Wellington Computer Repair

Appointments can be made in the mornings, evenings, or on Saturdays at any time. We provide a low-cost, flat-rate service throughout the Wellington region. Our Wellington-based team of expert Computer Technicians can help you with any issues you’re having with your computer, phone, tablet, smart TV, wi-fi, or anything else tech-related! Geeks on Wheels covers the Wellington region, from the Hutt Valley to Waikanae, including the Kapiti Coast. The best part is that we come to you.

Geeks on Wheels is the best computer repair company in Wellington.

Please note that our Kilbirnie Head Office no longer offers a drop-in service.

Booking Line

0800 424 335

Hours of Operation

Appointments can be made in the mornings, evenings, or on Saturdays at any time. Saturday: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Wellington Technicians

  • Peter


    About Peter

    With a background in customer service and a diploma in web development, he strives to provide a positive experience for customers by communicating technical jargon in a way that everyone can understand. He is well-versed in the art of customer service and can make a fantastic cup of coffee in a matter of seconds! Peter has always been fascinated by technology, and his childhood ambition was to become Iron Man.

    Peter enjoys staying active in his spare time by going to the gym or going for walks with friends around the bay. Music, magic tricks, and animals are all things he enjoys.

  • Will


    About Will

    He learns languages when he isn’t cooking up a storm in the kitchen or burning off some energy with his favorite sports. He was an intern at Broadway Radiology while studying at UCOL in Palmerston North. Will’s greatest strength is his knowledge of all the components of computers (hardware) and his ability to keep up with the latest technological developments. Will is fluent in New Zealand sign language and is currently studying Mandarin in order to broaden his cultural horizons. Will is one of our Wellington Geeks, but he is originally from Napier’s sunny shores.

    We can’t help but agree with Will when he describes himself as funny, focused, and loyal. Will’s favorite holiday memories include visiting the United States and sampling their massive food portions as well as riding all of the theme park rides. We just wish it hadn’t happened at the same time. He did mention that his first ambition in life was to be an astronaut, but that a Geek car would be ideal for him. Working in IT and being on the road was the perfect combination of interests and skills for him, so he became a Geek.

    Will is your go-to guy for all things technology, and he makes even the most difficult computer issues seem simple.

    What our customers say about Will

    His friendly demeanor made it simple for me to comprehend his computer solutions. He quickly resolved my computer and backup issues. Will was a consummate professional. Thank you. Wellington, Cheryl
    Glenn Wellington and Catherine Wellington On time, friendly, and knowledgeable about the technology issues we were having. He also offered helpful suggestions for other issues we were considering. Will performed admirably for us.
    He showed me a number of extremely useful tips that will greatly improve my future travels through the Windows 10 landscape. ‘Will’ came over and quickly and expertly resolved my computer problems. Wellington, Bill Thank you very much, Geeks, and thank you very much, Will. Rest assured that anyone sent Will by ‘Geeks’ will be pleased with his service.

  • Heath Campbell


    About Heath

    He worked as a heavy diesel mechanic after moving to Wellington in 2014 before joining Vector as a technician upgrading customers to 4G modems. Heath clearly values honesty and customer service, so we are delighted to welcome him to the Geeks on Wheels family! Heath has been interested in technology since the days of Windows 98, when he was growing up in the Hawkes Bay. He enjoys gaming and going to the gym outside of work, and he is a big fan of the TV show Lucifer.

  • Harry


    About Harry

    Harry also enjoys riding motorcycles and is a big fan of V8 muscle cars, particularly the Ford Mustang. He has a bachelor’s degree in computer science, has worked as an Apple service technician for a year (he is a certified iOS and Mac technician), and can code in a variety of programming languages. Harry brings a wealth of IT knowledge and experience to the table.

    What our customers say about Harry

    Harry is fantastic! Wellington, Lesley Thanks for being competent, supportive, and pleasant to work with.
    As usual, I was pleased with the service provided; Harry was pleasant to deal with and installed my new computer with minimal fuss and a day ahead of schedule, which was greatly appreciated.
    Thank you so much for your assistance with our computer problems. Harry was polite, courteous, and efficient. He was very clear in his explanations and worked quietly and steadily to diagnose and correct the problems. It comes highly recommended.

  • JP


    About JP

    He was born in Auckland and enjoys not only computers but also aviation history and naval warfare (his favorite film is Top Gun). Jimson (nicknamed JP) joins Geeks on Wheels after three years with Uniway Computer Assessments, bringing a wealth of IT experience with him. JP would have probably joined the Navy if he hadn’t chosen IT as a career.

    What our customers say about JP

    Amazing service and very professional.
    Excellent service, knowledgeable individual, good listening skills
    very articulate and capable of explaining the complexities of my laptop to me punctual and personable

  • Gurinder


    About Gurinder

    To summarize, he has at least one Bachelor’s degree, multiple diplomas, and more experience than a stick can shake (whatever that means!). He is a patient and methodical individual who enjoys interacting with customers and brings a wealth of knowledge to each one. We’d like to include Gurinder’s IT credentials, but that would take up too much room on this page! In any case, we’re thrilled to have him on board as one of our technicians. Gurinder enjoys producing his own music outside of work, loves to play cricket, and has a favorite quote that we love: if you can’t do great things, do small things in great ways.

  • Kevin


    About Kevin

    When Kevin is not working, he enjoys a variety of extracurricular activities such as motorbike riding, drumming, bodyboarding, and, most recently, boxing. Kevin had previously worked for Geeks on Wheels and left to pursue other opportunities before realizing he missed us too much! We are delighted to have him back as an IT specialist in multiple disciplines, as he provides excellent service, utilizing his skill set to make our customers feel at ease and empowered by their technology. Kevin (The Dark Knight) Govender, a South African native, is a fan favorite.

  • Rohan


    About Rohan

    Rohan Mehta’s bio-blurb begins like this. He also has a Diploma in Information Technology and a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology with a major in Networking, so he’s well prepared to help. Rohan, who is originally from Mumbai, India, understands and believes this quote because it is at the heart of his desire to assist Geeks on Wheels clients. Einstein, Albert. Rohan keeps things simple and straightforward so you understand not only what he’s doing, but also how you can help yourself later. “If you can’t explain something simply, you don’t know enough about it.” He spends a lot of time at the beach to unwind, enjoys tramping, and has recently begun learning to play the guitar!

  • Andy Hoey


    About Andy

    He is a huge fan of Sci-Fi movies, real-time strategy games, PC and Pl, in addition to living a life of luxury. He was born and raised in Upper Hutt, and he enjoys life while living on his lifestyle block with his partner and caring for their horses and two cats! He went from being a road tech to being a hotline tech after the lockdown, and we love having him at HQ! Andy is a fantastic Geek Hotline technician. He’s dabbled in 3D visual effects and graphic design, as well as 3D modeling projects that have appeared in films! While you’re waiting for a virus scan to finish, you should definitely ask him about that! station aystation Andy has a strong IT background, including IT logistics and mobile sales experience.


    What our customers say about Andy

    We now have excellent wifi coverage throughout the house. Excellent work. Another thing I like about them is that they keep things simple and clear so you know what to do after they leave. One of the things I admire about Geeks is that, rather than trying to sell you something, they ask questions to figure out what you want or need and then work out a solution to meet those needs.
    Andy and Geeks have our undivided attention. Andy, you did an excellent job. Andy has aided us in resolving issues on two occasions.
    He arrived on time, was friendly, informative, and helpful throughout the visit, resolved issues, and clearly explained what he was doing. Excellent customer service.

  • Callum


    About Callum
    He thinks it’s a great way to break the ice and get to know his customers. Callum has been a computer enthusiast since kindergarten and knew he wanted to work in IT. As a Wellington native, Geeks on Wheels was a natural fit. He is dedicated to his work and, rather unusually, enjoys connecting with our clients through their pets! We are grateful to have him, as he comes to us with an impressive list of accomplishments, including certificates in Digital Design, Website Development, IT Client Support, and IT Essentials. Outside of work, Callum is a competitive darts player, vinyl record collector, and hopes to create his own Virtual Reality game in the future.

  • Gino


    About Gino

    Gino received plenty of on-the-job training as a Tier One technical support person in his hometown of Bacolod, Philippines, and now brings that experience to Geeks on Wheels’ clients. Gino is always eager to learn new skills and has a genuine concern for others, a trait he inherited from his father, a lawyer who believed that helping others was more important than making a lot of money. Gino comes to us with a strong desire to learn everything he can. He is an avid basketball player and the proud father of a 6-month-old baby. Gino claims that this has prompted him to take a more holistic approach to his work in order to provide his clients with the best possible service.

  • Ant


    About Ant

    He also likes to go swimming, play sports, and spend time with his family. Ant is one of our Wellington Geeks, but he was born and raised in Christchurch, where he was part of a large family with eight nephews and nieces. He enjoys performing at music events, concerts, and festivals and is passionate about producing electronic music.

    He explains that he became a geek because he wanted a job where he could assist others with their technology in order to make their lives easier and to maximize the potential of their computers. Ant has always enjoyed working with technology, which led to a career in technical support and a degree in Sonic Arts with a focus on software-based composition.

    What our customers say about Ant

    Geeks is very efficient and friendly, and I would recommend them to anyone I know who needs IT help. Ant did a fantastic job setting up my new computer!
    Ant was a pleasure to work with and was extremely helpful, informative, and knowledgeable. Thank you once again, His professional and pleasant demeanor made the PC switchover a stress-free experience! He was meticulous in his execution of the customer’s “To Dos” both on-site and in the workshop. Ant is a type of ant that
    Appreciating Ant’s abilities and experience on the job. Thank you very much!

Services provided by the Wellington Geeks on Wheels

In the Wellington area, mobile computer repairs and support are available.

In Wellington, you can get mobile computer repairs and support. Software updates, hardware check-ups, and virus scans are among the system health checks that can help your computer run as quickly as possible. All PC and Apple Mac issues can be resolved by highly trained technicians. We arrive quickly to assist you in repairing and providing service and support for all of your computer issues in Wellington.

Virus protection & spyware removal for Wellington customers

All systems are thoroughly scanned for viruses and spyware, and any threats to the health of your computer are swiftly removed. We make sure your computer is up to date by providing and installing the latest anti-virus and spyware protection software. We come to you in Wellington to remove viruses and spyware quickly.

PC & Mac repairs and service in Wellington

In Wellington, we have Apple Mac-trained technicians. Software updates, hardware inspections, and virus scans provide a health check for your computer, ensuring that it runs as quickly as it should. Geeks on Wheels can fix any computer, including Microsoft Windows PCs and Apple Mac OSX computers.

New computer set-up in the Wellington region

We come to your Wellington home or office to set up all systems and peripherals. They can also transfer data from your old computer and erase all data before selling or disposing of it. On your new computer, our technicians will install all programs, as well as set up internet and email. We come to you to set up your new computer, whether it’s a PC or an Apple Mac.

Computer upgrades within Wellington

In Wellington, a mobile service to upgrade your computer is available. We can upgrade PCs and Apple Mac computers to increase speed, hard drive space, RAM, and make your computer run faster and more efficiently.

Internet and email setup in Wellington

In Wellington, we will make your internet wireless. We come to your home in Wellington to connect you to the internet and set up your email. We will set up your system to surf the internet and send and receive emails if you have new connections or computers.

Wireless router installation and configuration in Wellington

Wireless networks for Apple Mac and PC computers! In addition, we’ll set up your wireless security, as well as antivirus and firewall protection. Wi-Fi and wired networks are installed and configured in Wellington by highly trained and professional technicians. Your wireless router will be delivered and installed by a mobile service in Wellington, allowing you to access the internet from anywhere in your home or office.

Data backup solutions in Wellington

Protect your priceless photos, music, and data files with a variety of backup solutions tailored to your specific needs from Wellington computer technicians. There are online backup options available. Backup software is provided, as well as training on how to use your backup drive in your home or office.

Data recovery in Wellington

Assistance in regaining access to data that has been lost. In Wellington, assistance is provided in setting up reliable backups to protect your valuable data. Our highly trained mobile technicians will attempt to recover lost data files using the tools available.

Computer troubleshooting for Wellington customers

PC and Mac troubleshooting to help you with common computer problems at home and at work. In Wellington, you can get technical help, advice, and assistance. Our mobile technicians in Wellington will fix your computer problems.