what is the best macbook pro 13 inch case

Macbook Pro Cases

Finding the best Macbook Pro case isn’t always easy, but this guide and reviews can provide you with the expert advice you need. Macbook Pros may be some of the best laptops available today, but they certainly don’t come cheap. If you’re planning on buying a new Macbook, chances are that you plan on keeping it for years. That means that you need a case that you’ll feel good carrying around in public. It also means that you need something strong and reliable enough to take with you without worrying about damage. Macbooks are sturdy pieces of machinery, but little dents and scratches can quickly add up over time.

There’s a huge market for these products, but if you’re looking for only the best Macbook pro cases, we’re here to help. We’ve identified 16 great Macbook cases, and our guide will teach you everything you need to be a savvy shopper.

TL;DR – Best Macbook Pro Cases:

1. KECC Laptop Case for MacBook Pro

This KECC Macbook Pro case can lend an air of elegance to your laptop without draining your wallet. Built for 13″ models and with different versions for the different Pro variants, it’s a versatile choice made of real Italian leather. The brown wood leather design adds a sense of depth and texture to your Macbook while retaining a smooth finish. This soft shell of this cheap Macbook case isn’t going to do a lot to protect your Macbook in the case if it’s dropped, but these are durable computers in the first place. What it will do is add a dash of style to your laptop.

2. i-Blason Heavy Duty Case MacBook Pro 15 Case

Macbook Pros may be durable, but that doesn’t mean they’re invulnerable. If you’re worried about scratches, dents, or other damage to your laptop, i-BLASON’s 15 inch Macbook Pro case may be exactly what you’re looking for. It’s not exactly subtle in its design, but there are few cases more heavy duty than this chrome beast of a Macbook protective shell.The advanced bumper design protrudes out from your Macbook, shielding it against damage directly while also securing it against shock damage from the impact. It will protect your Macbook from any angle of impact, and both the case and the screen snap into place in a matter of minutes.

3. IBENZER MacBook Pro Clear Hard Shell Cover

Macbook Pro covers aren’t just about protecting your laptop. They’re also a way to express your identity. The IBENZER is generous with both. The hard shell provides a layer of armor for your Macbook, and there’s a broad array of different styles to choose from. Whether you want to let the original design of your Macbook shine through with the clear Macbook Pro case base design or opt for any number of different colors or prints, you have a whole host of variants to choose from here. And despite being highly durable, these slim and custom Macbook pro cases are also built to be incredibly lightweight.

4. MOSISO White Marble MacBook Pro Case

If you find yourself not quite satisfied with the variety of designs that IBENEZER offers, you’re in luck. Mosiso’s 13 inch Macbook pro case comes in a ton of aesthetic options. If you’ve considered trying to customize a Macbook pro case, look here first. Design options vary from white marble to floral print to pure psychedelica, and these cases also come with a screen protector and customized keyboard colors that match their shells. Otherwise, the build is pretty similar to what IBENEZER provides. You get a slim but durable case that comes with four rubberized feet to assist with heat dissipation.

5. Fintie PU Leather Protective Case

Fintie may not offer the variety of colors and patterns that some other Mac Book pro case manufacturers do, but they make up for that lack of diversity with a commitment to quality and great value. $20 gets your a nice faux leather exterior that looks great and sports a nice texture along with a hard polycarbonate interior that will keep your Macbook secure. The vintage brown model stands apart from most of the alternatives on the market with its elegant and professional leather look, but this Macbook Pro cover comes in four more extravagantly patterned options as well.

6. MOSISO Laptop Protective Sleeve

Mosiso’s Macbook Pro sleeves offer a similar amount of variety to their more traditional hard cased covers. And they similarly focus on bold solid colors, although there are a few bright and vibrant patterns in the mix as well. The polyester they’re made of feels good to the touch while providing a layer of foam padding to protect your Macbook, and the top opening zipper glides smooth to offer you easy access. Mosiso has had the foresight to provide an extra pocket as well, and this slim and portable sleeve will fit comfortably in practically any backpack.

7. Kuzy MacBook Pro Hard Plastic Shell Cover

Kuzy’s Macbook Pro case 15 inch models may be simple in design, but they’re incredibly effective. They may not look that much different from other hard cases at a glance, but you can distinguish them clearly from the touch. The soft touch finish makes them feel smooth on your fingers while still adding a level of grip that slicker and more standard plastic sleeves can’t replicate. The venting is strategically designed to minimize the profile of this case while still offering solid heat dissipation, and it’s accompanied by some small but effective rubberized feet for both ventilation and holding your laptop in place.

8. Nacuwa Waterproof and Shockproof Case

A waterproof Macbook Pro case can be surprisingly hard to find, and great ones are even rarer. And despite the slightly expensive price tag, this model from Nacuwa is a steal. Unlike many of its competitors, it doesn’t make any illusions of being cute. It’s a tank of a Macbook case through and through, and it looks the part. Not only is it waterproof, but it also provides exceptional shock protection and dustproofing. Its sleeve design means that it’s incredibly compact despite its stern exterior, and the secure zipper enclosure ensures that it will be protected from splashes and drops that come from any angle.

9. Anban Glitter Bling Shell Slim Snap On Case

There are a lot of unique and fashionable designs available for laptop covers for Macs, but none have quite the level of glamour you’ll find from this Anban model. Regardless of the color you choose, you’ll get a bright and glittery design that evokes high class bling, and each case comes with a matching keyboard slip in the same color. But just because these cases are glitzy doesn’t mean they aren’t serious. Highly durable plastic rests beneath the PU leather surface to make sure that your Macbook is fully protected in the case of an unfortunate accident.

10. MOSISO MacBook Pro Laptop Briefcase

Mosiso is the most prolific manufacturer on our list, but they somehow manage to make sure that each of the models in their catalog are unique while still offering a varied selection of designs. The coloring and patterns are largely the same as the other Mosiso models we’ve spotlighted, and that means that you can pick the one that suits your needs without having to sacrifice your aesthetic. With its sleeve design and comfortable handle, this laptop handbag can replace the necessity of a more traditional dedicated laptop bag, and it even comes with pockets built in to carry your Macbook Pro accessories.

11. ProCase MacBook Pro Hard Case Shell Cover

ProCase’s Macbook Pro case 13 inch model isn’t all that different from most of the other hard shell options on the market, but it offers a number of unique designs, so if you’re carefully searching for a case that perfectly suits your aesthetic, it’s well worth a glance. And as far as laptop cases go, it’s the little distinguishing factors that can set cases apart. ProCase delivers on that front. A soft rubber coating is applied to the surface of every case so that you get a little more grip than you’d find on other models, and each comes with a keyboard cover.

12. Lacdo 360° Protective Laptop Sleeve Case

Lacdo has produced another carrying bag that doubles as a protective case. It may be a relatively rarity in the market, but it’s an appreciated one. The fact that it’s made of a waterproof canvas surface only enhances its inherent versatility. It sports a fun but professional design in a range of colors a little more muted than a traditional Apple Macbook Pro case and four extra pockets for storing valuables.

13. TOP CASE MacBook Pro Rubberized Hard Case

Apple’s aesthetic has long been built around a policy of bold but minimalistic design, and that’s something that Top Case understands well. While their cases come in a variety of colors, they’re all single tone and matched perfectly to their rubberized keyboard covers. Unlike other models, this actually hides the Apple logo, so if you’d prefer to not have a glowing light peeking through but you still want a traditional hard cover, this may be the best Macbook Pro case for you.

14. KECC Laptop Case for MacBook Pro

This Macbook Pro hard case cover is out of this world. The cutout frame for the Apple logo only accentuates the cosmic star field that serves as this case’s landscape, and the accompanying keyboard cover makes use of a similarly dense shift in colors to create something that stands out from even the most lavish cases. Best of all, it’s available in models for both 13 and 15 inch models. Whatever version you get, it will be compatible with Macbook Pros dating back to 2016.

15. ProCase MacBook Pro Protective Sleeve Cover

This protective sleeve cover from ProCase is another professional looking model. The leather case – available in three colors – evokes not just the look but the design of traditional briefcases. A magnetic clasp secures your laptop inside but allows you easy access with a quick flip of the closure. Just keep in mind that this is a carrying case rather than one that you can leave your Macbook wrapped in all the time. A convenient port allows you to plug your laptop in for charging even while it’s inside the case.

16. tomtoc Slim MacBook Envelope Sleeve Case

The tomtoc envelope sleeve is an unassuming option that mixes a leather top and bottom with a textured gray fabric middle. It’s an elegant and understated choice but one that stands apart from the other options available today. A magnetic clasp holds the pocket covering in place, and a cutout along the side provides an opportunity to charge your Macbook Pro without having to take it out of its sleeve. It also comes with a pocket large enough to hold a small tablet.

Best Macbook Pro Cases Buyer’s Guide

Shopping the Essentials

There may be a lot of cases to sort through, but the specs are pretty easy to evaluate. You should be able to determine pretty quickly what features are important to you and narrow down your results accordingly. We discuss each below in order of importance.

Macbook Size

This is a gimme. If you’re going to buy a new case, you absolutely need to pick the one that’s right for your Macbook Pro. Be sure that you know the size of your Macbook before you start shopping, or you could spend fruitless time browsing through models that don’t suit you. 13″ owners will have significantly more variety, but there are a handful of great models for 15″ Macbooks as well.

Type and Material

There are a few different types of covers available, but they’re all fortunately pretty distinct. What you need will largely depend on your lifestyle.


Do you need your Macbook Pro to be fully waterproofed? Then your options are going to be somewhat more limited both in terms of design and model. Consider carefully how important this feature is to you. While most hard cases won’t withstand full submersion, they’re designed to repel splash damage to your computer’s frame, and many come with matching covers that offer the same for your keyboard.


The dimensions probably aren’t going to be a big deal for most consumers. All of these cases are designed to be both slim and lightweight, though there’s a bit of variance between them. If you really want the smallest case, we have the dimensions listed, but any differences between them will probably be more or less unnoticeable.

Final Thoughts

The diverse variety of Macbook Pro cases and the relative diversity of the options available have necessitated a long list, and that’s further bolstered by the staggering number of aesthetic options many of the models come in. But with the use of our guide, you should be able to narrow down your results pretty effectively. Good luck shopping!