Rumor: Alleged component photos suggest the new MacBook Pro screen will have a notch

On Monday, Apple will unveil the highly-anticipated redesign of the MacBook Pro line as part of its ‘Unleashed’ October media event. It is expected to feature a whole new chassis design, industry-leading Apple Silicon, the return of MagSafe power connector and HDMI/SD Card slot, and a mini-LED display. This laptop has been in development for several years, and rumored for almost as long.

In the last few days, another idea has arisen. Some alleged leaks indicate that the new 16-inch and 14-inch MacBook Pro will also feature a notch in the top middle of the display, like an iPhone. This cutout would house the FaceTime camera and ambient light sensors, but Face ID biometrics is not expected.

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With macOS Monterey on the horizon soon, businesses will quickly begin looking at their rollout strategy. I know many IT professionals miss the old 18-month macOS upgrade window, but Apple has done a fantastic job of making a macOS upgrade break less over time. Sure there are bugs, but app developers and hardware manufacturers are doing a great job quickly updating their apps. For the past few years, we’ve all gotten into the fall upgrade cycle with all of our devices.

Over the next two weeks, I will take a look at the features in Apple’s upcoming macOS upgrade that will be impactful at work.

While Apple is known for keeping its services exclusive to its devices, Apple TV+ and Apple Music are available on other platforms such as Android, Windows, and Smart TVs. Now it seems that Apple has been working on bringing the Apple Music app to PlayStation 5.

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With the upcoming Apple event approaching quickly, speculation is getting out of hand in regards to the chip Apple plans to put in the next-generation MacBook Pro. The most likely name is “M1X,” and others believe the chip will be called “M2.” Some folks have tossed around other names as well with different modifiers. Guess what? It doesn’t matter what it’s called. What matters is that it’s faster than last year’s chip, but not so much faster that it steps on the M1’s parade.

Apple has introduced two new watch faces with the new Series 7 watches: Contour and Modular Duo. Contour is the more interesting of the two and features a gorgeous design that falls off the edges of the new larger displays. The new face is extremely customizable and features a bunch of ways to personalize it.

Benjamin and Zac discuss the initial reaction to the Apple Watch Series 7, HomeKit announcements, some TV+ news, and — most importantly — get hyped for the new MacBook Pros coming at the ‘Unleashed’ Apple event next week.

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My wife and I have recently finalized the plans for our new home, so I am now able to think through how the HomeKit setup will work thoroughly. I plan to completely rebuild the “Home” to eliminate any software “crud” accumulated over the years. The first aspect I’ve been thinking through is what kind of cameras I want to use. I’ve debated using Nest cameras for outdoor use and bridging them to HomeKit using the Starling Home Hub. For indoor use, I am having a hard look at the ONVIS HomeKit Security Indoor Camera in my current home to see how it will work in my new home.

We’ve only just got our hands on the new Apple Watch Series 7, and we happen to have the new green model. Much has been made about what the new watch colors actually look like in person, especially the green, since it’s the one Apple is choosing to market most prominently. Now that we’ve seen it, we can confidently say it’s one of the best aluminum finishes Apple has ever shipped.

Deals: AirPods Pro $180, M1 iPad Pro up to $170 off, MagSafe Charger from $20, more

We are now ready to gather up all of Friday’s best Apple deals into one convenient list for you. This time around, we are heading into the weekend with a solid price drop on Apple’s AirPods Pro at , down from the regular $249. That deal also joins a new offer on the M1 iPad Pro as well as Apple’s official MagSafe Charger and some notable Twelve South accessory deals. Hit the jump for all that and more in the latest 9to5Toys Lunch Break.

Update: This issue is now resolved. If you have missing app icons on your watch screen, you can wait for the App Store to update the app or manually remove and re-add it. The redownloaded version will have the correct app icon and complication assets available.

Today, the first Apple Watch Series 7 units are being delivered to customers. Launch day bugs are to be expected and it seems the Series 7 is no exception.

Customers are noticing that the icons for some third-party apps are missing, leaving blank holes on the honeycomb grid home screen. PCalc developer James Thomson has noticed that his app is one of those affected, perhaps linked to the fact that he issued an app update embedding Apple Watch Series 7 specific assets.