Top 10 Best Custom PC Builder Websites with PC Build Guide

Are you looking for the best custom PC builder to build a custom PC? We all wanted to build a custom PC for ourselves but fails to do because we don’t know the proper compatibility for choosing the PC components and building a custom PC for ourselves.

If this is the issue with you, then here I’m with another most exclusive post on best custom pc builders and a guide to properly check the compatibility of the PC for yourself.

So you need not to worry now! And after reading this post you’ll gain the deep knowledge of building a PC for yourself and for other peoples and knows about the compatibility of pc parts.

Best Custom PC Builders

Here are the top 10 best custom PC builders that you can try today and build a gaming PC for yourself. Some of these websites can only check the compatibility of the products which are available online and some sites can only build the PC for you but with limited options.

So I’ll cover everything in this guide today and help you choose the best PC parts efficiently in your budget.

1. PC Builder

The first and most popular tool on our list is PC Builder. The website is started in mid-2020 and within a few months, it’s gained huge popularity in the market for providing the best compatibility checker with hundreds of algorithms written.

And as of writing the post, the website claims to build more than 70,000+ custom PCs and they’re growing faster day by day. When we talked to the CEO of the company, their AIM is to provide the best pc compatibility to everyone without any complications and errors.

If you’re new to building a PC and don’t know about the compatibility of the products, then I highly recommend checking this website for picking up the pc parts after checking them on various factors (This website will do everything for you).

Along with it, they’ve upgraded their site with the latest products in the market and with the latest compatibilities.

Using this website is easy, you just have to visit their “” page and then start selecting the components you wish to check the compatibility with and rest it will do the compatibility check for yourself and will show you the compatible products only. It is really helpful for someone, who is new to building the PC and doesn’t know about the compatibility of the pc parts.

2. Build My PC

After the PC Builder, we have BuildMyPC which is the sister company of PC Builder and another most amazing website for checking the compatibility of the pc parts. The website is founded back in 2018 and is one of the most popular tools in the market with more than 10,000+ daily users from the globe.

This tool features various pc components from Amazon and several other merchants. It helps you to build a custom pc for all needs, including the gaming one with proper compatibility check and bottleneck check. But the tool is not as advance as the PC Builder and it lacks on various segments if compared with PC Builder.

Overall, my experience with Build My PC is amazing and is really helpful for checking the compatibility of the pc parts and the price. You can use this website to check how much it cost you to build your own custom pc.

And the only cons of using this website are, it only supports six different countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Italy, and India. If you reside in any of these countries, then this is another best tool that you can use to check the compatibility of the pc parts for free.

3. PCPartPicker

PC Part Picker is another most powerful website to check the compatibility of every product. It supports the compatibility of both legacy and the newest products along with several merchants. It is the only website, which has more than 30,000+ computer components.

The website is founded back in 2011 by Philip Carmichael and it becomes one of the most popular tools in the market with over 1,00,000+ visits every day. The website is perfect for advanced users who have deep knowledge in building the PC but it lacks in various ways if we compared this website for newbies.

As I told you, this website has tons of computer compatibility and they show everything to their users but with hundreds of options, it will really get harder to choose the best parts for newbies and they get confused and then choose the wrong one. Along with it, their website has thousands of products that are not used these days, so it will get hard to choose the latest products from the list – because no one wants to choose the 90’s generation products for their PCs in the 2020s.

Overall, my experience with using PC Part Picker is great and I explored lots of products for testing the website. But yes, sometimes I get confused while picking the products and adding them to my list on the pc part picker website.

4. BLD (by NZXT)

BLD by NZXT is the fourth most popular website on our list. The website is created by the NZXT team who creates premium products for making extraordinary gaming experiences. This USA-based company is majorly known for building extraordinary pc components including cases, components, and accessories for ultimate gaming experiences in the market.

Now they’ve launched their own website for making the compatible gaming pc and they even deliver the PC to your doorstep. And building the PC with NZXT’s BLD is easy, you have to select the processor you want, the motherboard, and other important core components and you’re ready to go.

The only thing which I dislike on their website is, they pitch their own products. For example; when we talk about choosing the case (also known as chassis) for our build, they only show the case from their own NZXT brand only and the same with few other core components.

Along with it, the website has limited components available on their website, so you’ll only get a limited choice of pc components for your build. I hope they increase the products on their website for peoples to get a few more options to choose from.

5. Origin PC

Founded back in 2009, Origin PC is another most popular custom PC builder in the market. They’ve vast expertise in building custom PCs, gaming PCs, and gaming laptops with high-performance computer components with overclocking.

You can find various pre-builts on their website along with custom workstation builds. They also facilitate you to customize the pre-built with your choice of components. But again, when we talk about the components, they only offer you to choose from limited components that are available on their website.

It can be a con for some computer geeks who are looking for their building using the “XYZ” component and they don’t find on their website.

In this case, you can either contact their sales support or use websites like PC Builder for checking the compatibility and then build your PC by yourself. But overall, my experience with the website is good and I don’t have any trouble navigating products on their website.

6. Xidax

Xidax is another most popular website for configuring your own PC and buying pre-builts. Most of the people rated this website as one of the best company on various factors, including best shipping, best experiences, and best performance PCs at a great price.

The website is founded by a team of PC gaming enthusiasts and the vision for launching the website is to change the way we look at gaming PCs and deliver high-performance PCs in every segment.

On their website, you’ll find a vast number of pre-built PCs in various segments. If you want, you can customize any PCs which is listed on their website as per your needs and budget. They do support custom customizations with every PCs listed on their website.

But like NZXT’s BLD and Origin PC, they do offer a limited number of pre-built components for customizing the PCs. So, if you’re looking for a specific product, which isn’t listed on their website, then either you’ve to build the PC yourself by using the PC Builder tool I shared above or go with the limited options on this website.

7. CyberPowerPC

CyberPowerPC or also known as CyberPower is an American computer manufacturer and retailer for gaming computers. When we talk about this website, it is one of the best websites available in the market for building gaming PCs.

They do have their own store in Amazon and offer you to customize the pre-built PCs on their official website. When we checked the reviews of their PCs, we found tons of positive responses from their users and the average rating of their products was 4.2 stars.

Along with it, when we talk about the availability of the components in CyberPowerPC, they do support a vast number of components for customizing your own PC in every segment. So, I think it is a better option than the few websites which are listed above.

Overall, when I checked the website, I got more than 10-30 products in every category (not like NZXT BLD, Xidax, and Origin PC, who only offers 10-20 components).

8. iBuyPower

After the CyberPowerPC, we have got another most popular PC builder website for building a custom PC and getting pre-builts. The website is established in 1999 and is widely known for building a custom PC in the market.

The website has various gaming pre-builts, even you can grab one for just $629 or low. Another best part of using iBuyPower is, they offer free shipping on the pre-builts and customized PCs. So building a PC for yourself is easy with iBuyPower.

They do have Easy PC Builder on their website for customizing pc according to your needs. The tool is really easy to use and it can be used by beginners as well.

Along with it, you’ll get the option to customize the pre-builts easily using their easy to use PC Builder. But when I talk about the availability of the components, you’ll again get a limited number of components to choose from. So again, the point is, you’ve to either ask their sales team for a custom-built PC using specific component you need or go with other compatibility checker tools like PC Builder which I shared above.

9. Digital Storm

Next to it, we have Digital Storm which is another most popular website for custom PC builders and pre-builts. It is a privately owned computer manufacturer that is best known for powerful gaming PCs and laptops. The website is established in 2002, and do have the most powerful gaming computers with extraordinary performance.

They check every desktop computer and hardware for bottlenecks and stability issues and it is really impressive for peoples people who are looking for ultimate performance PCs. Once the gaming PC passes all the tests, then their team verifies it again before shipping the PCs.

Along with all these, they do provide lifetime expert support for resolving any issue with your gaming computer. And when we talk about the products, they do offer pre-built gaming PCs from $699 but the only thing I don’t like on their website is their customization options. The pricing for customizing pc starts from $1876.

Overall, if you’re not limited to any budget and looking for an extreme performance gaming PC, then I highly recommend checking Digital Storm.

10. MainGear

Last but not least custom PC builder in our list is MainGear. It doesn’t matter we have listed this website in the 10th position but it is an extremely powerful website to build a custom PC for yourself.

MainGear is a privately owned computer manufacturer from New Jersey, USA. The website has a specialization in building custom PCs, custom laptops, and workstations. And when we talk about building the custom gaming PC, the price for custom gaming PCs starts from $988 and they do support AMD’s latest Ryzen 5000 series processors.

And the thing which I don’t like on their website is the availability of the components for building a custom PC. Except for pc components in Storage, in every other core components, they only have few products.

My overall experience with the website is okayish and I can easily select the products from the list of available components. So if you’re thinking to build a gaming PC for yourself, then you can also use MainGear for extreme performance gaming pc build.

So, as of now we have learned about various PC builder websites to build a custom PC for ourselves.

I know, sometimes we want to build our PC by ourselves. So here I’m sharing an exclusive guide, which helps you in choosing the compatible component for yourself and you can use these compatibility guide to easily build your custom PC.

PC Compatibility Test – Where to Start?

In this guide, I’ve only listed the compatibility of the core components, there are several other things which you should have to take care of yourself. For example; choosing the best thermal paste for your custom build PC.

But I will try my best to explain everything to you.


So the first thing which we have to take care of is a processor (or also known as CPU). We all have studied in our schools, that CPUs are the brain of the computer. So it is one of the most essential things which we have to choose first.

While choosing the processor, we have to take care of our budget and look for a processor that is value for money and lies inside our quoted budget. The rest of the components will depend upon the processor including the motherboard compatibility.

So here we got processors from the two most popular brands, AMD and Intel. These two are the streamlined brands in processor and they both have their own pros and cons.

If we talk about the difference between AMD and Intel, the only difference is backward compatibility and the price. Most of the AMD processors are cheap and they do come without any integrated graphics card (Ryzen processors also support integrated graphics processor) and the other difference is backward compatibility.

AMD processors are backward compatible, it means a Ryzen processor from 3000 series support a motherboard with B450-M chipset (which is used by 1st and 2nd generation Ryzen processor) but it may require a BIOS update. And when we talk about the processors from Intel, they’re not backward compatible. They do change their chipset and socket type with every processor generation update.


Once you chose the processor, now you’ve to choose a perfect motherboard for your gaming PC build. Choosing a motherboard is simple, first, you’ve to match the socket type of your motherboard with the processor and then look for other compatibilities.

If you’ve chosen the AMD Ryzen 5 2600 processor, the processor has an AMD AM4 socket type. So the first thing you’ve to do is, match the socket type of your motherboard and the processor.

Once it is done, now you’ve to look at the chipset of your processor. I recommend you to check the chipset of the processor on the PC Builder websites I shared above or on the official website of the product.

As I told you above, every processor with the same socket type doesn’t mean they’re compatible with each other. So you have to carefully look for the chipset on your motherboard and the processor and whether the motherboard supports the chipset of your processor or not.

Processors from AMD are backward compatible, so they can work with the motherboard with an older chipset – but it doesn’t mean every ryzen processor are fully backward compatible.

For example, an AMD Ryzen 5900x works with the B450 chipset motherboard but it isn’t compatible with the motherboard having B350 chipsets.

Another great example is, an Intel processor with LGA 1151 socket type can work with a motherboard having LGA 1151 based motherboard but again they do have some conditions which apply here.

And the conditions are, the Intel 6th and 7th generation processor also support the LGA 1151 socket type but with intel 200 series chipset where’s when we talk about the 8th and 9th generation processors, they do support the same LGA 1151 socket type but are only compatible with Intel 300-series chipset.

I highly recommend you checking the tools I shared above or the official website of AMD and Intel for the chipset.

Graphics Card

Once you chose the motherboard, now you’ve to choose the graphics card (aka video card). Unlike motherboards and processors, you don’t have to match any socket type or chipset for compatibility. The only thing in which you should have to look at your workload and choose the graphics card accordingly.

It is one of the core components in building PC but they don’t matter for all types of workloads. If you’re building the PC for normal office work or for normal collage needs, then you can go with the APUs or with a cheap graphics card – but if you’re looking for high-end 100+ FPS performance in gaming, then I highly recommend choosing the best graphics card.

And when it comes to compatibility, you’ve to choose the graphics card on the basis of the PCIe interface version. PCIe are backward compatible, so a graphics card with PCIe 4.0 can work with a motherboard having PCIe 3.0 interface. And for optimal performance, we suggest choosing the same PCIe slot which is supported by your motherboard.


After the graphics card, the next thing which matters a lot in our build is RAM (Random Access Memory). I’ve seen people getting confused between choosing the perfect RAM for their system and sometimes they even get confused between the speed and the capacity.

But now, you don’t have to worry about anything, after reading this complete guide on the best custom pc builder and checking the compatibility, you’ll know the steps through which you can choose a perfect RAM for your build.

The standard generation of RAM is DDR4 which is used widely and it has a stock speed of 2133 MHz. A RAM with a speed more than the stock speed simply means it can overclock to that specific number. Generally, every RAM which you choose can be overclocked but I highly recommend you to get a faster RAM if performance is critical.

In gaming for example DDR4 3600 CL16 can gain you several “free” FPS over DDR4 3200 CL16. You need to balance the frequency of the chips, latency, and price, but every CPU has a cost/performance “sweet spot”.

Finally, check the RAM and Motherboard QVL (Qualified Vendors List), if you want the best odds of a stable system.

And when we talk about the capacity of the RAM, I recommend choosing a minimum of 16GB RAM option for your custom pc build. You can also get the 8GB or the 4GB option, but it will be of no use to you. And if you’re looking to build a custom pc for gaming, don’t go for less than 32GB options.


Next to it, we have storage which is another most important component in our build. It can also be known as the boot drive because it stores the operating system and other application files on it and when you start your system, the operating system boot up from the storage.

As I mentioned the word boot drive, so nobody wants their system to load slowly and do slow processing, and to solve this issue we have to use a powerful storage device with a decent read and write speed. There are various types of storage devices, which you can grab in the market and some of them can include mechanical drive, SSD drive, and NAND SSD drives.

The difference between them is, SSD/ NVMe are much faster and are more expensive as compared to mechanical drives. So, buy a decent sized NAND drive for the OS and important apps (I have a 1TB SSD and a 256GB SSD for OS and a dedicated swap drive) and then a big HDD for storage. (I have a couple of 3TB drives for games, pictures, and videos).

And the best thing about them is, they all are compatible with each other and you can even use all of them but again, you’ve to check the interface of your storage device and the motherboard.

Cooling Fans

Next to it, we have cooling fans which is another most important component which we have to look at. Normally, we get a stock cooler along with the processors but they’re not streamlined for high performance. So, we always have to choose the cooling fans which are ideal for our build and provide high performance in cooling the processors.

Generally, we need a high-performance cooling fan because it prevents the processor from overheating which can cause a major issue to our build. Along with it, they keep everything cooled in your system.

The CPU might get a lot of attention, but if the case ambient temps are high, nothing works as well. The CPU and GPU will throttle more (decreasing performance) and even the SSD, HDD, and PSU become less efficient. In general, buy a bigger high-quality fan over a couple of small fans. They will move more air, and more quietly.

When you spend $1,000+ on your builds, I highly recommend you to use a decent thermal paste, if you really plan to push the limits of the CPU get a good aftermarket cooler, and use that better paste to really see the best temps you can.

And there are kinds of 3 types of coolers: Air, Liquid, and AIO (All in One). An AIO makes liquid cooling cheaper and safer. But, a good air cooler can do just as well as at cooling as a not good AIO / water cooling setup.

Power Supply

Now we don’t have to cheap out here while choosing the best power supply unit for our build. Basically, a PSU or power supply unit is used to provide the required wattage to the components of your builds to work properly.

So you need to choose the best PSU for your build. You can also use some tools like a power supply calculator from a reputable brand to see what your minimum requirements are. I recommend you to add around 20% and then buy that or close to that.

Corsair are usually great, as well as Superflower, EVGA, and Antec. Buying a cheap PSU unit can kill your entire PC build by overclocking the components, so buy a proper PSU while looking at the wattage requirements. And also, look at the EPA certified rating. The higher the rating the better.

Along with it, I recommend you to check the form factor or the size of your PSU, but in most of the cases, it comes in ATX size which can easily fit in every case – but we strongly advise you to check the size of your PSU unit before buying it.

Case or Chassis

The last component in our list is the case or also known as chassis. As we mentioned this part on the list of core components, it doesn’t mean it isn’t necessary to buy a case because it is one of the most important components in a PC build.

While choosing the case for your build, you’ve to check a lot of things whether it is compatible with your motherboard, the graphics card, the PSU, and other components.

Along with it, you also have to check about AIO coolers because not all of them fit in all cases, and you should also have to check the number of USB 3 front panels, what fans does it support, and how many? How many 2.5″ and 3.5″ internal bays are there for the drives, and do you need an external 5.25?

And depending upon the size of the motherboard, the case or chassis majorly comes in 4 different sizes, and these are;

Depending on all these factors, you have to choose the case efficiently. And cases have come a long way though. Even a $40 case is 1000 times better than a case 15 years would have been for $300.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Build a Custom PC?

Building a custom PC is easy with using the tools I shared above, you can build a high-end PC for yourself without getting into any bottleneck and compatibility issues.

So, check the compatibility of the pc parts before you buy the components and start building a PC easily.

What Should I Look While Building a PC?

Compatible and value for money products are the top priority while building a PC for yourself. Sometimes we thought to invest a huge amount in some components which isn’t much needed.

So while building a PC for yourself,  I highly recommend you to first think about the needs and then go for the compatibility of the products according to your budget and then buy them.

Which is the Best Merchant for Buying PC Parts?

I’m not a fan of Amazon but it is one of the best websites which I ever saw for buying custom PC Parts. It will help you to get the latest pc parts and also the oldest parts easily at a great price and priority delivery.

Along with it, the service offered by them is top-notch and hassle-free with timely delivery. But if you want, you can also use sites like B&H,Best Buy, and NewEgg, which are other top players in the market for buying pc parts.

Wrapping Up!

So in this guide, I tried my best to explain all the custom PC builders which can help in building a custom PC for you. The first three websites which I shared in this guide can only be useful for checking the compatibility of different products you find online and the rest seven websites helps in building one for you but with limited component availability.

Along with it, I’ve also shared a guide on checking the compatibility of pc parts manually, so you can always cross-check the pc parts to check if they’re compatible with each other. It is really helpful and with the methods I shared, you can easily reduce the chance of getting into bottleneck issues and invest your money in the right products.

I hope you liked the article and if you do, please share small feedback with us in the comment section below. It is really helpful for us and you can also share your views in the comment section along with your experience in building PCs.

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