That’s why tablet trading could be the best part of Black Friday 2021

No more is a secret Black friday, iPad Deals Tends to be more popular than discounts on other tablets-according to Searching for discounts on Apple Slate is about four times the term “tablet trading” for Black Friday week.

But in 2021 Black Friday Tablet Deals It’s not an iPad discount, just keep an eye on it.

2021 Android tablet, The number of markets is exploding towards the end of the year. Many major brands have announced their first (or long time) slate. Xiaomi pad 5, Nokia T20, Realme pad When Huawei MatePad 11, And it’s lined up with many models that get annual upgrades like the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Amazon Fireline.

This significant increase in the number of tablets on the market can have a significant impact on Black Friday trading, both in quantity and quality.

Year of tabs

Technically speaking, 2021 wasn’t the year of tablets-2020-but companies took a considerable amount of time designing and manufacturing slate.

As Covid-19 swept the world, many people realized they were trapped in their homes, resulting in a surge in tablet sales. People found them useful as a movie in bed, playing games, as an educational tool, or just as a device for work.

As shown by StatistaAccording to statistics on tablet sales over time, tablet sales have been on a downward trend for several years before the pandemic recovered tablet sales.Separate data from Statcounter The iPad accounts for just over half of tablet sales, suggesting that Samsung accounts for about half of the remaining sales, with the rest being shared among several companies such as Amazon, Huawei, and Lenovo. ..

In 2021, many companies released tablets. Some of these are debut slate such as RealmePad and Nokia T20 (I’ve seen Nokia tablets before, but this is the first time HMD Global has taken over the name). Some of these are the first devices I’ve seen from the company in a few years, like the Xiaomi Pad 5. Also, some companies that regularly release tablets, such as Huawei with MadPad 11, have made bigger deals on new devices.

One of the strangely quiet companies was Samsung. Galaxy Tab S7 2021 successor-unless you count Galaxy Tab S7 FE, Samsung’s Top Tier 2020 Tablet Budget Spin-off. Apparently Galaxy Tab S8 It will appear in early 2022, but I’m still not sure if it’s accurate.

I still don’t know how long the bubbles on this tablet will last. When Covid enters the rear-view mirror of the world, people may not want a portable screen device. But last year’s weirdness could also stimulate a long-term affinity for slate.

Perhaps gadget makers want the latter to be true. Otherwise, releasing a tablet can be a dangerous outlook.

Great for Black Friday deals

The deal is worth a look as more tablets are on the market on Black Friday 2021 compared to the same period in 2020.

Of course, the more tablets you buy, the more products you get discounted. Not only does this affect the slate itself, but it also affects accessories such as styles, keyboards and cases.

Competition is good for tech buyers, and if you have a lot of tablet deals, you can also get big discounts. Brands will want to discount technology enough to rock people from their rival gadgets.

So if you’re considering buying one of these new gadgets, you’ll see a huge discount and it’s worth the wait until November.

Transactions prior to Black Friday have already begun and are listed below. Nothing surprising yet, but if you don’t care how much the technology is discounted, I recommend buying it now.

US Tablet Deals

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 | Wi-Fi | 128GB:

$ 959
$ 599 ($ ​​360 Savings) on Best Buy
I’m making a lot of money with this Microsoft Surface Pro 7. Trading for this product is quite frequent, which is comparable to the cheapest price we have seen. It also includes a type cover that many consider essential to the device. If you can’t wait until Black Friday and need a great Windows tablet, this is for you.View transaction

iPad mini (2019) | Wi-Fi | 256GB:

$ 549
$ 449 at Walmart ($ 100 savings)
This isn’t the latest iPad mini on the market, but a new version that probably doesn’t sell much. The 2019 iPad mini is a previous generation model, so you’ll probably get a lot of discounts, but don’t miss it with a purchase now.View transaction

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Light | Wi-Fi | 32GB:

$ 160
$ 129 on Amazon ($ 31 Savings)
This is a very affordable 8.7 inch Android tablet (despite the name, it suggests a 7 inch screen). It’s not powerful and the screen doesn’t look great, but it’s a great low-cost slate that provides additional screens to help you stream media and browse the web.

Amazon Fire HD 10 (2019) | Wi-Fi | 32GB:

$ 149
$ 99 on Amazon (Save $ 50)
There is a juicy price of 1/3 of the price of this Amazon tablet. Sure, that’s two years ago, but you may not notice the difference, given that each generation is slightly better than the previous generation. You might see the new model at a similar price close to Black Friday, but that’s a pretty deal.View transaction

iPad Pro (2021) | Wi-Fi | 11 inches | 128GB:

$ 799
$ 749 on Amazon ($ 50 Savings)
If you need an M1 chipset and Apple’s latest Pro-level tablet, which is 11 inches in size, Amazon is a great deal. With the 128GB and 256GB versions, you can get $ 50, and if you need 512GB, 1TB, or 2TB, you can get up to $ 100 off, but the price of these options is still much higher. increase. View transaction

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 | Wi-Fi | 32GB:

$ 179.99
$ 229.99 on target ($ 50 savings)
This low-priced Android tablet has a 7-inch screen and comes with 32GB of storage. This type of slate is useful for those who don’t need a lot of power and just need a convenient portable device. You can also apply a $ 50 discount to cases and apps.View transaction

iPad Air (2020) | Wi-Fi | 64GB:

$ 599
$ 539 ($ 60 savings) at Walmart
The iPad Air 4 had some okay discounts compared to last year’s Cyber ​​Monday, but 2021 isn’t new, so big sales are expected. This early discount is a small storage version of your tablet and is a modest discount, but if you buy it now, you won’t have to scramble in late November.

Lenovo Tab P11 | Wi-Fi | 128GB:

$ 279.99
$ 219.99 ($ ​​60 savings) on Best Buy
Lenovo manufactures high quality Android tablets, which is a fairly affordable option from the company, especially thanks to the $ 60 savings. Unlike many other tablets on the market, it comes with a lot of storage, and you can buy a keyboard, case, or stand at a low price to make it a convenient work device.

iPad Pro (2020) | Wi-Fi | 11 inches | 128GB:

$ 799
$ 699 ($ ​​100 savings) on target
The previous generation iPad Pro, despite the new version, is still very powerful and full specs, but it’s available at an attractive low price ahead of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. The 256GB version is also available for $ 100 off.View transaction

UK Tablet Deals

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 | Wi-Fi | 128GB:

£ 619
£ 519 (saving £ 100) at Currys
Samsung’s Premium Tab S7 in 2020 has a powerful processor and a nice looking screen, and is now fairly affordable. If you need a top-end tablet, it’s a great choice, but check to see if the Tab S7 Plus is also on sale. A 256GB storage version is also available from Currys for £ 100 off.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus | Wi-Fi | 128GB:

£ 799
£ 679 (saving £ 120) at Currys
This is arguably the best Android tablet you can buy right now, with a huge high resolution screen, top-end processor, fast charging and more. Sure, it’s a rival to the iPad Pro, but the discounts here make it much more affordable. The 256GB version is also £ 130 off.View transaction

iPad Air (2020) | Wi-Fi | 64GB:

£ 579
£ 549 (Save £ 30) on Amazon
It doesn’t make any sense to get £ 30 off a tablet a year ago, but that’s all because there aren’t many iPad deals in the UK right now. Better trading can be expected when Cyber ​​Monday begins. If you choose the 256GB version, your savings will jump to £ 50.View transaction

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 | Wi-Fi | 32GB:

£ 219
£ 175.81 on Amazon (savings £ 43)
There’s a fair amount of money from this little form of Android tablet on Amazon, but keep in mind that the price of this slate jumps quite a bit, and we saw it cheaper. Still, if you want to buy a Samsung slate at a low price, this is one of the few options available today.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 | Wi-Fi | 128GB:

£ 915
£ 715 (Save £ 200) at John Lewis
This £ 200 discount on popular Windows tablets is about £ 70 cheaper on Amazon, so it’s not the lowest price ever. But that’s no longer the price, and John Lewis’s guarantee may undermine the deal.View transaction

iPad (2020) | Wi-Fi | 32GB:

£ 329
£ 299 (saving £ 30) at John Lewis
John Lewis is lowering the price of older entry-level iPads that have been replaced by the 2021 model in Apple’s lineup. This is a modest price cut for a tablet with low storage, but it breaks the £ 300 barrier.View transaction

Lenovo Tab M8 | Wi-Fi | 32GB:

£ 110
£ 89 (saving £ 21) at Currys
This ultra-low cost Android tablet is a simple portable screen for performing basic tasks. It’s a bit old, but don’t worry, especially as it’s one of the few tablets under 100 pounds seen ahead of Black. Friday.View transaction

Lenovo Tab M10 | Wi-Fi | 16GB:

£ 110
£ 90 in Argos (Save £ 20)
Indeed, this deal is very similar to the Tab M8 shared above. The difference is that this tablet is bigger, but the transactions are done on models with less storage. If you’re a fan of external storage or cloud storage, this is a better choice, but if you don’t want it, you’ll probably stick to a small slate as you have more space for apps and downloads.View transaction

iPad Pro (2021) | Wi-Fi | 11 inches | 256GB:

£ 844
Laptop Direct for £ 799 (Saves £ 45)
This is interesting. LaptopsDirect advertises tablets with all the same specifications as the current 5th generation iPad Pro, but labels it as a 3rd generation tablet. I can guess this is a typo, but I’m actually getting a new model. This has been a great deal since it went on sale for £ 1,099 earlier this year.View transaction That’s why tablet trading could be the best part of Black Friday 2021