well.

The only variable that I can think of is room temperature. Which I dont think should vary too much in the rooms that i have been in.

Dec 25, 2012 12:05 PM in response to stone4345

In response to stone4345

I can’t believe it – I was having the ‘no charging’ problem and I took your blow drying advice and it starting charging a minute later. Go figure, and I live in SoCal. I started having intermittent charging problems beginning about a month or so ago. tried different outlets, reconnecting power from mac side and outlet side, etc. Thanks for the hot tip, Stone.

Dec 26, 2012 8:19 PM in response to jfkemper

In response to jfkemper

After reading these last couple of posts, I decided to try to “warm up” the power cord/brick by placing it on top of my radiator, and bingo! It works, for 2 days now, whenever I try to plug it in and it won’t charge, leaving it by the warm surface for 5 min and then trying to charge again has been working like a charm. WTH?! Thanks for this crazy tip!

Jan 7, 2013 9:33 AM in response to Flipstick476

In response to Flipstick476

Same problem here with a late 2010 MacAir – the adaptor is inconsistent. I’ve tried several solutions, some of which are mentioned here, and oddly enough, the only thing that works is warming up the adaptor. I have solved the problem now twice by warming the adaptor before connecting it…but there’s got to be more going on here. I’m assuming that a lot of us are experiencing a problem that simply has a temporary solution (warming the adaptor) because the problem persists (adaptor stops charging a couple days later).