The best early Black Friday deals on Apple products

The best Black Friday deals on Apple devices and accessories as of Oct. 26:

Apple is not famous for its sales — at least not through its own website and stores. Even with the fanfare of Black Friday, you probably won’t get the same major price cuts you’d expect from other brands.

So what does this mean for the person on the hunt for a new iPad or MacBook? Are you destined to pay full price forever? Dear reader, absolutely not. Apple deals are out there across the internet year-round, but especially once we enter Black Friday season.

Though you likely need no reminder, we continue to live in unprecedented times, meaning those Black Friday deals are already emerging. So, we’ve started rounding up the best of the best for you. In addition to this being a prime opportunity to knock some early shopping out of the way, supply chain shortages are definitely going to be a thing this holiday season, so early shopping on popular items (like that MacBook you’ve been eying) is the best way to make sure there is a gift to give come December.

So whether you’ve got your eye on the iPhone 13 or are hoping these new releases mean discounted older models, we’ll keep updating you on all the best Black Friday Apple finds from Amazon to Walmart to Best Buy and wherever else is offering savings worth hearing about.

Early Black Friday deals on iPhones

Our top pick:
iPhone 12 Mini (64GB) at AT&T — $349.99 (save $349.99)

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No trade-ins means you’re scoring a decent savings, even if you don’t have a phone from the last couple years to hand over. With this no-trade in deal from AT&T, you can still shave off half the price of the iPhone 12 mini — a phone that’s easy to hold, packs plenty of power with an A14 Bionic chip, and has a pretty nice camera to boot.

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Early Black Friday deals on AirPods

Our top pick: AirPods (3rd gen) — $174.99 (save $4.01)

There’s nothing like brand-new releases, except brand-new releases that are already on sale. If you grab the newest pair of AirPods from Amazon, you’ll save a whopping four dollars. Maybe it’s not the biggest discount out there, but it’s release day and these buds aren’t full price. Plus, you’ll enjoy the new design, spatial audio, the formerly AirPods Pro-exclusive “Adaptive EQ” feature, longer battery life, and an improved bass.

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Early Black Friday deals on Apple Watch

Our top pick:
Apple Watch Series 6 (40mm, GPS) — $346.37 (save $52.63)

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It may not be the latest and greatest model anymore, but it remains a high-performing smartwatch with an impressive battery life that’s well-suited for any fitness fanatic. Though it comes in five different colors, you can save a few extra bucks when you opt for the red model.

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Early Black Friday deals on iPad

Our top pick:
2020 12.9″ iPad Pro (WiFi, 256GB) — $999.99 (save $100)

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If you’re shopping for the creative in your life this holiday season, this iPad Pro could be the way to go. With a 12.9″ Liquid Retina display, an A12Z Bionic chipset, and 8-core GPU, this Pro comes packed with the specs needed for photo and video editing, all packaged in one sleek, portable machine. Plus, with this particular model you’ll enjoy tons of storage space.

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Early Black Friday Mac deals

Our top pick:
MacBook Pro (M1, 512GB) — $1,249.00 (save $250)

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It looks like older Mac prices have dipped this week a little extra this week — we’re thinking it might have something to do with the release of the new MacBook Pros. With this 2020 model, you can still enjoy M1 power, plenty of storage space, and portability, making this an excellent choice for daily productivity needs and video editing alike.

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Early Black Friday deals on Apple accessories

Our top pick:
Beats Studio Buds — $115.00 (save $34.99)

  • Eight hours of battery life (plus two additional 8-hour charges with the case)

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Looking for a pair of wireless earbuds that’ll nice and compatible with your phone, whether it be an iPhone or an Android? Though these Beats’ active noise cancellation has quite been perfected, these buds still boast an impressive sound quality with rich bass and spatial audio. You can grab them in black or silver for nearly $35 off.

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Refurbished finds

It may not be the top-of-the-line pick, but there was a reason the iPhone 11 was a Mashable Choice pick not too long ago. This refurbished model from Amazon comes backed with a one-year satisfaction guarantee, so if you’re into scoring a deal on a new iPhone without opening a new line, starting an unlimited plan, or having to trade-in an old phone, grabbing this renewed model could be the way to go. And don’t worry — this iPhone is unlocked, so it’ll work no matter what carrier you currently have.

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How to score the best Black Friday Apple deals:

First and foremost, you should keep an eye on this list. Self-promo aside, we’ll be making sure it stays updated with all the best deals. If you are interested in doing some deal hunting of your own, we do have a few tips to share.

As we mentioned earlier, Apple is notoriously stingy when it comes to offering sales. Usually, their Black Friday offering is a gift card. That means checking their website daily probably will not be the most fruitful course of action. Retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy are much more likely to offer discounts on your favorite products.

Next, it will be helpful to have some idea of what products you’re interested in buying. A glance at this very post can show you that the Apple catalog is vast and ever-expanding. Within the past two months alone we’ve gotten a slew ofnew releases, and then there’s still all your old favorites. Apple deals also have a tendency to fluctuate, so trying to keep a close eye on all their selections can get overwhelming quick (besides, that’s what you have us for — no need to put yourself through that). What’s more, Apple is — as you may know — a popular brand, meaning you only have so long to hop on good sales.

So our advice? Decide what you’re really interested in. Want a new iPad but don’t need the latest and greatest? You can definitely find older generations on sale. Maybe you’re even cool with going refurbished, which is good for your wallet and the planet. Having a clear sense of what you’re looking for can help you make sure you don’t miss any deals.

What Apple sales should be expected this year?

We’re not anticipating any drastic departures from the kinds of deals offered in years past, so you probably won’t be able to grab one of the new iPads or MacBooks for half off.

Following the release of the new iPhones, phone retailers like Verizon and AT&T have been offering some pretty decent discounts on older phones (and the 13, provided that you have a solid trade-in option).

Of course, it’s always nice to find some savings on more popular items. Luckily, we have already seen the AirPods Pro dip down to $179 (only $10 more than last year’s Black Friday price) and decent Mac savings, like the $150 discount on the M1 MacBook Air earlier this month. Likely the best deals will be on slightly-dated 2020 releases, though we’re keeping our eyes peeled for you for any dips on the new releases.