The Best Laptop Tables on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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We recognize that not everyone has the space for a desk, and that working from the couch (or your bed) can be the most practical option in small spaces, where a laptop table can make all the difference. While you’re at it, take a look at some of the other useful WFH products recommended by If you don’t already have a functional work-from-home setup, now is the time to get one. We rounded up a few options rated highly by Amazon’s most enthusiastic reviewers to help you find the right one for you. Queer Eye’s Bobby Berk and people who did this long before the pandemic.

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Best-rated laptop table

Avantree Adjustable Laptop Table

4.5 stars, 9,131 reviews


Author One reviewer of this laptop table, which we previously discussed, raves, “I got all three in one and couldn’t be happier.” “I needed a table that could fit over my legs, hold my large laptop, and tilt,” says the author. Liz CareyAll of these students were able to stretch out while working with these standing desks. On my bed, which has a three-inch memory-foam topper, it is stable.” This laptop desk, however, works well while standing, according to one teacher: “I had several kiddos who preferred to stand rather than sit in our hard chairs, but they were bent over at a 90-degree angle working.” “I noticed that I could work for hours without having to lie on a tennis ball and that I no longer needed to hang my head upside down off my bed every hour,” says, whose work-from-home setup wasn’t very functional before getting this. Many people appreciate the fact that they can now work comfortably and efficiently from their beds, such as this man who teaches online college courses from his bed: “It is sturdy enough to work on without it jiggling while I type.” The tiltable work surface provided a flat writing surface or could be tilted to reduce glare when typing on Chromebooks. “Wow, it’s perfect to work in bed at any time of day,” writes another satisfied customer. This laptop table has nearly 3,000 five-star reviews, with hundreds describing it as “versatile,” including one shopper who describes it as “portable, easy to store, cheap, and pretty.” It’s adjustable, tiltable, and comes in three sizes. So far, no complaints from the students or their teacher (especially since I was able to get a discount because they were purchased out of pocket).”

Best-rated (less expensive) laptop table

That same reviewer appreciates having a dedicated place to put his phone, but even better is the built-in mouse pad, which is “large enough to easily navigate your screen without having to lift the mouse and start in a new section,” according to another reviewer. It’s also “spacious enough for your computer and mouse,” according to a third customer. I can now work comfortably in bed on my laptop while having the convenience of having my mouse nearby.” This laptop desk has a few unique features, including a mouse pad and a phone stand that “holds your phone and tilts it at a perfect angle, even with a phone case,” according to the manufacturer. It’s “cushioned on the legs, so you can easily sit for hours on your comfy couch in sweatpants, chillin’ on your computer,” if you do happen to sit in bed or on the couch with it. This shopper claims it’s so comfortable that “half a day went by while I was playing.” Sims, and I didn’t even notice.”

Best folding laptop table

Lifetime 80251 Adjustable Folding Laptop Table

now 8% off
4.8 stars, 6,531 reviews


Another likes how it “collapses like an ironing board” while still being large enough to hold her “laptop and mouse, with extra room to spread out papers and hold a beverage.” When it comes to the durability of this plastic laptop desk, one reviewer jokes, “This thing will outlive your pet tortoise.” It is extremely stable and does not sway. Excellent quality, light, simple to assemble, and extremely stable. This is the “perfect size for a couch potato’s laptop desk,” according to another couch user, who adds, “it’s extremely sturdy and large enough for my 18-inch gaming laptop, mouse pad, drink, and a small plate of food.” “I don’t know how I lived without it,” one customer concludes after agreeing that this is the sturdiest laptop table she’s found. There is no wobble even with a tea set or laptop on it because I live with cats who jump on everything.” And the price is fantastic.” “It adjusts to just the right height, and I can fold it up and store it under the couch when I’m done working,” writes a third reviewer, who admits he’s “always been a more of a couch person, as opposed to a desk person” and needed something functional to work on.

Best rolling laptop table

Seville Classics Mobile Laptop Desk Cart


4.5 stars, 7,443 reviews


Another likes how it “rolls well” without being wobbly, saying that “for the money, this cannot be beat.” “Overall, this is a great laptop and multipurpose cart,” writes one reviewer. A few people complain about how difficult it is to put together and adjust, but one reviewer disagrees, saying, “This one could be done by a child.” This is exactly what I was looking for.” If you’re concerned about the cost, keep in mind that if you keep it for five years, you’ll only pay about seven dollars on average.” Another is “blown away by the quality of this laptop table,” advising others to “get this cart and don’t bother with any of the others; they’re all junk.” “After years of using a trash can in the bathroom as a laptop stand, I finally figured I should get something more professional looking that was also easy to push out of the way,” writes one customer who upgraded from her old table to this and loves the rolling feature. “I couldn’t imagine my life without this table,” one self-proclaimed bachelor says, adding, “If I’m sitting down at home, I’m usually on my laptop, or it’s at least open in front of me, so I’m using this table a lot.” After testing this rolling laptop desk, one reviewer exclaims, “I received the perfect table.”

Best laptop table for beds

Drive Medical Overbed Table


4.4 stars, 9,996 reviews


Nearly 300 reviews specifically mention how convenient it is to work from bed with this table. “Fortunately, I can really smack the bottom of the table, and it only moves up in small increments,” they say. One praises the large size, which can accommodate a laptop or tablet as well as food when taking a working lunch. While the table itself is basic, many reviewers like it for that reason. Although some users complain that the lift mechanism on the table is too sensitive, one gamer claims that he had no issues with it. “It handles everything I put on it,” says one person who uses the table in their 750-square-foot apartment. Whether it’s dinner, a laptop, makeup, drinks, or anything else, this table can handle it!”

Best laptop stand for bed

The pads underneath, which keep your legs or stomach from getting too hot while you work, are also praised by many reviewers. “I love the lip that keeps the laptop in place,” one user adds. “I can now comfortably take notes and write flashcards while semi-lying down (no more hunching over to write for long periods of time! ), my laptop stays firmly in place on its surface thanks to the fold-up lip, and the adjustable tray makes viewing or writing at any angle a total breeze,” she says. Another reviewer with a similar work-from-home issue claims that this desk is exactly what they needed: “My back is much more relaxed now, and you can use it on your bed and on the table.” This cushioned stand is a popular choice among reviewers for a more basic (and less expensive) option. One person even goes so far as to call themselves a Neanderthal before purchasing this laptop desk, claiming that they used to balance their laptop on a stack of old books like a game of Jenga before purchasing this laptop desk.

Best wood laptop desk

One writes, “This table looks nice and is narrow enough to tuck away when not in use.” We were redecorating our living room and needed a non-obtrusive piece. After purchasing this, a third customer says, “you won’t be sorry,” because “this is not fake wood or cheap-looking.” It’s portable, so you can move it around from room to room as needed.” It swivels up to the sofa nicely, and the feet glide easily underneath.” “The wood is much nicer looking, more stable, and stronger than the plastic table I had before,” says one user. “I bought this for my husband as a gift to replace the unsightly plastic one he currently uses. Several people have remarked on the high quality of the wood on this simple laptop desk. It “blends with our other wood furniture pieces and is a nice accent to our leather sofa and chairs,” according to one. “The wood is of good quality,” says another, adding, “This is not bulky.”

Best tiltable laptop table

SONGMICS Multi-Function Lapdesk Table


4.5 stars, 722 reviews


I have complete freedom to draw, write, and compute wherever I want.” The adjustable tilting top is praised by many, including one who calls it “brilliant.” “It’s very well-made” and “highly functional,” according to one reviewer, so “now I can work in my living room, where there’s air and light, rather than in my dreary study.” Sturdy and well-made, it appears. Another customer likes that she “can adjust the angle of my computer perfectly so my arms are always comfortable,” and that “the tilt-up section of the desk has five adjustable levels so, depending on where and how I’m sitting, I can always get my laptop to the right height and angle.” Its portability is praised by many, including one who writes, “Wow, this desk delivers.” It allows me to work outside or watch videos in bed without my laptop overheating. One reviewer says, “This lap desk is probably one of the most well-designed lap desks out there.”

Best tilting bamboo laptop table

Nnewvante Laptop Desk

4.6 stars, 3,696 reviews


However, reviewers say this hits all the right notes in terms of functionality. The SONGMICS tiltable laptop table is popular among reviewers, but it isn’t the most attractive option. “I keep it next to my bed and take it out whenever I need it.” This bamboo one is better for people who care about their appearance. Another reviewer adds that it’s “super-easy to fold and unfold” for storage if you live in a small apartment. The “bamboo gives it a very handsome look and a real sturdiness,” according to one guy who thinks it’s a “well-conceived” desk, while another describes it as “lovely to touch and look at.” It even has a drawer for pens, pencils, and other small items you might need while working. One shopper who thinks it’s a “terrific desk” writes, “What you see is what you get: solid wood construction, adjustable-height legs, and tilting work surface.”

Best laptop desk with air vents

One satisfied shopper exclaims, “I would go so far as to call it essential for anyone who works at home on their laptop.” “This tray is the most amazing thing I’ve ever bought. It’s also been better for my computer because it no longer overheats from being on a comforter.” Many people felt that the air vents improved the health of their laptop, such as one who says, “I love having a bed desk.” Some say it’s too heavy, but one reviewer says it’s “one of the larger size ones” and has more features than other lap desks on the market: “It has a lot of features. The holes for ventilation, the removable peg plate that holds your computer to the table, the legs that go up and down to adjust the height of the table, the cell phone holder that slides out (cool!) and the wood is completely solid.” Another likes the vents because they “keep your lap cool.”

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