The cheapest MacBook Air prices, sales, and deals in October 2021

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Cheap MacBook Air prices are a lot easier to come by these days, as the two most recent generations have brought those costs down considerably for an 8GB / 256GB spec. Not only that, but MacBook Air deals are landing on our shelves far more frequently as well, which means you’ll likely find some cash shaved off a premium luxury laptop if you know where to look. That’s why we’re bringing you all the latest MacBook Air sales right here, with the lowest prices across a range of retailers on the latest models and some cheaper, older alternatives as well. 

The newest entry to the Apple family is the MacBook Air M1 2020. The all-new Macbook Air has a starting price of $999/£999/AU$1,599, the same price as its cheaper predecessor from earlier in the year. If you’re looking to buy a MacBook Air from the latest generation, we’ve already seen a few sales hitting over Black Friday as well.

And now that the new version is out the box, that means it’s prime time to keep an eye out for cheaper MacBook Air prices on older machines. These older MacBook Air deals often struggle the beat the new model on price, but we do see higher quality specs in the odd offer that makes them well worth the cash. 

If you want to take a look at some other modern Apple laptops, the regular MacBook and MacBook Pro lines are covered and compared in our regular roundup of the best MacBook deals. Plus, you may find additional savings up for grabs over the next couple of weeks in the Black Friday MacBook deals.

Today’s best cheap MacBook Air deals

The best cheap MacBook Air M1 (2020) deals

CPU: Apple M1 8-core CPU | Graphics: 7-core GPU | Screen: 13.3-inch 2,560 x 1,600 Retina True Tone display (backlit LED, IPS) | Storage: 256GB to 2TB | Dimensions: 11.97 x 8.36 x 0.63 inches (30.41 x 21.24 x 1.61cm; W x D x H)

If you’re after a performance boost, but still need that lightweight form factor, the new MacBook Air M1 might be your best bet. Don’t worry though, there’s a serious performance boost in this model but you’re not paying as much for it as you may think. In fact, we even saw some early discounts over Black Friday 2020, so Apple certainly isn’t afraid to drop this price every now and then. 

The new M1 chip gives Intel a serious run for its money, and battery life doesn’t even suffer for it. Plus, you’re getting it all for the same price as the previous model which makes this the go-to for a 2020 release right now.

Cheap 2020 MacBook Air deals

CPU: 1.1GHz dual-core 10th-generation Intel Core i3 | Graphics: Intel Iris Plus Graphics | RAM: 8GB – 16GB | Screen: 13.3-inch (diagonal) 2,560 x 1,600 LED-backlit True Tone display with IPS technology | Storage: 256GB – 2TB SSD | Dimensions: 11.97 x 8.36 x 0.61 inches (30.41 x 21.24 x 1.56cm; W x D x H)

The 2020 MacBook Air price starts at $999/£999/AU$1,599 for the 256GB model, which comes with a dual-core 10th generation Intel Core i3 processor and 8GB of RAM. If you’re interested in more storage, the 512GB MacBook Air price comes in at $1,299/£1,299/AU$1,999 and packs a 10th gen i5 processor instead.
If you’re looking to buy this MacBook Air, it’s also worth noting that it offers Touch ID, two Thunderbolt 3 ports, and is available in your color choice of Space Gray, Silver, and Gold. Perhaps the most significant upgrade, the cheap MacBook Air 2020 comes with the new and improved Magic Keyboard, which features the revamped scissor-switch keyboard to avoid issues from the 2019 model.

Cheap 2019 MacBook Air deals

CPU: 1.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 | Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 617 | RAM: 8GB – 16GB | Screen: 13.3-inch (diagonal) 2,560 x 1,600 LED-backlit True Tone display with IPS technology | Storage: 128GB – 1TB SSD | Dimensions: 11.97 x 8.36 x 0.61 inches (30.41 x 21.24 x 1.56cm; W x D x H)

The MacBook Air 2019 is only marginally different from the 2018 version which it set out to replace. While it does still only offer 128GB of storage space on its entry level model, making that version far less value for money over the cheaper 2020 release, you’ll still be able to score yourself a bargain on higher specs when MacBook Air deals take off. If you’re only looking at the baseline specs, however, we wouldn’t recommend that you buy this MacBook Air deal.

The 2019 MacBook Air’s main selling points over the 2018 model is the addition of the MacBook Pro’s True Tone screen that automatically adjusts color temperatures on the screen depending on the ambient light of the room you’re working in. A new third-generation Butterfly keyboard is less likely to see keys sticking or becoming unresponsive too, which will alleviate some of the loss of the new Magic Keyboard on the 2020 model.

Cheap 2018 MacBook Air deals

CPU: Dual-core 8th-gen i5 | Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 617 | RAM: 8GB – 16GB | Screen: 13.3-inch Retina display (2560×1600) | Storage: 128GB – 1.5TB PCIe-based flash | Touch Bar: No | Ports: 2 USB-C Thunderbolts, 3.5mm audio

The MacBook Air 2018 is largely obsolete nowadays, seeing as it’s two generations behind but still not quite as cheap as the 2017 version below. However, if you’re looking at a particularly good renewed price or a clearance sale it’s worth noting that you’re picking up an older Amber Lake processor as well as flash storage rather than the industry standard SSD. That could make for a slower overall experience, but if you’re only looking for everyday browsing this machine still offers cheap MacBook Air deals every now and then. 

Cheap 2017 MacBook Air deals

CPU: Dual-core 5th-gen i5 – i7 | Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 6000 | RAM: 8GB – 16GB | Screen: 13.3-inch (1440 x 900) | Storage: 128GB – 512GB PCIe-based flash | Touch Bar: No | Ports: 2 USB 3, 1 Thunderbolt, MagSafe 2 power, SDXC card slot, 3.5mm audio

Now three models behind, there’s been no better time to keep an eye out for cheap MacBook Air prices on the 2017 model. MacBook Air sales usually come into their own from various retailers once a version gets to this age, so there are plenty of deals to be had here. 

If you don’t need the retina screen, which is one of the best features on the new model for us, then this super svelte MacBook Air is well worth a look. It’s still rocking some powerful specs, even at the entry level pricing end of the scale. Compared to the 2015 model, you’re getting double the RAM with all models coming with at least 8GB now, which depending on what sort of work you’re going to use the Air for, could be plenty. If you’re looking to buy a MacBook Air for the lowest price possible, this is your best bet.

Where to find more cheap MacBook Air sales

Keep your eyes peeled on the retailers below, they usually have some great cheap MacBook Air sales around this time of year. You can expect similar MacBook Air prices from these retailers, as when one leads with a major discount the others tend to follow. However, you’ll find certain specialities between each store which means you’ll have a better shot at being the first to find a particularly stellar MacBook Air price here.

MacBook Air deals: how cheap is too cheap?

You might come across cheap MacBook Air deals on 2017 and earlier models at some excellent prices. It’s worth double checking the age of the components inside these laptops, however. MacBooks don’t lose their value, and they’re incredibly sturdy machines (we run a 2015 MacBook Pro just fine for everyday browsing) but if you’re after the latest Mac OS releases the cheaper Air models can struggle to keep up at a certain age. 

MacBook Air deals on the 2018 and 2017 models, for example, don’t feature SSD storage – the industry standard today. You’re going to have to settle for a slower machine, then, with these cheaper models – but if you’re just looking for an everyday runner that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. 

How to find the best MacBook Air sales

MacBook Air sales are at their finest around new launches and the holidays. Retailers are keen to clear out older stock when a new product comes around, so you’ll be able to shave more than a few dollars of the final price whenever there’s a major MacBook announcement or release. If you can’t hold on until the next one rolls around, however, you’ll do well shop the holiday MacBook Air sales around Black Friday through to the end of December.

You’ll find all the best retailers to find these offers above, but many price match each other when there’s a particularly cheap MacBook Air sale so it’s worth checking if your preferred store does so.