The 30 Best Backpacks for College Students in 2021

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Choosing the right college backpack can be difficult. Having a cool backpack is more important than ever as you return to campus for the Fall 2021 semester. Of course, you want to look fashionable, but you’ll be carrying the bag for at least a year, if not longer, depending on how well you get along with it. What good is it to spend all that time at home if you’re going to return to campus looking like a jerk?

‘The’ As a result, selecting college backpacks that check all the right boxes is critical. best backpacks for college students are large enough to carry your new laptop, books, your best water bottle It should also feel good on your shoulders throughout the day and be long-lasting enough to last several semesters. as well as other daily necessities

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If you’re not sure what you want or need in your bag, our guide to choosing the right backpack is a great place to start. Before you spend your money, you should think about how you want it to look, how it will function, and how comfortable it will be.

Top brands like Topo Designs and Fjallraven, as well as budget buys and lesser-known commuter options, are available. Examine all 30 and choose the one that best suits your college experience. To assist you in making your decision, we’ve compiled a list of the best backpacks for college students.


1. Herschel Supply Co. Pop Quiz Laptop Backpack


If you visit any college campus in the United States today, you will be greeted by a sea of students.

For the simple reason that these companies make the best backpacks for college students, period, you’ll find several options from them on this list. Backpacks from Herschel Supply Co. This Herschel option is well-reviewed, large enough to fit a 15-inch laptop, durable, and fashionable. It is, however, an unpretentious backpack that is ideal for everyday use in class.

best college backpacks - herschel pop quiz
Courtesy of Amazon

Herschel Supply Co. Pop Quiz



lululemon 23L Everday Backpack 2.0


We prefer a more relaxed, boxier look, which is why the new lululemon Everday 2.0 Backpack is perfect for us. The 23L Everyday Backpack is a fantastic option for anyone looking for a stylish, durable, and long-lasting backpack for under $100. Finally, this backpack is made of water-resistant, flexible fabric that will keep your belongings safe and dry. This college backpack comes in four colors and prints and has all of the pockets and compartments you’ll need to keep your books and devices safe. (In addition, it has a side compartment for a water bottle, which is a must-have feature for us.) Too many laptop backpacks are designed to look streamlined and minimalist, as if they were made to be as aerodynamic as possible.

Lululemon Everday Backpack
Courtesy of Lululemon

lululemon 23L Everyday Backpack 2.0



2. Mancro Laptop Backpack


13,000+ people can’t possibly be wrong, right? ‘The’

Mancro Laptop Backpack

Everything from your smartphone and laptop (up to 15.6′′) to a bottle, an umbrella, and even your lunch can be stored comfortably in the numerous pockets. The smart bag also has a top handle for easy carrying and a padlock for security, as well as a built-in flashlight. has a high number of five-star reviews and a simple yet stylish design that offers a level of versatility that few other bags can match.

USB port for easy charging on the go.

best college backpacks - grey mancro
Courtesy of Amazon

Mancro Laptop Backpack



3. JanSport Right Pack College Backpacks


JanSport bags are familiar to almost every student in America, and you can’t go wrong with one that speaks to you. The bag’s straps are also padded for added comfort, and there’s a top-mounted carry handle for added convenience. Suede leather is used to reinforce the backpack’s bottom for added durability and style. It comes in a variety of colors and has a single main compartment and a front accessory pocket. This is always one of the best backpacks for college students, regardless of colorway. If you’re looking for a classic college backpack, the JanSport Right Pack is the way to go.

best college backpacks - JanSport Right Pack
Courtesy of Amazon

JanSport Right Pack



4. Day Owl Backpack


It also includes a lifetime of free repairs, so no matter how many times you rip it, Day Owl will replace it. You’ll stay trendy in 2021 if you keep it casual. It has a plain exterior that blends in with the crowds on campus while also concealing multiple secret pockets and a recycled canvas. Today’s fashion trends are all about ease and comfort, and you’ll be nailing it with this effortlessly cool backpack from Day Owl.

Day Owl Backpack, best backpacks for college students
Courtesy of Day Owl

Day Owl Backpack



5. Fjallraven Raven 28


While you can never go wrong with the

Classic Fjallraven backpack

This model doesn’t come in as many vibrant colors as other Fjallraven bags, but it’s a sturdy and stylish option. For college, we like the Raven 28 model. This backpack features a pocket for 15-inch laptops, as well as extra compartments for textbooks, snacks, and whatever else you might need during a long day on campus.

laptop backpack

That’s ideal for students in college. And, at $110, it’s a bag that most college students can afford, and it’s without a doubt the best.

best Fjallraven backpack

 out right now.

Fjallraven - Raven 28
Courtesy of Amazon

Fjallraven Raven 28L Backpack



6. lululemon City Adventurer Backpack


There’s enough room for a 15-inch laptop in an exterior padded pocket, and there’s enough room for all your sweaty gear in an expandable pocket. It’ll look just as good in the gym as it will in the classroom, thanks to its minimalist design and variety of colorways. You get the best of both worlds without sacrificing either with this bag, which is designed to be both an athletic bag and a college bag. This City Adventurer backpack from lululemon will be a great companion if you’re just as concerned with setting a personal record on your bench press as you are with setting a personal record in class. Just because it’s not what you’re used to doesn’t mean it’s not good.

gym bag

, but that doesn’t rule out the possibility of using it for workouts.

lululemon City Adventurer Backpack, best college backpack
Courtesy of lululemon

lululemon City Adventurer Backpack



7. Everlane Modern Snap Backpack


Everlane’s minimalistic beauty pulls off the snap shut look you’ve always admired in style. Organize your Macbook, notebooks, pens, and pencils in the snap’s interior while tossing your keys.


This is, without a doubt, the ideal college backpack. After a long week of classes, we can already see you throwing it on your dorm bed before getting ready for a night out with your friends. right in the exterior pockets on the sides

NOW 41% OFF!
best college backpacks - Everlane Modern Snap Backpack
Courtesy of Everlane

Everlane Modern Snap Backpack



8. Topo Designs Light Pack


Topo Designs, which makes some of the best backpacks for college students, had to be included at least once more. While we admire their work,

classic leather and canvas day pack

, the $145 price tag is out of reach for many broke college students. It does, however, come in retro 90s colors that make it stand out on campus. The popular Light Backpack from this popular apparel company is a more affordable option that costs less than $75. This bag, like all the best college backpacks, can easily fit your laptop and textbooks.

best backpacks for college students - topo designs
Courtesy of Zappos

Topo Designs Light Pack (Mint/Forest/Coral)


Topo Designs Light Pack (Royal/Black)



9. Cole Haan ZERØGRAND Slim Convertible Backpack


It’s also great because of its water-resistant lining, adjustable shoulder straps, and ability to comfortably fit a 15-inch laptop. Anyway, the Cole Haan ZERGRAND Slim Convertible Backpack is a standout because, first and foremost, it’s a Cole Haan product. We want to say that this backpack is attractive, but we can’t see it. Cole Haan’s work is always a show-stopper, as we all know. That was a joke about camo. Is that clear?

Cole Haan ZERØGRAND Slim Convertible Backpack
Courtesy of Cole Haan

Cole Haan ZERØGRAND Slim Convertible Backpack



10. Vessel Skyline Backpack


For extra knickknacks you’re bringing to class, this baby has one large opening and an outside front bottom zip. Due to the water-resistant design, you won’t have to worry about the interior contents getting wet if it rains or snows at the start of the spring semester. This gorgeously sleek faux-leather backpack with water-resistant technology will appeal to minimalists. The gleaming black exterior is so striking that you almost forget it’s a backpack.

Vessel Skyline Backpack
Courtesy of Nordstrom

Vessel Skyline Backpack



11. The Friendly Swede Waterproof Backpack


If your college is located somewhere where it rains more than it shines, this is a worthwhile investment.

waterproof backpack.

This backpack comes in two colors: black and white, and it has a roll-top main compartment to keep raindrops out. It may not be the most fashionable backpack on the list, but its minimalist design is still quite appealing. Three waterproof outer zip pockets on the outside of the backpack are ideal for smartphones or other small essentials. It will also keep your belongings dry at all times.

white waterproof backpack on a white background, best backpacks for college students
Courtesy of Amazon

The Friendly Swede Waterproof Backpack



12. Monos Metro Backpack


You can only pre-order this bad boy right now, but we recommend that you do so quickly before the limited supply runs out. It also comes in a variety of colors, including black, green, blue, and grey nylon, as well as brown, tan, and ivory vegan leather exteriors. This monochrome backpack from Monos has us swooning. A smaller bag is ideal for the kind of guy who doesn’t need to bring everything, whether he lives on campus or commutes on time. Slide your 15-inch laptop and a few notebooks into the larger zipped interiors while keeping your keys and wallet in the front pouch. You’ll look great, and your back will appreciate the fact that you’re carrying less.

Monos Metro Backpack
Courtesy of Monos

Monos Metro Backpack



13. Timbuk2 Rogue Laptop Backpack


The water-resistant material is now used to make stylish and durable backpacks, and its full name is tarpaulin. This Rogue Laptop Backpack is the golden ticket if you want something that can withstand the elements. You’ve seen the blue tarps used to cover pools in the winter or to cover construction sites during rainstorms? Nothing will get in the way of squeezing a few extra items into the main compartment of the top-loading pack. It also comes in four different colors, so you can choose the one that best suits you.

Navy Timbuk2 Backpack
Courtesy of Amazon

14. The North Face Borealis Backpack


Adjustable shoulder straps with an extra layer of foam are included in this nylon and polyester backpack. That’s why the North Face’s spacious option appeals to us. Carrying a heavy bag around takes a toll on your back, especially if you do it on a daily basis. The bag also has a padded back panel with a spine channel that the American Chiropractic Association recommends. Your back will thank us later if you pick this one up.

North Face Black Backpack
Courtesy of Amazon

TNF Black, One Size The North Face Borealis Laptop Backpack – Bookbag for Work, School, or Travel



15. Timberland Crofton Carry-it-All Backpack (30 liters)


Let’s face it: not every weekend trip necessitates the use of a full carry-on or weekend bag. This large half ReBOTL recycled polyester Timberland backpack will hold a few days’ worth of clothing, snacks, meds, water bottles, and really any other travel necessity if you’re more of the minimalist type when it comes to getting off campus for a holiday weekend. We know you’ve been wearing Tims on your feet all winter, so why not try the brand on your back this spring?

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Timberland Crofton 30-Liter Carry-it-All Backpack
Courtesy of Timberland

Timberland Crofton 30-Liter Carry-it-All Backpack



16. Fjallraven Recycled Kanken Backpack


Inside, there’s a large central storage area and an information tag to help you find your bag if you misplace it. To help the environment even more, it’s colored with a much less intensive dying process. The bag has a variety of carrying options, including tote handles and straps, as well as two open side pockets and a rain flap for weather protection. The Fjallraven Recycled Kanken Backpack is made entirely of recycled water bottles and is ideal for students who care about the environment.

Fjallraven Backpack
Courtesy of Amazon

Fjallraven Recycled Kanken Backpack



17. Herschel Little America Mid-Volume Backpack


There are more than 20 color combinations to choose from on the

Herschel Little America Mid-Volume Backpack

The straps of the bag are padded for comfort, and the top pocket has a drawstring to keep your belongings safe inside. allows the wearer to express himself or herself through his or her backpack For a classy finish, a Herschel brand patch is placed on the front pocket. To add to the bags’ impressive rucksack style, these college backpacks have buckled top straps and front-facing pockets.

Herschel Little America Mid-Volume Backpack
Courtesy of Amazon

Herschel Little America Mid-Volume Backpack



18. Mokuyobi Flyer Backpack


Though it may appear that this one is solely for aesthetic purposes, don’t be fooled; there are pockets galore, both on the exterior and inside. However, because this backpack is made of nylon, we cannot guarantee that everything will stay dry if you need to get across campus during a sudden downpour. If you’re more of an eclectic type, go for a brightly colored pack that’ll make a statement.

Mokuyobi Flyer Backpack
Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Mokuyobi Flyer Backpack



19. Tanchen 4K Canvas Artist Portfolio


This canvas bag from Tanchen is a sturdy yet good-looking solution to your problem if you’re an art student looking for a stylish yet practical solution for carrying both your canvas and your gear to and from class. The bag’s overall appearance is slick and stylish thanks to the heavy canvas. While it’s important to look good, it’s also important to be functional. There’s good news in that the bag has enough exterior pocket storage to fit a smaller laptop and any art supplies you might need for class.

Tanchen 4K Canvas Artist Portfolio
Courtesy of Amazon

Tanchen 4K Canvas Artist Portfolio



20. UA Clear Backpack


In recent years, it has become increasingly popular at concerts and music festivals. Put it all in a clear pack to show that you don’t give a damn if people know what you’re carrying.

clear backpacks

Get one ahead of time for any rain-delayed music events you’re planning this year. are now required for many large events. Until then, proudly flaunt that 14-cent Lisa Frank notebook you picked up at Staples all semester.

UA Clear Backpack
Courtesy of Under Armour

UA Clear Backpack



21. Everlane ReNew Transit Backpack


And, get this, there’s an internal zipper laptop sleeve to keep your Macbook safe and secure. If you’re starting a new job or internship, however, you’ll want to make a good first impression, and we’ve got just the bag for you. Actually, everyone is having a strange year. For college students, this is an unusual year. Stay looking cool and confident in a backpack made to tackle whatever kind of day you’re having, whether you’re on your way to a full-time job or it’s just one of those days you happen to spill your entire coffee on a woman’s lap on the A train again. Everlane’s ReNew Transit Backpack is a trendy, compact sack made from 100% recycled polyester with a water-resistant finish, with a unique design and neutral charcoal color.

Everlane ReNew Transit Backpack
Courtesy of Everlane

Everlane ReNew Transit Backpack



22. Mission Workshop Rhake Backpack


You’ll have enough room for everything with its 22L capacity. The bag is 100% weatherproof and built to last, thanks to its Cordura fabric. Mission Workshop’s Rhake backpack is one of the more expensive backpacks on this list, but it’s a bag that’s well worth the money in the long run. However, if it does break, Mission will replace the entire bag and ship it back to you at no cost to you.


You can use it in any way you want, including as an overnight treatment.

bag when you travel

.. If you’re in a hurry, the padded laptop sleeve can be accessed from the side.

best college bags - Mission Workshop Rhake Backpack
Courtesy of Mission Workshop

Mission Workshop Rhake Backpack



23. MCM Stark 40 Visetos Backpack


You have to do whatever it takes to look good. Carry everything you need in a designer bag that will have everyone talking on campus. Organize and separate your books and laptop with dual zip compartments. Use it as a charming weekend pack for visiting mom and dad when the week is done. On the outside, MCM’s Stark 40 Viestos Backpack appears to be pebbled leather, but it’s actually coated canvas, giving it an ultramodern look and feel. They’ll be perplexed as to why you spent so much money on a backpack, but it’s fashion.

MCM Stark 40 Viestos Backpack
Courtesy of Nordstrom

MCM Stark 40 Viestos Backpack



24. Patagonia Black Hole Backpack


It has a capacity of 25L. Patagonia has a long history of producing durable, high-quality, and environmentally friendly bags, and the Black Hole Backpack continues that tradition.


A padded 15-inch laptop sleeve allows for clear division inside the bag, preventing items from becoming jumbled. You’ll be able to throw anything and everything in there without worry because it has a large amount of storage. Furthermore, the TPU laminate has been applied to the 100% recycled polyester ripstop, ensuring that it will withstand the elements. However, it must be able to transport the necessary school supplies, which it does with ease.

Patagonia Black Hole Backpack
Courtesy of Patagonia

Patagonia Black Hole Backpack



25. L.L.Bean Continental Rucksack


Though it comes in a variety of colors, we prefer the classic khaki shown below. Its spacious main compartment can hold snacks, notebooks, and your post-class gym attire, while the side water bottle pockets can keep you hydrated on the trail. This is the college backpack you’ll want if you want to make sure your weekend getaways include total disconnecting while still being able to carry a laptop. Anyone who has tried anything from L.L.Bean knows that their products are ready for the outdoors from head to toe.

best college backpacks - L.L.Bean Continental Rucksack
Courtesy of L.L.Bean

L.L.Bean Continental Rucksack



26. Herschel Supply Co. Tech Daypack Mid-Volume


It has a plethora of interior pockets for storing all of your essentials, including your laptop, tablet, and notebook. Also, toss in your keys, chargers, and whatever else you have. Yes, indeed. On the inside, this backpack that appears to be minimalist on the outside is anything but. There’s plenty of room in here without looking like you’re sticking out like a sore thumb. Please accept my apologies. You’re probably thinking, “Herschel again?”

Tech Daypack Mid-Volume
Courtesy of Herschel Supply Co.

Herschel Supply Co. Tech Daypack Mid-Volume



27. XRAY Expandable Roll Top Backpack


This XRAY backpack is a modern take on a vintage favorite, drawing inspiration from classic military-style bags. The rolltop closure evokes an old-school bag while also incorporating modern features such as a waterproof outer layer and a laptop compartment. There are plenty of pockets for storing all of your various items, as with all college backpacks. Its muted, all-green design is ideal for those who don’t like bright colors.

XRAY Expandable Roll Top Backpack
Courtesy of Amazon

XRAY Expandable Roll Top Backpack



28. Herschel Dawson


The Dawson backpack differs from other Herschel bags in that it has two separate pockets on the front instead of one large compartment, allowing you to store your earbuds and keys in one pocket and your pens in the other. The main compartment, which holds 20.5 liters, has a drawstring closure and a foam lining for added protection. From classic black and tan to a vibrant Monaco blue, the backpack is available in a variety of color combinations.

Herschel Dawson Backpack
Courtesy of Amazon

Herschel Dawson



29. JanSport Big Campus Backpack


This bag, which measures 17.5′′ x 13′′ x 10′′, has two main compartments with plenty of room for all your belongings. If you prefer to schedule everything on the same day, you’ll need a bag that can accommodate your textbook stack for back-to-back classes. It also has a few extra zipper pockets and is designed in the Jansport style. That’s where Jansport’s Big Campus Backpack comes in. Furthermore, the ergonomic S-curve shoulder straps support your back while carrying a heavy school load.

JanSport Large Black Backpack
Courtesy of Tillys

30. Eddie Bauer Ashford Sherpa Pack


Why not? It’s comfortable, cozy, and stylish. A backpack that looks like the inside of your favorite winter jacket is something we never expected to see. As a result, here’s a backpack that looks like the inside of your favorite winter jacket. Wear a polyester sherpa-fleece exterior and walk around campus with what appears to be a sheep on your back.

$15 OFF!
Eddie Bauer Ashford Sherpa Pack
Courtesy of Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer Ashford Sherpa Pack



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Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Backpacks for College Students

What do you bring to college in your backpack?

Students in college: We understand that this may seem difficult, but bring everything you absolutely need.need Notebooks, laptops, pens, pencils, a water bottle, and a snack if it’s going to be a long day — the list goes on and on. You’ll come across as a complete moron. in your backpack for class It’s entirely up to you, but don’t show up to class without any notes to take.

Where do you buy backpacks for college students?

Backpacks for college students are available wherever you do the majority of your shopping. Amazon is a good place to shop because it has a lot of good brands and deals. If you’re looking for something a little fancier, Urban Outfitters, Everlane, and Nordstrom all have some stylish backpacks to consider. You can also look in places like Target, Walmart, and other big-box stores.

How do you wash a backpack?

We recommend that you wash your backpack alone on the lowest setting. We recommend hanging your backpack to dry instead of putting it in the dryer. Remember to take everything out of your backpack before washing it! This is an excellent question. Some backpacks will state that you should spot clean, so double-check the tag before doing anything. The majority of backpacks made of cloth-like materials like cotton, polyester, and canvas can be washed in the washing machine.

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