The Best Lap Desks on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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However, a lap desk may be required to complete your work comfortably. For many people, getting ready for work in bed or on the couch has become more normal than going to work. One of these small surfaces can raise a (often overheated) laptop off your legs and away from your neck and back, reducing neck and back strain. Some even have room for a mouse or a place to put your phone. If you’re looking for the perfect one, we found a bunch on Amazon thanks to the help of some of the most ardent reviewers. While you’re at it, check out our roundups for wireless mouses, computer mouses, and ergonomic keyboards Once your lap desk arrives, you’ll be able to finish your work-from-home setup.

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Best-rated lap desk

We’ve written about this before as a great option for those looking for a unique way to express themselves. laptop table,The built-in mouse pad, as well as the phone holder, are popular among reviewers. “The phone holder was perfect for when I was having a conference call and working at the same time,” says one reviewer, who appreciates not having to struggle to hold both her phone and laptop at the same time. Another reviewer says, “This lap desk is great all around, from size and weight to comfort.” “With its generous double-bolster system for cushioning, the desk is extremely comfortable, yet it feels light (but not flimsy) on your lap.” It is, however, a lap desk, and one that is extremely popular among Amazon reviewers, with over 19,000 giving it five stars. It’s also not too big for the number of features it has, and it still fits a 15-inch laptop.

Best-rated (less expensive) lap desk

Mind Reader Adjustable Lap Desk

4.5 stars, 13,974 reviews


One reviewer who uses the lap desk for handwriting and illustrating says, “This is one of the best purchases (on or off Amazon) that I’ve made in recent memory — especially for the price.” It appears to be inexpensive, but it is a winner!” One user says, “I spend a lot of time in my recliner due to a back problem, and this works better than other options I’ve tried for half the price.” Overall, customers thought this desk was of good quality for the price. Other reviewers praised the desk’s adjustability as well. “Light weight, perfectly made to work,” writes another. “I like the adjustable angle because I can change it if the sun is shining on my iPad screen and it removes the glare,” one user explains. They say, “This has solved most of the terrible pains caused by hunching over my work,” noting that the desk’s work surface can be raised to any angle you want. “I eat breakfast or lunch here, read books, look at maps on paper, and use my iPad or cellphone.” “Given the price, I was surprised at the quality.”

Best cushioned lap desk

“There are no gimmicky curves, patterns, or textures that annoy a lot of lap desks. One user says, “My laptop has rubber feet and doesn’t budge while on this lap desk, even when it’s tilted at a 45 degree angle.” You can easily write your resignation letter to your job on it to let them know you’re starting a home business and never leaving your bed because of this lap desk and its awesomeness because of its HUGE surface area.” “Recently, my husband asked to borrow my little laptop desk, and I don’t think I will ever get it back, because it is certainly big enough to support both his laptop AND the external mouse, AND a notepad!” says one reviewer who uses this desk for reading, using her iPad, and taking notes. One says, “The simplicity of this is what makes it perfect.” Customers praised the desk’s smooth and glossy surface, as well as the fact that it has enough traction on the bottom to keep laptops in place. While other lap desks may have more bells and whistles, reviewers liked the simplicity of this desk. This cushioned lap desk received nearly 80% five-star reviews, with many praising its smooth surface, minimalist design, and larger-than-average size. I’m thinking I’ll have to ask Santa for another one next Christmas.”

Best lap desk with adjustable legs

SAIJI Adjustable Laptop Stand for Bed


now 50% off
4.7 stars, 6,695 reviews


They’re light, easy to handle, and make working a breeze.” One customer even expressed a desire for it to be larger. He says, “I would have paid more for a bigger version.” But, since that isn’t possible, he thinks these trays are “amazing.” The adjustable legs, which have five height settings, are the most exciting feature for customers. This lap desk has a lot of features, including slide-out drawers, a tilting desk, foldable legs, and a bar to keep your mouse and laptop on the table when it’s tilted. One reviewer, who has owned many lap desks in the past but finds them “too small” and “poorly built to handle the weight of books and laptops,” says, “I can’t say enough positive things about this product.” This lap desk is a nice change of pace: Despite the fact that many of the lap desks on this list have adjustable legs, these are by far the most adaptable. “This is one well-thought-out product,” he says, noting that “the top and legs are easy to adjust for tons of comfortable positions.” It’s also quite large, which is a bonus.

Best lap desk with wrist rest

Huanuo Lap Laptop Desk

4.6 stars, 5,019 reviews


“The wrist pad definitely makes typing on my laptop while seated in a chair or curled up on the couch way more comfortable,” they write. Another reviewer says this lap desk is “ideal for online school” because it has storage pockets and a nook at the top for pens, as well as “helps keep [their] MacBook cool.” This lap desk has “greatly eased the pressure on [their] wrists,” according to a reviewer with carpal tunnel syndrome, who also says it “travels well from room to room and is lightweight and comfortable.” The “wrist rests REALLY are a game changer,” they say, because in addition to being comfortable, they keep their MacBook from sliding down. The wrist rest on this Huanuo lap desk has dozens of five-star reviews, including one from someone who uses it for hours at a time.

Best small lap desk with phone holder

One customer says, “It’s just the right size.” It also “has a little bumper at the bottom that holds a notebook and laptop tightly,” according to another customer. Some reviewers point out that you won’t be able to use the phone holder in the back if you have a very large computer, but most customers who bought this seem to have something smaller anyway. This smaller lap desk is preferred by many people with a smaller computer — or those who work on an iPad — over the best-rated LapGear option. He had previously owned a larger one, but it was “too wide” and unusable. “The top slots are ideal for holding my phone and other small items.” “The bottom of the lap desk is a velvet cushion that keeps its shape very well,” says the author. It also has a phone holder, despite its smaller size.

Best lap desk with storage

LapGear Schoolhouse Wood Lap Desk

4.6 stars, 1,059 reviews


This wood lap desk, which has a hinge that opens to reveal a roomy storage compartment, was praised by reviewers looking for a lap desk with storage. “Ideal—you can fit a full-sized notebook or book in it with plenty of room to spare because it is a good size,” says another. Other customers praised the desk’s durability, with one declaring it “Sturdy, smooth, and definitely worth the money.” One shopper says, “I’ve had several lap desks over the years, but this is by far my favorite.” The desk is a good size, so you’ll have plenty of room to write, draw, or set up your laptop.” “The storage space is ideal, and having a divided section for pens and other small items is more useful than you might think.”

Best lap desk for iPads

Huanuo Adjustable Lap Desk

4.4 stars, 4,548 reviews


She uses it all the time, and the ability to change the angles is extremely useful.” She enjoys playing word games on her iPad but found it difficult to hold it with a pillow in her lap. Shoppers with iPads were more likely to give this lap desk five stars. “I bought this for my mother-in-law who had a stroke,” another shopper says. This lap desk has everything I like about it, and I highly recommend it.” Other reviewers praised the desk’s light weight while still providing storage, writing, “It is extremely lightweight… One reviewer says, “This is a great way to read or play on your iPad while watching TV,” and adds that the desk is “not too bulky.”

Best large lap desk

LapGear Bamboo Lap Desk

4.7 stars, 318 reviews


There aren’t enough good things to say about this. “The quality and appearance of this lap desk are beyond improvement,” says another. This lap desk was particularly popular among reviewers with 17-inch computers. I have an older laptop with a 17-inch screen that I use. I’m using it with a large gaming laptop (17-inch MSI Gaming Laptop) and it’s fantastic,” one user writes. I was initially concerned that it would not fit. “I’m so glad I got it.” “I really like this lap desk. This lap desk is ideal for me because it allows me to work on both my notebook and an open book at the same time. “I was looking for an extra large work surface and a comfortable under pad,” writes another. It was also a good oversized option for those who didn’t want to use their computers: “It works great for journaling or drawing,” one shopper said. “Strongly suggested.” I was completely mistaken; there was plenty of room for my laptop and even more space to move it around.”

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